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Natália de Lemeny – Makedonová




Our planet is coming to the period of reversion, when a new world is originated. But it cannot arise on the land of the old one, because it will be very different.

People do not develop in that way they should, therefore everything assumed and incorrigible will break down to give way to new life.

Nowadays’ man should know, that present catastrophic changes are not the work of luck but of the rightful happening which is determined for the welfare of new posterity.

The conversion is coming and cannot be held. It remains only little time for spiritual education - only to the end of autumn.

Similarly to the age of Noah, nobody believed that flood was coming, and the people were going on amusement and wasting time on earthly activities - also now various people will claim nothing will happen or if it will, certainly later.

The old prophecies are perverted only to make the people to not understand, that the old age is ending and they can get into the new age only after the spiritual transformation.





Instead of introduction



  • Could you tell the readers, why did you decide to write the book about the eternal laws?


I am very glad that you are asking me this question. I want the reader to know that I am not the author of witness, what he will be gradually acquainted himself with. I would never decide by myself to write this kind of book. I would find it presumptuous.


  • But you did it. What or who did stimulate you to write the book?


If I told the readers how this book was communicated to me, nobody would believe me. Materialists would not believe because they do not have enough information about spiritual actions, and the following of various religions would be afraid of being ‘seduced’ from their way.


  • So we will not gather who did challenge you to write the book?


The attentive and perceptive reader will find it out by reading the book and discover the original source, too.


  • If the source does exist – the source of information, why did you have to write different version?


The original book of German author was determined only to the spiritually matured people, who are looking for the truth about the life and its sense. This book is sealed for common people who are interested in earthly questions. They can not understand it, because it takes concentration and a lot of time.

Because the period of fulfilment of the old promises is coming, but also of the end of all wrong, I have to show the source which is connected with implementation of these changes.


  • Would not be enough just to draw attention to the original source?


No, because this source is free accessible for years, but it is unknown and not understood till now. My task is to make it approachable in a new, easier way, so the reader – after receiving the basic information that are simplified – will be interested in complementing of them.


  • Did you think about that, why was this task given to you?


Of course. At the beginning I was surprised, that the spiritual task was given to me – to the late materialist. But I found out the details of this task gradually and also that its realization was only reminded to me in the right time. I have not known the original book until then, even if I was still looking for ‘universal’ truth and justice. As far as I was absorbed in this source, which answered all of my questions, I felt the thankfulness for that I can continue in propagating of its knowledge.


  • To whom is in fact determined your book, when you excluded the materialists and following of other religious streams?


I wrote it in a way that is approachable for ‘open’ materialists, but also for idealists   who are looking for the logical and complete image of the Universe and human being.


  • What do you await from publishing of this book?


I know, I will not persuade anybody about something new, if he does not want to. I just have to communicate to the people there is something, that can help them to understand current chaos and to prepare them on expected changes that will happen. It is an offer. It is up to everybody, how he will receive it.




                                                                                      Interview led by the editor

                                                                                        Magdaléna Sedláčková



Chapter 1 : The Eternal Laws


Why should people recognise the Eternal Laws? What is the use of it? As far as we do not know them and obey them they cause harm to us and "punish" us unceasingly until we adapt to them and understand their meaning. A paradox of our modern lives is that everyone who wants to drive a car must know traffic rules in order not to threaten himself and other people. However, sometimes in common life we get oppressed by consequences of Eternal Laws which are more dangerous in comparison with a ride due to their ignorance.

How is it possible that the knowledge of Eternal Laws passed unnoticed if the laws are eternal and constantly present? While the satisfying of earthly needs and desires was important for the majority of us we could not achieve a contact with eternity. Our souls were not prepared yet to accept this knowledge. Nowadays, many of us already possess mental abilities developed enough so that the door leading to the knowledge of Eternal Laws is open for them.

As a consequence of the general development demands of all people concerning the material comfort, the high quality of living, the hygiene and the creative work risen; we are interested more in our appearance and the culture. At the same time, demands for better mental knowledge increased because the body can develop only in the harmony with the soul thoroughly. More and more people want to penetrate the secrets of life. They wish to know how to live better; why they live and die.

But which way of those that are being offered in these times leads to the right knowledge? No doubt that many people go astray on their ways; they even fall so they start doubting whether the right way even exists. However, people can find a way out of this labyrinth only then if they keep their minds clear and their hearts opened. Like in the traffic people are lead by road signs to their destinations reliably the Eternal Laws are milestones on the way to the knowledge in common life.

The application of the Eternal Laws is difficult in the very beginning. In many cases people will have to turn 180 degrees back or in a completely different direction as they got used to live in. However, they will discover later that their lives became more peaceful and harmonious than before and they will obey the Eternal Laws voluntarily like they did it in case of traffic rules. Knowing and obeying the Eternal Laws suffering, stir and injustice which are a consequence of their ignorance will disappear in the society gradually.

The suffering is not the necessary part of life like some spiritual movements claim. It is only a consequence of wrong actions that we commit on the basis of our ignorance.




Actually, how do the Eternal Laws manifest themselves? First of all, they act as a power which maintains the space cycle. We can only intuitively understand the effects of this power as a whole. However intellect willing to sort considers it as an interplay of several laws.


The Eternal Laws manifest themselves continuously irrespective of the rise and the end of the universe because they are stable and invariable. In this world we are subject to them in different spheres of life - in nature, in our action, thinking, emotions and after death as well. Frequently, we are not able to explain their influence upon our lives logically. Therefore, we hide our ignorance just claiming that it must be a chance or something which goes beyond us.

Both the universe and the immaterial worlds above have many inhabitants. People are able to recognise and accept these "other worlds" only thanks to the fact that they follow the same laws. We will successively discover perceptible though invisible effects of the Primordial Laws. However, everyone must make sure of their existence alone by the thorough observation and evaluation of his life and surroundings where he lives. Material effects of the Eternal Laws were already discovered by many fields of science a long time ago. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to find a form of their force in his profession.

Now we will explain the Eternal Laws only on the basis of well-known facts and concepts of common life. Only then, we will apply them to other spheres together with the accepting of new pieces of knowledge. Later, we will understand that almost each action is a consequence of several laws acting as a whole. Despite this fact we will analyse them separately now.




How is the Law of Gravity reflected in an immaterial form of life? Let us find it in the sphere of intellect and intuition in particular. Everyone must know - by one's own experience - the feeling of being "weighed down" by bad thoughts or serious problems. Also, unclear consciousness or wrong decisions are making us tired and exhausted as if we wore a big burden on our backs. However, we also know the euphoric feeling, the feeling of flying up when cheerful news, graceful thoughts and affectionate feelings affect us as if we were relieved.

Simply we say that the Law of Gravity is reflected in an immaterial level of life in such a way that we are burdened by everything negative, unpleasant and bad while we are lightened by positive and optimistic thinking and emotions.




People with similar facilities, interests and life values become friends easily. Therefore, it is possible to fuse, attract and understand each other only at the same level. Things originating in inhomogeneous species cannot fuse, they are repelled, disharmony and suffering arises.

The partnership is a similar example in the emotional life. The affectionate and stable relationship may occur only in couples in which both partners love heartfeltly each other. If only one of them loves and the other is indifferent - the homogeneous species which is a feeling and the mutual love lack. In a relationship like this the equilibrium is damaged; difficulties and sufferings occur because the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species is violated. If these partners are united by some other homogeneous species such as clinging to the property, kids or some other things they may live well together but they will never know what true love is.




The Law of Complementation is closely connected to the former law. According to that law opposite poles of the same type attract when matured - the positive and negative poles, male and female, man and woman because they form together a perfect unit. Therefore,

the first prerequisite of the Law of Complementation is the presence of homogeneous species. For example, cock and hen can breed together. However, cock and cat will not breed because they are not of the same species. Neither two hens will breed even though they issue from the same species since they lack opposite poles.

Similar rules also apply to the human character. Not the same but heterogeneous traits are complemented to form a unit. If both partners have the same trait - instability their relationship lacks peace and order. Chaos and disharmony predominate. However, if both partners are maximally stable they miss new impulses; they are bored or even they do not realise their limitations.

The most ideal state for a harmonious life creates a couple which complements itself with different attributes but despite this fact it has the same life goals and values.




How is it possible to explain the Law of Reciprocal Action? The effect of this law in common life has been observed by people a long time ago and has been expressed in the comparison: "What man gives it gets.“ For Christians this law was explained by Christ in his saying: "What a man sows that shall he reap!". This reminds us of the physical law of action and reaction.

Since the universe is limited and not unlimited as it may seem from the earthly point of view nothing can disappear in it. Everything returns in a circle back to its origin in a multiplied measure. In accordance with the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species homogeneous elements are attracted, accumulated - this means they grow during the backward motion. Therefore, the Law of Reciprocal Action acts together with the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

However, if we judge deeds of some human or our own deeds we do not always discover their immediate consequences - that is the reciprocal action even if we expect it. In common life good deeds are not always rewarded by good and similarly neither bad follows bad deeds. Suffice it to remind us of people living in welfare and satisfaction at the expense of others. We do not see the fruits of their deeds in the form of an immediate response so we think that this law does not effect precisely. Everyone who understands that a human life is too short for "reaping" everything what one "has sown" in the present life must be looking for the arrangement in the eternity - in the beyond and in repeated returns to earth.

The majority of men only improve themselves by making mistakes. Their consequences - reciprocal actions - must not be experienced during the same life because conditions are not matured. However, this does not mean that they were lost. Many people stopped believing in force of the Law of Reciprocal Action, in justice because of this time delay.

Each old religion in the world knew of repeated returns of people to earth - of reincarnation - which is the only way of redeeming faults there where they have arisen - on earth.

In the 6th century on the ecumenical council in Constantinople the Christian Church wanted to prove that the human will can also change the Eternal Laws. Denying of reincarnation it wanted to neglect the effects of the Law of Reciprocal Action. Of course, the law continued working whether it was accepted or not. According to the Christian conception man who committed sins gets to the "hell" after his death forever. However, the eternal atonement of faults in the "hell" does not offer any opportunity of development. Thus, man has no opportunity of settling a mistake and of changing himself. Only a repeated life on earth gives the possibility for that.


The fact that people living in the times of Jesus knew and accepted reincarnation is confirmed in the passages which the then adapters of the Bible "forgot" to remove from it. There are many remarks like that there but we will present only a few of them.

Apostles asked Jesus when they saw a blind beggar: "Who is a sinner, he or his parents?" They wanted to know this way for whom he suffers by his blindness whether for parents or for himself.

Further, in the Gospel according to Matthew, 17th Chapter, 10th verse Jesus tells clearly that the ancient prophet Elijah came to earth again as John the Baptist but people did not recognise him and they killed him.

Let’s show the example, how the Law of Reciprocal Action approximately works in common life:


A young man drives a car too quickly through the village. He doesn’t respect the traffic rules, because he is not able to predict in view of his young age. When a child gets on the road, despite of the maximal effort he cannot prevent the accident and he hurts the child. If the man regrets his fault candidly and he also expresses the regret in the way that he stars to drive more cautiously, he’s already redeeming his fault.


His positive attitude to the fault leads to the end that the circle of reciprocal actions will be closed presently. The redeeming of his fault can finish in the way, that he will prevent another serious accident, which he will be the witness of.



But whom the fault has taught something, he shouldn’t get opportunity to undo it in this life. According to the Law of Reciprocal Action, he takes his fault to the next life. At the same time, he will undergo the multiplied consequences according to the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species approximately in this way: either he’ll become a victim of an accident with more serious injury as he caused, or another man will hurt his child seriously.


The reciprocal actions act in the identical way- the accident meets only that man who has not taught anything from his fault. But he also gets another chance to understand his limitations thanks to his own suffering and to change himself. This fact results to the end that not the God but the human punishes himself when he doesn’t know and keep the External Laws, which affect him as a boomerang.


Maybe someone, who knows the Law of Reciprocal Action, will thing about why somebody born with a handicap without doing anything bad in present life. Or he starts to think about how the war-criminals were punished for killing the people in cold blood. It’s true, that not all of them faced the music for their actions in that life, in which they acted inhumanly. The later they undergo the consequences the harder the consequences are. They multiply as the seed from which the other seeds will grow up.


But not every suffering is the expression of the reciprocal actions. A lot of people undergo the oppression, the pity or the illness because of the lack of love and understanding. Self- contrition is a comfort only for little while, then every man has to realize his weakness and look for the cause, that leads to their insuperable situation. After understanding himself and other people, perhaps he will act constructively to get rid of another suffering.




No one doubts that the motion is a vital part of life. Everything what obeys the Law of Motion bears life and also development in itself. There where the lack of motion prevails the stagnation and decadence comes into existence.

In nature animals have their natural enemies which force them to the permanent motion and vigilance. Thus, they improve and develop. Only weak, ill and old creatures die.

By the adequate physical motion or even the stress man can activate both his body and mind, discover hidden reserves and as a consequence of this development can be supported. Indolent and lazy man becomes ill and weak sooner than the active one. His mind is often rigid and lazy like his body and therefore it is hardly able to understand the reason of his suffering. These poor people lack power and courage enough to escape from this oppressing situation or to change it. In case of an illness they do not want either to adapt improper ways of living or to get rid of bad habits. Thus, the lack of motion is a hindrance of both physical and mental health and development.

By the excessive activity very often following of the long-lasting stress and by the big physical burden similar consequences as by the lack of motion occur - faster ageing and diseases.

Like the body needs permanent motion the soul also does. It is moved through thoughts, developing of emotions and setting goals. The Law of Motion manifests itself in the psychical area as the volition - the will by means of which man puts his desires into practice.




If man wants to be healthy physically and mentally he must obey the Law of Equilibrium. This means the permanent effort for balancing of fluctuations and harmony which are called forth by the active life. Everyone has to care for the equilibrium between giving and getting, between work and rest, between suffering and joy in one's life. The equilibrium is not the state which lasts forever but it is the state for which one must try endlessly. Everyone who does not pay attention to the Law of Equilibrium is equalised through it in the form of different kinds of sufferings - depressive weakness, diseases and accidents.

In the lives of many people a fast tempo of life resulted in headless actions without a clear conception with only one goal - to survive. Anyone who has no time for thinking about one's life, action, desires and goals at least a couple of minutes a day regularly lives in permanent stress and strain which one transfers to one's surroundings and work. His life is only a wasted chance because he has no time to realise why he lives here.




In every human a desire for spiritual knowledge starts to manifest itself in the form of inexplicable stir and search already during his youth. The meaning of this law is for people to grow and develop mentally. Some people damp this desire very early in their lives or press it to the background as something which is of no use in everyday life.

Others set a wrong direction. This relates especially to young people and their adoring of idols - singers, actors and sportsmen. These ideals inspire them to promote vanity rather than to search actively for the high spiritual truth and to recognise the true purpose of life.

Other people put in practice the desire for better and more perfect world which is the expression of this law in a convenient way - through the escape to the other world in the state of the changed consciousness by means of drugs or meditations. Thus, their way to the cognition of the high truth through the natural development on earth is blocked.

So called "realists" transformed this desire, this stir into the chase of earthly values - the property, post and recreation. Despite permanent satisfying of these needs which are the most important ones for them they lack peace and composure. They did not find the true sense of life to which they should have been led through the search - to the cognition of the world and of themselves.


Chapter 2 : The Universe


Looking at stars in infinite distance it may seem incredible that the universe has its boundaries, that it is finite. The physical laws confirm that there where time and space exist boundaries must also be even though they are very far away they do exist. During certain periods the universe expands, grows within these boundaries and later it disappears until an invisible primordial seed remains which then starts to grow gradually.

From the point of view of human seeing the universe consists of two basic parts: a visible and the invisible ones. Despite this distinct difference both parts are of the material origin but each of them is of a different kind. For simplicity the visible part is called gross matter and the invisible one ethereal matter. These are two different worlds which are united by their common origin - through matter. Matter undergoes continuous changes it grows, solidifies and disintegrates because it is imperfect and unstable. Both parts of the universe are also subjected to these processes since they are material.

The Gross Material Universe consists only of material, visible space bodies - stars and planets; the Ethereal Universe is composed of their the so-called shadows which are of the same but much bigger shape, invisible with human eye.

Above the entire universe other, immaterial worlds exist. We will talk about them later. These worlds are not included in the conception of the universe but Creation. Though entire Creation is governed by the same laws their effects are different depending on the planes in which they are they at work. The main reason though not the only one is different temperature in individual worlds.

The Gross Material Universe is divided into seven planes ordered one over another according to the Law of Gravity. The most solid and coldest planes rotate in lower parts; the upper planes are finer and more permeable than the former ones. Under the influence of higher temperature upper planes move more quickly, whereas lower planes more slowly. As a consequence of faster motion and bigger heat planes have prolonged duration. Therefore, upper worlds are finer, more durable and bigger as well. Lower planes are more dense and smaller. Since they are permeated by less amount of light they rotate more slowly, they disintegrate and undergo disintegration sooner.

The Ethereal Universe is also divided into seven planes in accordance with the Law of Gravity. Thus, both parts of the universe posses seven planes which are finer at their boundaries by which according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species a possibility for mutual overlapping, connecting occurs. The difference between gross matter and ethereal matter is so big that without separation into planes like this the connection of all planes would be impossible.

The whole universe consists of seven basic parts which names are mentioned in the Bible, The Appearance of John: Ephesus, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Pergamos, Sardy, Smyrna and Thyatira. The Earth is placed in the part of Ephesus. According to the Law of Gravity it belongs to the sphere of lower planets, but not the lowest ones.




The whole universe is permeated by the invisible energy - the Primordial Power. It manifests itself as light and heat which under the effect of the Eternal Laws maintains individual levels of Creation. Even though matter is motionless and does not radiate its own heat each celestial body and the entire universe rotate. It is heated and spun by the Primordial Power by means of an upper world about which we will talk later.

People are also attached to the Primordial Power which exists beyond them. One gets attached to it by the means of intuition and emotions. Since this power is a neutral one it can be used either in a positive or a negative way according to the quality of emotions. The Primordial Power is like a conductor which leads the good or the bad, happiness or unhappiness. If man had not this Primordial Power he would be very limited regarding his existence and development. The above-mentioned power is called the Primordial Power because besides it other kinds of energies flow through the universe - they come from lower worlds to which we do not get attached by emotions but by intellectual abilities and activities.

There’s not the silence and darkness in the universe as it seems when we observe the night sky. All objects of the universe shine as the jewels and their coloured shades tell us, how the life on them is. In the higher spheres the colour fuses with the sound and there sounds an inconceivable beautiful music called as heavenly harmony. The colour and intensity of radiated rays change with every change of chords.




The ethereal part of the Earth - Ethereal Matter, also called the hereafter, the beyond, the next world, the astral world, is older than the gross material part - Gross Matter. In Ethereal Matter souls of men had developed because they came into existence earlier than the physical body. Its rise will be explained later.

It is also scientifically proven that after death an invisible energy - the soul having some mass even though very little in comparison with the body comes out of the body. Scientists measured this mass; so they proved that the soul is also of material character. The physical body ceases by death; it decomposes to the original elements which become more and more perfect after each owner thus spiritualising matter. As a consequence of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species the soul cannot stay on earth after death because its fine substance cannot manifest itself here actively and act on its surroundings. According to the Law of Reciprocal Action and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species it returns to its origin - to Ethereal Matter where it continues on its conscious existence at another level.




According to the afore-mentioned facts the death is the end of the life on earth and the birth into the astral world. Due to this important event many dead relatives and friends welcome a new inhabitant of the beyond. The dying human perceives them through his ethereal senses of the soul because after death he does not perceive by material senses. When the soul comes out of the body it remains close to the bereaved and perceives everything what they are talking about. It talks with them, touches them, keeps them persuading that it did not die but no one hears it. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species hinders to perceive impulses of inhomogeneous species and therefore living people cannot see the soul or hear its voice either. Also, they do not feel the touches of the soul on their own bodies.

A developed soul unfastens itself from the physical body with which it is connected through an ethereal astral line during the life very quickly. In the majority of cases it does not feel pain of the death struggle even though the body is uttering the heavy sighs because it comes out of the body very quickly and easily. On the contrary, the soul which is not developed well remains attached to the body because of its heavier weight for a longer time. Therefore, the soul experiences a painful death struggle. It happens very often that it also perceives its funeral or feels the autopsy and the decay of the body. As a result of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species such a soul is held at the body for a long time while the matured, light and fine soul detaches from it very quickly as a consequence of a big difference.

Sometimes, the relatives can hurt the dead unwillingly. If the soul leaves its body quickly and the line connecting the soul with the body is not broken yet the soul returns into the body voluntarily for strong plaints and the desperate call of its relatives. It wants to tell them in order not to suffer because it lives but at a different plane. But they do not hear it and see it at all. Returning to the body the soul lives through the agony which it could be saved from.

How can we recognize the mature soul? It shouldn’t always be the well- educated or regionally oriented man. Most of the, so called deep- believers, have not the mature soul at all, on the contrary, the atheist can have it, if his intentions and actions are clean and unselfish. The man with mature soul is sometimes not recognised by his surrounding, because his qualities are not expressed outwardly.


We should understand the death as something rightful, inevitable, that has been given already before the birth. The early death is mostly planned too. Therefore the wrong and revenge should be done by Eternal Laws. Nothing is finished by the death, only the surrounding and the form of life change. The man goes from the gross- material Earth to the ethereal one, where he continues in the next development.


The only possession, which a man takes after the death to the next world, is the soul. The rest disappears after the death. Including the rational knowledge, because the reason is only the more delicate part of brain - of matter.




We called the Ethereal Matter as the astral world by now, but actually the astral world starts in the middle part of Gross Matter. According to the Law of Reciprocal Action the soul of a human must experience after death in the astral planes everything that it did not redeem on earth. A developed and pure soul, not burdened with a guilt and bad propensities crosses this threshold very quickly to the upper spheres of Ethereal Matter. There is much more varied life in the astral planes than on earth. The lands, buildings and everything what has been created or invented by man on earth is more beautiful but also worse here because ethereal matter get shaped more easily.

In another part of the astral world the models of all things and actions from upper worlds after which people on earth create their works are situated. What one thinks of that one attracts according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species because it hangs literally over his head. Man conforms the model to his own images and the times in which he lives whereby he thinks that everything comes from himself. In fact, also other men on earth and men in upper spheres as well engaged in similar actions helped him to create the work.

The astral world and Ethereal Matter are not the destinations of the wandering of a soul. It is only "waiting" here for the next incarnation but it does not sleep here forever. More developed souls live active lives here as conscious personalities - they even learn here. The soul is in shape of a human but it is more handsome than the physical body. Since it is of finer substance it disposes of the ability to expand and to shrink as well. Therefore, it grows with the body. In the lower spheres of the astral world the souls are not so handsome and so is the surroundings because it came into being from negative thought-forms and emotions. In the astral world, lower souls develop by sufferings which they experience according to the Law of Reciprocal Action.

After the leaving of its physical body a soul goes up or down to a plane according to the Law of Reciprocal Action. Then, it wanders through this plane to a part where it belongs to according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. In the Christian teaching there is properly captured that souls after their deaths go to the "heaven" - to upper planes or to the "hell" - to the lower planes. It is a figurative expression of the quality of individual gross material and ethereal worlds.


Let’s show the example, how the not very clean souls feel in the next world, in astral. If they got their status or possession ignobly or by harming other people, they would suffer the same wrong after the death. Most of them don’t know, they are dead, because they come to the similar surrounding as on the Earth- to the factory, office, prison and so on, where they continue in their life- style. Thanks to their same characteristics, all of them punish and are punished at the same time in this sphere. Only when they wake up and recognize their faults and mistakes, they start to desire to put right the wrong they did on the Earth. When the proper conditions come, they will get the possibility to be incarnate- to be born.


In the beyond souls are ranked into individual spheres according to the Law of Gravity and into parts according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species and the quality of a soul. On earth only spirits developed to a different degree live together. Thus, a possibility of developing in a fast way is created even though more developed souls suffer or sustain a damage frequently. Inferior individuals find a model for their behaviour and better opportunities to grow mentally. In the astral world this is not possible because a soul lives together with souls situated on the same plane. The oversaturation and aversion towards the evil or perversity leads it to the development, to the yearning for a change and an escape out of this environment.

More developed people on earth suffer by negative manifestations of inferior individuals living in their surroundings. If this suffering does not distort their character they become stronger and more perfect in their virtues. The aim of the development is not only the perfection but also the gaining of the psychical power.



Chapter 3 : Karma


Almost each of us experienced in his life at least once what a blow of fate is. It came suddenly and cruelly. One thought that it was unjust, undeserved and it was difficult to cope with it. The only relief capable of curing one's wounds was a thought that one it was a fate. One believed that no one is responsible for that because it had been determined from above - by a superior power.

Similarly, with only a tiny difference, the concept karma, generally known today, is explained. According to this concept, the originator of a blow of fate is neither a superior power nor God but man himself. The blow-affected people gave rise to a cause in some of their previous lives and its consequences they bear later even if they forgot about that. Thus, karma is connected with the reincarnation.

It is evident from the explanation of karma that the Indians from which this word was borrowed knew the Law of Reciprocal Action very well. They did not consider blows of fate as a reason for despair like here, in the Christian society. If man believes only in the fate he feels wrong at a blow because he does not understand its reason. He feels like he was deceived. According to karma the atonement of his faults in the same life in which they arose is easier because he knows for which he makes atonement. The hiding of his guilt and avoiding its redemption brings "unjust" and unexpected strokes.

Not all guilts come from bad intentions and actions. Man also atones for the unintended harm caused by ignorance or negligence. For example, if a woman does not know about healthy diet she may cause disease to herself and to the whole family. She may bear their consequences several lives as her own health troubles or a fatal illness. Her task is to understand the cause of these health troubles or an illness. Then, she will not do the mistakes like that.

Sometimes, man may be burdened by the karmic guilt so that one condemns somebody else for the action motive of which he does not know. Usually, it occurs in the politics and by popular persons where he only transfers somebody else's opinion thus not knowing the true reality. By this condemnation he does harm to the reputation of a given person and he gets burdened by the guilt which he must settle in such a way that he will live through a similar situation or he will be seemingly unjustly slandered. It is very difficult to recognise all causes of karma because they are manifold.

The atonement of karma may occur in various forms:

1. The well-known quotation from the Old Testament: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" explains that man will experience the same actions of his past mistakes. A murderer will be murdered in his next life, a thief will be robbed, a rake will fall ill.

The bereaved of a victim of violence or a wrong shall not endeavour to look for the revenge because they will get burdened by a similar karma. The laws will carry out this in right time and right way. Nothing will be left hidden or unpunished. The late redemption is completely multiplied. Therefore, it is delayed sometimes.

2. The symbolic redemption. When man becomes better sooner than one is hit by reactions of karma these will only manifest themselves symbolically or moderately.


A man ate and drunk too much through his previous life and he also smoked much. It is exaggerated but let's takes this as an example. By wrong diet and negative tendencies he consciously kept on impairing his health which stood his excesses without harm. As a consequence of these mistakes he should have become ill in this life fatally. If he realises his bad tendencies during the illness and starts to search for the way to recovery seriously he may recover of the fatal illness by this effort and renunciation.


3. By Pure and deep love to a person, even though not returned, by which man is raised and improved in such a way that he stops being selfish and becomes a better human he gets rid of many guilts caused by egoism and indifference in the past. However, if he thinks only of his love and is indifferent to problems and pain of other people he does not experience true love but increased egoism.

4. The effort for the good. If one subordinates everything in his actions to pure intentions, according to the Eternal Laws, the threads of negative karma become weak and a new, pure karma arises.

If man bears bad karma with antipathy and lack of understanding and he does not become better he does not get rid of karma but is still being "punished" so as to change himself. The reciprocal action does not always mean the atonement of karma.




People like to generalise thus putting all negative events together. They consider everything as of karmic origin as if free will also causing new karma did not exist. If everything had to do with karma and man had not his own will for new actions there would be no development. Many innocent people many times better than the majority was were victims of free will of others. There are known many cases in the history - the death by fire and the torture in the period of the darkness, the persecution and the killing of prophets and concentration camps. Free will gives man opportunity: either to make easier the atonement of the fault or even to entangle the threads of "hard" destiny by a new karma.

If all evil and injustice were accepted by a human passively as his or her karma and he did not fight for his rights he would multiply the evil of the other people because he would allow them to keep on hurting him without resistance.

How man can recognise what is karma and what is not? Theoretically, it is very simple but actually, it is difficult. He needs to dispose of maximum frankness and openness towards himself. When he reflects on things causing him the suffering in his life and when he realises those things like that he is doing also to other people even though unintentionally he figures out that he is punished by karma and not by free will of others. This way only man can distinguish between the deserved and undeserved evil. No one else but the human himself must understand and help himself.

Acceleration of karma. When some people start to improve themselves they feel to be attacked by much bigger evil than before. The accelerated purification which manifests itself by many negative influences and events occurs in these cases. This fact discourages people from the good intention to continue in the positive development. They do not know that instead of redeeming of guilts till the end of their lives they would suffer only a few years or shorter in case of the "turn".

The term karma is also used in a positive meaning. One talks about good karma when someone's life is accompanied by the success, wealth, winnings and inheritance without using unfair methods or the excessive effort. In this case envy is not the right manifestation because this is a multiplied crop of one's past actions. Envy is a treacherous weapon for those who create it because in reciprocal actions they will be hurt in the form of an illness or a loss though.

The word karma can also mean a task, a mission with which a human is born to bring a new knowledge and help to mankind. It is already determined before the incarnation. Into this group belong the great scientists especially in the field of medicine, artists, prophets, etc.

It is not important to know whether an event is karmic or new. Man shall not examine his past lives. If he remembered them he could not forgive his relatives the evil they committed thus hindering them unintentionally to make atonement for it. Man who would remember his past lives would live in his present life as an indifferent observer in the redeeming of a guilt or accepting of the good. He would not live through the events fully, in all emotional depths and heights so that his soul would not develop. After the death it would return to the astral world just as matured as it left it before the birth. However, it shall develop in each life by experiencing.

If it were useful or necessary, man would also remember the past lives. The strong emotional experience from the past lives only influence and improve a human and his opinions. For example, man who survived a war as a victim does not remember the details about how he suffered but in his subconscious he knows that the war is horrible and that he does not wish it.

If he knew everything in advance what comes in his life he would not develop the effort for independent decisions and he could not cultivate free will. Anyone for whom it is necessary to know about the future or about one's past lives will get a message even if one did not want to. Anyone for whom it is a hindrance will not know it even though one wanted to.

Each human has its own karma which cannot be recognised and shall not be recognised by other people.




During difficult events in man's life he often cries and complains: "How God should allow such a thing!?" Since we already know about the Law of Reciprocal Action we know that he is being hit by the reciprocal effects of his deeds - that is by karma and not by a God's punishment.

A man who caused the conflicts and wars thanks to his status, but he was saved, when the proper conditions are created, he must bear multiplied consequences in the next lives.


But not all of the victims of the war have the karmic guilts. The very clean individuals are sometimes cursed with this too, because they decided to bear the suffering with their relatives. Therefore they were incarnate to be close to them.


The people, who don’t harm anybody outwardly, but they are violent and bitter in their thoughts, can also experience the war on their own bodies. They don’t want to express it officially, because they could blot their copybook. When they live through these negative feelings I the war, they can get rid of them, because they recognize the consequences of these feelings. The mentioned fact results to the end, that actually the wars are planned, because they can be predicted from the reciprocal actions.


In the counties, where the hunger occurs, the people suffer the hard guilts toward their relatives. Either they didn’t give them their just reward for the labour and let them vegetate and starve, or they could be the employees who robbed their boss though he was fair to them Also the lazy- bones can bear this karma, who took the reward for the work they didn’t do, they broke the Law of Equilibrium consciously. Physically immature people suffer this karma too, because they didn’t use their free will to live their own life, but they rather exploited the goodness of other people.


Collective and individual accidents are the reciprocal action of laxity, irresponsibility, but also the hate and acquisitiveness of individuals and groups. For example, the pirates, who killed the whole ship- crews, can get on the opposite standing in next lives - as the victims of collective road accidents.


There can be two types of the causes of natural scourges: either they are the natural consequence of the decomposition of matter or they are the ‘punishment’- reciprocal action of moral and economic decomposition of the society. The examples are the towns of Pompeii, Sodoma and Gomora. Those, who should been saved, were warned to escape from the befallen place. Although the scourge went according to the natural laws in the form of earthquake, floods or eruption of volcano, its term was planned from ‘above’.



The clearer example of karmic retribution is the ancient town of Nineveh, where the badness and decadence ruled. After the warning of the prophet Jonas, the Assyrians did penance. Everyone tried to change his life, either by the actions. According to the Law of Reciprocal Action, their rapid and honest change saved the town from the destruction. Later the descendants of this town succumbed the previous mistakes again, and the huge town which seemed to be invincible and indestructible, was damaged by the interference from ‘above’.



Chapter 4 : Free Will


In the adulthood, each human starts to display his free will - another Eternal Law. It is to serve for everyone to follow one's own course in one's development which is mostly different from that expected in one's surroundings. Everyone feels inwardly how he should live the life, because he is lead by his own resolutions and tasks given before the birth. However, if a young man is affected by corruption too early in his life this direct way for reaching the goal becomes winded or replaced by a completely other one.

The parents should not make their adult "child" do what it does not want to. Neither should they interfere with choices important for its life during its childhood otherwise as by an advice or a warning - for example by the choice of a school or a vocation. Until a child reaches maturity it is directed by instinct like animals are - by the imitating instinct. According to this it acts like its parents but it makes its own decisions consciously while an animal acts subconsciously.

In the old evolutionary stages- in slavery society, in feudalism, the ordinary man was not free enough. In his private choices, for example choosing of profession or marital partner, he was subjected to the will of his ruler or authority in his family. With growing up of the mankind, the free will grows in all fields of life.

 Many present-day men do not want to use their free will. It is more convenient for them when other people decide instead of them. The ability of making independent decisions is connected with free will. Thus, from this fact it follows also the responsibility for consequences. Many people, be it consciously or not, do not want to fully use their free will just from this reason.

Others do just the contrary - without thinking and pieces of good advice they want always to decide alone very often impulsively and rashly. They do not know that the consequences they will have to bear will be much harder than their own decisions. Therefore, man shall not avoid from the warnings, advice or experiences of other people. However, man has to compare them to his own knowledge and desires first and then to decide.

Men thinking that they have not free will belong to another group. They are being governed by their negative tendencies and features to such an extent that the Law of Reciprocal Action hinders them to escape from the consequences. The weakness may only be overcome and all reserves for removing of the negatives may only be concentrated by the yearning for the change connected with the recognition of the causes of these negatives.

If somebody suffers the lack of free will, for example in the employment, first of all he should think about that, what is the cause of his unfreedom. Perhaps, he is not interested in his work and is forced to do it, or the working hours or workmates don’t suit him. He should consider this all and maybe change the work or only the working- place, if he takes these causes as distraction. He should consider this all and maybe change the work or only the working- place, if he takes these causes as distraction.


Someone can suffer the feeling of unfreedom, because the others exploit his goodness, cleverness and willingness. At that time, he should think about the change in his inside, because it will go similarly in the other working- place.   


If someone suffers from the lack of freedom in the partnership one must examine it carefully and look for hidden causes. Maybe, one of the partners will find in the course of time that both of them have nothing in common which would fill him or her and therefore he or she feels limited in this partnership. However, one often maintains limiting relationships only because of being afraid of living according to one's own will or because of the lack of courage for a split-up. He does not realise that he is being pressed by the suffering to think about himself and to review his life. As a result of this pressure partners need not always to split up. Sometimes, it is only sufficient to understand the situation and the partner. +

However, many people drink alcohol instead or accuse others of the responsibility for their destiny. Other people waste their time escaping from this situation - to the work or hobbies in order not to have to concern themselves with their own lives.

Perhaps the most difficult case to manage, when s man suffers the lack of free will, is redeeming of karma. Let’s go at this example:



An adult son suffers the bossiness of his father, who decides about everything instead of his son, he ties him down, sometimes violently, too. The misunderstandings and quarrels appear every day. Because the son is the younger one and psychically more moveable, he should be the first one to understand the cause of this restriction. He shouldn’t always ask the father to change, but to try to understand, why the father behaves in this way.


First of all he should realize, he was born to his father according to the Law of Reciprocal Action. It means, he behaved to the father in the past similarly. The fact, the son is burdened with behaviour of his father means, that the son is equal to his father. Otherwise, the father’s behaviour wouldn’t interrupt him. The same negative characteristics are repelled. This understanding may change the son’s attitude to his father and remove the karmic barrier. There will wake up the free will in the son, which the father starts to respect.


If the father understands the cause of the problems as the first one, the son will change at the same time. Both are connected with karma and either they support or oppress each other.


If the son doesn’t change and wants the father to change, he will carry his negatives to the upbringing of his own children. Some or all of them will fight back against his violent character, too, and express the aversion towards him. In this way, he gets another chance to realize he is really the same as his father, and first of all, he should look at himself.


Another cause of father’s bossiness may be the opposite, that the son is too weak, that he has never expressed his own wanting, what has supported the multiplying of father’s will. If the son shows he has the will in the right place, the harmony- the mutual balance appears.





Everyone has its own "guardian angel" for making it easier to decide and for the development of his own will. Essentially, a guardian angel is an ethereal spirit - a human who lived on earth recently. Therefore, he knows the situation on earth and his ward’s weaknesses in particular. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species he or she suffers or suffered from similar shortcomings; that is why he or she can understand the charge better. The task of an guardian angel is to advise his charge on serious decisions and warn him against the danger and the fall. Thus, he improves in ethereal matter and need not to incarnate on earth again when he is not earthbound by the Law of Reciprocal Action. His influence one perceives through one's intuition as the voice of conscience, only as a piece of advice to reach one's own decision thus developing one's free will.

Each guardian spirit is slightly better and more developed than his charge. He is not an angel even though people got used to use this term. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species the small difference in the development of the soul exists between a human and a guardian spirit. A much higher entity or an angel would not be able to understand earthly desires and faults of a human. Thanks to the fact that a guardian spirit is at a higher level than a human on earth he accelerates man's development by his influence. If the charge pays attention to his advice the guardian spirit is delighted with it and on the contrary, he suffers if his charge ignores the voice of conscience. According to the Law of Free Will the guardian spirit cannot force one to do anything or to dissuade one's from doing something even if one is threatened by the fall or the death. Every man, without regard to the quality of his life, has one or more patrol ghosts - that’s the law. Nobody is without help.


The higher stage of the guardian spirit is a spirit guide who is given to a fairly developed human.

Chapter 5 : The Realm of Animistic Substantiality



Above the material and ethereal universe another world of finer substance is situated which is the driving force of the entire universe; it causes its circulation to occur. It is the Realm of Animistic Substantiality. It has also seven planes in which many forms of life exist. It is a home of miscellaneous beings and creatures who are divided into two basic categories: into conscious and unconscious creatures according to that whether they realise their personality or not.

The unconscious creatures include minerals and plants. They are considered as living organisms because they show certain form of life; they grow and die away. They are protected by a law according to which they do not suffer when their bodies are being hit even if this may cause them death or decay. Namely, they do not have souls which live through emotions. When some people are able to speak with trees and plants they do not talk to them but to creatures who live there.

Among unconscious creatures are also animals - they form a higher section of this category. They have souls and therefore, they also feel the pain. They submit instinctively to the law of killing when killing a prey. This means that they use the most considerate way of killing for each species in order that the prey may suffer as little as possible. After its death the animal does not feel the shredding and devouring of its body. Man should seriously think about this law and obey it when killing animals because by its ignoring he must bear consequences either in the form of an illness or a hard death.

Animals have the group soul. Unlike the human soul the group soul splits up after death into original elements assembling in the accumulation of homogeneous species from which a new animal soul arises.

However, an animal living in the close proximity of man which adhered to him by devoted love does not lose the entirety of its soul; it remains in its original form and incarnates again with other qualities. This is the accelerated maturation because everywhere the effort for the development from unconscious to conscious life predominates.




Conscious creatures in the animistic sphere bear the human appearance. Many of them live on earth. However, they are invisible for common men since they do not have a material body, only a soul. On the basis of the hierarchy conscious creatures are divided into two basic groups - the little and the great ones and they are called by a common name - beings of the Animistic Sphere.

The little elemental beings issue from germs originating of animistic substantiality which are taken by an automatic current into many elements. The elementals of different kinds are being developed here - those living in fire, water, air, ground, flowers, trees, rocks, clouds and many other. They are of both male and female appearance. Their task is to maintain the elements - nature in such a state that is required by the Eternal Laws. According to commandments of the Lords of Elements they also bring about disasters such as floods and earthquakes, gales, storms, rains or on the contrary, they may cause positive phenomena in nature like the beneficial rain and the rainbow.

Even though it is possible to explain these processes occurring in nature by means of science that they occur under certain conditions consistently it does not mean they occur on their own. Men think so because they do not see the agents of these processes but their consequences which are organised, consistent and accurate.

Nowadays, men cannot fully understand the activity of the beings of the Animistic Sphere because men have lost the ability of their perceiving. Directing themselves towards the intellectual civilisation men blunt the ability of perception with other senses than the physical ones. In the fairy tales and legends the heritage of some more developed ancestors who had seen these beings and communicated with them has been preserved. They helped each other which is testified by many examples in the fairy tales about ogres, dwarves and fairies.

Nowadays, we look at the clairvoyance as the special ability, because it is solitary, but it was common ability of the people in the past. Nowadays, very clean people also see the elemental beings, but nobody trust them, because it’s an area phenomenon. The people of new gender will get close to their little helpers because they will see them and better understand these delicate actions.


The little elemental beings gain the human appearance through their development. From the germ their souls are gradually formed from lower beings to more developed ones, from dwarves and elves to beautifully looking fairies and giants. Their appearance is being improved and acquires the human form through the realising of one's own personality, of the self. This is a next Eternal Law. Since their appearance is being formed gradually one talks about the developed beings of the Animistic Sphere.

The animal also possesses a souls; it is conscious but not of itself - of its own personality. Therefore, it lacks the human appearance. The little elemental beings are more beautiful than people, because they don’t know the evil and imperfection, they live in the harmony with Eternal Laws. They are still among us as in the past, they are not extinct, but we stopped to see them. The microbes, we discovered after the discovery of microscope, were here and affected us from the beginning, in spite of that we hadn’t knew about them before.


Some people consider the little elemental beings to be the extraterrestrials because of the ignorance, because they don’t know anything concrete about them. The little elemental beings are small as the finger too, but also bigger than the people. They are the giants who mostly live in the rocks, mountains, large waters and clouds.


There’s a hierarchy among them, which they are subordinated voluntarily. They are subject to the Law of Complementation according to which an individual cannot exist by himself, but only as the part of community; only at that time he is strong and helpful. The hierarchy of their powers look like this:



The little elemental beings who live under the trees, are subject to the king (or to the queen) of the wood. The king is subject to the ruler of the whole mountain. This ruler is subject to the ruler of all mountains in the country. The hierarchy goes up to the ruler of the planet and ruler of the whole universe.



The main characteristic of the elemental beings is, they do their activities with great accuracy and responsibility. They feel unreserved love and respect to their ruler. In comparison with the people, the elemental beings don’t elect their rulers. The ruling position is determined according to their level of excellence. It goes on self- actively and rightfully. We will talk later about it. Cheerful attitude to work and love to the rulers make them happy and beautiful.


The little elemental beings fulfil different tasks. Some work with matter - they change it, maintain it and decompose it. Thus, matter is being refined. They are the creators of nature and its destroyers at the same time. Men think that nature forms itself because they see how it is changed and reproduced automatically. This is a natural phenomenon. When a plant or an animal mature, according to the Law of Complementation, positive and negative poles join - thus, the reproduction occurs. The beings of the Animistic Sphere only support this automatic phenomenon.

Initially a man lived in the harmony with the nature, he interfered into it only a little, usually when he was building his dwelling on his own ground. Later he started to rape the nature and nowadays he damages it totally because of the industry. He does not know anything about its creators, therefore he cannot cooperate with them.



In the Atlantic civilization, the giants helped the people with huge buildings, they did a hard work instead of them. The citizens of Atlantis did not need any technique, even they did not have any. Only we suppose them to be technically at high level as our civilization is. They did not have any vehicles, even though they rode through whole globe - on the huge birds. The fairy-tales are not only the fantasy.





The action of the other little elemental beings is connected with people. Their task is to spin the invisible threads of each human deed, thought and emotion. The quality and the sort of these threads, is distinguished by the colour. Along these threads - the ways - which were spun by the substantiate beings from the intentions and actions the souls wander after death to the astral world and the ethereal surroundings. Thus, according to the Eternal Laws, the little elemental beings weave the destiny of a human which leads either downwards, to the lower worlds than the Earth or upwards, to the upper worlds. It is hard to imagine this activity which one cannot understand because there is not anything like that in the earthly activity.

Thus, the substantiate beings are also living executors of the Eternal Laws but they are neither directing nor evaluating agents. They spin the threads of destiny without being personally interested in man's fate. The result of their weaving revealing the most secret ideas and emotions of each man is evaluated by other hierarchies. For better understanding we could imagine the elemental beings as typists, who re- write the degree work of a student. They do not interfere into the content, which he has created.


Furthermore the elemental beings spin the threads, which connect the people together. Their work is under the control of more perfect rulers, therefore the unfairness or the lapse cannot appear.

Through their weaving activity the little elemental beings work as the connecting factors of the material and the immaterial universe. Since they originate in an upper plane than the universe does - in the realm of animistic substantiality they bear in themselves more of the elementary power in the form of heat and light. Thus, they are warming, changing, vitalising and refining matter - the universe.

The man also has to improve the mass, but his activity differs from the activity of elemental beings. They are the preparers and helpers, until the man has to be their continuer and ruler of the mass. Unfortunately, the man became the ruler- destructor, because he has understood his rule wrongly.





The great substantiate beings are of much finer substance than the little elemental beings because they live in the highest hence the finest plane of the Realm of Animistic Substantiality. Unlike the little elementals they did not develop by a gradual development but they were formed from the germs of animistic substantiality into the superearthly beautiful male and female forms immediately.

According to the Eternal Laws everything what is perfect is formed immediately thus reaching the leadership.

One talks about the primordially created substantiate beings because they were formed first in the realm and they are eternal. Some more advanced individuals issuing from the ancient nations saw them and called them the gods for their extreme sizes, beauty and superhuman abilities as well. The Greeks and the Romans gave them different names though they were the same beings - for example Zeus - Jupiter, Aphrodite - Venus. The other nations saw them as well and gave them names that are mostly not known.

In the course of time, when people were gradually loosing the purity of their intuition under the influence of the increased materialism they stopped perceiving them and communicating with them. However, myths of their existence and activities, in which the great substantiate beings were gradually presented as common people with human weaknesses and shortcomings, have been preserved. Thus, people lowered their value and credibility.

Similarly as the little elemental beings the great substantiate beings, too, exist nowadays and are active in fulfilling of their tasks but man are not capable of their perceiving yet. Neither their seat Olympus is fantasy but it exists at the uppermost and the most remote edge of the Realm of Animistic Substantiality. The primordially created substantiate beings rule many activities:

1. The creating, maintaining and decomposing of matter - nature. This activity is carried out by the little elemental beings under the rule of the Lords of the Elements - the great substantiate beings. For example, all waters of the universe are governed by the Lord of the Waters - Neptune or Poseidon, respectively. Under his guidance many smaller lords in rivers, seas, oceans, lands and on individual planets act.

The primordially created substantiate beings are not the highest gods and goddesses, as the people had thought once. But they are more perfect than the people on the Earth, because they live in the higher world than the universe is- in the Realm of Animistic Substantiality.


2. Under the rule of the great substantiate beings - of the Primordial Beings the Eternal Laws come into effect. They are not the directing agent but only mediators because they only give over their tasks from the Lords of an upper sphere to their subordinates.

3. The next task of the primordially created substantiate beings is to help men in their development. Therefore, some of them embody the virtues - for example, Aphrodite embodies love, Pallas Athena wisdom and justice. In the Realm of Animistic Substantiality each feature is formed in a Primordial Being - a perfect being which radiates the feature downwards and is an ideal for people.




The primitive nations which stuck during their development of the soul and are at a low level of the earthly development as well cannot see either the little elemental beings or the great substantiate beings. The developed nations only saw upwards - the Realm of Animistic Substantiality - while the undeveloped nations are only capable of perceiving the astral beings of the lower worlds - demons and phantoms which come into existence from the negative emotions and thoughts of men. For their driving away they use deterring music and dance. They consider these creatures as "gods" because they do not understand their origin and purpose.

We will talk about next activities of elemental beings gradually. It seems to be unbelievable from our materialistic view, that everything around us is alive and well- organised. The little elemental beings do not live only in the Realm of Animistic Substantiality, but in the Ethereal and Gross Material Universe, too. Because we did not develop psychically simultaneously with the physical development in some spheres, we stopped to see by the psychical sight and we suppose the invisible worlds to be the fairy- tale, the unreality.


As once our forefathers could not imagine the future and did not believe the clairvoyants, that on the Earth there will fly the metal birds- the planes, float the houses- the ships, or ride the horses on the wheels- the cars, so we stopped to believe the past and in this way we blurred the psychical sight. What a man does not want to see, that he does not see and he has already born with this limitation through the generations.


Nowadays, even the little children do not see the elemental beings, although recently they have seen them. We can not wonder. How can they percept unphysically, when they do not see well by the physical sight? The glasses in the child age become most the matter of course. It is the manifestation of our physical and psychical blindness, because most of us are apathetic towards it, cursory and in this way “blind “, too.


Chapter 6 : The Spiritual Realm


Above the Realm of Animistic Substantiality the Spiritual Realm floats. As every world is of different nature the Spiritual Realm is of completely other kind as the world below as well. It is immaterial and therefore, eternal; it is not submitted either to the ageing or to the decomposition. Its name itself reveals that the spirits live there. To grasp better their essence and position in Creation let us repeat which inhabitants live in the individual worlds below.


In the Gross Material Universe there live people on many planets.

In the Ethereal Universe there live the souls of people after their deaths.

In the Realm of Animistic Substantiality there live the little elemental beings and the great substantiate beings, the beings.

In the Spiritual Realm there live the spirits.


Since the Spiritual Realm floats at the highest point of all other above-mentioned worlds the spirit stands also in the highest place among other inhabitants of the worlds. Indeed what do the spirits look like? The entities generally called spirits seen or felt by some sensitive men are the souls in fact and not the spirits. Man can only see with his ethereal eye into the astral world which is a medium part of gross matter. More developed men "see" as far as ethereal matter. In the dreams man can perceive souls of both living and dead people. The soul comes out of the body during the sleep and wanders through immense distance. Man need not to be afraid of its not coming back since the soul is connected with the body by an astral line which is of "infinite" length.

The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species hinders man to see a spirit or the Spiritual World. There is too far away from the universe to the Spiritual Realm. The spirit is of finer substance than the soul because unlike the soul it is immaterial. However, it looks alike, it is a man or a woman but of much more beautiful, blazing and perfect appearance than men or souls have. One already knows that the soul is ethereal and therefore, it is more durable than gross matter, the body but it will also perish sometime. The spirit will not perish; it is eternal since it is immaterial.

How does the spirit arise and what has it common with man? At the lowly level of the Spiritual Realm spiritual germs are situated. Their origin will be discussed later. Under the influence of the Primordial Power which radiates stronger here than in the universe a spiritual germ awakes to be conscious in the yearning for the formation of a spiritual being. So as the germ oh the hen instinctively desires to be a hen after the maturation, so the spiritual germ desires to be a spiritual being. But for the hutching of the chicken from the matured egg there are necessary the proper conditions- the higher temperature. On the contrary the spiritual germ needs more cold for forming of a spirit.


As soon as this yearning awakes inwardly it starts to act subconsciously to support this goal - that is to look for suitable conditions. Until the yearning for life does not awake in the germ it lies still as if it were sleeping. Only the desire for the development is the first motion of a spirit. Under the influence of the Law of Motion and the Law of Gravity starts the spiritual germ to fall down from the Spiritual Realm to the lower spheres to be capable of the development. It will stop falling at the boundary of the Ethereal World. There, under certain conditions its cloak starts to be formed; first into the shape of a child who grows and develops gradually into an adult man. Thus, in the Ethereal World the soul is formed into the human appearance as the cloak of the spiritual germ first.

The spiritual germ in the core of the soul remains undeveloped yet. In the development of man the soul must develop at first. Therefore, the ethereal world was formed earlier. When the soul got the human appearance gross matter with the Earth where the souls enter the material bodies in which the spirit develops arose. The entire gross material universe was created for one purpose - for the development of spiritual germs. Ethereal matter is only a temporary stage necessary for the creation of the soul - the cloak of the spirit. The soul is in fact a thread, a mediator by means of which the spiritual germ is connected with the body to act on earth actively and thus, to develop. The body also protects the soul from coarse influences of the outer environment.

Together with the development and maturing of the planet matures also the human spirit through many lives on earth and by the stay in ethereal matter. The spirit becomes eternal and conscious personality in the human form after maturation and therefore it does not need cloaks. They served only as clothes of the spirit in given levels to protect and support its development. Thus, the spiritual germ is gradually converted to a developed spirit.

In the medium part of the Spiritual Realm, which is called "the Paradise" or according to the Bible "the Kingdom of Heaven" a developed spirit lives as a male or a female person. In the Paradise there does not exist either evil or imperfection as in the material worlds. Beauty, love, good, justice but not idleness rule here. All planes of Creation obey the Law of Motion. The bliss of spirits does not lie in the idleness but in the joyful, creative and well organised activity. The purpose of life of developed spirits is beside other things, to help other, not yet developed spirits - men in matter to finish their development in time and to return as mature spirits back to their home. This help is necessary as it will be discussed later.

The developed spirits cannot help in the Material World directly from the Paradise because of the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Despite this fact each man has his own highest spirit guide in the Spiritual Realm. However, this spirit can act only through mediators in the ring of animistic substantiality and in ethereal matter and finally, he acts through the guardian spirit.

In the paradise there also live children of miscellaneous age but they are not born here like on earth; they have not parents; they belong to all men. They also came into being from the spiritual germs but they were formed in this plane as children immediately. They do not have to go down to matter to be able to develop because they are perfect immediately. However, they lack maturity which they are gradually reaching through the contact with developed spirits. Thus, the life in the Paradise is diverse - there are male, female and children's spirits there and everyone can also carry out in the psychical way. All spirits are active in some way. There does not exist tiredness and overworking in the Paradise, because those are only the manifestation of the mass. The pleasure from the life and never- ending activity is also caused by the fact, that there is always a day here, which is brighter than the day on the Earth. There do not exist darkness and evil at this place.


The approximate imitations of the paradise are the upper planes of the Ethereal World. Another law is at work here according to which every lower world is formed as an imitation of the world above him. However, the imitation cannot be the same as the original. The lower world being denser is less perfect and cannot form the same only alike. Thus, the life on earth the copy of the Ethereal World. Many people think that the astral world is the imitation of the Earth because they see churches, schools and cities as on earth there. In reality, the contrary is true, the Earth is imitating the astral world. Its reflection one bears in ones subconscious because one was living as a soul there before the birth.

Let’s compare the differences in the excellence of the things in Paradise and on the Earth. There grow the flowers in the Paradise, too, but their excellence lies in more beautiful and larger shapes, in more colourful colours and in more expressive fragrances. The bells ring really in beautiful tones and most flowers are used as the bins for delicious drinks. The description of the wears of spirits, the beauty of their houses and surrounding, could seem to be a fantasy, a dream, a fairy- tail, that cannot be expressed and imagined ideally in human terms. A man can only imagine, what he has experienced or what is equal, similar to his ideas. Because the Paradise is some levels higher than a man lives, he is not able to imagine his excellence, because the human speech does not have the proper terms for it.



At the uppermost plane of the Spiritual Realm there also live perfect spirits but of a different kind as the developed ones. They did not have to enter matter for their spiritual development. Thanks to the superior perfection of their germs their human appearance was formed immediately and in the upper plane. Therefore, they are called the created spirits. Maybe it sounds doubtfully to speak about higher and lower excellence, because from the view of human terms it should be only the one excellence. First let’s explain its characteristic on the spirits of spiritual worlds. When the spiritual germs can form immediately in the Spiritual Realm, it means, they are perfect, equal to perfect environment. The imperfect germs have to go into the mass, which is imperfect, equal to them, so that they can shape and form into the perfect human personality.


Despite his free will the perfect spirit never chooses the course doubts, distortion and evil. His emotions, manifestations and deeds are not fluctuating between the good and the evil because they are clear and bright. The imperfect spirit chooses also doubtful paths as a result of his free will because he wants to try them. Unfortunately, this is not always a lesson to him. Thus, he is very often seduced from the true goal even though he does not realise this. Because of their imperfection the spiritual germs of human spirits cannot be formed in the Spiritual Realm as the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species does not allow this. The imperfect can only develop in imperfect surroundings - in the World of Matter. However, the human spirit becomes a perfect one after the accomplishment of the development. Thus, the perfection in the spiritual world has many levels, stages in which the development also exists. Everything in Creation keeps developing within its limits because the Law of Motion rules there.

According to the Law of Homogenous Species, the negative characteristics in a family are also eliminated in the equal surrounding, right in this family, also at the price of conflicts and tensions among its members. Among more perfect people the elimination of these characteristics would not be everlasting. The state without conflicts does not mean the change. In better surrounding a man does not have an opportunity to express his negatives, therefore they are repressed and muffled.


The created spirits take over the leadership in the entire Spiritual Realm as a result of the superior perfection in comparison with the developed spirits. Similarly, the primordially created substantiate beings took over the leadership because their automatic and immediate creation reveals their superior spiritual quality over others. By obeying this law no one has to solve problems with authorities and therefore, natural respect and devotion rule here.

The created and the developed spirits are those hierarchies which rule and judge our actions and destinies on earth and together with the substantiate beings they organise the just fulfilling of the Eternal Laws. Thus, the laws effect as an intelligent force because in some cases they are directed by the intelligence of spirits another time they are at work automatically - through the Primordial Power. The intelligence of created spirits is hard to compare with the earthly one. It is spiritual only without intellect being participated thus lending it abilities one cannot even think of. The mass or the Earth is in comparison with the spiritual worlds the poorest place in the Creation, where the spirit has to spend only the certain phase of development. He should not suppose it to be the end, but only the break- station.


According to the plan of development in certain age of maturity some created spirit will incarnate into the most mature nation as the human being. Thanks to his higher skills he will support the spiritual development of the surrounding, which would stagnate and degenerate without his higher power.

In the Spiritual Realm one keeps the Book of Life in which each spiritual germ leaving for its course to the World of Matter is written under its spiritual name. The ruling spirits observe its development and help it in all possible ways in order not to get lost in matter and to return back into the Paradise as a mature spirit.


Chapter 7 : The Creation of Man


Man comes to the world in two phases lawfully - by fertilisation and by the birth. Both parents assume that they are "makers" of their child, that they created a new personality which is their produce both from the physical and psychic points of view. If the same characteristics and psychic qualities appear since the very childhood they confirm themselves in their opinions.

Let us look at these processes from the point of view of the Eternal Laws. It is already known that the true nature of man is the spirit. However, unlike matter, it is capable neither of the inheriting nor of the dividing. It is an independent core of each man. We need parents on earth to build up our bodies through which the spirit can manifest itself and develop in the material world. Both by the fertilisation and by the birth of a child the spirit of a parent neither releases nor gives out anything of itself. Even the smallest particle of its substance is not transferred to the child. The parent may give out of his spirit only through the upbringing which the child may consciously accept or refuse thanks to the imitating instinct.

The parents are the makers of their child only physically. By the means of a sperm and an ovum an embryo which grows nourished by the mother's body is formed. The physical characteristics and inclinations towards certain diseases are hereditary because matter is capable of the division. However, in psychic and spiritual respects each man is an independent being which was attracted by parents according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species or the Law of Reciprocal Action on earth. Thus, the child shall not reproach parents with its negative propensities and qualities considered as the unjustly inherited psychic property because the child has brought it itself; it does not issue from parents. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species children are born to parents like themselves.

In the majority of cases the souls with negative qualities are attracted to earthly families because they are heavier according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, thus more homogeneous with qualities of matter. When members of a family must live together with similar negatives problems and quarrels which should finally lead to their elimination, improvement often arise.

Indeed, how does the spirit of a child get into the mother's body? After fertilisation the radiation of the mother's soul strengthens. Thus, a homogeneous track by which the soul of a child may come closer to the mother is formed. Without this special bridge formed only through the pregnancy the soul could not get to the mother from the distant ethereal worlds or from the lower planes. The incarnation of the soul occurs mainly for karmic reasons. Then, a spirit known from some previous life is being incarnated to the family. If karmic threads are missing "an alien" spirit connected with parents only by the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species - this means by common spiritual and psychic qualities incarnates.

The spirit of a child does not come into the world inexperienced and clean. He lived through many things and he also brings some guilts to redeem and new tasks to fulfil. He "forgot" about his past even though it is anchored within him. The child will gradually recall it under influence of various events. No human spirit lives on earth for the first time. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species would not allow the incarnation of a new, less developed spirit among the matured one's because he could not develop there being misunderstood in his circle. That these differences occur is not brought about by a smaller number of lives but by the insufficient exploitation of these lives for which each man himself is responsible. It reminds of a situation at school - he who does not pay attention and does not learn falls behind.

The soul - or, in fact, the spirit-germ surrounded by the soul comes nearer to the mother in the very beginning of her pregnancy. It stays in her proximity and shares many experiences with her. In the majority of cases she perceives its presence as if being inside. Of course, the spirit does not come to the mother directly from spiritual substantiality but from the astral world in the form of a soul. The soul may incarnate into the mother's body only then when the embryo reaches its maximum maturity - this means in the middle of the pregnancy. After the soul, or the spirit, respectively, incarnates the embryo already disposes of its own blood circulation. The moves in the mother's body also indicate that the embryo came to life. If in the period of the maturity none spirit entered the embryo which can be caused by a negative karma, by the wrong development of the embryo and by the weak radiation of the mother's soul as well the embryo degenerates and dies. Only the spirit, the higher substance than matter can develop it to the human appearance.

From the point of view of the Eternal Laws the process of the child's birth is divided into four phases:

{C}-        the fertilisation,

{C}-        the approach of the soul to the mother in the beginning of the pregnancy,

{C}-        the incarnation of the soul in the middle of the pregnancy,

{C}-        the birth of a child.

Who directs the process of the incarnation for injustice no to occur and for the Eternal Laws to be observed? One already knows that the lives in the material world are run from the Spiritual Realm by our more advanced brothers. Their view of the earthly life is much more complex and provident, indeed they draw on our previous lives and the knowledge of the future. They know which events will happen in the course of one's life on earth, which part of the world will be affected by a catastrophe or a war, whether this could be of some importance for one's development or not and thus, they direct one's incarnation. They know one better than he knows oneself. The Book of Life and the form of one's spirit is the mirror of one's past.




In every child the spirit is like being disconnected from the outer world until the puberty. Thus, the child manifests itself only through its body and the soul. When it becomes mature sexually his spirits starts connecting with matter, with the outer world to be able to work actively there. However, the difference between the immaterial spirit and the material world is so immense that according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species it could not get connected. And indeed this must happen. The most delicate power which is the highest power in the material world at the same time - the Primordial Power is at work on earth. As a result of its fine nature it almost homogeneous with the spirit. The reinforced radiation of sexual organs during the puberty forms a track through which this power comes to the spirit to unite with for all its life. Since the access leads through the radiation of sexual organs this power is called the generative power.

It displays as a desire for love, beauty, pureness and ideals. At the same time a law is waking up in a young human being, which had been muffled by then- it is the desire for spiritual knowledge, because the spirit wants to exhibit and develop actively. This law connects him with the Eternity. It helps him to not forget on his origin in earthly troubles, to not lose the aim because of which he came on the Earth. According to the Law of Homogenous Species the spirit can educate and develop only through spiritual knowledge and deep psychical experience.

 It manifests itself as the desire for love, beauty, purity and ideals. At the same time, the desire for the spiritual knowledge being suppressed so far awakens in the soul of a young man because the spirit wishes to develop and to manifest itself actively. This law connects him with the eternity. It helps him not to forget about his origin in mundane trials, to pay attention to the goal which he came to fulfil on earth. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species the spirit can only educate and develop by spiritual knowledge and by the deep emotional experiencing.

For the young man to realise his ideals the connection of the generative power with matter, with reality helps him to do this. The natural course of the connecting of the Primordial Power with the spirit manifests itself in the majority of cases so that young men realise positive and negative features of their surroundings, seek to change improve it or even themselves. At the same time, according to the Law of Complementation they search for their counterparts - partners. If a couple develops psychic and spiritual powers at first and only then the affectionate physical connection occurs this pure flare may "burn" a great deal of their negative karma and make conditions for a harmonious coexistence and a positive development of the spirit.

The sexual intercourse and the begetting are only a second-rate goal of the generative power which manifests itself from the puberty on also without these functions. Therefore, the connection of the spirit with the Primordial Power - the generative power does not cease when the afore-mentioned functions die away.

Unfortunately, the present-day moral takes away the natural course of the generative power to a wrong direction especially at young, yet inexperienced men. The sexual instinct and the need for its frequent quenching be it with or without the psychic love is artificially overvalued. Thus, the true meaning of the generative power became weak and turned only into an animal instinct. The frequent intercourse, the change of partners and masturbation lead young man to the inferior course of the development. He has turned the generative power which he had to refine physically, psychically and spiritually into a dangerous negative power which instead of the support hinders his development and draws him towards a depth.

Clinging to physical, material enjoyment in particular man has cut off himself from the help and inspiration of the higher substantiate beings who cannot connect with him when being in such a condition lawfully. This separation from the spiritual heights does not only result in the moral and spiritual decadence but also in the cultural, economical and social decay.

According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species man connects himself with the lower spirits living on the planets below the earth level through the excessive enhancement of passions. Thus, instead of the connecting with higher entities man attaches to the lower ones. And at the same time he even attracts dark spirits upwards. Without this artificially created bridge they could never get on earth according to the Law of Gravity and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Spirits. Even though not all of them incarnate they stay in the astral world thus affecting the psychic of men, inspiring them with ideas for repeated orgy and masturbation because these emotions nourish them. The same also applies to other negative propensities such as the addiction to the smoking, alcohol and drugs. The addicts usually think this is their own desire when they feel the need for their satiation. Instead of perfect beings man connects with dark spirits who are much worse than himself.




Why man succumbed to sexual excesses so easily? Just for one reason. He broke down his protective wall - the feeling of shame which should have protected him from the downfall. The wall was built up simultaneously with the receiving of the generative power. Only therefore, that man did not recognise its meaning he could break it down so easily. The feeling of shame is a natural hold of the spiritual, psychic and physical development. However, the ethics based on the effort to remove this protective wall and thus, release the inferior desires reached its goal - gradually and voluntarily the majority gave up this protection. We silently approve and suppose to be normal what is not normal at all. We have promoted the sexual instinct most to the only aim of our life. The will, which is fettered by it, is not able to enforce its higher desires and aims, because the man lets off all generative power in frequent or unnatural sexual intercourse, or in masturbation.


The first flame which has gradually caused the destructive fire in the souls of people, lighted, maybe not in aim, psychologists and sexologists. They claimed that without regular sexual intercourse the ordinary life cannot be lived, and its lack causes frustrations and problems. Therefore, when a partner is not at hand, a man should satisfy by himself. In this way they confused the psychical balance and sureness feeling in ordinary people, too. These advices and explanations can obey only that one, who does not know, that the generative power grows by dampening of sexual instinct and wakes up the creativity, natural desires and wanting.


Only a deep reflection of the consequences of the excessive sexual instinct may release the power for its directing. According to the Law Free Will dark spirits cannot force man to do that which he himself does not want to. They can only lure, incite and entice man that the desire with which he was inspired is his own one. This knowledge may set free man because only the hidden and veiled evil is dangerous. By its revealing and recognition it may be overcome.

By the gradual, not sudden, release of negative propensities dark spirits abandon their victim because they have lost the control over it. The feeling of shame which protects the purified man from further fall will again awake within him. By the transformation of inferior desires to spiritual ideals the generative power will follow the right direction and will awake the yearning for the true and pure love which will indeed realise in time. By the strong yearning which will be multiplied by the lowering of the sexual instinct man connects himself with the animistic helpers who will make conditions for the realisation of his desire - the pure love.

The generative power also weakens by the unbalanced diet- for example, by the lack of proteins in the long- term vegetarian diet. In some cases it is suitable for the cure of diseases, then, it may also take a few years. But after the cure, the man should gradually return to the original rich food, but with the higher content of fibre and with the restriction of meat and fat.


The generative power also weakens by the reading of unsuitable books and looking of movies which induce the excessive excitement of senses and nerves. Through this negative experience a man connects himself to dark spirits who will try to control him to be nourished by him in the course of time.  


For many it may sound incredible that also the occult training and meditations bring about the drain of the generative power and lead to the establishing of the connection with dark spirits who surround the Earth like a dense fog at present. If someone meditates to release oneself from the stress and exhaustion one is practising the sitting relaxation essentially. It is not dangerous because one cannot penetrate by means of it to the astral world. However, in deeper meditations, especially when going down, "to the past" or "vanishing in the void" the meditating man goes directly towards the dark influence. He gets voluntarily connected with low spirits who appear to be harmless initially but later on, they gain control over him. Man shall develop by the natural process - by the recognition of spiritual truths and ideals and their realisation in common life and not by the escape out of the reality.




We already know that the Realm of Animistic Substantiality is the driving force of both the gross material and ethereal universes. In the middle of the cycle of the Universe some material planets reach the appropriate maturity. This means that they are able to be fertilised by spirit-germs. It is a similar happening as in the case of an embryo which becomes mature in the middle of the pregnancy and is fertilised by the spirit of man to be able to continue at the higher stage of the development. In one cycle such an opportunity occurs only once. The planets which have not appropriate conditions for this at that time get another opportunity in the next cycle approximately a million years later. The maturity of a planet means that there are appropriate conditions for the living of spirit germs in the material world there. This action is carried out by the substantiate beings on planets with reasonable temperature.

We already know that the human spirit-germ cannot develop in the Spiritual Realm and thus it is expelled in accordance with the Law of Motion into colder planes, lower to the material world. One depicts this happening as "the casting out of the Paradise" It is the voluntary and necessary "casting out" of the spiritual home. Without it the spirit-germ would never develop into a perfect spirit. Let us look at this process more thoroughly - how and through which planes does the spirit-germ come down?

Directly below the Spiritual Realm the Realm of Animistic Substantiality which is a little bit colder rotates but the germ cannot take on form here yet. It must descend deeper to the lower spheres. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species it cannot pass an alien plane without being cloaked with its substance. Therefore it falls to the underpart of animistic ring under the pressure of animistic cloak. Nor here are the proper conditions for its development, therefore it cloaks with the next, denser cloak and because of its own weight it sinks more and more.

This process is not automatic; it takes places under help of beautiful feminine beings - the fairies. Their task is to handle the germs carefully for them not to be damaged. Specifically, they descend unconsciously without their own protection. The activity of the sprites could be compared with the work of women on the poultry- farm, who pack the eggs into the packing to be not broken on the way to the shops.


 In each spirit-germ there is slumbering the entire perfection of a mature spirit which awakens gradually along with the process of getting conscious. This is called the development of the spirit.

The unconscious wandering of the germ over the Realm of Animistic Substantiality ceases at the boundary of the ethereal universe. Being unconscious the germ descends further. It gets stuck in the ethereal field where it starts awakening into the life slowly. During its "sleep" other, also beautiful feminine beings take care of the outer influences not to damage it. Also, masculine "keepers" protecting germs from bad energies of the lower worlds by their strong positive radiation are situated here. By the action of the Primordial Power in the form of light, heat and also sound of lovely chords in the ethereal world the spirit-germ gradually awakens to the self-consciousness.

The upper, denser cloak that it got from the second fairy in the animistic ring starts growing into the shape of a big, beautiful flower in the ethereal field. Since each germ awakens with various intensities and qualities of consciousness flowers of many kinds, shapes and colours arise here. The ethereal field reminds of a big flower garden. When a flower comes into bud the first, finer cloak which is formed into the shape of the human body under influence of the spirit-germ starts developing. In the flower being in half blossom a little child lies protected from the strong rays of light like a chicken is protected by the shell of the egg. The spirit-germ itself has not the human appearance yet only its first animistic cloak - the soul was formed for the time being.

While in ethereal matter the soul develops from a child to an adult person the substantiate beings prepare an appropriate planet for its further development. They mould its nature by the imitating of the ethereal paradise and thus, they arrange a nice home for men where their spirit-germs can develop. The soul in ethereal matter become mature for the time being but it is of such a fine substance that it cannot manifest itself on earth or on some other material planet. It cannot seize a piece of wood and a stone to build a house or rip off a plant to eat. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species requires the homogenous body, through which the soul can be active in its surroundings, can improve it and develop its true self - its spirit-germ at the same time.

The highest lords of nature, primordially created substantiate beings, directed and organised the work of their subordinates, the little elemental beings who prepared the denser cloak for the human soul - the material body. When the most developed animal on earth reached the climax of its development and acquired the human-body-like form and the ability to shape matter actively the period of maturity suitable for the fertilisation by the spirit-germs occurred. Into the most advanced animal couple - the primeval man, human souls - the feminine and the masculine ones incarnated in place of animal souls. Gradually, human souls were incarnating into their descendants so that the initial human race came into existence. Other creatures of the primeval man became extinct. The bodies surrounding human souls started developing into more perfect and graceful human appearance with higher abilities under influence of the spirit missing in animals.

In this respect, Darwin was partially true claiming that man originates in the most perfect animal - the ape. However, knowing that the true nature of man is the spirit one must make this interpretation more precise: Not man only his material body issues from the animal.

During many stays on the Earth a man had to use his skills and characteristics maximally during rough gusty and life- conditions to survive. The soul, but also the spiritual germ, had to strain more, to create more warmth to penetrate through thick material cloak- the body and through it they could act on the their surrounding and make it more perfect. The spiritual germ activated in colder and rougher environment. It had to get used to control its body similar as a man, who has to get used to work in thick rubber- gloves.




An idea may strike you why the development of the soul in ethereal matter is not sufficient for the spirit-germ to return to the Paradise. Just for the reason that the ethereal world was not "harsh", cold and material enough to awake the slumbering qualities of the spirit germ to the maximum. The spirit-germ could enter the Earth, coarse matter only after its soul had developed to be able to master its heavy material body by means of the soul. The spirit-germ itself, without the soul, would not even move with the body nor would keep inside it according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. The immense difference of its nature when compared with matter would cast it out.

Nor the soul is a homogeneous mediator for the material body. It is too fine to be able to maintain itself inside the body. Therefore, the little elemental beings adapted to this activity produce out of medium gross matter the astral body of man. It forms a link between the ethereal soul, because it is slightly coarser and the gross material body because it is finer. After earthly death of man the astral body comes out of the material body and decomposes into original elements in the astral world. However, it has longer durability than the material body. Since it is of the human appearance some "sensitive men" are capable to see it with their ethereal sight.

During its last residence on earth occurring for each man in different periods the spirit germ develops into the perfect personality bearing either the feminine or the masculine appearance. After death the mature spirit goes home - to the Paradise. At each plane which he crosses - in the World of Ethereal Matter and in the Realm of Animistic Substantiality - there he leaves his cloaks which get burned one after the other under the strong radiation of the matured spirit.

From what comes the strong radiation of a spirit that burns the psychical cloaks? When the improved spirit gets the human appearance, the man has to develop the psychical and spiritual power, too. That becomes more strong through fighting with the difficulties and also through realising spiritual truths in everyday life. Who reads them only and does not put them in real life, will not get the spiritual power, the strong radiation that destroys the psychical cloaks.


The return of the spirit to the Spiritual Realm, to the Paradise, is connected with the further development under control of the spirit guide who leads the spirit to the right place. Under influence of the Law of Reciprocal Action the spirit-germ who was initially unconscious returns as the conscious spirit to the place from which he set out because everything must be closed in the cycle. This happening is depicted in the parable of "the lost son".


Chapter 8 : Distorted Souls


Each spiritual germ is of either positive or a negative nature. The germ originates in the spiritual precipitation which splits into coarser, male parts and lighter, female ones in the superior worlds. While a spiritual germ falls down from the upper to the lower part of the Spiritual Realm it becomes already an undivided gully predestined to be a male or a female spirit.

How does a spiritual germ know what is its gender when it does not bear the human appearance yet? Besides this fact, spirits in the Spiritual Realm have no genitals because the reproduction does not occur through them there. And yet the difference between male and female spirits is obvious at first glance. Neither the soul of a child as the first cover of man has genitals in the Ethereal World. It only gains the female or the male appearance through the development but without the sexual organs.

What is in fact the cause of the change of a spiritual germ into a male or a female spirit? The reader already knows that the epitaph on gravestones: "Rest in Peace!" does not give a true picture of the life of a soul after death. Everyone will be active in "the beyond" either in the experiencing of the sufferings or in the creative action. And just this action, activity and the general manifestation form either the male or the female appearance. The tendency towards certain kind of actions is already hidden in the spiritual germ itself because it is either positive or negative. Therefore, the children's soul in ethereal matter already develops according to the sort of manifestation and action thus forming a man or a woman.

How does true manhood and womanhood manifest itself according to the Eternal Laws on earth?

The male activity - is active, working and coarse - it is a work with matter, power and intellect.

The female activity - is passive, ruling, weak and fine materially - it manifests itself by intuition and by spirit.

From the spiritual point of view woman rules because thanks to her generally finer essence and to her more permeable body she is capable of connecting with the finer superior spheres according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. In this way she gains the more extensive spiritual knowledge and thereby the power. Her rule manifests itself in a rather passive manner. She only perceives intuitively, inspires, directs and plans. Man only works over her impulses and links them with his own decisions. He is the executor of her plans.


Nowadays not many women rule in this passive way. They manifest themselves actively like men do which is a consequence of their living in a not solely woman-like manner. The circumstances led them to the desire for the equality - for the emancipation. Thus, they willy-nilly have driven to the vortex of men's lives.




The conception emancipation means literally the release from the inconvenient state to the equal one. Its legislative acknowledgement was called forth not only through women's feeling of wrong but also through the influence of spiritually quite developed people who felt its necessity for the further growth of mankind. However, the true nature of emancipation was lost without being noticed when introduced and it was lured in a completely different direction.

The reason for emancipation should have been the accepting of true manhood and true womanhood and their mutual equality. Thus, the superiority of men, the handicapping and the underestimation of women should have been removed.

However, the equality being held like today has been understood by its followers in such a way that woman may and must do everything what man does and that man must have the same duties and rights as woman.

In the socialistic society, the constitution set the women to work, except the maternity and care of the child, which were limited by time. That’s why a lot of women had to leave their households involuntarily, and go to the unknown surrounding, to various occupations, to the male ones, too. The women in capitalistic society did the same voluntarily, because of the ambitions, boredom, or financial necessity.

Has the emancipation led women to the longed-for equality with men? Not at all. In the majority of cases women attained equality in the job obligations but their posts and salaries did correspond to this. For women to gain them they had to put more emphasis on their equality with men. At first it started by wearing men's clothes, trousers, then it continued through the accepting of men's habits and manifestations. Finally women were even able to think in a masculine way for the difference between them and men to be as little as possible.


Whether the men did or did not like it, they had to take care about the household, when the woman was more able or equal to finance the family. The Law of Complementation has been distorted. How could the harmony in relationships prevail when pure positive and negative poles did not exist any more, when man was not a true man and woman was not a true woman? That which has brought this eliminating of differences one can see and feel both at home and at workplace - everyone is doing everything what one knows and is able to accomplish. The continuous stir and superficiality became a part of the modern man who cannot even picture to himself that the life could also be more quiet, more tranquil. The symbol of the present times is the everlasting lack of time and peace. Neither man nor woman consider themselves as being able to make fully use of their resources and abilities because there is no time for that. Unceasing motion and disturbance takes away the inner composure and peace from them.

Even if most of the emancipated women do not realize these negative points, they will surely protest against previous claims: “Do we have to come back to the pots and children? Never! ” It is not necessary to be afraid of coming back. We have to go forward straight, without deflections, which avert us from the right aim.

The right way directs to the harmony and creative action, and not to the rush and frivolity. The equality had to help the woman to gain the similar education as man had, so she could prove her rational maturity, which was never granted to women. That was often the reason of her humiliation. An educated woman had to become the equal partner for the man. For the welfare of society, the emancipation had to help to gain the equal enforcement of own abilities for those women devoted to work.   

The compulsory employment in socialistic society seduced most women from the right way. Instead of free decision whether to be a mother or to work, the women usually had to do both. When the man did not want the woman to damage her health, he had to adapt too, and help in the household, even with the female work.   




The free will of today’s man had to lead him to his own choice of a partner, according to his ideas, not according to the wish of parents or possession. Although most people use this free choice, the partnerships are not better than in the past. Why? The emancipation had to lead to the harmony and equality in marriage! But it brought the destruction instead of benefit because of its wrong understanding.

The continuous process of emancipation which is understood incorrectly as the balancing of differences between the sexes had in a short time the completely different sort of partners as before arisen. The new prototypes of men and women were connected by a single world - the distortion. Men stopped being men as women also did when they had to be everything what was needed. The pure counterparts have been excluded out of our lives. Into the black colour the white one was added to obtain they grey one. On the other hand, into the white colour there was added the black one to get the grey colour again. The entire life became grey - tedious and thereby chaotic because pure counterparts which were inspiring and giving the power in their purity have been removed out of it.

The gentle heart of woman and her tender caress which were intended for making the man and children happy "hardened" in strenuous job obligations. The strong masculine support broke down because it lost its stability and strength through the light but monotonous household chores and in the care for children. This has been called the progress - the emancipation.

If the mutual "adaptation" to the household tasks develops evenly at both partners the feeling of the seeming harmony arises even though both of them are being turned aside to the opposite poles. However, when one of them resists distorting of his or her naturalness he or she is the cause of unceasing problems resulting in quarrels and split-ups. Trying to find a solution many people look for another "distorted human" which strangely enough, they are able to find sometimes. More prudent people discovered a rather simple way out - they live alone. To find a distorted counterpart is considered by them as being too difficult and unlikely.

Everything distorted is hardly usable, compatible and unpractical, too. Let’s imagine the straight things - like door, tables or pens – were curvy only. We could hardly use them and would loose a lot of time. Evenly it’s very difficult for distorted partners to find the harmoniousness in partnership. This disharmony takes a lot of emotional energy, joy form life and creativity from both partners. Then they miss this energy in other areas.

Most of the successful women began to underestimate their husbands because of their inability, which resulted from apathy and weakness. Other women were forced to take the activity, when their husbands did not know or want to be the right men. Next emancipated women lost their gentleness in other way. Two kinds of activities, at home and also at work, without enough help, took the women the psychical and physical power, and the right femininity, too. Nowadays, it is not the irony, that many unemployed men have nothing to do, as the employed women destroy themselves in two occupations!



However, the deviated behaviour of men and women is not only a current issue which has been spread throughout the Earth as a result of a wrong emancipation. „Distorted souls" have been living in human bodies centuries ago but their distortion was not too distinct outwardly because of the lack of social freedom which supports the distortion as we can see it at present.

When anyone had the opportunity to recognise his former lives he must have been surprised by the almost incredible fact that he had also lived in the body of the other sex. How may this happen that the same person is a man in his certain life and a woman in another one when the spiritual germs are either positive or negative? One of the Eternal Laws - the free will - plays the decisive role in this case. According to this law man may act in such a way that he decides.

For example, when a female spirit is born on Earth as woman, and during  life decides – under the influence of various conditions or its own will – to live as a man, that means more actively and roughly, rationally and strenuously, it does not mean, that it changes into man physically in that moment. The mass, so the earthly body, is not able to change so fast. But when this soul leaves the Earth after death, it comes to the beyond as a man. The soul has changed into the male being faster than the physical body thanks to the more gentle nature.

If this woman likes the male behaviour, she acts like that in Ethereal Matter and she is born as a man in next life. But it can happen, she will suffer in this male life under the influence of stronger demands. But she has to play her role to feel the positives and negatives of man’s life and so she will never need to repeat this change. If she realise, the female activity is more natural for herself, she can fulfill this desire faster after death thanks to the more gentle body. In next lives on Earth she can act as a woman. Some spirits have to try on their own bodies who they want to be.


 As according to the Law of Free Will man may make mistakes, take wrong paths and do wrong and evil so he may resolve to live in an opposite way as he is predestined in his nature. Of course, he must bear consequences of its decision alone because free will is closely connected with the responsibility.

Once, when some occupations were not accessible to women, the woman decided to born voluntarily as a man on Earth, when she wanted to be helpful for mankind, for example as a doctor. In most lives before she could gain valuable experience as an herbalist and wanted to transfer it into the scientific medicine, too. Similarly other skills led the women to become the helpful men for the society or their own development on Earth – to become the priests, monks, law layers, teachers. It was not always going on distorted souls.

The change of sex may also be a form of atonement in certain cases. Then, it does not arise from the free will of the spirit. For example, when some men degraded and oppressed women consciously, with evil intentions according to the Law of Reciprocal Action they will experience through the change of sex that which they caused. Only through their own experience they will be able to understand their limited opinions and prejudices. Man took the rule over woman in hand as a consequence of ignorance and pride only. He misused his physical strength, power and intellect to disgrace and humiliate her instead of her protecting and honouring.

Despite of the emancipation and common progress nowadays the women still live in most countries in very humiliating and limited conditions. Their status is, similar as hunger, wars and unhappiness, the product of wrong behaviour of individuals and groups.


Some women misused their free will and tolerance of their partners so much, that they did not develop their femininity in the right way. They distorted and stopped their own spiritual growth, but also the development of their partners, who had to repress their own manhood because of the balance. ‘Straightening’ of these women to their right role can happen only under the stronger influence, so in the position, when they have to behave and act as the women under the pressure, because they would act wrongly again from their own will. When this woman understands and receives her femininity, she will be born in free conditions.


All examples are only the indications of thousands possible cases of karmic incarnations of spirits. Because of presented reasons, it is purpose-built and necessary the various status of women in the society on Earth. It will take till that moment, when the attitude to women improves, what depends on men mainly, but also on women, until they realise their right femininity.

The Eternal Laws help by "the bending" by an act of "pushing" man into the direction which is the best one for him. Under the influence of their own free will many people would take course in the opposite direction of the development just out of their ignorance. The will understand the provident guidance of higher entities only some time later when they are not directly involved. A proverb "Everything evil is good for something" confirms this experience.




The communistic idea that all people shall live under the same conditions proved to be unreal in practice. The reason for this is a different spiritual maturity of men. While in the Ethereal World souls live at the places where they belong to according to the Law of Gravity and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species on earth other principles take effect. There live together both more and less developed men. This situation has been called forth by themselves because they have been paying no attention to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. The less developed ones often misuse the good and more advanced men and cause them sufferings and harm. They do not know that they produce thereby new negative karma consequences of which they will bear as the blows of fate later on. The low spirit needs for its development harsher conditions and stronger strokes than the more developed one who understands and improves also without the physical suffering and humiliation.

Through the removal of castes which were preserved in their original sense in India for the longest period of time and through the attracting of low spirits by the negative propensities on earth a connection among men of various inner maturity has been formed. The castes were the images of the Ethereal Matter in which its individual planes are divided into parts according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. The perfect spirits of the Spiritual Realm directed the birth of souls according to their species of homogeneity - the qualities of the soul into these castes on earth.

The spiritually more advanced men matured in the highest caste through the teaching of others, through the giving out the knowledge and experience. They were teachers, priests, doctors, lawyers.

Other were developing spiritually in the second caste as knights, soldiers, heroes through the sacrificing of their own lives in favour of other men in wars, secret missions and catastrophes.

The third caste comprised artists and craftsmen. The least developed people serving to others belonged to the fourth caste. Many of them lived lonely lives under harsh conditions to be awakened spiritually by strong blows of life. However, anyone of them had the possibility of passing to the higher caste when they spiritually exceeded the level of their caste through an exceptional deed or a manifestation. Then, men lived and came in contact only within their caste. Thereby the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species was observed according to which a man situated too low cannot develop in the presence of a much higher one because he does not figure him out. When they want to understand each other according to the Law of Gravity the low spirit drags down the higher one because he is heavier than that. Since the low spirit cannot ascend accordingly the higher spirit must go down for the understanding of each other. Through this adaptation neither of them grows just on the contrary they both stagnate or fall down.

However, when a less advanced man lives among the equal ones small differences offer them the possibility of mutual understanding and growth. The sorting of spirits at birth into the castes was not a chance happening but it occurred according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species and the Law of Reciprocal Action. Therefore, the marriages and relations in the caste society were spiritually equal and good.

The distortion and misuse of the caste system went along in the period when the human materialism - the giving priority to matter and intellect - was getting stronger. The ruling castes themselves caused their breakdown since they started exploiting the lower castes and considering themselves as being superior.

Neither the democracy brought the longed-for solution; the spiritual development did not improve. At the present time man shall very carefully examine that with whom he is getting acquainted because after the removal of castes he is dependent on his own distinguishing and judging of fellow-men. By the wrong choice of the partner and friends he stagnates or declines spiritually even though he does not often realise this. He will not be conscious of his higher abilities since he may not exercise them in the unequal relation. Instead of a joyful development he experiences only misunderstanding and stress whereby he gets weakened.

Chapter 9 : The Man



What mistakes does a man do in his development? When and how did his distortion start? The first roots are in the old Atlantis, which we call as the fabulous one fallaciously. It really existed as the long streak of the narrow land in the Atlantic Ocean, from Greenland to the North Pole. On the maps, where the bottom of the oceans is shown, the rest of this land is visible and it is called the Southatlantic and Northatlantic ridge. In the early age of Atlantis, the woman lived in her own womanliness and clearness. Despite of her virtues, the man did not appreciate her, what is more, he humiliated her because of her weakness and emotionality.


At that time, the wrong started to spread in the man, which has got such dimensions nowadays, that we do not realize it more, because we have accept it as the natural part of our lives. How is that wrong, which acts for thousands years and is hidden among us in such way, that we do not register it? Outwardly, it acts as our friend and necessary friend. But it only plays this role, it hides behind it as behind the mask, which hides something completely different. It is our enemy in fact. It tries to rule our lives unqualifiedly, although it is not strong enough for this role.


Where should we look for that pest to know about him? Let us look for him in our heads. He lives there – it is called the reason. Someone could say now: it is unbelievable! How can be the reason our enemy? Is it even possible?


Let’s persuade on your own. We can begin with that, what was its original role. The reason should make the earthly life easier, to make it the sage lord above the nature and its beings. The reason should be the opposite to the spirit at the same time, it should hold it near the ground to not make it to escape from the reality by connecting with the above. Even if the reason is the gentle product of the brain, it is material. Therefore it belongs to the matter because of its nature and to the earthly activities. But the man also wanted to rule the psychical and spiritual life by the reason, which is of different nature according to the law of attraction of homogenous species. When the man did not understand the spiritual phenomena with the reason, he started to react as the child – he laughed at that, what he did not understand.


Although we do not see the love and hate, we feel their real expresses and consequences. But it is different with the spirit. The materialist claims, the spirit does not exist, because he cannot see it. He does not believe, that if he gave it the possibility to express itself, he would develop more universal skills, even out of the space and time. The spirit acts above these terms according to its immaterial nature, therefore it is more universal and richer than the reason. It derives from the experience of the previous lives. The reason is young and inexperienced as the child in the comparison with the spirit. The reason collects and keeps the knowledge only from one life, which is only the earthly one. Despite of that it tries to rule the spirit.


Let’s imagine the adult man, who would be inferior to the child and let all the power and deciding up to it – how the reason wants to. Will such relationship lead to the mutual benefit and growth? It is similar to the picture, when the chicken leads the hen. It leads to the meaningless wandering, misunderstood and chaos. When a child rules, it does the things which are adequate to its skills – it plays and romps. So the reason thinks only within its possibilities, it cannot exceed the boundaries of its understanding. Because it is the creation of the mass, it accepts only that, what is of the same kind, so the material one.


If the child does not accept the sageness of the adult, it will even not respect his advice and experience, which could help it to the growth and development. In the similar way, the reason behaves to the more developed and blanket spirit. Because it cannot understand the spirit, because it is of a different nature, it claims, the spirit does not exist! It does not know, in this way it saws the branch of a tree, that it sits on. Only the spirit supports the development of the mass and human body. The physical foetus in the mother’s body cannot develop without the spirit, it perishes.


Let’s come back to the man to the ages, when he started to use his reason in the wrong way for the first time. The Atlantis was the most developed civilization on the Earth at that time. It had such status as the USA do nowadays. The men used their reason for improving the earthly life and the women lived in the sentimental, spiritual way. That gave to their mutual life the beauty and accelerated the progress , because the real men and women created the harmonic couple according to the law of complementation. Later, the man started to use the reason in such area where he did not have to – he started to value the woman with it. He thought, when she expressed herself only by the emotions, taking care about the children and the household in her life, she is inferior, unable, because he could not value her spiritual asset with the reason, which is not visible outwardly. The woman connected with the above created the bridge for the incarnation of the higher spirits and pulled the pictures from the astral to the Earth at the same time.


The man has remained in this mistake till nowadays. He considers the scientific and technical development to be the top of the development, because thanks to it he improved the mass and his reason.


To keep his inferiority, the reason represses everything (mainly the spirit), what could disturb it in its powerful status. Many people do not know, they have the hind brain except the front one, which receives the spiritual impulses from the spirit and keeps the experience from the previous lives. Because of the long-timed forced inactivity, its volume has decreased and it has become stunted. Both parts of the brain were the same at the beginning, because they worked uniformly, harmonically, so for the example the kidneys do.


 Thanks to the preferring of logical thinking and neglecting of the sentiments and the spirit, the volume of the front brain has become bigger than the volume of the hind one. The children have already born with such abnormality of the brain. We talk about this phenomena like about the decline of the people, about „the hereditary sin“. It is the unwilling inheritance, which the baby brings to the earthly life. This deformation of the brain limits it by using of the hind brain. Fortunately, by knowing this obstruction and the own effort, everyone can wake up his hind brain again to the more intensive activity.


When the people promoted the reason to be the valuator of all things, they started to follow completely different direction of the development – instead of rising, they decline spiritually. They appreciate only the rational knowledge, physical abilities, fortune and power. Because with the rising incomes increase the material demands, the people have to work hard all the time. The rewards for them are the material things – the food, sex, fun and games. Such life, in which the hard work alternates the fun, the people consider to be the top of their happiness. But what leads to the maximal top, that leads to the extinction at the same time. Such end is common for the civilizations, that are based on the rule of the reason, on the mass, which characteristic is the continual change, the being and the extinction. 


If the people gave the rule above their life to the spirit voluntarily, they would get rid of the negative consequences of the mass and its changes and they would live in the eternal life on the Earth too, without the necessary extinctions of the civilizations. The re-birth of the people would happen, and so the development upwards, the eternity on the Earth would become. The man would be not detained by the useless suffering and effort. He could live on the Earth in the similar way as in the paradise – in love, joyful activity and creativity, because the eternal laws would not punish him because of his own mistakes.


However, in the age of antiquity, the people started to live under the influence of the hereditary sin, the rule of the reason. Therefore the Bible marked out the man to the work and the woman to the birthing in pains. The effort, the pains and illnesses are only the consequences, that the people caused because of their decline, when they had eaten the apple from the tree of the knowledge – of the reason. The man became the materialist at that time, when he promoted the reason over the spirit.






The man did the next distortion when he understood the sexual instinct in the wrong way. He has placed it, so as the reason, on the biggest place, over the sexual power. This power had to lead the man, but not the sexual instinct. The sexual power, that is used in the right way, makes the body more spiritual. This phenomenon happens in the clear love and noble sentiment. In such case, the sexual energy connects and improves all three parts of the man – the body, soul and spirit.


However the sensuality connects only the mass with the mass – the sexual organs with the brain, in which we can feel the pleasure. At that time the spirit is not touched, not used. Therefore the man is never „saturated“ and satisfied, only for the short while. He does not know, the feeling of the long-term satisfaction may come only at that time, when he feels the pleasure on all three levels of his existence.


The sexual instinct, similarly as the reason, is the necessary part of the life. Therefore we should not displace it. We should only rearrange on the place, which it belongs to – behind the sexual power. What does it mean in the practice? At the first place, we have to get rid of the wrong opinion, that the man is the real man only at that time, when he is too often and long dedicated to the sexual pleasure. It is similar with the food – it is necessary to eat, but the most masculine man is not that one, who eats the most and the most often. The middle golden way is always the best one.


When the man stops to see the woman as the object of the fun and the way of letting off his sexual instinct and he starts to behave to her as to the being, who deserves the respect and the real love, he will change her to the „goddess“, who will give him back the love and provide him the unforgettable and eternal pleasures of the body, the soul and the spirit.


The man has always expressed himself by his basic characteristic – the activity. But in this case also the distortion has happened. Thanks to the tolerance and emancipation the man has given up the activity and let the woman to take it from him. So the active man has changed to the comfortable or obedient one, who has the pleasure from that he has got this role. He gave his activity to the woman voluntarily, not only at home, but also in those areas, where he should be dominant.


The decline of the male activity has expressed in the sphere of the relationships in the most comic way. The woman has to woo for the favour of the man to get closer to him. The mouse has become the predator and the cat has become the prey.


Nowadays the man is afraid of the unssucess and humiliation, therefore he is rather passive and lonely, than to experience the refusal or to get on the risk. When he stopped to be the real man in the area of the partnerships, he lost his masculinity in other areas, too. He has become weaker and more gentle and created the unbalance, which the women, consciously or not, started to redress – they have taken the male role.


When some man reached his aim through his own activity and gained the woman of his life, in most cases, his next effort decreased. It is often said, the marriage is the tomb of the love. He was so sure about his prey, especially when he had a good and devoted woman, that he did not have the reason to be active any more. When the conquered fort felt down, he did not feel the need to renew it and conquer again. He lost the interest in it, became comfortable and gave up the role of the fighter, he became „ the mule“.


The other one, who remained active and did not succumb the laziness, started to let off the activity in other area, not at home. He conquers foreign forts and let the ruins behind him.     







When the man becomes the real man again, the black not the white one, his partner will be also the real women, the white not the grey one. The law of equilibrium and the law of complementation will fill and the harmony will happen. The inspiration and mutual attraction will appear, which can take forever, if both sides try to.


 If the man wants to be the active partner, he cannot scatter with the female tasks regularly, which call for completely different attitudes and expressions than the man has. If he does the house works, when the woman is absent, ill or exhausted, it is commendable, because in this way he proves the respect, love and thoughtfulness to her. But if it is his permanent task, it is clear, this relationship is distorted.


Unfortunately, most of the women do not appreciate their partners for their goodness and submissiveness. It is true, the woman should rule in the household, it is her kingdom. But it does not mean, the man should be her servant. The man has to be her helper by hard house works, for example by cleaning the windows, holding heavy bags and so on. He should repair all broken and not working things in the house, take care about the car, equip the office... Nowadays some men neither know how to repair the things, nor to call the repairman. They probably o not have the power for that, when they use it by female woks.


The others belong to the opposite extreme, who do not have the time for that, because they spare it at work. Therefore they do not know the expenses of the household and do not know how it works. These men do not even like to contribute. They think it has to work also without them, because it is easier than their work. They do not appreciate the work in the household at all and talk about themselves as about the real men, because they never touch the vacuum cleaner.


So called „classical“ men maybe touch now their big stomach contentedly. They think they live in the right way when they do not help their working women in the household, because they consider it to be under their standard. They know how to earn and secure the family and they want to only to have a rest at home. If they have the wife, who prepare for them a good food and create a snug household, because they do not work, it is not a mistake. Conversely, they complement each other. The worse thing is, when they neither allow their wife to stay at home, nor want to help her, when she comes home exhausted from work.








Many men and women are wrong when they think, the woman has to stay at home only if she has small children. It is a big mistake. Most of the children would get used to live in more modest way, if their mothers were unemployed. Not because to play and to learn with them, but to create the stable feeling of heat, love and habitat. Some women feel good only in this role and if they did not need to, they would not work. They would rather live modestly and only for their household and the family. They should talk about it with their partners and use todays chances. We do not have to be afraid of the future, illness and pension all the time. We should live for the presence and everything will go in such way, how the man deserves it, according to the law of reciprocal action. The love creates the love, the money create the money.


There are also the women there, who are not the mothers, but they have a strong feeling for home and the work outdoors does not make them satisfied. If their aim is to create the snug home, and not shopping or exorbitant care about themselves, the men should think about that, if it would not be better for the woman to stay at home.


Other women are good mothers and housewifes with the gentle feeling for the self-realization. They should have only part-time and give the time to their hobbies.


Some women claim, they would never stay at home, because they do not like the house works. They should think honestly, if the apathy to the hose works does not result from the exhaustion in the work, where they loose mostly all of their power. They hide this complex – the apathy to the house works – in such way, that they claim, they work to make their family to be better secured. But what is the meaning of the family, which has a great furnished flat, the most modern car and everything what it wants, when some of their members leave it prematurely in couple of years. The live is not the constant stress, hard work and good food. We can format the paradise on the Earth now – if we think honestly about our life and displace everything, what burdens us and makes exhausted.


The money does not have such value, which we attribute it to. Everyone would hold out even with the smaller amount, if he revaluated his needs honestly. It is possible to buy the same things for the smaller prize. So it is possible to live more contentedly with the smaller income. If the calm, love and modesty come back to the household, the doubtfulness and the fear from the future will disappear. They are only the expressions of the exhaustibility and stress in most cases.


The household is as the firm, where anything is not done only by one man. The work is divided to various areas, which are controlled by some man, the other one does the work and is responsible for it. Even in the household the woman should determine to the every member of the family – even to the small children -what are their tasks and duties. She should have enough time and patience to show, how to do them, and could control their fulfilment.


The equality should bring the acknowledgement of the female works in the households to the families and make them tantamount with the male work in the employment.


If the paid work force should do these works, the expenses would be equal to mostly the whole salary of the man. Therefore the underestimating of the house works is not right. Their neglecting causes the permanent stress and frivolity, which are so typical or todays era.







What should do todays man to become the real man again? First of all he has to know his hidden skills and characteristics and to improve them.


The most important task of a man in the family should be the financial security. It involves a great activity and responsibility, which is his real task, which makes him to be the real man.


The basic male qualities are:

{C}-          the activity

{C}-          the responsibility

{C}-          the courage

{C}-          the strength

{C}-          the honesty

{C}-           the respect to the woman and authorities

{C}-          the justice


The man should express these characteristics not only towards his wife, but also in the work and society. But some men want to act in the work as the gentlemen, therefore they undergo the freaks of their workmates patiently, only to not blot their copybook and the perfect picture about themselves.

But at home they have to release the repressed emotions to not get the heart attack. The victims of their emotions are the children and the wife, even if they love them.


The respect to the women does not mean to tolerate their serious drawbacks. A good boss knows how to point out the drawbacks of the worker and to not insult her. The repressing of the negative emotions is not good neither for him nor for her, because he supports her mistakes. Except that he may cause the feeling of injustice and his weakness in the surrounding.


If the man misses some of the male characteristics, or they are not developed properly, his wife will have them surely and she can „gift“ them to him. But not by humiliating, but in the form of the advice, inspiration, support.


The man should not give so much time to the spiritual education as the woman should. His spirit wakes up and grows by realization of the aims, which he makes to happen in the practical life with the help of the ideal male characteristics. The man has to remain his aims and character in the mass through his will. The will is his motivate power, which comes from the spirit and changes into the action in his hands. The will is nothing without the action. The man grows spiritually only thanks to the activity and the action, with the help of the woman, who inspires him.


The men, who choose only the spiritual life to be their life aim, are unable in the practical life.

The Indian culture is the mirror of this state. Although it has reached a high degree of the spiritual development at some stage, it starts to stagnate and decline gradually, because it sopped to consider the material life on the Earth to be important. The result of this disharmony is the fact, that only small amount of the askets, jogis and monks reach „the salvation“ – the final development of the spirit. It is going on its slowing in most cases.


Only that one can give up the earthly joys and problems, who already knows them, so who experienced them. Who gives them up prematurely, that one throws away his life. The spirit and the mass are both important in the same way on the Earth. Both have to be used and developed. Only by breaking the mass, the spirit can develop, grow and get stronger.


Chapter 10 : The Woman



We know, the figurative phenomena in the Bible cannot be understood at face value, but considering the meaning. So the first man on the Earth was not created from the clay, but from the earthly elements, so from the matter, from which the animal body developed. The spirit or the breath, which brought him to life, was the soul, which came into him in the stage of the greatest maturity. The woman was formatted in the similar way. But the splitting of the spiritual germs into the male and female ones, preceded this phenomenon, which happened in the mass, on some planet. According to the law of attraction of homogenous species and gravity, the heavier parts of the germ separated from the lighter ones in the complete spiritual germ. In this process the more gentle female germ was created later, in the passive way, after the active separation of the heavier male part. So the Bible is right, that the woman was created later.


Because of the religious tradition, we do not have the right opinion, that if the man was created as the first one, he is also higher spiritually. Because the man has more consistent body, he is more connected with the matter according to the law of the attraction of homogenous species, so with the earthly matters. According to this law and because of more gentle nature, the woman connects easier with the gentle higher inspirations of the immaterial worlds. That means, the woman is higher spiritually than the man. Her more gentle nature makes her more perceptive, but more vulnerable at the same time. She feels the vibrations from the higher, but also from the lower parts easier.


The radiations from the lower, more consistent planets are so strong, that they can seduce the man from the right way of the development. Therefore in the ethereal field, where the spiritual germs develop in the flowers, there are also the male beings, who protect them by their positive - the stronger and more material radiation against the negative influences. Because the germ is not conscious at that time, it cannot distinguish them and it could be seduced on the wrong way during the spiritual waking up. This help of the male beings helps the germ to choose the right direction in the mass, when it decides for the first time. Therefore the first step, the first life is good for every man. The man is seduced to the wrong direction only later, by his own will and ignorance of the eternal laws.


The life on the Earth is similar to the life in the jungle. The man is affected by the radiations from the higher and lower worlds and if he wants or not, he is subject to their influence. The radiations from the lower planets are stronger, because they are more homogenous with the matter of the Earth, they are heavier and closer. The man percept them sooner and better than the higher, spiritual vibrations, which are farer and more gentle.


The eternal laws and the spiritual knowledge are as the marks, thanks to which the man can orientate to not loose the way. Who overlooks them and does not want to be controlled by them, that one does not go straight to the aim and what is more, he has to protect himself against the attacks of „ the wild animals“, which endangers and attacks him on the wrong ways. When the people knew, which animals are dangerous, they avoided or killed them. But it was not possible to avoid the spiritual vibrations, because they were everywhere. The women were endangered more than the men, because the men were protected by more consistent body. According to the law of attraction of homogenous species, the men were more immune against higher and also lower spiritual vibrations.


The woman has always connected the man with the higher worlds thanks to her sensitivity and bigger perception. The man realized, what she pulled from above in the form of picture, virtues or ideals. This process often happened in the unconscious way. The spiritual clearness protected the woman as the castle with the key against negative influences.


But we cannot succumb the wrong opinion, that the man was not able to receive anything spiritual. He had gained the spiritual impulses from above before he used his front brain extensively. Later, he closed himself against the higher worlds because he developed only his front brain in his life.


When the woman lived in the natural, female way, first of all she did more gentle works – taking care about the children, the man and the household. She realized herself by the sentiment. Her greater spiritual activity and connection with the higher worlds made her more beautiful in the comparison with the man. The man served his „goddess“ with the respect and protected her against the earthly negatives, built the house for her and took care about the food and the security of the family. The first mankind lived in the spiritual clearness and in the harmony with the eternal laws, because they let themselves to be lead by the spirit. We could say, the first people on the Earth lived as in the paradise, even the earthly climate seemed to be more difficult than nowadays. But they did not know everyday’s stress and were more connected with the natural cycles.






According to the Bible, the woman succumbed the temptation of „the snake“ as the first one. It is only the simile, but truthful unfortunately. Because the woman was more sensitive, she succumbed the seducing of the snake – so the negative radiations from the lower levels. Why are these negative radiations called the temptation? Because the snake – as the negative principle – is not the fictive term, but the conscious element, which seduces by negative thoughts actively. We will talk more about it later. At first, the woman received only the positive ideas through the reason, which she mediated to the man, similarly as the spiritual vibrations from above. The man realized her ideas in the matter. Later, when the positive ideas started to change into the temptation, the woman did not realize the danger and their consequences. She did not know about the existence of the snake and his aims, therefore she was not careful.


At first, the woman found her beauty self-evident. She did not need to take care about it and make it more visible, she was ornamented by the spiritual clearness. Everything spiritual and clear is expressed by the beauty, because it is in the harmony with the eternal laws. The snake – the temptation whispered the woman all the time, that she was more beautiful than the man. When she realized her superiority over the man, till then unknown characteristic governed her - vanity. She started to adorn herself to make her preference more visible and got greater advantages. This rational speculating was the first bit into the apple of sin.


Thanks to the adorning, the woman started to be more connected with her body, with the matter and turned away from the connection with higher worlds. Thanks to this change, her beauty became more earthly and gradually she started to act more on the men’s senses tan on his spirit. His bland, natural sexual instinct started to activate in inadequate way. The chain of negative consequences continued and supported the creation of new, till then unknown characteristics.


When the woman lived in the spiritual clearness, the man could be sure about her devotion. But by underlining her preferences and the effort to use them practically and getting the advantages, she woke up the jealousy in the man and the feeling of possession. When the man felt the craving looks of other men, he started to be afraid about his wife. To make her to stay with him, at first he fought with hands, then with guns and later with wealth. He started to accumulate the property even despite of exploiting of the others to gain the most beautiful woman. With the accumulating of the possession the injustice, fights and other negative consequences started.


Later, the man was able to develop these negatives also without the woman. He found out, that he could use the reason not only by the work, but also by fighting for power, which he needed to have what he desired for. When the reason gained the power in the case of the man, he overthrew the woman from her higher status and started to disdain her. He was not hindered by her clearness any more, which she was loosing gradually. Thanks to the lost of the clearness, the woman lost the power and the real respect. To improve her dishonoured status and appeal the man, she was able to do whatever, also to sell herself. Te material experience and the property became the main meaning of life gradually.






The woman was the first one, who felt down and caused her and the man’s fall. Therefore she should be the one, who will buck up as the first one. The woman is the bridge to the higher spiritual knowledge thanks to her nature, if she lives in the right way. At that time she elevates the man, the family, her surrounding and the whole nation.


How can the woman gain her original clearness again, which she has almost lost? Is it even possible nowadays? Es it is, by certain circumstances. Firstly the woman has to know her drawbacks, which are the consequences of the distorted values and opinions. When she receives and confess her mistakes and falls in her inside and desires for rectification, her limp immaculacy will start to blossom.


The first mistake or distortion was connected with the most visible value of her – the beauty. Till now it has remained the most important sign of the woman. What woman finds herself to be the most beautiful? That one, who lures and catches the most looks of the men. The woman knows, the sexual instinct is mostly the only indicator of her value, therefore she makes her beauty more visible in such way, that she wakes it up and provokes it. So nowadays, the beauty and the attraction are almost the same. The woman is not attractive without the sexappeal. She does everything to adapt to this ideal of the beauty. The competitions of the beauty, the elections of miss and models are the only meanings of life for many girls. The only result is then the priggishness, the ambitiousness and accumulating of property – all o fit are the distorted ideals of the woman. They do not make her nicer, therefore she has to compensate her beauty with the artificial adorning. The most of the winners of the beauty competitions look ordinary without the expensive clothes and adaptation of the face, and what is more, most of them look worse than the trivial girls and women.


Some men did understand the senselessness of these competitions and claim, the most beautiful girls are walking in the streets. They feel, the woman is not beautiful only thanks to her perfect physical outward appearance, cosmetic adaptation and rational knowledge. Exorbitant decorating, extravagant clothes and plastic operations are only the compensation for that, what the woman misses – the natural spiritual beauty, which would hide everything. At the first place, it is the soul, which makes the woman beautiful. The people use to say rightly, every young girl is nice, because she is clear yet. But only some men are fascinated by clear beauty of woman, without seeing the object of their physical desire in her.


What should be the ideal and the aim of current woman? As it was from the beginning:


To elevate her surrounding thanks to her natural and clear beauty in that way, everybody will feel the respect and desire to do the good in her presence, because she will wake up the best, what is in the man.


It does not mean, the woman should refuse the decoration of her outward appearance. She would hardly elevate the surrounding, if she was straggly, untidy and dressed carelessly. The woman should give so many attentions to her physical beauty, as she gives to the hygiene and the food.  They complete the life, but they are not the main meaning of it.


The physical clearness is the first presumption of the beauty. No perfumes and deodorants could compensate it. Gentle decoration of the face, so the make-up should make the inconspicuous features more visible and hide smaller drawbacks, mostly in the case of the women of mature age.


The woman can wear the modern clothes, if she is not too extravagant and does not act slickly on the senses. The male hair-style will hardly raise the respect to the woman in not distorted men. Similarly the male clothes and the trousers will not underline the feminity and the natural attraction of the woman, which should wake up in the men the polite feelings again. The warm, comfortable skirts warm up more than the trousers, which the current woman finds to be the necessary part of her wardrobe. Even he lee beautiful woman will look more feminine in the skirt. The skirt is the natural protection of the woman against her decline to the masculinity.




The necessary part of the physical beauty is also the motion, which makes the woman light or heavy going. In this case the woman also concentrated on the wrong thing. When her figure started to deform because of her sitting-work, she looked for the possibilities how to remove this deficiency. She started to do the sports like tennis, aerobic, running. She started to have the new ideal of the beauty – the tough figure with gentle bulges. So the gentle, weak woman tries to be similar to the man not only in the work, in the society and in the mode, but also with the body.


Let us think about that, what is happening with the woman by doing hard physical exercises. Her gentle, porous body becomes heavy, stiff, similar to the male one. Because of the bigger consistency of the body, the woman becomes more homogenous with the mass and earthly matters than with the higher worlds. So she becomes homogenous to the man, but not the complementary partner. She is not white, but grey. And what is more, she is proud on this change.


So how should the woman keep the nice figure and to stay the real woman? The rising physical effort harms her not only physically but also psychically. Therefore the woman should choose more simple, easy exercises and more relaxation. That leads to the flexible body. Yoga without meditation is the ideal medium to reach the spiritual and physical beauty.


Relaxation and not difficult exercises provide the freshness and health for her. The woman needs more relax than exercise, because of her sentimentality, which expresses itself by more raised psychical lability and excitement. This purpose is filled also by the dance, walks and gentle tourism.






Where should the woman find the spiritual beauty and clearness? Is it even possible nowadays? Yes, it is. When the woman starts „to straighten“ outwardly at first, then she should penetrate in her soul and look for her distortions. But where should she find the clear ideas, when this current life is full of injustice, possession and hypocrisy? The woman should fill herself with the ideals even from her young age – by reading the fairytales, spiritual literature, which will elevate her for the whole life. Any artistic activity , but also the passive perception of art and the hand Works improve the female beauty and gentleness. The contact with the children and the love to them are also the key to the clearness of the woman. By replacing of the beauty to the trivial life, by clear thinking, feeling and acting, the woman shapes her soul, which reflects in her eyes, the whole body and exhibition.


Which characteristics should the woman develop if she wants to get to the real feminity? Here are the basic ones:

{C}·         Devotion to the man and ideals

{C}·         Clearness of the body, thoughts and surrounding

{C}·         Calm. Stress and restlessness, exorbitant talking, which are usually the indicator of exhaustion, should be removed by relaxation, sleep, planning and distinguishing of the important and less important things.

{C}·         The woman should fully experience the sentiment, the joy and the sorrow, because their repressing leads to the tension, depression and disease.

{C}·         She should give the care and tenderness to the children, animals, plants, art and hand works.

{C}·         She should express the honest and gentle love to her partner and her surrounding.

{C}·         She should behave in natural way, to be herself and do not copy the idols.






The morality made the maternity to be the higher aim of the woman. That woman, who is no table to birth the child or gave up of this value, is inferior in the eyes of others. The same is with the women who do not marry. Therefore the girls and the mothers from the low age think about the good marriage and the children. Because the motherhood and marriage as a natural way, gives the woman the possibility to express her feelings actively, the woman desires for it. But she is not always fully satisfied, when it happens. The care about the children is the maximal boundary of the spiritual development of some women, therefore they like to play this role also in the higher age – thanks to the care about the grand children. The women with higher demands also have more difficult aims, which could be connected with the female but also the male matters.


The tough period, when the woman looses the physical attraction and freshness, and also the self-confidence, could be break by the role of the grand mother, but also by the education of the spirit. She did not have the time for that in the past, because she took care about her children, then she spent a lot of time in the work and she did not have the time to think about the spiritual development. In some parts of India, there are kept curious habits till now. The husbands leave their children and grand children to prepare spiritually for the transition from this world to another one. The modern woman can also choose the similar aim in the mature age and she does not need to leave her family. Often or regular, but not permanent help with the grand children does not disturb her spiritual growth, on the contrary, it can support it. If the woman does not need to work hard for the whole life, the spiritual development would run parallel. But the lack of time and permanent stress turn her away from the real meaning of life – the connecting with the higher worlds.


The difficult modern life in two jobs has taken most women the feminity and relax. Therefore the women without children and the single ones, who did not became the slaves of the occupation, are sometimes more valuable for the society. The exhausted and busy wife and mother does not elevate her surrounding spiritually, despite of her modern clothes and decoration of the face. Only the calm, happy and spiritual woman can bring the virtues and the pictures of the art works from the above, provide them for the whole surrounding and elevate it thanks to her clearness.


The maternity is for the working women very difficult. Therefore, she should choose, what she will prefer – the carrier or the children. Both activities take a lot of time and energy, therefore they are hardly compatible, even if everything seems to be ok outwardly – when the husband and the whole family helps. The lack of the mother love will express later by the children, when they do not care about the parents, because the stable loving bond was not created between them in the childhood.


When the woman decides to be the mother, she has a great responsibility for the child. It does not include only taking care about the child and its material needs, but first of all she should provide the child the strong feeling of safety and love, which the child needs for more than three or four years. The grand mothers and the teachers are no table to give the child everything what the mother can – if they were not burden by working problems and other troubles. The reward for them would be the lasting love and respect of the children, who will mature for their serious tasks in the adulthood, when they provide the time for the self-realization and spiritual development for the mother. 


Every woman should realize and determine her short and long term aims, and do not let confuse by random events. Most of the women do completely different things in their lives, because they do not know how to refuse them. Then they are sorry for it for the whole life. The woman is valuable in every status, if she lives as the real woman – if she is married, single, without children, divorced, mother or only good worker. Therefore she should not loose the time with the man who she does not love, or to have the children only because she is supposed to have them. If the woman decided to be the mother, it does not mean, she has to give up of her other desires and aims for the rest of her life. After bringing up of the children, she can work in the part time or have various hobbies.


In the work the woman should orientate mainly on the human activities, art, speech, social or cultural work, where she can use mostly the spirit and sentiment than the reason. She should be useful for others, she can improve herself and also have the time for the children and the household. When the woman is single or does not have the children, she did not loose the aim of the life – as most of the people think and feel sorry for her. On the contrary, it is her advantage. She has more free time for her own spiritual improvement, what enables her to connect with the higher worlds. She becomes, what she gives the time to. The knowledge of the real aim in the life gives her the feeling of meaning and balance. The maternity is not the main mission of the woman. On the first place, there is the spiritual development and the elevating of the surrounding, but not by neglecting of the maternity and the household. 








So as the woman is judged according to her outward appearance firstly, secondly we can guess her spiritual quality according to her home. The woman was always its queen. Everything in the household was depended on her hands and taste. She felt there the best and the most safely, alone, with the husband or with the children. Despite of rising materialism, home did not loose its task and function. It is the source of the rest and safety. The home, that is nice and clear, is the balm for the soul and the body of the whole family.


Often stays outdoors, which are very spread nowadays, provide only the dispersal and cause the chaos. The troubles remain, they are only repressed in the mind, because they are not solved and understood.



In the snug home, the man can lie on the sofa and think, why he has bad mood, what problems he has, how he can solve his troubles. Half hour spent in this way daily after the work, thinking about the problems, provide a lot of new impulses and can help to get rid of stressed thoughts and troubles. Except that, in the calm home surrounding, we can talk with the family members and change the experience. 



Working woman usually does not have the time to control the prizes of the food or the sales. She buys without thinking what she needs. She often does not know she bought the good more expensively, because she does not have the time for comparison of the goods. So she can spend a lot of money easily. The thriftiness and good economical skills are leaving most of the women’s souls as something obsolete. Occupied woman wants to have everything, what is offered on the market. She works hard, so she deserves it! Their husband and children also think in this way. The sacrifice has become the unknown term for many people, although it elevates the man to the spiritual development. The money and hard work excluded the love and modesty from home.


The children do not cry when they have to go to the school. They do not care, because they did not experience better care at home. From the low age, they were used to the style, the love and modesty are not the part of the life, only the hard work and affluence. If the husband and the wife did not determine the tasks and duties, there is the mess in the household. It also leads to the mess in the mind. The frivolity has become the current expression of the life and in these conditions the new generation grows up. Nobody knows, it is the consequence of the fact, the queen left the home. 







The employment took the woman important duty, for which she cannot have the time, when she works. It is the care about the health of the family. The necessary part of the health is the proper life style, which includes also the proper food except the calm and clear home. Many women do not realize, it keeps the health. They do not have the time and energy to study, what is useful and harmful for every member of the family. The lost health is then compensated by the Money for the doctors or medicaments, because there was not enough time for the prevention.


Most of the women cook only during the weekend. Their children eat only in the school canteens and complement the food by the sweets, because they miss the feeling of deepness and love. Many parents express their love to the children only by the Money, because they do not have the time for their problems, feelings and preparing of the lunch. They give the money to the children to buy whatever they want.


Similarly as the mess in the household, we cannot reproach this to the working woman. She is not able to do everything, even when the man helps her.


How could change this common way of life? Easily – by the change of the values. But this change calls for certain sacrifices and different life style, and not everybody is able to do that. Everybody has the free will and the possibility to do, what he finds to be proper. We can choose the love and calm in the snug home despite of the lack of the money, or we can choose the chaos and affluence without love.

  Chapter 11 : The Creator and His Realm


Every world and every realm is divided into seven planes in accordance with the Law of Gravity. The whole Creation, too, comprises seven fundamental worlds, we know only four of them till now. We were discovering them from below to above. Let’s repeat them:

{C}·         The lowest part of Creation is Gross Material Universe. It is the smallest one from all worlds, but the most consistent and the roughest one at the same time. There are living the people in material body on individual planets of it. 

{C}·         Above it, there is the bigger Ethereal Universe, where the souls of people are living after death. Even if the world is of a completely different nature, it is material, too.

{C}·         The stimulus of both universal worlds is a substantiate ring – the Realm of Animistic Substantiality. It causes the warming, reformation and motion of mass. The beings called little elemental beings and great substantiate beings who are active on both universes, are coming from it.

{C}·         Above the Realm of Animistic Substantiality, there is hovering the spiritual empire, the paradise of spirits. There are living the developed spirits, who came through the development in gross material mass, in its lower part. In superior parts, there are living the created spirits, who control the paradise and the whole universe.

The entire Creation is pervaded by the Primordial Power which revives and maintains it. In order downwards its effects become weaker and weaker. It radiates in the greatest intensity in the highest worlds, in the proximity of its Originator. Thus, the Primordial Power originates in a certain source much in the same way the light of a bulb has its source producing electricity. The Source of the Primordial Power is eternal. We cannot see it; we can only perceive it intuitively and deduce logically since we already know both Its radiation and Its Laws. Knowing that the effects of the Eternal Laws are neither a chance nor a chaotic event but that take effect precisely and consistently we draw the conclusion that there must be their intelligent Originator.

Both materialists and some spiritual movements call Him the Cosmic Energy, the Light or the Power whereas idealists use the term God. The former ones do not accept Him as a person because they acknowledge only His outer manifestation - the radiation in the form of Light. Idealists grasped intuitively that the Light is not identical with the very Source. They sensed that it holds intelligent, personified essence and nature - the Creator. Which group discovered the truth? Both sides. Idealists found out the Source and materialists His Radiation. Each side discovered a part of the Truth which may only become clear as the whole - by the linking of the Source with His Radiation.

The Primordial Power is encompassed in the Radiation of the Paramount Source. Into the lower parts of the Gross Material Universe it is transferred through the stars - the suns acting like bulbs - further into the sun systems. According to this, the Sun is only a mediator of the Primordial Power thus being the keeper of everything living and the animator of inanimate matter.

Common life offers us many examples of connecting the Primordial Power with matter as the case of a computer is. This material object does not operate without its animation because matter itself is inanimate. In order to be active it is to be supplied with some energy. Therefore, the computer must be connected to the source of electric current. However, this is not sufficient enough for him to work and to manifest its intelligent abilities. It needs a program which will direct their manifestation according to certain rules. Who made them? Naturally, it was an intelligent originator - the author of the program. These links can be depicted in a scheme as follows:

the computer - the electric current - the program - the author.

Let us compare this example of a computer chain with the work of the entire Creation. The cover of the computer, as its most material part, can be compared with the Universe. Electric current animating the computer acts like the Realm of Animistic Substantiality because it drives and animates the Universe. The Universe is also directed by a program by the Eternal Laws. It has also its Creator - the author being the Paramount Source who created and implements these Laws. In this case, the mutual relationship can be arranged in the following way:

the Universe - the Realm of Animistic Substantiality - the Eternal Laws - the Creator.

An idea may strike someone that the computer consists of similar components as a man. Let's compare this. The material body is like the cover of the computer - it is visible and tangible. However, without a soul it is immobile, inanimate. Thus, the soul is the animator, the electric current of the body. To be able to act both inwardly and outwardly it must have its program - the spirit. It directs the body and the soul by means of its hidden abilities comparable to the Laws. Since the spirit is only the program there must be someone who formed it - the maker. He is the highest Source - the Creator in Radiation of which human spirits originate. Thus, we have achieved this logical connection:

the human body - the soul - the spirit - the Creator

Let's arrange all these analogies tabular:

the computer      - the electric current                                - the program         -   the author.

the Universe       - the Realm of Animistic Substantiality - the Eternal Laws -    Creator.

the human body - the soul                                                    - the spirit               -  Creator.




Let us think about how idealists made use of their knowledge. Even though they accepted the personal existence of the Paramount Source they did not continue in their spiritual exploration as intensively and consistently as they did in the intellectual pondering because the Work of their Creator - the Laws - remained hidden to them in some aspects. As a result of this imbalance the true nature of the Creator whom they had to declare omnipotent to be able to explain his actions and manifestations has been distorted. And thus, the contradiction concerning opinions about His existence between "rational" materialists and "naive" idealists constantly persists without any hope for an early completion. The materialist does not believe in any god and the idealist believes in a supernatural, unreal one.

An ordinary man, though living in a nature which he did not make himself; he only adapted it lives convinced that it came into existence automatically, by itself. Equally, he takes the attitude towards the Eternal Laws. Even though he feels their effects everyday because he is constantly being "rewarded" or "punished" he believes that they also take effect automatically. He doubts about their Creator he even claims that if he does not see Him the Creator cannot exist. At the same time, the same man works with the computer without any doubting of the existence of the program's author only because he cannot see him. However, only a few men think of these aspects and their illogical attitude towards the Maker.

Let’s continue in comparing. Can the author of a program from the position of „superiority“ do various changes and strokes in the computer without keeping all necessary rules – switching on the computer, linking up to the electrical current, putting in the program? The answer is clear to everybody – he cannot. He has to keep the laws, thanks to which the computer and its program can work.

The Creator though being the maker of the Eternal Laws cannot influence them arbitrarily because they are immutable. For example, if He anchored free will into the spirit of every man in the form of a Law He must respect it. He cannot and He does not want to restrict the free will. He seeks only to direct it, inspire it through guardian spirits and higher entities.

Thus, He cannot change all men to good ones by force because He would made "robots" out of them and not free men who shall mature by their own development. The free will of men supports the development of the spirit thus enhancing its durability - the eternity. The God guides the man in similar way as the parents help their child, but in manhood he has to fight by himself to become a mature and strong human being. The violent guiding without the own conviction and the holdovers would not lead to becoming of independent conscious being.




God is for the majority of men a known yet but at the same time inconceivable and empty conception. The greatest obstacle for understanding and accepting His existence is just the fact that He is invisible to men. However, a sad thing is that men in the majority of cases do not even seek to recognise and understand Him because they are indifferent to His existence. Only in weighty moments when they are hit by fatal blows they recall their Creator and plead Him for help - even some atheists do so.

Once, men did not have to recognise the Eternal Laws. While they were living in a spiritual rather than intellectual manner which has only bound them to matter they were only doing that which they felt it was right and good. They loved the Creator like a child loves its father frankly and faithfully even though they do no understand him completely. Later, when men subject their spirits to the reign of intellect they were no longer able to perceive and divine God and therefore, they had to specify Him. They presented Him in the form of animals, sculptures, pictures, amulets and other gods. However, worshipping these idols they bound themselves to them and not to real God.

The present-day, intellectually-directed man not only cannot love the Creator but he does not even feel the need for His recognition because his over-developed intellect is not capable of grasping that which is not homogeneous with it. Of all the components of man only the spirit wants to recognise its Originator. In the spirit there is anchored the Law of the Yearning for the Spiritual Knowledge which makes him search for the sense of his life. He who disregards this yearning does not know of which he deprives himself. Each Law has its own meaning and thus, it must be used.

Since the present-day man recognises and rates especially by the intellect the only possible way leading yet to the recognition of the Creator is just the intellect. By logical thinking and the longing for the spiritual knowledge the intellect and the spirit may unite and then, man will be able to grow and develop spiritually.




What does Creator look like? In spite of His acting as the intelligence he has no appearance, he is Unsubstantiate. The white Light is only the Radiation of His invisible Spirit which is rightly called "Holy". Man is also a spirit but not like this. There is too great distance between the Unsubstantiate Nature - the Spirit of God - and the human spirit. Thus, the conception Holy does not imply the quality but the nature.

The Holiness represents the Paramount Heavenliness and Unsubstantiality which manifests itself in the independence of God. Thereby, everything which arose and lives from His Radiation is dependent on Him.

After this explanation was made some men will possibly understand that the words "Holy" and "the saint" are used in a wrong context on earth. Men who reached a higher perfection than others by their pure lives should not be called "Holy". They may already have become developed eternal spirits who may enter the Paradise after earthly death. However, one cannot become "Holy" because one would have to become God. Even though some spiritual teachings state that everyone may be God further pieces of knowledge will lead us to the understanding that this is a wrong idea. Holy is only the Creator who is, based on His Heavenliness, of completely distinct nature which can be transferred to no one. Everything besides Him came into being out of His Radiation, not of His Unsubstantiate Nature - the Source. And thus, everything only looks like Him but is not the same. Man will never be like God.

Unsubstantiate God forms the Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is the oldest; He was alone at the beginning. He is called the Father for two reasons. On the one hand, His Sons have emanated from His Unsubstantiate Nature and on the other hand, He is the Father also with respect to men because they came into existence out of His Radiation. His Sons - Jesus as the Love and Imanuel as the Will, the Holy Spirit severed later as independently acting intelligent personalities. Though each part can act independently it is connected with the whole - with the Father.

The Sons in the Divine meaning are of a different kind as the sons in the human sense. The human son is not a spiritual but physical part of his father. On the contrary, the Son of God is, however, the spiritual element of the Father because he has no other cover. Thus, the Son of God is of the same sort as the Father being partially severed from Him in the later stage. To be able to imagine this both-separation-and-connection one is to envisage the Sons of God as the hands of a man - they are separated from the body, they can be active individually and still they are connected with the whole body.

The Unsubstantiate Trinity forms the first and the biggest world - the Unsubstantiate Realm. In its vicinity nothing else as the sea of burning flames the light of which pervades the surrounding darkness can exist. Only at a greater distance this Radiation becomes slightly weaker under influence of the cold resulting in the formation of various planes of life. Even though they are invisible they do exist. The Light penetrates the free space under its own pressure and from a certain boundary it returns back to its Originator driven by its own force. Thus, the radiation is bound - it creates the second world - the Divine Realm. Since it has boundaries time and space must exist there and thus, the development must occur. However, from the point of view of the human spirit time and space in the Divine Realm is unobservable, eternal.

In the Divine Realm the fundamental Laws already take effect. The own Radiation of the Creator returns back according to the Law of Reciprocal Action and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Having passed through the planes of the Divine Realm the Radiation did not change, cool off; it maintained its homogeneity and therefore, it is attracted back. If it transformed the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species would hinder its backward attraction. This means that in the Divine Realm there is everything homogeneous with the original radiation thus being eternal, complete, identical and immutable. It should be realised that the conception Divine is not homogeneous with the conception God but it is connected only with His Radiation through which it was formed. Therefore, the Divine Realm is perfect and homogeneous with the Divine Radiation not with God. Otherwise, this can be demonstrated in the following way: the word God is superior to the word Divine. Only that which came into being out of His first, high quality Radiation is Divine. His Sons originate directly in His Unsubstantiality. Therefore, they are the Sons of God not the Divine Sons.




At the highest plane of the Divine Realm the first being in Creation took on form - Primordial Queen. She issued from the Radiation of the Unsubstantiate Love of God. She is the most ideal and beautiful being in the entire Creation. Her light, radiation acts only on womanhood though all beings in Creation both male and female were formed under her influence. She mediates the quality or ability of formation to women. This means that on earth only woman is capable of the formation of the child's physical body - of course, with help of the male component - the sperm. Out of her own body the embryo grows and the cloak for a new spirit in the material world comes into existence. The man creates and the woman maintains the life.

Much in the same way is the situation in all immaterial worlds. At each level the most complete woman is formed at first and then, by her help the spirits and beings, animals and the rest takes on form automatically under influence of the Divine Radiation. At each level woman acts as if being the mother of all inhabitants. Indeed, the most perfect woman forms a bridge to the new world. The Primordial Queen as the first woman in Creation is the mother of all Creation not only of mankind.

The Primordial Queen Elizabeth never lived on earth and thus, she was not the mother of earthly Jesus. The Christian Church calls his earthly mother Mary "the Queen of Heaven" unjustly. Some men were allowed to see the supernaturally beautiful image of the Primordial Queen but not her real countenance.

Even though she is active in a seemingly remote distance from the Creator, between the Unsubstantiate and the Divine Realms they are connected by the mutual love. Its purity and depth cannot be grasped by any human spirit because it is Divine, of another kind as the purest human love.




Living Creatures Out of the radiation of the entire Trinity and the Primordial Queen there took on form the four guardians of the God's Throne at the next plane of the Divine Realm. They are the beings possessing a form incomprehensible for men - a form of winged animals the Lion, the Eagle, the Bull and the Ram. However, they are the enlightened, conscious beings also having the spirit. Animals on earth are only conscious of their existence not of their own personality because they have only souls, the spirit is missing. These creatures located in the Square around the God's Throne contain the fundamental "building materials" for other planes of Creation. Other worlds are formed out of their radiation. For example, out of the Ram as the only one bearing human countenance the human spirits arose. Despite their animal appearance, the guardians of the God's Throne have not anything in common with the earthly animals yet their appearance. Their spirits are much more advanced than the perfect human spirit because it was formed in the Divine Realm. Therefore, they can also communicate with the Creator. Except for high spiritual abilities their appearance also expresses physical qualities such as strength, courage, heroism, perseverance and faithfulness.




At the next level of the Divine Realm the Archangels were formed. Their appearance reminds of a perfectly beautiful male-female being which unites both the positive and the negative parts of the Divine Radiation. The Archangels are constantly active just as all other beings because only the movement maintains the life in the entire Creation. Since they live in the immediate proximity of the Creator they are perfect even though they lack their own free will. In the whole Divine Realm there also live the angels - the Divine beings. They are not only the Messengers of God; they also fulfil other tasks. The angels live in all worlds. Because they have not their own will they are directly they are directly managed by the Creator, through individual hierarchies.

When the God visits the archangels and wants to make visible for them, He packs into the substance according to the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species – the packing of their level. He forms into the human image, which is not His own image, because He is Unsubstantiate, without form. This packing is necessary for that the archangels can percept and communicate with Him and for that His too delicate spirit can hold and earth in their surrounding. Without this packing He would hover back to the homogenous Unsubstantiate level. The face of Creator has a strong radiation despite of the packing, therefore the archangels can not see it at all, because its light is blinding them.

After all beings whose number is much greater than that mentioned have been formed animals, lands, buildings and things came into being in the Divine Realm.

Despite of that we will use the terms for description of other worlds that are well known from fairy-tales, for example the king, the queen, the cavalier, the castle, the kingdom, it is not going on fictitious images, but on real figures and things. The fairy-tales are the reflection of seeing of the spiritually developed people, who dipped into superior worlds. Until we lived under the influence of spirit and not of the reason, we used for the description of the same terms and things the same expressions as are used in superior worlds. Nowadays, in the period of materialism, we had replaced them by more modern expressions and we left the original ones only in fairy-tales. For example, the castle is called residence, governmental building, the king became the president, the cavaliers became the soldiers. The functions and the sense remained the same, but the names have changed. 

The worlds marked as spiritual, "immaterial" are imperceptible and intangible only from our standpoint with regard to the completely distinct nature of our matter. Simply said, the entire Creation is material and living thus, real. Despite of the fact that we talk about all worlds above the universe as non-material, because they are invisible for us and by earthly senses and technique not recognizable. The names of persons and things were communicated in form of visions, or they were brought from above to below by envoys or prophets from Creator. We will talk about them later, too.

Through the process of recognising the immaterial worlds one finds out that the hierarchies inevitable for the right work of life rule there. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, the most perfect beings who were formed automatically exercise leadership there. Therefore, the underestimation or the misuse of authorities cannot occur.




At the very boundary of the Divine Realm, at its border there stands a beautiful building, a golden temple - the Divine Castle from which the Primordial Power - the white radiation - reflects back to the Creator. However, only its strongest, homogeneous portion returns. The rest of the radiation devoid of the finest elements of which the Divine Realm arose cannot return to the Source because it is no longer homogeneous with the original radiation. It remains here as the amorphous spiritual precipitation - the cooled off radiation. However, it is not damned to destruction because it contains germs of the further life. These can be only formed in more distant, cooler surroundings. Letting out the precipitation into the darkness and the coldness its disintegration would take place because it needs the light for its life though not as strong as prevails in the Divine Realm. However, beyond it no other light exists because all the light returns back to the Source.

Therefore, the Creator held the Light also outside the Divine Realm through His Will thus preparing conditions for the life of the precipitation. By the saying „Let there be Light!" known from the Bible He sent a part of His Spirit, His Creative Will - Imanuel to provide the precipitation with the light for its life. It was not a figurative but a real happening. A part of His Son - the Will really left Him and in the form of a real person it is the Light of Life for further worlds. Thereby, the Creator allowed the formation of new worlds outside the border of the Divine Realm which could not be formed without this help coming in the person of Imanuel.




The Divine Radiation - the Primordial Power fulfils two principal functions: to create new worlds and to maintain them. The worlds came into existence out of the Primordial Radiation; the remaining radiation only maintains them. Let us summarise the entire Creation, all seven worlds in order downwards.

{C}1.    {C}the Unsubstantiate Realm

{C}2.    {C}the Divine Realm

{C}3.    {C}the Primordial Spiritual Realm

{C}4.    {C}the Spiritual Realm

{C}5.    {C}the Realm of Animistic Substantiality

{C}6.    {C}the Ethereal Universe

{C}7.    {C}the Gross Material Universe


Forming and maintaining of worlds the Primordial Power cannot penetrate all levels in its pure form according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Leaving each lower level it becomes weaker and colder. This transformation is necessary because inhabitants of a given level would not bear the stronger radiation. Substantially, this weakening of the Primordial Power transforms itself into three fundamental powers: the Divine, the Spiritual and the Animistic one. Each of them forms colder worlds.

The Primordial Power is an investment - the own share which the Creator put into Creation because it is a part of Himself, of His Radiation. Each world absorbs this Power as the radiant liquid into a vessel in the shape of a golden bowl called the Grail. At the uppermost plane of every world there is situated the Grail protected by the Castle as a fortress.

All castles serving this purpose are called the Grail Castles.

The first Castle in order downwards in Creation stands at the end of the Divine Realm.

The second Castle stands at the beginning of the Primordial Spiritual Realm.

The third Castle is on the top of the Spiritual Realm.

The fourth Castle is at the uppermost plane of the Ethereal Universe. The Realm of Animistic Substantiality has no Grail Castle but the residence Olympus.

 The fifth Grail Castle will be erected on the Mount Zion in Jerusalem

In the Divine Grail Castle, at the outermost boundary of the Divine Realm there live the Guardians of the Grail who are called the Eternal Ones or the Elders. They are twenty four in number. Unlike the Archangels they dispose of their own will as a result of being more remote from the Creator. Their task is to protect, divide and adapt the Primordial Power in the Divine Realm and transmit it to the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle. All Grail Castles act like "the transformers" of the Primordial Power in the entire Creation. The King of the Divine Grail Castle is Imanuel - the Holy Spirit whose symbol is a white dove.

In each Castle only those purest and spiritually most developed ones of each world can be the knights - the guardians of the Grail. It is the highest male function in spiritual worlds including hitherto unknown activities for us. In the Grail there bubbles and boils a hot liquid which sets aglow the whole Castle by its flare. Solely the guardians of the Grail can bear its strong glare thanks to their perfection. A less perfect spirit would not bear the high pressure and the heat coming out of the vessel - he would "burn down" or lose consciousness.

Regularly over certain time intervals, on earth this happens every year at the end of May, the Creator sends out through His Son - Imanuel the Primordial Power to all Grail Castles. Each world accepts inflow of this energy consciously celebrating this event as the greatest feast with thankfulness. Only on earth people attach no significance to it because they do not know anything about it. If the Creator did not send out His energy only one year all worlds behind the Divine Realm would start falling into disrepair, disintegration and death.

The lack of the Primordial Power is generally felt especially in spring when it manifests itself as the exhaustion. Then, one feels the flood of new power as the increased optimism, joy and desire for life.




The ages ago the Earth floated at a higher level of the Material World than now and therefore, more Primordial Power pervaded it. The Earth was lighter, the nights were shorter, the climate was warmer and milder. Men did not need much time to rest because they lived their lives mainly through the spirit which cannot get tired as the intellect and the body can. The increased amount of the Primordial Power supported also the beauty, good and justice thus, the life in accordance with the Eternal Laws. The Earth was situated at the lowest boundary of light planets - it formed their border. It was pervaded by radiations of all worlds above it.

The Earth occupied and still occupies such a position as if to play first fiddle in the orchestra of Creation because it absorbs, transforms and transmits the radiation of all levels of Creation.

While men on earth lived more spiritually than materially the Earth emitted the processed Primordial Power back to the whole Creation well.

However, later, under influence of the weight of dark spirits it fell down to the plane of disintegrating planets which perish because of the lack of the Primordial Power and of a great distance from its Source. Their negative influence upon Earth manifested itself in its radiation. The first fiddle started playing off-tone thus impairing the performance of the whole orchestra - of Creation. The Creator reproved the fiddle player - the Earth through His Envoys. However, when it did not help He decided to take action. His intervention will be drastic for the fiddle player, though.

Chapter 12 : The Primordial Spiritual Realm


Now, we have but simplified conception about Creation and the structure of the Divine Realm. When both Sons of God, Jesus and Imanuel, visit it they act as real figures which came into being by "wrapping" of their Unsubstantiate Core. Whoever leaves out of the Trinity he does not severe himself entirely, only partially and after return into Unsubstantiate Realm he fuses with the Whole again.

A Part of the Will, of the Holy Spirit Imanuel does not return to the Unsubstantiate Realm; it remains outside home, in the Primordial Spiritual Realm for ever. Therefore, he is told to be "the disinherited" Son of God. Why did this separation take place? When the Creator wanted to make possible for the spiritual precipitation to develop and pronounced "Let there be Light!" he sent a Part of His Will, of His Spirit outside the Divine Realm. For this part not to return back under effect of the Law of Reciprocal action and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species it had to be transformed, cloaked and anchored. In this act of formation the Primordial Queen co-operated and thus, she became the mother of a new being - Parsifal. He is the Light and the being at the same time sending out His Radiation to other worlds. Unsubstantiate Imanuel from the Trinity acts in two persons:

              in the Divine Grail Castle as its King - Imanuel

              in the Primordial Spiritual Castle as its King - Parsifal

Thanks to His Unsubstantiate Core the both persons are constantly connected with the father; thus, they are a bridge between the Creator, the Divine Realm and the Primordial Spiritual Realm.

The fundamental task of Imanuel and Parsifal is, through the Knights of the Grail, to transmit the Primordial Power from the Divine Grail Castle to the Primordial Spiritual Castle and from there to the entire Creation.

At the same time, Parsifal is also the King and the Originator of all worlds behind the Divine realm because they came into existence out of His Light. Without His Radiation the spiritual precipitation could not form itself into new worlds outside the divine realm. He is called the Son of Man because by means of His Radiation the spiritual worlds arose and so did man. Logically, He would have been called the Father of Man but this word would not capture the complete truth because the father of the entire creation is the Creator or his Radiation, respectively. Since Imanuel as the mediator of this radiation is His Son, the term Son stuck with Him.

Now everybody has the picture about the origin of human spirit – the human being. Let us remind all worlds, the divine realm, too, were created from divine radiation, not directly from the Unsubstantiate source – the Creator. Only His sons are the part of Unsubstantiate nature, of God, therefore they are not called divine. The Creator and his sons are living in Unsubstantiate realm, which was not created, because it is the source of next radiation by itself... far from it, the divine realm was created thanks to the first being in creation – the Primordial Queen.

The Radiation devoid of the portion of Divine elements passes through the Divine Grail Castle into the Primordial Spiritual One in the form of the primordial spiritual precipitation. Through its union with the Radiation of Parsifal, primordial spirits and their worlds were formed. The primordial beings took on form out of the pure Divine elements included in the primordial spiritual precipitation.

That which did not form itself in the Primordial Spiritual Realm passes to the Spiritual Grail Castle in the form of the spiritual precipitation. Out of the finest part the created spirits took on form at the uppermost plane of the Spiritual Realm. The rest of the precipitation encompassed the unconscious spirit-germs which cannot be formed in the Spiritual Realm; therefore, they descend to the Material World to become conscious and developed spirits men later on. Thus, spirit-germs do not emanate from the direct Divine Radiation, only from the Spiritual One. Therefore, the statement that man may become God arose only from ignorance about his origin.




In the Divine Realm the light the radiation is transmitted in a rectilinear direction back and forth. In the Primordial Spiritual Realm which was formed next to the Divine Realm this movement changes into an elliptical one as a result of the bigger distance connected with the cooling-off, the lower pressure and the backward attraction. These influences transformed originally complex, white Divine radiation into the yellow one. Under effect of this change it split off into two kinds male and female germs. The Divine Radiation is complete and white whereas the Primordial Spiritual One is yellow and consists of two kinds. Out of this radiation there are formed two sorts of spirits in the primordial Spiritual Realm the male and female ones.

Imanuel - Parsifal is active in the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle as a Trigon a Triune Person. He personally is the embodiment of the Will of God as an undivided principle symbolically represented by a golden sword Justice in the entire Creation outside the Divine Realm. This Will is closely linked with the love embodied in the Divine-Primordial Spiritual Being Mary. She sends out love into the whole creation, to men and women evenly, whereas the Primordial Queen acts only on womanhood. Nor is this Mary the mother of Jesus who lived on earth. The third part of the Parsifal's Trigon is formed by the Divine-Primordial Spiritual Being Irmingard embodying purity. Both female beings descended from the Divine Realm to the Primordial Spiritual Realm to help the formation of spirits through them to occur. The rectilinear movement was transformed into the elliptical one.

Parsifal being the continuation and the part of the Unsubstantiate Trinity rules in all the subsequent Creations behind the Divine Realm as the King in the Name of His Father. Out of His direct Radiation and the radiation of the Animal "Square" and Eternal Knights from the Divine Castle the first four male primordially created spirits in the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle were immediately formed. Since they are the most complete ones they act as the Grail Knights directly in the presence of Parsifal. They are the only spirits created after the Image of God because they are the most perfect ones among all spirits. They represent four male archetypes of male qualities and abilities. Along with a giant fundamental figure of a Primordial Being there came into existence some further, similar ones but with a qualitative difference in their sizes. The Primordial Beings are not the Divine Ones any longer. They are called spirits because the largest contribution to their formation provided the Holy Spirit - the Son of Man - Parsifal.

With one huge basic figure of primordial nature, other similar ones, but of different sizes were created at the same time. All of them have the same skills as the original one, but their size is different. Primordially created ones are not the divine beings. They are called the spirits, because their formation is caused by Holly Spirit – the Son of Man - Parsifal. The change from the original divine precipitation to the primordial spiritual one, is happening in the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle, what is shown by its splitting in male and female parts. From these parts, the primordial spiritual germs, primordial substantiate ones and substantiate ones are created.

The first male Primordial Beings embody these fundamental qualities and functions:

1. The first Primordial Being is the archetype of the ruler, the king and the protector of the Parsifal's Trigon. at the same time.

2. The second Primordial Being personifies manliness and strength.

3. The third Primordial Being represents heroism and faithfulness.

4. The fourth Primordial Being is the Lord of all Lords of the Elements - of primordially created substantiate beings.

Primordially created spirits, like primordially created substantiate beings embody all existing qualities and abilities. While qualities represent only images on earth there, being embodied, they express the essence. Let us try to experience the difference between words kind and the Love, just and the Justice. A just man is completely different as a man who is the Justice within his all substance.

Men reach for these archetypes consciously by their yearnings for perfection or subconsciously in the times of need and in critical situations. For example, being in danger men show greater courage, strength and loyalty to ideals than in common life.




At the next level of the Primordial Spiritual Realm three female archetypes formed themselves - primordially created women of giant sizes. They radiate their qualities and abilities, each for another sphere, into lower planes:


the first one for home

the second one for motherhood

the third one for health, beauty and spiritual purity.


Like male archetypes these figures do not live alone but in a varied world of similar women of many sizes.

Woman in any level of Creation connects herself with primordial spiritual archetypes in a pure yearning and draws inspiration, help and strength out of them - this holds the good on Earth as well. When talking about the connection to primordial beings it does not mean that man on earth connects directly with them - it occurs through mediators - substantiate beings.

One of the fundamental qualities or abilities of primordially created spirits is that they are active in Creation like giant magnets. They "gather" the processed - that is used radiation - the Primordial Power from the entire Creation together and transmit it back to the Divine Realm. This is the return of the investment which the Creator has put into Creation. Therefore, the guardians of the Grail Castles do not guard the Grail - the vessel with the Primordial Power against an enemy but they prevent the loss and the leakage of the Investment of God. It must return back to its originator because it is his energy - his life. In a transformed, processed form it supports the development and the life in individual worlds.

In eternal Primordial Spiritual and Spiritual Worlds there also rules, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, love between beings of the same sex. Only from the earthly point of view it seems that thereby, such a love is deprived of something. Sexless spirits do not long for the sexual connection. However, this is not a limitation for them. Their love requires other claims and needs. Also, on earth spiritually more advanced people are able to love beings of the same sex through the intuitive perception, through the spirit.

However, spiritually less developed man is influenced by his own body and senses and often, he falls in a wicked sexual love. In primordial spiritual realm, there are living the male and female spirits and beings separately on some worlds or planets. They were divided according to the law of the attraction of homogenous species. But their antecedents are in other parts and they usually meet by special occasions. Because their love is spiritual only, it persists, even if they are not together. It is richer, because it is felt by their accomplished spirit – by their whole nature.

The life in primordial spiritual and divine realm is very distant and unimaginable for us. Therefore we have talked only about some of its figures and activities.

Perhaps, it will be interesting to mention that the radiation of Primordial Spiritual Beings descends up to the Material Universe thus forming atomic nuclei which are surrounded by fine matter. Thus, primordially created spirits are makers of fine and coarse matter of the Universe.




Under the planes of the most perfect Primordial Spirits - the Primordial Beings there are the levels of the Primordial Spiritual Developed Beings. These, unlike the primordial beings, are formed gradually by the development from children. They are maturing directly at this level; they do not have to incarnate into matter as the human spirits do. All adult persons look after them until they become mature. Some of them remain children for ever, which is not a sign of a stuck development because they are perfect.

In the middle part of the Primordial Spirituality there float three important spiritual planets - the Isles reminding of big, beautiful gardens:

{C}v  {C}The Isle of roses,

{C}v  {C}The Isle of lilies,

{C}v  {C}The Isle of swan virgins.

From the earthly point of view, each of these Isles is much bigger than a galaxy in the Universe. People should be familiar with these three planets because they are connected with the development of spirits in the Material World more than any other level. Despite this fact, their inhabitants do not incarnate on earth; however, in exceptional periods when people and primordial spirits do not cope with difficult spiritual tasks they incarnate together with their leaders on earth:

Maria, Irmingard and Swanhild. First two Isles float in the same height while the third One is slightly below, under them, nevertheless at the same level.

On the Isles of Roses and Lilies, among flowers, there live spirits - just women and children of various age and size depending on the maturity of the spirit. They embody qualities of the rose - the love and on the Isle of Lilies the purity. The same virtues attract them; they are a homogeneous thread of inhabitants on these Isles; therefore, love or purity in their most noble forms rule among them. Their radiations act through Primordial Spiritual Beings into the entire Creation upon the same species: women act upon women and children act upon children of the like age and like spiritual maturity. On the summit of each Isle there stands a beautiful castle which has a function like the Grail Castle.

The Rosy Castle is visited regularly by the ruling Rose - Maria of the Parsifal's Triune and transmits a part of her radiation - the love. Women and children from the Isle of Roses receive it; process it by their lives and radiate it into Creation.

In the Pearl Castle on the Isle of Lilies for one the ruling Lily - Irmingard of Parsifal's Triune who radiates purity and justice transmits a part of her radiation. Like on the Isle of Roses only women and children of various age live there.

On the Isle of Swans there do not live spirits but beautiful and angelic beings - the Swan Virgins. Their slim figures are covered by a gown reminding of the plumage of swans. On the top of head they are decorated with a blue star like a jewel.

Their task is to combine radiations of both islands above them which they are able to see into one complex radiation in the form of justice, love and purity. Under effect of their pure love and unselfish service the processed radiation is transmitted in an unchanged form into further planes of Creation.

The song yielding her the spiritual power and the delicate grace is the elixir of life for a Swan Virgin. Thereby, she manifests its love towards the Creator. Some fabulous Greek heroes heard them singing with their immaterial ear and called them the Sirens. Painters depict them as swans with female countenance; however, in reality, they are the beings with human forms far more beautiful and perfect than the most beautiful women on earth even though they possess wings because they are swinging in the Will of God. They differ from each other only by size. The ruling Swan Virgin - Swanhild is the primordially created being from the Divine Realm radiating the unusual spiritual strength.

Knowing all seven worlds of the entire Creation let us repeat it in a simplified survey what inhabitants are living there:

1. In the Unsubstantiate Realm there lives only the Unsubstantiate Trinity: the Creator - the Father and two Sons.

2. In the Divine Realm the beings formed out of the complete Divine Radiation live there except for the Primordial Queen which came into existence only out of the female Unsubstantiate Radiation.

3. In the Primordial Spiritual Realm there live Primordial Spiritual Beings and Primordial Spirits - that is primordially created and developed ones.

4. In the Spiritual Realm live spirits - created and developed ones.

5. In the Realm of Animistic Substantiality there live beings called the substantiate beings - great - primordially created ones and small - developed ones.

6. In the Ethereal Universe live souls of men and the small substantiate beings as well.

7. In the Gross Material Universe live men in material bodies and the small substantiate beings as well.

What is the difference between a being and a spirit? The beings are formed out of a greater part of the Divine Radiation whereas the spirits possess a greater part of Parsifal. Outside the Divine Realm the beings are divided into the male and the female ones because a part of Parsifal's Radiation - the Will of God attaches to the direct Divine Radiation.

Another distinction between spirits and beings is that beings lack their own will since they are subject to the direct influence of the Creator or the Primordial Queen. On the basis of this ability they are executors of the Eternal Laws. They do not put anything else into their activity but what is in accordance with the Will of God. Therefore, they do not bear any karmic consequences of their actions though they are negative sometimes like the killing of a man through a natural disaster or a lightning. Beings are angels while substantiate beings are only an inferior form of them like man is an inferior form of a perfect spirit.

The difference between using the will of the being and spirit is as similar as the difference between the architect and painter. The architect has to draw the house with some fixed demands of the owner and natural laws, too. He can express himself creatively and individually. The painter gets only the topic and his next steps are dependant on his own inspiration. So the architect is limited by some rules as the being is limited by the laws. But it does not mean he has got not the chance to bring into play his creativity. The artist has the greater creative freedom similar as the spirit, but he takes the risk that the owner will not receive his creation if it does not suit his style and ideas. The architect is trying to suit the owner from the beginning, therefore he is not too exposed to the risk of failure.

Spirits and men dispose of free will on the one hand, because they are at the farthest distance from the Creator; on the other hand, because they were created out of His Will. Primordial spirits and spirits submit themselves to the Will of God freely and voluntarily by the recognition of the Eternal Laws whereas beings act in this way because of their feature of being bound to the Creator and as a result of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Essentially, everything in Creation is swinging in the Will of God only in the Material World man has digressed from it. Thereby, he got himself out of the direct influence of the Primordial Power and thus, he tends towards the spiritual decadence and the destruction.




At the lower step of the Primordial Spiritual Realm called Patmos the ruling person, a Developed Primordial Spirit Ishmael is active. He directs all spiritual acts of help from the Son of Man which is directed from the Primordial Spirituality towards the Spiritual Realm and the Material World. At each level below he has his representatives whose name is also Ishmael and who transfers tasks entrusted to him throughout his plane. Primordial spirit Ishmael is directly connected with Parsifal through his high spiritual purity in spite of the immense distance and the lower origin because he is only a developed not a primordially created spirit. He incarnated several times at important spiritual events on earth. For example, he was ancient prophet Elijah but also John the Baptist.

He acted as the spiritual mediator between the Creator and the Apostle John in the dictation of the Revelation to John.

Under this lowest plane of the Primordial Spirituality there spreads an isolation sphere forming the border with the Spirituality. Here, like anywhere else, rich and variegated life prevails.


Chapter 13 : The Tempter

 Man can never imagine God and the life in the Divine and the Primordial Spiritual Realms either even though he believes that he can understand. Moreover, he can use only human conception to do this because others are unavailable to him. Indeed, why cannot he grasp the perfection and the essence of God? For a simple reason - he is blocked by the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. He can only perceive and understand things that he is able to absorb within his species of homogeneity. Everyone can recall a certain situation in which there is hard to understand another man who belongs to homogeneous species along with us - he is man like we all are. We live in the same world and at the same level, in particular. And God dwells several worlds upwards.

One may think of a rightful question whether man is not hindered in his development by this limit of comprehension. Not at all. Within the boundaries of a homogeneous species there extends a tremendous region with many stages enabling the understanding and successive development. Indeed, the Law of the Yearning for the Spiritual Knowledge anchored in the spirit of every man makes him to keep on searching for and discovering of new pieces of knowledge. Thereby, man may even surpass himself. Those who make use of this possibility develop into indescribable heights because in this way, their spirits are joined to the higher world through the substantiate beings.

Thus, some reflective people came to the conclusion that provided God who creates and rules over everything exist there must also be God who destroys and damages all things. They noticed aright that there is somebody or something here limiting and hindering the intentions of man. However, the lack of information about the Creator and the structure of Creation initiated the formation of the wrong idea that there are two gods - a good and an evil one. This illusion then resulted in the opinion considered as if being the law that God gives everybody a good spirit (a guardian angel) and an evil spirit to tempt him.

On earth and in the entire World of Matter the strong negative influence of someone who is stronger than man is manifested. All sensitive and perceptive individuals feel it. Since they did not see the originator of this negative power they guessed aright that it must be a spirit who was differently named - the devil, Satan, demon, serpent, tempter, Beelzebub, Moloch, Lucifer, the Lord of the world, the Lord of the Darkness, Antichrist. In reality, no man can see him because of the effect of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. This being forms completely different kind as the human spirit, it originates in the world which is situated higher than one stage above the plane of human spirits.

The primordially created substantiate beings who are the Lords of the Elements could be once seen by man because from the perspective of homogeneity they are share similar nature with the human soul comprising ethereal matter thus being able to be seen with the ethereal eye. However, the origin of this mysterious being is far higher. Although almost each of us comes in contact with its negative action every day we are not able either to disclose it or to grasp it. Just for this reason, many people stopped examining and concerning with it. They stopped to take its existence seriously. At most, it became a figurative, fictitious concept of evil.




The following explanation may be probably acceptable for those only who managed to grasp the existence of the Creator, at least from the human point of view. Only those who are inwardly convinced that the Universe and the entire Creation did not come into existence automatically or by chance but through intelligently directed laws having their Creator are able to understand the knowledge of the existence of the Darkness and its representative. Like in the case of God, he cannot be grasped intellectually and thus, man spiritually developed can only judge the reality of following facts.

The entire Creation and its individual worlds came into being gradually in order downwards under effect of time and space which are imperceptible from our view point. At first the Creator Himself existed. Gradually, the Divine Realm was created out of his direct radiation. Later, through Imanuel - Parsifal, the Primordial Spiritual Realm has arisen and later yet spiritual realm came into existence. Thereafter, the Realm of Animistic Substantiality and the Universe were formed.

The Bible describes the creation of the Earth as having occurred in a few days. Indeed, it is only a symbolic picture which one cannot take literally. According to the Eternal Laws, the Earth could not arise separately and independently but as a part of the entire Material Universe which was formed at the end. Therefore, the Bible conveys the rise of the creation including the Earth and a few days mean in reality eons.

The human beings in the lower World of Matter did not develop as harmoniously as in some other worlds above as a result of the utmost distance from the Creator. Therefore, He sent out for help one of the Archangels. Lucifer, it is his real name, should have acted upon them like a guardian spirit, that is, he should have inspired men with his advice for them to think that it is their own consciousness. To fulfil this task he was delegated with the helpers - the angels - the beings. To be able to descend downwards to the lower world, according to the Eternal Laws, they had to cover themselves by more material cloaks which enabled them to remain living in the lower plane, above the Material World. At the same time, these cloaks veiled many of their Divine abilities and qualities. Through taking cloaks and descending downwards originally Divine beings became after coating and descending spirits with their own free will, which they did not know before. Later, under influence of their archangelic leader it revealed itself to be fatal to them. Despite the fact that many Divine qualities have been veiled, Lucifer became in the Material World the most powerful spirit with much higher abilities incomparable to those of man.

His task was to help people through the influencing of their psychic. This does not mean that he acted upon each man separately. He made use of the Eternal Laws according to which he has sent out certain ideas to the World of Matter and these, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, were absorbed by men. One of his most important tasks was to develop the usage of intellect for man to make the earthly life easier. Since intellect only exists in the World of Matter spiritual helpers issuing from the immaterial worlds could not help developing it. Therefore, Lucifer had to descend from the Divine Realm to the plane above the material world to become familiar with men and their material way of life. He passed his experience and suggestions to them through the acting upon the intellect - through thoughts. For example, he sent out a thought that tools could be produced out of iron. Everybody on earth who was involved in the solving of the problem how to improve the stone tools received this new idea together with the guidelines of the iron production. Of course, it took centuries to transform this into the action.

In the beginning, Lucifer was fulfilling his task well. However, when after some time he found out that people succumb to his will very easily and that he is respected by angels as the Envoy of God on earth, the negative qualities of the intellect - arrogance and vanity awakened within him. In the Divine Realm, he did not know these negatives. The intellect does not operate there because it is only connected with the material body. Coarser cloak, far distance from the Creator, crowds of loyal angels and his free will dimmed Lucifer's purity. He wished to become an unlimited ruler of the material world without the influence of the Creator.

Under the effect of the gravity of this negative volition and later his deeds, he became more and more heavy and he started declining to the lower spheres. When he realised his helplessness against the Eternal Laws which dragged him down, wrath against their Creator blazed up within him and he became the enemy of God. He started misusing his abilities and instead of the help, he lured and enticed men to go wrong only for the destroying of Creator's work. His helpers, formerly the Divine beings without their own will, with a developed ability to be loyal to their leader permitted themselves to be enticed to go wrong and thus, they became "the fallen angels". However, Lucifer, as their leader, bears the fundamental guilt for their fall. When he was being punished by the Eternal Laws through his descent and when he realised his gradual destruction he wished for everyone and everything to be destroyed.

It seems to be strange that such perfect beings as the angels are could forget their Creator and the beautiful life in the Divine Sphere. Moreover, they do not remember him yet because getting cloaks and descending to the material worlds they became the spirits even though they possess more developed abilities. Their Divine core is awakened only partially as a result of the misuse of their spiritual abilities. They live predominantly as the spirits on low planets.

At the beginning, men did not know anything about Lucifer's existence and therefore, they succumbed to his strong influence. He lured them away from the original goal of life - from the spiritual development by an act of suggesting wrong ideas as for example:

"The intellect is more important than the spirit."

"The intellect has to rule over all things in the life."

"The intellect is the only one to decide on everything."

Sensitive individuals received these ideas as their own opinions and gradually, they have put it into practice. Thereby, Lucifer has bound men to matter and disconnected them from the spiritual help. Concentrating on earthly matters particularly men started to descend both spiritually and morally together with their planets.

Through the misuse of Divine abilities, the tempter veiled himself by the matter and a negative karma more and more thus losing the possibility of return to the Divine Realm. Planets dragged down under his influence got prematurely into the course of disintegration because they got themselves out of the Primordial power-current originating in the Creator. Lucifer, the Lord of Darkness, became their ruler. He succeeded in getting the influence over the most important planet in the Universe - the Earth which has also fallen into the course of disintegration prematurely. His power on earth became more and more predominant because men attracted his servants, fallen angels and dark spirits from the low planets to the Earth by their negative propensities and the indolence to educate spiritually. Through the lack of the Light - that is, the Primordial Power and the predominance of the Darkness and matter, the effects of the Eternal Laws upon the Earth slowed down the effects of the Law of Reciprocal Action in particular.

This planet and men as well are yielded to the disintegration of both the body and the personality which started manifesting itself through the increased occurrence of psychic and physical diseases as well as through the distortion of values and opinions. The Earth has cast out itself of the direct action of the Creator by the descent out of the living planets animated regularly through the Primordial Power. Therefore, Lucifer, "the Lord of Darkness" could become its ruler. Because he leads people into the destruction by his activity he is called the devil, the Satan, the destroyer. His name "the King of Darkness" captures the fact that he founded his kingdom at the dark planets.




What is Lucifer like? Unlike many religious conceptions depicting him as a monster or a devil he is a handsome being who became the spirit with abilities incomparable to those of man. However, his original beauty has faded. His eyes reveal coolness and callousness with which he oppresses human spirits. His grim outlook complements the characteristics of his personality realising its meanness, own impotence and decline at the same time. He behaves like some men on earth: if they do not succeed in accomplishing something they also wish bad luck to others thus doing harm to them.

Lucifer and his helpers do not hurt common people in such a way that they could be aware of this. They do this in an inconspicuous and cunning way. They know that every man, according to the Eternal Law, disposes of free will which must be respected by them. Therefore, a dark effect never make someone do something, it only lures, insinuates. Men by themselves sort this inspiration through their opinions and volition and they make decisions accordingly. Therefore, consequences of the negative inspiration must be born by them and not by the originators.

In the Gross Material Universe and the astral plane, Lucifer disposes of swarms of loyal servants who are not only fallen beings - angels but also spirits and men. They do not know the Eternal Laws nor wish to recognise them because they solely believe him. It will be too late when dark spirits will recognise that they are being caught in a trap without any possibility of return because the Eternal Laws operate inexorably on low planets as well. After death, they will become more heavy for their sins and will fall so deeply as not to be able to return upwards to the Earth and to the Paradise at all.

Through these unknowing servants and through the fallen angels who also incarnate as men with "the mission" Lucifer spreads wrong ideas, distorted opinions and also evil on earth when necessary. Indeed, he does not hurt by himself but the evil actions are done through others in his instigation and thus, they bear consequences for that. No one forced them; they were only deceived. However, the tempter also suffers for the negative influence so that he keeps on descending and his former perfection falls off.

At the present time, there are much more dark spirits than the light on earth and on the astral planets. Therefore, an unnatural phenomenon occurred that besides the good guardian spirit everyone has also the dark one or even more dark spirits around him. This decline could only occur by the guilt of men who did not seriously take the warnings and admonitions of prophets and Divine Envoys to change.

What is the difference between the dark and light spirits or men? It is already expressed in the very words. The light core - the spirit - of the dark spirit or man is too dimmed by heavy soul and body cloaks because he only focuses on the earthly, material matters. His spirit is not capable of setting aglow these cloaks because it is not developing, it is like being walled or planked in matter. Thus, according to the Law of Gravity, he lives on denser planets below the level of the Earth.

The light spirit or man is he who develops his spirit in particular through his incentives and actions in his life. Therefore, he is covered only with fine cloaks of the soul and the body; thus, he sets them aglow. This difference cannot be distinguished by people, it is visible only for the spiritual beings even through the material body.

How do the dark spirits act on Earth? In the proximity of man who is to make an important decision a large number of the dark spirits gathers. Thus, they hinder his light helper to act who must go back as a result of inhomogeneous species, greater density and gravity of the darks which he cannot withstand. At that moment, his protégé is like being unveiled, weak and he only receives the inspiration of the low spirits. If he decides too fast and does not wait to make the connection with his light helper he discovers in the majority of cases too late that he acted wrong.

The ignorance of these phenomena is for today’s man a hidden dip, in which he falls every day. Lucifer became the king of the Earth, therefore the badness and distortion of values is predominating. These ones inhibit the realization of clear ideals and justice. Instead of joy and calmness there is only wrong, suffering, injustice and little love on Earth, that is felt mainly by those, who are not able to make up with this change.

The dark spirits who incarnated from the low planets do not observe any shortcomings on earth. On the contrary, they are very happy here because there is more light and more love originating in the actions of light men there. Some dark planets are technically more developed than the Earth. The flights of the material flying objects bear witness to this. However, the appearance of their crews clearly reveals that they are at much lower spiritual level then the earth-men. One shall avoid to meet them and not consider them as better and more perfect at all cost just for the reason that they dispose of the more developed technology. The higher spiritual beings help men and do not need to examine and dissect them because they can see "at the bottom of the soul" with their spiritual sight.

Besides the luring, what other tools does the dark principle make use of? For Lucifer, the most effective and the easiest way how to rule over men is the spiritual ignorance. Therefore, he seeks to maintain it. At most, he attacks the propagators of the truth and the spiritual helpers of mankind. Through the disgracing and liquidating of the Divine Envoys the knowledge which should have helped men to find the lost key to the Paradise passed unnoticed to people. Men do not know that the action of the Darkness upon them is like a cancer. At first, it aches inconspicuously from time to time when they have done something that it does not like. When somebody manages to disclose the Darkness in the majority of cases, it is too late. Let us make it clear on the example from life:


During a check-up a man gathers, he suffers from a cancer of stomach. When he got a stomachache before, he thought, it was only an accident and did not see the reason in the wrong life-style, although the doctor warned him. Even today he did not mind, because he thought when he does not think about the illness, everything will be alright. So he continued in his mistakes and the tumor was growing. When the troubles became more visible and often, he started to take it seriously and visited the doctor again. But meanwhile the tumor started to rule the whole body. Although the patient decided to fight against the cancer and started to work on himself, nothing could be done anymore, it was too late. The ill cells overbore the healthy ones, they liquidated the body of unaware man unobtrusively.


The dark principle works in the same way. In many cases an illness is the consequence of the wrong path either at the physical level because of the wrong way of living or at the level of the soul because one has distorted values or does not understand oneself and one's problems. As every illness breaks out sometime so will every act of evil be uncovered one day. Also he who does not accept the influence of the Darkness seriously and considers it only as the figment of imagination will recognise the Darkness one day when he is unable to take steps against it.

Only for the reason that the time is high man gets valuable pieces of information which were blocked and still will be blocked through the Darkness. When they come to light the dark helpers will distort them and disgrace them for men only not to believe. They will fight for the preservation of the spiritual ignorance on earth until the very end comes even though they know that their days will run away soon.

The characteristic feature of the dark principle is that it acts in an indirect, deceitful, inconspicuous and hidden way. That is why no one can disclose and recognise it. Present day man with the overburdened psychic has not got time to be consistent. When someone finds out the very trace of the Darkness his attention will be immediately distracted towards some other direction for him to forget about his discovery or to consider it as a chance event.

Why does the Darkness hide itself? The answer is simple: when one does not recognise one's enemy one cannot fight it and defeat it. One may win over the illness only so that one recognises its causes and consequences. In the next phase, the fight will be easier because one will adopt the principles of a sound way of living and the illness will gradually disappear. Similarly, the Darkness must be recognised at first and only then fought.

Alongside the maintenance of the ignorance is spreading of a stress and giving rise to fear, the Darkness uses yet another tool - the principle of riot. Psychologists and psychiatrists claim that when one enjoys a vice excessively one will get satisfied and one does not long for it any longer. This is only a short-term manifestation. The opposite is true - one gets used to it and needs it much more and more often than before. A good example is the sexual practices. Only very few men are capable of the voluntary escape from this enticement - the majority becomes their slaves and thereby the slaves of the dark spirits.




What is the aim of the tempter? The goal is the only one: to divert man from his spiritual development, from the true sense of his life on earth. Indeed, a man is only the spirit who came to develop in the World of Matter for the purpose of the eternal life. He decided to do this on his own when a yearning for the consciousness awakened within him. To develop his spirit, he had to put on a material cloak - the body. The lives on earth are only required for the development of the spirit, for nothing else. If man uses them in a right manner he returns without the body and the soul back to its home as a nature spiritual personality living forever. However, the tempter and his dark helpers grudged him this because they have already deprived themselves of this blessedness - the return to the Divine Empire. They lure in various manners for the human spirit not to find the course back to the Paradise.

Man had already hundreds of lives in the Material World for the development of his spirit. However, since he did not recognised the Eternal Laws and the meaning of his lives he permitted himself to turn away from the right path and thus he literally squandered many chances. At present, the world is at the threshold of the Judgment and the majority of people do not even know what it means, what they may expect and what they shall do. Moreover, the Creator has never abandoned men, he offered them the help through his envoys constantly. However, men full of arrogance and narrow-mindedness would not accept the Light because they felt more comfortably and more pleasantly in the Darkness. There seems to be more enticing to enjoy the earthly lives with all its pleasures than to educate spiritually with the aim of the eternal life. They do not understand that they can practice both things simultaneously.

Who would find Lucifer the main culprit of wrongly understood emancipation? Nobody knows he is more intelligent than a human being and thinks and feels in wider dimensions and connections. The tempter knew what would be the consequences of distortion of the idea of emancipation. He was successful. Because of wrong understanding of emancipation the stress, hurry and fear have been multiplied in human lives. Under the pressure of them the people are in permanent tension, which inhibits the perception of delicate helps from the light spirits. In the state of psychical stress, a man easily receives the material ideas from the reason, from dark spirits as the delicate emotional helps from guardian spirits. During the permanent stress and tension, a man has a contracted midriff what inhibits the right breathing and connection of a spirit with a body – because just in this place the spirit connects with the soul and body. Therefore nowadays the relaxation is very important, so the spirit can exhibit more as the reason.

Not only distorted emancipation but also wrong values lead the man to the permanent rush and fear. Stressed and depressed man is too weak, he is loosing his own self and without thinking he succumbs the outside influence that masks itself as his own conscience.




How are in fact the dark spirits, who came on Earth from the lower planets? It could sound unbelievable, but they form a half of all inhabitants on the Earth. Let’s not succumb the deceptive idea, they are primitive criminals and cheats. Of course, these belong to them as well, but to the lower class. The rest of them express themselves in various ways.

Some of them do not work, but they want to have a good time. The exploitation and affluence is the only aim of their lives.

Next ones are a little bit better, but only outwardly. They do not want to work as well because of low salary, because it does not pay off. They do not want to be useful and do not hanker for self-realization and self- satisfaction. They would rather look for better paid job in which they do not have to make an effort and to be responsible. The dark spirit does not know the Law of Equilibrium according to which a man works, because he wants to be useful and he is satisfied and happy even with the low salary. A lot of rich men, who earn the money dishonestly, are not satisfied and want more, even if they have got more than other people. In the presence of more developed spirits, these lazy spirits could mature faster, but they do not understand it and do not want to, as well.

The main characteristic of a dark spirits form “the superior circles” is that they respect the reason and hate the good and justice. Most of them we can find among the ‘sage’ people, who find themselves sage, because they rate everything only by reason as the only value of knowledge. Why are they dangerous? Most of them are on high positions thanks to the education, influential contacts, ambitions or wealth. From these positions they lead the people to catastrophe. Sometimes they misuse their influence consciously, because they perverse the truth, and they cause the anarchy, wrong and comedown. There are many of them, so except the highest functions, we can find them on the lower head positions, too. They use the dark principle, so they attack everything equitable, useful and good in indirect way.

Not all of dark spirits are bad and do not have to harm actively. But they are unworthy to live on Earth, because they do not know, how to live here in a right way, even if it does not seem like that outwardly. They behave as the employees of a firm, who take only the salary, but do not work. They do not know to work in a way the owner asks them to. These dark spirits do not accept any spiritual development, only psychical – rational and physical, so only the material one. It is the consequence of their right nature. They were ‘pulled’ to Earth from the lower material planets that are dead in fact.

If these people act on influential positions, they stunt the development of those, who want to live naturally, spiritually – psychically – physically. They inhibit the development of the people even from the low age – by wrong school warps, distorted social rules and laws. Thanks to this behaviour they burden themselves by new karmic guilt. Sometimes also the light people, under the influence of dark spirits, act balefully unconsciously, if they understand their status in a wrong way. For example, when they work on high positions, they think, other people should serve them .they do not understand, they should serve the people - to contact them with their rights and duties – because they get the salary for it. Reminded officials want the citizens to know all laws, even that are supposed to be known only by themselves, because of their function. This wrong attitude causes the unbalance in human relations – the suffering, chaos and comedown. They do not know, the Law of Reciprocal Action will punish them too, but in different way and at different place. Who causes the suffering instead of help, he cannot await the love and honour. He would get it, if he was the right helper and adviser. Unfortunately, most of the people behave as an unconscious flock. They are easily affected by one brave man, who is often dumber than others. The power for opposition we can get only from knowledge and searching that leads to conviction. Only the courage can resist the fear and only the sage people can resist the ignorant ones.   




Nowadays, in the period of prevailing materialism – the rule of reason, we put the accent on everything earthly, material, only on the outward form. We were wrong many times when we were interested only in beautiful package without interesting in the inside – despite of that we still trust the people, who are trying to act nice, friendly, and do not express any negative attitude, although they do have completely different opinion. Everything looks harmonic outwardly, but in the inside these people fight against themselves, what is often the cause of illness and repression of emotions. The candidness has become the barrier, but the diplomacy has become the medium for gaining the prevalence.

The honest man, who exhibits his rightful anger directly, wants to show he does not agree and wants to look for another solution. But ‘the diplomat’ does not show what he is thinking about. You will find later that you have become the victim of misunderstood or cheat. Not all ‘diplomats’ represent the dark spirits, but if they act consciously, they are under their influence. The dark spirits deformed the term of candidness, that is very necessary for the psychical health of the people. The social ethics and prejudices, did harm many relationships and the development of a spirit, because they repressed the honest and natural exhibitions.

How many of outwardly unpleasant people are good and clear in their inside. But on the other hand, many of outwardly nice ones have got a bad and tainted inside. It is the point of experience to learn to study the nature of a human being and not to succumb deceptive outward exhibition. When somebody does not like some characteristic of the other person, he should realize it is not the reason for refusing and judging him. On the contrary, it is the impulse for realizing, he has got the same characteristic, too, and in greater measure. Otherwise, he would not be hampered by it.

The active disturbers of calm and truth are divided into conscious ones and unconscious ones. The first ones are only the channel of darkness, because of the influence of psychical homogeneity or because of the weakness of the spirit. The second ones serve the wrong consciously, because of the advantages they have, and because they are afraid of loosing their power. The most dangerous are those, who have got ‘the mission’ to inhibit the real envoys to surrender the Truth. They are the fallen angels, who hide their superior skills or they exhibit them only in front of their relatives to gain their admiration. Consciously but latently, they try to destroy the propagators of the Truth psychically or physically – by using their unearthly skills, too. They are harming in a hidden way, never directly, and although somebody reveals them, they are able to mask and brazen it out. They never give up and go on in other way. These unfriendly and devastating exhibitions they show only their victims. Other people, also their family, see them as the best and cutest persons.

Dark servants do not work in an active manner outwardly. They only make doubts inconspicuously. Through the unconstrained doubting, they take men away the hard acquired confidence in some truth for them to waver and become weak and uncertain again. Men like this should not be confused with those who are really trying to examine and look for the truth through doubts. The dark men do not seek to comprehend they want only to undermine everything.

Another manifestation of the dark principle is the induction of uncertainty within one's own mind. When man accepts a new knowledge which pushes him upwards suddenly, "his own" doubts of this new knowledge occur to him. In his mind the most brilliant arguments against this appear that he will wonder where he took these intelligent questions from. He does not know that he is just fighting against the dark spirits who are practising other ways of their power over him. When, after an exhausting struggle, the victim does not permit itself to waver through doubts the evil will lure in some other way. It will doubt the person who came out with the new truth.

Personality traits offer the best pretext for the liquidation of an authority. It suffices to repeat even in the mind the shortcomings of the person which need not to be as big as they manifested themselves after being provoked. Finally, they "cling" to the attacked person and really begin to work. These processes are well known undoubtedly. Everyone makes use of them almost everywhere, at most by one's bosses and officials. A freshly elected or nominated person to a post does not start working yet; he does not even have the chance to prove his abilities he is already blamed for his personality traits. Those who reproach make the same or even worse faults in the majority of cases. Since they do not want to admit and realise them they cannot tolerate them by other men. To project one's suppressed shortcomings into others is a natural phenomenon. In this way, it is attained that the constantly repeated lie becomes the truth. The victim really becomes the enemy - such a person for that it is being considered. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, more dark spirits will be attracted towards it and thus it will change unintentionally.

The Tempter knows the clear love and honest friendship create the strong and positive vibrations between the partners, which protect them against bad influences and elevate their surrounding at the same time. Therefore he interferes in this area, to, by doubts, temptation, and reasoning calculations between the partners. He puts the instability and faithlessness into the relationships and says it is only the freedom of a spirit and the love to the whole world. But in this way, he supports the frivolity and weakness of the spirit, who is then more approachable to the dark influence. One loving and stable partner gives his partner more than thousand wooers. Even if it sounds unbelievable, most of the people were taken from their right partners with whom they would create better relationship than with those, who they had decided for.

Disharmonic partnerships are the best reason for problems, stress and quarrels, that burden the man by new negative karma and take him the power to rise above and to develop spiritually. A lot of good and spiritual matured men and women had to stay alone, because the right homogenous partners were seduced by dark spirits, who profit from them. According to the Law of Equilibrium, the greatest wrong – which does not have to exhibit itself in negative way outwardly – will draw the greatest good.




A distorted idea that the evil attacks only those being evil or having a bad karma has been spread among people. This would be true in case that the balance - the reign of the light would prevail on earth. However, through the descent of the Earth to the regions of the Darkness the contrary became true. At most, Darkness attacks those who consciously or subconsciously refuse it and resist it. Indeed, the evil does not fight with the homogeneous species, it fights with the species of inhomogeneity - with the good. Therefore, those who did not recognise the effects of the evil upon themselves yet are mostly entangled in its web. While they do not resist it the Darkness does not draw their attention towards itself. It is sufficient for the Darkness that it diverted them from the spiritual knowledge and development. Thus, it needs not to harm these men or to manifest itself in some other way. Also the excessive occupation at a workplace is among manifestation of the dark effects.

If someone is searching for the Truth persistently and sincerely and seeks also to apply it to the everyday life the Darkness will attack him with sharp teeth like a dangerous crocodile. Therefore, the best people experience biggest troubles, wrongs and evil. Many dark men are around them. Why just those who were proclaimed to be spiritually pure and "saint" stated that they were being attacked by the evil and the Satan? Why just them when they were so good? From the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species it follows: the stronger is the good the stronger must be the evil acting upon it. In the proximity of each man there can only stay such a dark spirit which is a homogeneous species as regards the power and the intellect. Thus, the homogeneity of species does not lie in the quality but in the strength. According to the Law of Complementation, the opposites - the good and the evil attract each other so as the opposite qualities join together. A dark spirit does not influence a spiritually developed man through the inciting him to do evil because the light one would refuse it immediately but through the diverting from the aim by various kinds of sufferings and enticements.

An idea why God allows such injustice may strike many people. Why does not He take action and does not destroy the dark spirits? Before this question will be answered one must sincerely admit that the evil on earth has been caused by us. The Earth was the planet of rather pure men and therefore, it had been situated at the higher plane of the Universe. With the fall of some spirits and with the gradual imitation of them it started being tainted with dark spirits. This process took thousands of years. The Creator had been seeking to help sending out of spiritual helps but men did not accept them because they did not believe them.

It may sound strangely but the evil has also some positive features. Sometimes, it can help the development unintentionally, though. Through the fight and suffering, the spirit of man awakens and grows stronger more quickly. Painful strokes of the Darkness serve the good and thus, the Creator allows them to occur to a certain degree.

Why does He not destroy Lucifer, the chief originator of Darkness? The answer is not simple at all. However, let us try analysing it briefly from a human perspective. Lucifer being an Archangel had the closest contact with the Creator. This close relationship cannot just simply be rejected. Therefore, the Creator has been waiting and offered him a chance to alter his attitude. If one considers that thousands of years on earth are only days in the Divine Realm one will not wonder about the waiting of the Creator.

When, after some time, Lucifer proved to be beyond redemption the Creator decided to destroy his power. However, this cannot be done at once. His own Law hinders him in doing this - that is to say, the Archangels are eternal and indestructible. But Lucifer's original substance has been so impaired with his fall that he is no longer able to return into the Divine Realm. His "destruction" or redress is scheduled according to the Eternal Laws and will take place in the right time. Indeed, the Creator does not destroy men despite the fact that they failed and refused each help of His. However, if they keep on violating the Eternal Laws they will eliminate themselves accordingly.




Anybody of us has no doubts that the fairy-tales, although they are expressed figuratively and embellished by human fantasy, they have got a truthful body. Why did a dragon, as a wrong, attack only the beautiful and good princesses and why did he not notice the ugly and wrong ones? Or why did he not kidnap beautiful and common girls?

Why would he kidnap a beautiful girl, who did not have any power and influence? Her beauty and good could not spread so far according to her social status. What was the reason why the dragon did not attack the bad princess? Why would he attack homogenous species? Even without his active influence, she was spreading the fear and disgust around herself, which weakened the people and so they received the dark inspiration easily.

But the good princess would spread only the love, good and justice by her influence, if the dragon did not control and tie her down. How could the dark spirit act through her calm and strong subjects, who believed her justice and good? How could be born the dark spirits to the country among the light ones and gain the power according to the Law of Homogenous Species? Therefore the good princess had to be taken from her surrounding from the early age or to be harried psychically to loose the power for exhibiting in her nature. Her own cleanliness made her more sensitive to percept the negative affects. Her unconsciousness about the wrong weakened her, therefore she did not understand it and did not know how to defend. She missed the positive power – that power should be the partner. Because the good queens, who had a husband – the positive protection, were not influenced by the dragon, therefore he did not kidnap and tempt them.

The enchanted princess could be freed from the dragon only by a clear young man, who decided to sacrifice his own life because of the love to her or to the people. Thanks to this sacrifice he joined the substantiate and primordial spiritual examples of virtues, which gave him great physical and psychical power needed for the victory. An ordinary man did not have the power and could not influence the dragon, because the dragon was usually the fallen angel who acted as the spirit. The dragon expressed his spiritual image. When the wrong attacked the princess psychically, she often got sick, and it was going on containing of her brain. The man could beat these dark effects only through the superior spiritual helps. So the partner freed the princess. She could not do that by herself.

Men should care for the physical strength because the density of the body is a real protection against the negative ethereal influence of the Darkness. Through the activity, men grow stronger also psychically. Primarily, a woman exerting some social influence should have a man because she may easily become the victim of "the dragon".

An idea may strike someone why one should fight with the Darkness on his own when he loves God. He will ask him for the help. This is how it happens in serious and dangerous situations; then, man gets a stronger help. However, in ordinary life, he must defend by himself to grow stronger. The Creator only wishes strong spirits, not the weak, to live in the Paradise. God only helps like a teacher at school explaining students new pieces of knowledge for them to comprehend. At home, they must learn on their own to develop their abilities exerting some effort. If a student should make progress there cannot be done everything by the teacher instead of himself.

The Creator may help men on earth with the spreading of the Truth through His Envoys or with the providing of the help through other people. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, He cannot help men directly from above because the Earth is the most distant planet from Him and even, it is situated in the hostile region - in the plane of the Darkness at the present time. Since the majority of men obey dark spirits rather than the light good men also fail in the mediation of a God's help. When a guardian spirit directs man's attention to help someone his voice is often drowned out by dark spirits. They inspire given person to beware of the one to be helped because his outer manifestations are negative and the Divine help is destroyed.

Many people stop believing in good, justice and love in despair just for the reason that they do not understand the present state of matters caused by dark spirits. These people became their victims voluntarily when reproaching God for his injustice because He did not help them. This is the goal to which a dark spirit wishes to lead a light one to the wavering, fall, mistrust, adaptation to opinions of the majority and finally, to the surrender to the dark influence in desperation.

How should man oppose the Darkness? What should he do so that it may not act upon himself? It is not necessary to fight against it with specific means. For common people, Darkness is not so dangerous. They are not threatened with grave evil; they are only lured away from the spiritual growth inconspicuously. It is sufficient for man to know about the existence of the Darkness. Thereby, it already loses power over him. Similarly, smoking lost its influence upon certain men. Through the recognition of its unfavourable effects, it stops being an enticement and temptation.

The aim of these written lines is to show that Darkness is not only an imagination but the reality even though it manifests itself at the invisible, intuitive plane rather than at the material level. Surely, each man knows the feeling of the fighting within himself when doing something with which he does not agree inwardly. He supposes that he is fighting with the self but, in reality, he is fighting a dark spirit or a swarm of them. He does not know anything about that and thus, he puts up with his weakness in despair and he never resists any longer. However, when he recognises this obstacle he may overcome it.

Therefore, one need not to and is not to be afraid of Darkness but he must refuse it courageously as something being beyond himself. If one still fights with the Darkness he must know that the best helpers are the strong will and perseverance or a sincere entreaty to the Lord for help coming out of the bottom of the soul.


Chapter 14 : Darkness Principle

How does the dark principle act in spiritual teachings? We already know that it is deceitful and hidden and thus, it is hard to be revealed. After all, it is not necessary to look for a certain person - it is sufficient to find out the distortion which lures people away from the Truth. At the present time, eastern religions, philosophies and spiritual movements gained wide popularity because many idealists were disappointed by the Christianity. They saw many unclear and illogical things there and thus, they chose some eastern teaching deceptively assuming that they will still find pure and undimmed truths there. These can be found everywhere but, unfortunately, only in little pieces.

Let’s look closer at the hidden Darkness in yoga, for example. This exercise has been well established among spiritual and physical activities because it helps a man being in stress to gain balance and to awake him spiritually. However, one must be aware of distortions which are also present there. He who sees through the fundamentals of yoga must have discovered the principle of suppressed volition. Its goal is to find the right degree of earthly pleasures for one could also have the time for the spiritual education. In spite of the unicity of this goal, such a clear and useful principle has been distorted. How? Very easily - one started explaining it as a principle of the complete release from any desire and goal, as a principle neither to want nor to strive for anything in one's life. The absolute following of this principle is even emphasised as the greatest virtue. The life in a straight line, in a flat level in which no emotions appear became the longed for ideal.

The affected people do not realise at all that by the loss of emotions, desires and volition they are getting rid of the power necessary for the spiritual growth. Insufficient amount and quality of food lacking proteins even supports this weakness. The volition is the one of the fundamental abilities of man which needs to be cultivated and not to be suppressed. Without the volition, without the movement of the spirit is man like being dead, he withers and falls spiritually. Everyone knows that the physical motion is the fundamental feature of life but one does not realise so convincingly that the movement of intellect, intuition and spirit - the volition is equally important.

The helps coming out of the higher worlds one gets only through the volition in the form of radiation. Therefore, each man got the ability to make his own decisions, the free will, to be able to attract everything that which he longs for, that which he needs for the life on earth. It is put at his disposal from above but he does not receive it automatically. Whoever does not want to and does not seek to reach something - does not get it. He must induce the movement of the spirit - the volition to reach that which he needs for his growth. Indeed, karmic rewards are also the fruit of the volition and effort exerted in previous lives. Nothing is given for free.

The strong will - the volition is needed mainly in the Material World because life is hard and tough there. The human spirit which had to enter into imperfect matter to become developed there did not get anything for free except the nature. There are hidden abilities within him which he shall awake and make use of by the activity. With desires, volition and actions his spirit grows and becomes self-conscious. Thus, he becomes the personality which after the attaining to spiritual maturity does not vanish any more - it is eternal.

The wrong volition - this is the excessive materialism draws him downwards - towards matter. The positive volition helps the spirit to develop because thereby, he is lifted up to the beings - to his home, to the Spiritual Realm. A spiritual man does not need to renounce worldly pleasures he shall only recognise their degree and shall not get controlled by them.

“The Yogi” with absolute suppressed volition, who does not want anything, and does not hanker for anything, could be compared to the lazy swimmer. That one, although he knows the swimming technique, rather does not swim, because he does not have a desire to surmount and strain himself. But when his life is at risk in critical situation, he will die, because he will not have enough power to get to the bank. He could swim, but without wanting – without the will, he did not hold the way to the aim.




Let us have a look at the widespread Buddhism. Its follower is spending his life mostly in meditations to understand that all components of his personality - the body, the soul, the consciousness, the subconscious and many other are diminishing, dissatisfactory and causing suffering and thus, they are unnecessary. He wants to vanish in nirvana - in the emptiness which shall make him immortal through getting rid of all evanescent parts of his personality.

However, why did not arise another Buddha since the times of Buddha and his closest followers? Was his teaching wrong? Not at all. It has only been distorted. He and his followers understood the meaning and evanescence of all components of the personality. But the present-day follower does not want to recognise them and the fact itself why and until when they are necessary neither. Specifically, he does not need knowledge which disturbs him. He needs only the meditation. He keeps on hoping that he will become another Buddha even after many years.

Really, the covers of the spirit - the soul, the astral body and the physical body are all evanescent but not useless components of man. They serve their purpose up to a certain time - when the spirit becomes mature. Similarly, a nut needs its own packages as well – till then the core will ripen. After its formation and harden, they become unnecessary and drop out by themselves. But till that time, they are useful.

However, such a European Buddhist wishes to get rid of his cloaks sooner than his spirit gains maturity since he does not accept the existence of the spirit. He does not wish to be a spiritual personality; he only longs for the vanishing in nirvana, in the void, though stating he wants to live forever. However, what should reach eternal life within him when he does not believe in any spirit and his personality is to be vanished?

He does not realize he behaves as a hardy man, who flies to the North Pole by the plane and gets naked immediately after reaching the ground, because he does not need the clothes at all, because he wants to become hardy. Because he does not recognize the body, it cannot freeze. He does not want to become hardy gradually, to get off the jacket first and then the other clothes to make the body stronger and used to the cold. The hardiness - the maturity comes gradually with recognising and experiencing. Only then, the spirit can get rid of the covers having served him during his development.

The mature apple falls down from a tree by itself, its package unfolds and only the seeds remain. And the seeds live forever, because a new life is created from them. But when we take away an immature apple and destroy its body – the flesh, because we think it’s useless, we find only the immature seeds, which will not be able to germinate, because we have revealed them prematurely. Similarly a human being, who renounces his packages – the soul and body – too early, simultaneously renounces the real life on Earth by meditation. Because of this fact, he can go wrong as the immature apple or crazy hardy man.




Let’s look for the darkness in the earthly spheres of life. The crime, cheats, burglaries and injustice, which nowadays appear more often, are well known to everybody. Everyone was cheated or thieved, because these low exhibitions have spread thanks to the new, more unattached laws.

Why can we break the earthly laws without punishment? It is clear – they are created in that way, nobody could understand them, nobody could orientate in them and therefore it is not able to look for the culprits. The laws could be explained in more ways. This complicatedness makes them unclear. If the laws were created in the harmony with eternal laws, we would not need so many of them and they would be simpler and clearer. The whole universe is ruled only by few laws. But every state has got so many laws, that the man would not be able to read all of them even if he studied them the whole life. How can he live in the harmony with so many laws, when he has got other duties, too? The ambiguity of these laws leads to the chaos and unclearness, which could be misused.

Who creates these complicated and unclear laws? The servant of the darkness, but also the trivial man, who does not think enough about the consequences of the law, because he does not have enough time for that. Even in this case, the inspirations of the dark spirits play the important role. A man receives “ a good piece of advice” and without thinking he puts it into the law. Only one sentence or word is enough - so the injustice and bribery can have a free way.

The biggest wrong step, which is used in the sphere of the law, is the inadequate tolerance to the responsibility of the lawyer. If he is not successful or condemn an innocent man, the consequences are not put on the person but on the law. The truth is led by the money and power, which allow to do the crimes.

If a man does not see a man, but only the laws, and does not do his work with the esteem to the justice, he is not able to be objective and sensitive enough to percept and see the truth. He cause the wrong and mistakes unconsciously, that he will have to undergo by himself after death. Unfortunately, even the innocent victim must often suffer. In the Middle Ages, in the age of darkness, the crimes were done in the name of God. Nowadays, in the age of progress, they are done in the name of laws. Nobody wants to gain the personal responsibility. But it exists, even the people accept it or not.

The new mankind, who will survive this period, will think of the current legislation with the abhorrence. The false freedom to the criminals is uncalled-for and unfounded, it is the sin on the other citizens. The strict and clear laws would protect the majority. The unclear laws are advantageous only for those who misuse them. Everyone, who knows the eternal laws, knows that the most hidden wrong in his mind is real, and therefore he is subject to its consequences.  





How does the darkness exhibit in the sanitary and health service? In that way all inhabitants are ill. Not only the old ones, how it was in the past, but also the children, almost all of them. Is it the fault of the polluted environment? Yes, it is, but it is not the only reason. We have concentrated on the assumed values. We prefer the treatment instead of prevention. The prevention would cost almost nothing. It would be necessary to pay only the enlightment, that would teach the people, what is harmful and good for them. The man often causes the illness by himself. Unconsciously he destroys his body and soul by unhealthy way of life and negative tendencies, because he believes the medicine will heal the potential illness. He is too comfortable to rearrange his life into the harmony, which would protect him.


The man treats with his body as the lax user of the car. He does not do the regular service, because he has got neither the time nor the money. Why should he treat with his body in different way? According to him, the car and body are only the material packages. Only when he looses them, he will find out, he does not have the next ones and has to reconcile with the lost or death. Every driver of the car knows, if he does not give the car the fuel, it will not drive. Similarly, if he gives the car the bad fuel or other kind of petrol, he will destroy it. Why does not the man think about his body in similar way? Why does he feed it with “the bad fuel”, which damages the body prematurely?


The health is the exhibition of the Law of Equilibrium. The man who does not care of it, will loose it. The man, who knows the eternal laws and keeps them in every area, will be healthy all the time. A good man can get ill as well, who damages his body, if he let the others exploit him and does not think on himself. The illness is not natural. The huge spread of illness is the exhibition of general wrong direction of the nation, the human-being and its values. Sometimes the illnesses are the consequence of the present and the past karmic guilts and mistakes. The new knowledge and the change of the personality can heal the karmic illness, because it becomes useless.


The illness should be supposed to be the challenge to change the present life – the relationship, the work or whatever. Everyone has to realize by himself, what and where does he feel the pain and make the change in that area. The restoring of the soul leads to the restoring of the body.


The doctor similarly as the lawyer, does not want to and unfortunately does not need to take the responsibility for his work. When he poisons the patient or destroys his life, other people say it was his destiny. The consequences of the doctor’s inability are underwent only by the patient. The current doctor operates and heals only the organ, the illness, not the man. It would cost a lot of time and effort.


How many of the doctors have chosen this occupation only because they wanted to help the people? The patient has often the feeling he is a strain for the sanitary staff. The doctors and nurses often look like they are not paid for their work. They knew their salary would be low, so why had they chosen this occupation?


But there are also the doctors, who understand this occupation as the mission. They understand, a good work done from the love to the people, is the best reward , which exhibits in the internal harmony and satisfaction. These special people are the pictures and models of the new human kind.





The attitude to the poverty is distorted, too. We judge the possession. But the money and property are bad only at that time, when they are gained by cheat and exploiting and when they are the only aim of life. Any honest and fair entrepreneur or possessed man can be more spiritual developed than the modest ascetic, who is looking for his Self in the meditations, because he is not able to find it in the practical life.






The darkness has penetrated to the culture by the distortion of the beauty. The ugliness that we call the realism or surrealism, became the symbol of art. We have thrown away the beauty. The reformatted figures and things are the most valued. Nobody has realized they are only the creation of creator’s distortion and his admirers. Everything natural and good is beautiful. The abstract works of angular forms force the man to use the reason to understand them. So the reason has penetrated to the area, where should rule only the spirit – the sentiment. The works created by the reason do not survive for the long time. It is the law: what was created from the mass, does not have a long permanence. Only the works from the spirit survive for ages.


How many of time looses a man by the game, movie or book, that are only the momentary fun? It finishes and does not remain anything to think about, it goes up in bubble. In spite of that the people desire for beautiful movies full of sentiment and ideals, the creators of the programme offer only the horrors, thrillers, erotic and criminal movies. But the man is comfortable – he receives what is offered. He sits in front of TV and claims he does not have time for more spiritual aim, for example for the valued book. The book strains the man as well, because he needs a developed hind brain for that. But it has become stunted because of inactivity.






The beauty has become the trap for the women and the strength has become shifty for the men, when they started to consider it the aim of their life. The well known sarcastic saying: the professional sport leads to the permanent disability – says rightly, what leads the uniformity and exorbitant ambitions to. It is comic we have put the most savage men of the world – the boxers and fighters, on the highest place. They became the idols and rich men. Almost nobody knows about the scientist who spends the days and nights in the lab to find an efficient medicine against a new illness. But hundreds of fans come to the match to see the brutish knocks and fight for life, despite of expensive fee. Still arising amount of these fans proves, that the nurturing of sadist and masochist vices does not lead to getting rid of them. On the contrary, the man undergoes them more and more.


The sport is useful only at that time, when it elevates the spirit of a sportsman and his fans, too. Only the harmonic sport can have this effect – the sport without the violence on the own body or the body of the others.






What has caused the darkness in the educational system? Even on the basic school the children burden the front brain excessively. The teachers and the warps expect from them a lot of knowledge, which cause the chaos in their heads and are forgotten soon. The child would keep in mind less knowledge for the whole life. Often the parents do not understand the abstruse and difficult topic in the books of their children. So it happens, a lot of future genius leave the school as soon as possible, because the unnatural swotting is foreign for them. But that’s it,  what is going on. The most professional ones get away in the place, where they will not have the possibility to use their superordinary skills.


Therefore we can find a lot of intelligent and moral people among the uneducated ones. There are more of them here than among the educated ones, who are distorted by the rule of the reason.


It is useless to talk about the disregard of the artistic and emotional aspect of the pupil, which are deprived because of the development of the rational skills. This unbalance is not only kept for years despite the criticism, but it is also reinforced.






The darkness affects the upbringing of children, too. Generally the opinion prevails, the children should be brought up only with love, persuading and freedom. If the child was in sterile environment, in the family, where no dark spirit can penetrate, it would be the best way. But nowadays we can hardly find such a family. If a good word does not work, we had to be rigorous. Forgiving and tolerating of drawbacks and naughtiness is the weakness. Only apathetic and non-loving parent lets the child grow without upbringing, without direction and consistency, part of which should be the love and justice. Only with using of these resources in the right way, we can protect the child against the dark spirits, who start to surround them from the low age.


If the grand-parents or paid sitters bring up the children, they are responsible for their upbringing similarly as their own parents.


Frivolity and distortion in upbringing also exhibits in that way, the parents value their children only according to their school marks and success. They do not know how to inspire and encourage the child by deciding, when the child’s morality, character and courage should be expressed. The spiritual virtues are more valuable than education, which every parent values the most.


The educated reason is the shortest way to the darkness, if the spirit does not develop simultaneously. Educated man thinks all the time, because he has activated his brain by studying too much. In this case, the spirit cannot exhibit, because the material ideas inhibit him. Uneducated man is more sentimental than rational, and therefore he is more resistible against the darkness. The educated man should know about these influences and balance the knowledge of reason with the spiritual knowledge and sentiments.

Chapter 15 : The Son of God


The inhabitants of Atlantis developed in gigantic strides in comparison with other early human races. They differed from other nations through tall figures which were connected with the development of the spirit at that time. It was just Atlantis that the higher entities incarnated in to help men to develop universally. The constant help from above became necessity when Lucifer failed in the fulfilment of his task. He spread the wings of his destructive power just over this most advanced land for it was the easiest way of gaining the influence because its inhabitants had the most developed intellect. Through this bridge it was no longer difficult to bring about their gradual downfall by the distortion of values. Under intensive effects of Darkness the Law of Balance started being violated - the intellect gradually preponderated the spirit which was not only neglected but also underestimated. The chosen nation started falling down in spite of the help from above because by pure intellect it was not able to grasp the meaning of this superior help.

The inhabitants of Atlantis thanks to the earthly luxury, which they had gained with the help of created spirits, found themselves self-sufficient. They behaved as ungrateful children, for whom the parents had built the house and furnished it. But when the children had moved to it, they did not want to meet their parents any more. The inhabitants of the most developed country refused the next spiritual helps, and so they did not learn about the dangerous influence of the darkness. Men thought that they can defeat each enemy by earthly weapons. They did not count with the invisible enemy they were warned of despite their refusing attitudes seriously at all. The weed of Darkness which grew over the Atlantic nation took gradually such strong roots that it could not be plucked any longer.

The worst thing was that the inhabitants of Atlantis did not realise it at all having abundance in every respect - both physical and psychic. Their spirits were suppressed in their bodies to such an extent that they did not feel negative influences of dark forces and therefore, they could not comprehend it. Since their "ship" - the mainland was huge and rushed into the havoc slowly they accepted this as a natural event. They could not think of any reason to save it. When the Creator saw that the crew of "the ship" does not long for the salvation and that it even refuses the help He left them going towards their destiny.


Giant Atlantis considered to be an indestructible continent sank in one day and night. Forty nine years before the flood came, an angel warned its king in a dream that if his people did not change and awake spiritually the Creator would destroy them. Also, warnings of prophets were useless. Nobody believed in the destruction of omnipotent Atlantis and of the chosen people.


In advance, the initiated and the most developed men who believed in prophecies emigrated to other countries of the world most of all to Egypt which became the successor of Atlantis. The jewels of the high knowledge passed gradually from Egypt also to other nations like a baton. After these nations accepted them they flourished both earthly and spiritually for a time. However, on the top of the prosperity they ended in a similar way as inhabitants of Atlantis - they degenerated and succumbed to dark forces. One may see that the material welfare and the spiritual advance could not be balanced.

However, the destruction of some cultures like the Indian or the Iraqi was caused by the opposite factor. In these cases, the scales tilted upside down not towards matter but spirit. Their distortion manifested itself in such a respect that everything earthly, material was considered as disturbing, useless and unworthy for the development. This imbalance draw them avenge because they fall a prey of aggressive nations easily.

When the whole Earth "became ill with cancer" under invisible influence of Darkness and even a piece of healthy ground could not be found there man became a useless and detrimental creature. He devalued the gift from the Creator, that is his eternal spirit which he had to make more developed in the Material World.

Everything ill which became useless and needless was to be removed. The Creator issued the command to the Lords of the Elements to have all Earth overflowed like Atlantis before. Only a single family which was different from all the others was excluded from the havoc according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Unlike inhabitants distorted in all possible ways lived Noah with his family under rule of the spirit and thus, they became the representatives of new mankind. On the basis of the warning from above Noah prepared for the flood beforehand. When he together with his sons built an ark everyone laughed at him because nobody believed a poor man and a fool. They believed only then when it was too late; when there was no possibility either of escape or of salvation. Everything on the solid Earth was left at the mercy of the flood except for the sailing ship with the chosen family and chosen animals.

The tempter succeeded in his aim - that generation of mankind was destroyed. During all terrors and sufferings many people realised their distortion and debauchery. The pity for their absurd lives up to now awakened within them and they pleaded the Creator to forgive them. The experienced sufferings imprinted in their spirits a desire for better and more natural life; therefore, a possibility was given to them to incarnate on earth in new mankind again. The descendants of Noah gradually settled the entire Earth.




Lucifer also continued in setting snares among people of new mankind. People gradually forgot about the flood and its causes and started "being distorted" again - giving preference to the material life. When they stopped connecting with the substantiate helpers the Creator sent them His Envoys to educate them spiritually and to warn them of the decadence. However, men did not listen to them. Nor could they when Envoys were overwhelmed by false prophets of Darkness. Those taught people that they have only one life, here on earth and this particular life shall become their only goal and sense. Taking this distorted truth for the starting point it was no problem to make step towards the refusing of the spirit as something useless. "Why do we need the spirit if we have only one life? " seduced men thought. And thus, they enjoyed it without any thought about the eternity because their undeveloped spirits could neither imagine nor grasp it. The distortion of values had the same consequences again - the decadence and the attraction of dark spirits on earth.




Only in one nation the effect of the strong dark action in the form of the oppression, evil and injustice was transformed in the opposite - in good. The more wrong this people experienced the better and more humble they became expecting the help from the Highest One. They knew that they could not help themselves; therefore, they believed in the help from above. Under bondage of unjust and spiritually limited Egyptians the Jews suffered much but thereby, they were maturing spiritually at the same time. Finally, a nation succeeded in resisting Darkness even though being poor it was strong and pure. Rich, psychically weak nations succumbed to decadence easily.

The Creator allowed the oppression of the Jews for a time. By the time when the oppression became unbearable and the nation culminated spiritually He took action. He sent a higher entity Moses with a mission on earth - to lead out the chosen nation to a new land where it could develop freely.

The journey to the new land, Canaan, was not too long. Despite this fact, directed by a constantly present angel Moses lead them by a longer route which continued for forty years. Refugees used to fail spiritually in difficult conditions; they stopped believing in their God who chose them as new mankind. Therefore, it was necessary for them to develop and to be winnowed during the very journey. At the same time, they were educated spiritually; they recognised the Eternal Laws in the form of the Commandments. Only the purest ones had to enter into the Promised Land. They were given the best place on earth where the spiritual radiations both from above and out of the Earth were the strongest which should have helped them defending themselves against Darkness.

By the settlement of the new land the longed for "Paradise" should have arisen on earth. However, the history of chosen nations returned - human will was getting weaker in the welfare and was subject to the influence of darks who enticed people towards the polytheism and the idolatry only to lure them away from their God and His Help. The Creator knew that His "children" were acting under effect of the misleading; therefore He was sending them prophets who had to put them back on the right way. However, no one listened to them because they demanded of people to change. When the Creator saw that His Envoys were not taken seriously He promised to send the Messiah, His Son to people. He hoped they would listen to Him. Thus, prophets announced that God would send them the Redeemer who would tell them how to live to become immortal, eternal. People in their ignorance did not suspect that they were like drowning men who may be saved only so that they would master the swimming - master the living aright. False prophets drowned warning voices stating that nobody was being threatened and therefore, opinions and habits were not to be changed. For them this was better to hear than admonitions and warnings.

When the Creator wanted to persuade the people, who from the prophets are the right ones, He gave them the skills to talk about the near events. But the darkness had bigger influence. It affected in that way, so the people belittled, persecuted and killed the prophets.




When the threat was near that Darkness would firmly surround the earth finally, the Creator sent His Son Jesus, the promised Redeemer. He was the only one who could overwhelm the strong influence of the tempter by his supreme spiritual power and recover the Earth. Out of the Unsubstantiate Love of Jesus only a small part was sent out to matter. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, it was cloaked into respective layers; otherwise, it could not exist as man on earth. For the Jews to recognise their Redeemer expected hundreds of years His coming had to be announced by prophet John the Baptist directly before His public ministry. Thus, on earth the Son of God incarnated with the mission to save from Darkness those who did not want to succumb to it and serve it. He became man so that his mission might be for people as comprehensible as possible.

Sooner than he became mature for his task he had to be carefully protected from the tempter who sought to destroy him since the very birth. Therefore, his parents had to know both the fact that the expected Messiah would be born them and hints how to protect him from Darkness. An angel appeared to Mary recalling her to that which she already had known as the spirit before her incarnation on earth - that she would be the mother of the Son of God. The most spiritual woman on earth was honoured by this task. Mary had to carry out her mission consciously like the mother of John the Baptist. Therefore, both of them were recalled to their tasks in a visible manner.

The Creator knew that His Son would have to fulfill not only the difficult task of "weeding out the garden grown over by weed" but that he would even be threatened by very Lucifer. For the life of Jesus not to be destroyed God sent him many helpers who incarnated with him at that time and who should have protected him from snares of Darkness. Many spirits in the astral world had karmic guilts towards prophets for their persecution and killing; therefore, they pleaded to incarnate again and thus to redeem their previous guilts through help. Their prayers were heard and they were born in families in the proximity of Jesus.

Three most important helpers incarnated into influential royal families to protect Jesus from snares of Darkness by their wealth and posts later. When these three kings beheld the star at the birth of Jesus they recalled their tasks and came to visit the new-born child. They brought gifts with them but thereby, they considered their tasks to be fulfilled. Their spiritual development fell behind living in wealth and abundance so that they did not realise the importance of this event and their role within. They left Jesus without any protection which should have prevented from such a course of events that finally happened in his life. The tempter foresaw this and thus, he acted on them so as to divert them from this help. He succeeded in his intention; three kings forgot about their tasks. Much in the same way as them he lured away also other, small helpers. Jesus remained with his mission completely alone, without any hold and help in a strange world which he did not know since he was living his first life there.




The childhood of Jesus was ordinary. His mother and father were overburdened with the care for the large family because besides him, there were also other children there. Under effect of Darkness they started doubting the truth of their apparitions. Indeed, Jesus did not differ from other children except for some moments in which he expressed his extraordinary knowledge of the Scriptures. His father Joseph recognised his origin only on the deathbed. When he laid in agony and saw the Golden Cross - the Sign of the Universal Truth behind him with his ethereal eye he exclaimed: "And yet you are him!" Jesus did not grasp his exclamation because at that time, he himself did not know who he was. Nor could his mother and his brothers and sisters recognise a higher entity within him. They doubted his mission even when he was the acknowledged Messiah.

When John the Baptist appeared in their area Jesus was attracted to him. He felt subconsciously that it is important for him. Since his mother did not reveal him anything because of her doubts of his origin he missed the self-confidence in his abilities and for the realisation of his task. Baptising Jesus by water John saw a sign above him prophesied a long time ago - a white dove and heard the voice from the Heaven that the Son of God stood before him. By this act, Jesus awakened from the ignorance of his origin and started fulfilling his mission - to teach and heal people.

He felt that he could not carry out the mission alone. His internal eye opened and he saw around him many dark men and spirits who wanted to destroy him not only morally but also physically. He needed help. When he did not find nobody, either in his family or in his closest proximity, who would believe him and help him because true helpers were seduced he found a substitute help among poor fishers. Having done this choice a wrong notion originated that Jesus came from a poor family. On the contrary, his father Joseph was a rich carpenter who also employed journeymen. At the present time, he would be told to have lived as a prosperous entrepreneur.

Thus, when his helpers of equal worth failed Jesus was looking for the help among common people. Those thanks to their spiritual purity believed in his mission and without any hesitation they went with him. The living walls of twelve Apostles protected him everywhere day and night. They were his loyal disciples, helpers and protectors as well.

Sooner than Jesus started working in the public, right after having been baptised by John he went he went to the desert to clarify himself his task, his origin in the solitude and to awake hidden abilities which he needed for the healing. For forty days he fasted and prayed to God, his Father to make better and permanent connection with Him.

At that time, he was tempted by very Lucifer. Troubles described in the Bible cannot be even compared with his real temptation which Jesus never talked about because he knew that no one would have understood him. His opponent sought to destroy him both psychically and physically. However, Jesus had a superior protection from above and his own purity as well and in this way he defended himself against the attacks of Lucifer and of wild animals which he incited against him.

On the basis of the Gospel according to Luke, Lucifer departed from him "for a season" after forty days. This clearly indicates that in fact, he never left him and he constantly sought to thwart his mission. He sent out negative suggestions directly on him to impair him psychically, on his Apostles and on people and influential authorities as well. Probably, Jesus saw or felt the presence of Lucifer because in the Gospel according to John (14.30) he interrupted his speech saying: "Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh", that is Lucifer.




Jesus found the most followers among common people and even among "sinners". Nowadays, we would not call them in this way any longer because their weaknesses became wide-spread. At the present time, many people do not even think of the denouncement of cheating, dishonesty, insincerity, lucre and decadence. However, sins of these simple men did not originate in the intellect and expedience but from the ignorance. Sadducees - that is educated Jews who knew the Old Testament well and cared for its undue observance did not dispose of so much spiritual purity within them as to recognise the Son of That Whose Law they acknowledged.

The excessive radiation of the spirit of Jesus which common people felt as something positive was explained by them in an opposite way. The Unsubstantiate Divine Core set aglow the material body of Jesus so strongly that it caused them an unpleasant feeling of tension. A more homogeneous spirit, purer and less material could only bear it. Since they studied the Scriptures by intellect in particular their spirits were too veiled by matter and matter did not bear the strong light.

Also, in individual spiritual worlds occurs this natural barrier in isolation spheres - the tension dividing given worlds. It hinders spirits of a lower level from penetrating into a higher plane. No guardians are necessary there because the natural tension of the more powerful light does not allow an inhomogeneous spirit to come nearer.

Since Sadducees and Pharisees did not understand the reason of this tension they explained it in their own way as the negative action. Nor the wisdom of Jesus neither his supernatural healing convinced them. Instead of the admiration they showed the constantly increasing hatred because they envied him his dominance and influence upon masses. They could not believe that he is the man who was announced by the ancient prophets. Jesus explained the Old Testament in a new way and they wanted him to elucidate it exactly as Moses did, in an old fashion. They did not understand that he did not abolish anything but he teaches it using other words usual at that time and at the same time, he filled in gaps.




How did Jesus heal and restore? From where did he have his “miraculous” skills? When we know the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species, we will not wonder he contacted straight with the God’s power after recognizing his origin and he restored with this power. His Unsubstantiate spiritual heart created the homogenous bridge to the highest power of Creator. He did not need to learn any spiritual techniques, how some writers try to explain it. The ability to restore the incurable cases was the part of his mission. He has to underline the origin thanks to that. Then people needed that. Most of them woke up spiritually thanks to the restoring.

Because Jesus knows his Father’s laws, he knew how to use them correctly and how to control them by his inner power. He only accelerated the natural process of self-healing, which happened thanks to eternal laws. He healed only by touch or word, which had greater effect if the ill man believed in his omnipotence. So the ill man supported his own healing processes by contacting the basic power.

The reviving of dead people also happened in the harmony of laws. Jesus could see with his spiritual sight if the astral line of dead man is connected or not. Therefore he was able to revive Lazar even four days after his death, because his weakly developed spirit was still in the body. When he screamed: „Lazar, come out!“, he woke up his lazy spirit, who started to rule the body again, and so the body could stand up. If Lazar was more spiritual developed, Jesus could not revive him after such a long time. His spirit would not stay in the body so long and leave it sooner. In this case, the heavy and not developed spirit was the luck for Lazar.




In the age of Jesus’ acting the Earth, similarly as nowadays, was full of dark spirits, who hurt on innocent and spiritual clean people. Their aim was to make the minority of the devoted ones to stop to believe in justice and to succumb the influence of darkness. The dark spirits also hid in the bodies of spiritually weak people and caused various problems to them, bad feelings and psychical disorders, too. Therefore Jesus, except restoring physical illnesses, exorcised the dark spirits as well. So he freed the people from physical and psychical problems and temptation caused by dark spirits. The people were thankful and therefore they turned to God and became better and more opened to the spiritual knowledge.

Lucifer also sent the false prophets and teachers, who healed too, to take the people from the right teacher. But none of Lucifer’s teachers had such a power as Jesus did. Their restoring was often only temporary, because they did not heal from the love to the people but with the aim to gain the influence and power. They were not able to heal anytime and anybody. Their speech was only partially true, which was stolen and pelleted by unusefull ballast and lies. None of them could derive from the clear source, straight from the Creator. 


The sermons of Jesus were so new and exceptional that people were hit by them directly in their hearts. His speech awakened and developed their spirits; therefore, they adored him and believed that he was the Son of God. During his short public ministry he "awakened" and improved spiritually thousands of people. Indeed, this was the purpose of his coming on earth. Recognising their immortal spirits people became more resistant against the influence of darks and won over them even though it was often at a price of the loss of their material bodies. They knew that their personalities, their spirits could not be lost and that by the loyalty to God they gained the eternal life in the Spiritual Realm - in the Paradise. This knowledge was to be brought to men. At this period, Darkness reached such a rule that if Jesus had not come, these pure men would have died in a violent way having yet undeveloped spirits - thus, they would have lost the possibility of the eternal life.


Another treacherous move of the Darkness was the persecution of Christians after Jesus' death. Jesus should have become the cause of their misery. Thereby, Darkness wanted to discourage his other followers. Many people suffered unjustly under persecution only seemingly. Their sufferings and martyr’s deaths brought about the accelerated purification of the guilts. Thus, they spared several further lives and many of them were rewarded by a quicker entry into the Spiritual Realm, into the Paradise.

However, the indelible triumph of Darkness cannot be denied that under effect of Darkness the chosen nation, its most educated people - experts of the Scriptures not only did not recognise the expected Redeemer but also they had him killed by themselves.

It seems to be incomprehensible that they could fall so deeply and fail. It has been already noticed that according to the Law of Balance greatest evil acts near greatest good. Since Lucifer could not destroy Jesus personally he sought to do this through other men. He and other fallen angels acted on the Jewish nation with enhanced effort at that time. They constantly influenced all people to be doubtful about the mission of Jesus. They suggested men that they should consider his greatness as a conceit and blasphemy. Sadducees even called him the servant of Darkness. They did not even suspect that they became Satan's servants as a result of their doubts. Satan was for them only a Biblical, allegorical figure whose influence they did not take seriously enough and became his victims easily.

Even though Lucifer won over Jesus through his crucifixion and the destruction of his material body he did not completely succeed in the thwarting of his action. It lit up as fire in the hearts of pure people and was spreading throughout the world despite the dark influence and obstacles like the flame of a new hope.

Before his death Jesus took leave of his disciples by a symbolic way - he washed their feet. When the Apostles defended themselves from doing that by this act he wanted only to manifest that the highest among people should serve others by transferring of their knowledge. He demanded of them also to serve people after his death so that they could heal and spread his teaching.

After death of Jesus the Apostles under guidance of Peter and later on, also their other followers preached his teaching throughout the world. Each spiritually opened man could further improve and grow receiving their knowledge. Thus, the teaching of Christ originally intended only for the chosen nation passed also to other nations - the Gentiles - who accepted only idols and the polytheism.

The belief into one God spread throughout the world.




How may a present-day man - a materialist recognise that Jesus was really the Son of God? There were written many books about his life which offer opposite notions about him as well as about God. Either he is introduced as a supernatural personality or, on the contrary, they made of him a common man who implanted within him superhuman abilities by yoga and secret teachings. The purpose of this was, of course, to deny the fact that he could have these abilities within himself, out of his Divine Nature. In this way, only those who were not familiar with the religious history and the ancient prophets announcing the coming of the Son of God centuries beforehand could write about him. Thus, his action on earth was not a chance happening but it was a deed of the Creator planned in the long term.

A sincere seeker who really wants to recognise the truth will find it both in the Old and the New Testaments. Through thorough study of the Gospels, that is the record of the Jesus' life and teaching, he will understand that even though all Gospels describe the same stories each author explains them from his own point of view. And it is through these various views that a reader will finally approach to the each time clearer image of Jesus as a real person full of truthfulness and persuasiveness.

The whole Bible – the Old and the New law – is the collection of “God’s word”, which brings the spiritual knowledge to that man, who lets himself lead by the spirit when reading and not only by the reason, which doubts about everything. But it does not mean we should gain the knowledge violently, even if the spirit is not able to gain it. The man should take only that, what has persuaded him, other doubts should be left for later. He will learn the truth in the right moment, even if from different source. But there is one condition – the man has to want to. So the seed of the truth remains in his mind and it will open to the new knowledge in the certain conditions.


Jesus’ missions weakened the darkness on the Earth, but not liquidate, because the Jesus’ teaching was gained only by the minority of people. The darkness weakened his mission for the next two-thousand years. It distorted the meanings of Jesus’ verdicts and actions, to make him inadmissible and incomprehensible for next generation.


For the Darkness to dissuade yet those who indeed believed it "made" of the Church representatives persecutors and murderers of believers. Evil and hatred at the killing and torturing in the times of the crusades and the inquisition gives evident proof that dark spirits incarnated into the Church. Indeed, an ordinary man and even a representative of the Church would not have been able to commit such a cruelty that perverse spirits did in the name of God. No one even suspected that it were incarnated dark spirits and fallen angels who acted in this way with the aim to divert people from God. The Darkness really managed to reach its goal. Victims of these crimes bear the traces of the suffering in their subconscious and just for this reason many of them became atheists in their next lives. 




From the present-day point of view sayings of Jesus and his teaching in general may seem very simple even naive. It cannot act on us so astoundingly like it did on people living at that time because we belong to another generation. Besides, we already know his truths in various forms put into many kinds of art or philosophic trends for two thousand years. However, during the period of his ministry these were new truths which no one before him knew in such a complex way and explained them so simply and clearly. In truth, Jesus told much more things than that being written down. This is also the influence of darkness that only a minimum of that has been preserved and written. But even this little contribution has born fruit later.

Why was Jesus speaking in parables? Many explain this in such a way that people of that time understood them better in that form. However, their true purpose was completely different. Jesus himself said to his Apostles that he had to speak so that those who should not have understood might not understand. Then, he explained the meaning to disciples or to quite large groups another time. From this it follows that the role of the parables was to hide something not to make it more comprehensible. Who should not have understood?

Jesus felt by whom he was surrounded every time and what he could give. When he was not harassed by Lucifer he was constantly surrounded by his servants - dark spirits and dark people as well trying to imitate Jesus or on the contrary, trying to dishonour him. In the Gospel according to Luke 8.10 he says by himself: " ... but to others (it is given) in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand."

He warned against dark people in this way (Mt 7.15 - 16): "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits."

He reminded his listeners not to let themselves deceive by a nice behaviour of those who repeated his sayings and added their own truths therein. Fruit, that is their deeds, turned out to be covetous, false later on because their goals were to seduce people, to get rich and to gain power. During the ministry of Jesus a few false Messiahs appeared at several places and they also performed miracles. The purpose of their miracles was to attract people so that when the true one came they would consider him to be the false. Therefore, at many places, he was outstripped by false prophets - fallen angels who spread his future sayings so that they would not be new for people at the time he would arrive. When Jesus disclosed that he became cautious and started using parables in the presence of dark people.




Spiritual educated Jews, so the Sadducees, Pharisees and lawyers, reproached Jesus, he met the tidesmen and tax-gatherers, who cheated the people, and the adulterers and immoral women. He answered them:  The healthy ones do not need a doctor, but the ill ones do”.

Jesus saw every day that these simple sinners tried to change after receiving his words, they tried to restore, and honestly regretted the wrong they had acted before from the ignorance.

The truths of Messiah were unpleasant for many people; they were bad to listen; they even engendered discords and controversies. Thus, Jesus did not spread peace and love by his teaching because he brought to light what was well hidden till then and what would not be known. Suddenly, Darkness also appeared among religious representatives and in almost all families as well. Jesus knew which would bring about his truth; therefore, he said:

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth." (Mt 10.34)




He compared his mission and himself to the sower, because he had come to sow the truth.

1.The sower went to sow. As he was sowing, some grains felt on the road, the birds flew down and ate them. 2. the other ones felt on the rocky ground, and germinated after short time, because they were not deep in the ground. 3. but when was the sunrise, the sun burnt them, because they did not have a deep root. 4. the others felt into the thorns and stifled themselves. 5. the next grains felt into the good ground and brought a rich crop.

1. Those, who received only a little bit of truth into their hearts, from those it was taken by the darkness, because of their doubts. 2. the others received his words immediately, without thinking. 3. but when the problems and persecution came, they turned away. 4. for those, who had a lot of earthly problems, the teaching “stiffed” and remained without benefit. 5. who understood the teaching correctly and made it happen in the real life, for that one it brought a rich crop – the eternal life.

In the next parable Jesus talked about why the Creator does not remove the wrong immediately.

1. A good man sowed a barley on his field. 2. when the people were sleeping, an enemy came and sowed the weed among the barley. 3. the servants asked the lord, if they should root out the weed. But he answered them: “ No, you could also root out the barley. Let both grow till the harvest”. 4. In the time of harvest, the lord told his servants: “Firstly collect the weed and burn it, then bring the barley into my barn”.

1. The Messiah brought the Truth to the Earth. 2. Lucifer sent the dark spirits among his messengers to inhibit the spreading of his teaching. 3. Messiah warned his messengers to not remove the dark ones from their surrounding, till the light ones did not mature and become stronger in their conviction, so they did not let themselves to seduce by darkness. Therefore the light and the dark ones have to mature together through many lives till the term of the harvest – the judgement. 4. At the time of judge, those, who damaged the spreading of the Truth, will be destroyed. The others will live in new empire on the Earth, or in the paradise – in the spiritual Realm.


At the time of judgement, everyone will have hi own set opinion, and it will not be difficult for him to separate from his relatives if they are not homogenous spiritually.




"A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house." (Mt 13.57) Jesus' own family did not recognise his true nature because they perceived only human tokens. They were not able to notice that Divine nature which saw and felt his followers. By this saying he wanted to give people hope not to become weak in their faith when they would be underestimated or insulted in their families and surroundings.

Crave and you will get!Jesus gave the people the advice to ask for the help the Highest One – the Creator, when they are unlucky and have problems, which are not able to solve on their own. Through the honest request for the help they will contact His helpers and the problems will be solved. A man gets the inspiration how to solve them.

"Seek, and ye shall find!" (Mt 7.7, Lk 11.9) People shall constantly look for the Truth. If they do not look for it they will not find it and they become easily victims of those who lure away to wrong ways. To look for means to be active when accepting new things and not to succumb to blind faith and superficiality.

Knock and they will open you”. A man should ask for his rights in many ways. He should not give away what belongs to him. If it is not possible in earthly way, he has to ask for the help the Creator, who often helps, but sometimes in different way how the man awaits. He will understand the meaning of this help later.

When Pharisees asked Jesus which rule is the most important one in the life he answered that the golden rule is as follows:

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." (Mt 7.12) The depth and the greatness of this saying can be appreciated and understood only by those who accepted the Law of Reciprocal Action. Otherwise, it could seem absurd to them since in the majority of cases the opposite principle is practised on earth - the good is rewarded by the evil. Whoever gives out the good is being considered as a fool or a weakling.

Dark human spirits do not know the Law of Reciprocal Action and thus, they do not understand why they should do good to people when they are better off though, they do evil things. Even though they consider Lucifer to be their God because he indeed rules on the planet from which they came in the Judgment and after death as well they will be subject to the Laws of the Creator. Everything what they have done to others has been woven by the substantiate beings in the shape of threads which will lead them into spheres of sufferings and disintegration after death. They will bear in a multiplied measure all, which they committed. Therein lies the justice which is not obvious at first sight.  He who understands and accepts the golden rule in the purity of his heart he grasps thereby the purpose of the eternal life. Who, indeed, would do evil to himself?




In the next parable Jesus explains the importance of mutual forgiving.

A lord had a servant and lent him a lot of money. The servant could not give it back to him, so the lord decided to sell him and his family. The servant asked him to wait and promised he would try to give back the money as soon as possible. The lord took a pity on him and forgave him the debt.

After that the servant went to his friend, who was the servant too, and exacted from him the money he had lent him long time ago. The friend asked him to wait, because he did not have any. But the servant did not agree with that and denounced him. When his lord gathered about it, he asked him: why did you not forgive him as I did? Now you still owe the money to me.

Similarly the Creator forgives the people the sins and guilts when they regret honestly and desire for change. We also have to forgive those, who regret their guilt toward us and try to change. In this way we can get rid of the karmic fibres which connect us with them and send back to Earth.

Who is the highest among you, will be your servant”. The cleverest and sagest ones should not keep their knowledge only for themselves or to profit from it on their own, but they should give it to others to help them to grow and improve. They should get the honest respect for this sacrifice, otherwise they would make the dupes from themselves, who are exploited by everyone. Therefore the goodness cannot be weak and inflict.

In the majority of cases, people on earth do not appreciate those who are more advanced spiritually. Often, they treat them as the incapable or even the worst. Jesus speaks about that in the Parable of the Tenants in the Vineyard:

1. "There was a certain householder, which planted a vineyard, and hedged it round about, and digged a winepress in it, and built a tower, and let it out to husbandmen, and went into a far country. 2. And when the time of the fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the husbandmen, that they might receive the fruits of it. 3. And the husbandmen took his servants, and beat one, and killed another, and stoned another. Again, he sent other servants more than the first: and they did unto them likewise. 4. But last of all he sent unto them his son, saying, They will reverence my son. But when the husbandmen saw the son, they said among themselves, This is the heir; come, let us kill him, and let us seize on his inheritance. And they caught him, and cast him out of the vineyard, and slew him. 5. When the lord therefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he do unto those husbandmen? They say unto him, He will miserably destroy those wicked men, and will let out his vineyard unto other husbandmen, which shall render him the fruits in their seasons. (Mt 21.33 - 41)

1. The Creator gave the Earth to people for them to work there. 2. When people were maturing he was sending them prophets who should have educated them spiritually so that they could return to the Paradise as the eternal spirits. 3. However, people did not listen to them, slandered them and killed them. 4. They made the same with the Son of the Creator - Jesus - they killed him. 5. Therefore, the Creator will destroy the darks in the time of the Judgment and He will hand over the Earth to those who will be worth living on it.

Lend everybody who craves you or give him so much according to your possibilities”. If you help only those, from whom you await giving back, you do not have any merit. It is not the act from love. However we should distinguish and do not lend that one, who exploits it every time.

Who is devoted in small matters, that one is devoted in big ones too. Ho is not honest in small matters, that one is not honest in big ones too”. In this case Jesus prods to make everyone to try to be good and honest also in small matters, because otherwise he will not be able to be honest in the big ones. It is necessary to start immediately and to not wait for big opportunities.

I did not come on my own, but my Father sent me”. Jesus explains he did not determine his mission and his life on Earth by himself, but he obeys the will of his Father.

Who keeps my word, he will not see the death evermore”. Jesus says, who lives in the harmony with the God’s Truth, the spirit of that one will never disappear and will live forever after death as the personality in the spiritual Realm – in the paradise.

"Whosoever shall seek to save and love his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it." (Lk 17.33)  Jesus thought of those who clinging to earthly values excessively would be rid of the eternal life. Those who do not fear for sacrificing their lives - material bodies because of their faith would gain the eternal life. However, not everyone must prove his faith by premature and violent loss of his physical body. This is only inevitable in certain critical situations during the persecution, wars and disasters.

Who does believe in me, he does not believe in me, but in that one, who has sent me – in the Greatest One”. Jesus proved by this verdict that even if he is the Divine son, he is only the mediator of his Father, who is above him.

"To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth hears my voice." (Jn 18.37) The purpose of Jesus' life was to bring the Truth and the knowledge of the Eternal Laws to people. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species everyone who took the right course or at least, tries to do this understands and accepts the Truth easily.

The confirmation of the fact that the Creator does not accept either prayers or the spiritual education if they are not accompanied by identical actions is contained within the saying: "Not every one that says unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." (MT 7.21)

The next verdict proves this demand too: Everyone who listens to my words, but does not make them happen, is similar to the dumb man, who built his house on the sand. The rain and wind will destroy it soon”.

About the devotion, with what the simple people, materialists and sinners followed Jesus, says the following story about Zachei in Lucas’ gospel:

Jesus went through the town of Jericho. A man called Zachei, the main taxer and a rich man, desired to see him, but he could not, because he was of a small figure. So he climbed on the dry fig-tree,and diced with death. When Jesus came at that place, he looked above and said: „Zachei, come down, because I am going to eat in your house today“. He climbed down quickly and received him with a great happiness. The people did not like that and grouched:  he visited a sinner. But Zachei stood up and said: “Lord, I will give a half of my property to the poor ones and if I cheated someone, I give back to him four-times more“.

Jesus knew, Zachei would do what he said, therefore he claimed: „The salvation has come to this house today, because the Saviour came to save what was lost“.




How did Darkness affected the Jesus' mission? Lucifer was constantly observing him since the very childhood. Because he could not hurt him personally he did so through other people. He and his servants unceasingly inspired his closest relatives and friends that he is but an ordinary man who did not need either help or respect. The result of their influence was that everyone has abandoned Jesus and he felt lonely. He had almost none real and sincere friend who would have liked him as a human and would have felt for him. He only had admirers and enemies. There was the very little number of those who were able to overwhelm the dark influence and who were his real sincere and loyal friends.

When he found the apostles this did not mean that the tempter gave up the intention to hurt him. He constantly provoked misunderstanding, discords and quarrels. Therefore, also his closest disappointed him from time to time not knowing why. However, Jesus knew that and therefore, he always forgave them.

Judas was the only one of the Apostles who was a little bit educated and intellectually the most advanced one. Thus, he cared for their finances. It was his well developed brain which caused that only he was addressed by the Lucifer's idea to betray Jesus which floats above the heads off all Apostles for a long time. Thus, the wisest one became the worst he sold his Lord and thereby, he destroyed his mission.


What a pity that people do not realise better the harmfulness of the over-development of the intellect to the detriment of the spirit and that they do not believe that Lucifer and his darks also gain their influence with men in this way at the present time. Not all ideas originate in the human intellect.


Under influence of the Darkness also the Apostles failed finally when scattered at Jesus' capture and imprisonment as well in all directions; when denied him fearing for their lives. Even though Jesus knew from where this fear and apprehension comes their betrayal hurt him. In the Gospel according to Luke (22.31) he complained with sighing: "Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat."




Lucifer proved to have influence with the majority of men even closely before Jesus' death. He showed that they really obeyed more dark inspirations than the light. When Jesus prayed to the Father so that He could save him from the death by crucifixion God made use of His Power to prevent it. He whispered to Pilate who kept him in prison through his guardian spirit that Jesus was innocent and that he should set him free. Pilate heard this inspiration and he really would let him out. His wife either advised it to him since it is said he had bad dreams. Pilate sensed that the Jews hate Jesus for his greatness, therefore; he wanted to prevent an innocent man from dying. Even though he had the power of releasing Jesus as it had been whispered to him yet he did not do that.

The influence of the Darkness manifested its power and inspired him an advice so that he might not assume responsibility for this case. Finally, the Pilate's free will which could not be hindered by anyone accepted the dark proposal to leave this decision to the crowd, to the Jewish people. He, as a Roman citizen, would not interfere with matters of the Jewish religion. He did not know the Jesus' teaching by himself; therefore, he was not his sincere and loyal follower or his opponent. Under influence of the Darkness he decided to ask the people to choose by themselves whom he should release whether a criminal Barabbas or Jesus. Dark spirits and people present in the crowd and among Sadducees chose Barabbas. When Pilate would know which should he do with Jesus the turbulent crowd repeated what he was inspired with: "Crucify!" Thereby, many of them did not know Jesus at all but without any hesitation in mass hysteria they shouted the same as the rest did thus completing the work Lucifer's. Unfortunately, also their works. They did not even suspect how much they changed their next lives by this decision. The last chance given by God came to naught - Darkness won over Jesus' body.

The Highest One did not make use of His Omnipotence fully. As He was able to heal chronic and incurable wounds through His Son so could he cure his wounds. But, what would have been the use of it when Pharisees did not accept Jesus as the Son of God and the expected Messiah? No miracle would have prevented them from depriving him of the life again and again, a hundred of times, though because Jesus threatened their posts and their entire being by his influence. Each God's intervention for the rescue of Jesus would have been like playing hide-and-seek. After being healed he would have been attacked again with the intention to kill him. To maintain Jesus living would have been of no use - he already fulfilled his mission as good as he could. Since his influential helpers - the three kings failed he alone or supported by the Apostles would not have defended himself. Therefore, God - the Father left him to die even in pain for people to recall this crime over centuries and not the Jesus' sacrifice as many believers emphasise.


Since Jesus has been always connected with the Father, He also lived through the suffering during Jesus' dying. Indeed, the Son is the Father, thus, God at the same time. The Creator sent out a part of Himself in His Son. Thus, people killed God to whom they are grateful for their being.


If Jesus had died a natural death his mission would not have been imprinted in human subconscious to such an extent as an innocent crucifixion. People needed his death more than his teaching for his greatness is build upon his innocent crucifixion especially. The Creator knew their baseness and propensity for tragic events; therefore, He sacrificed the suffering of His Son for his mission could really help seekers to awake them from the weakness and ignorance of the spirit.




No one in the vicinity of Jesus avoid the influence of the Darkness - not even the purest one of the human spirits - John the Baptist. Also, his life bears witness that the darkness works intelligently and patiently. Although John saw a white dove and heard God's voice at the Jesus' baptism after a time, he started doubting the authenticity of his vision. This is shown in the text written down in the Gospel according to Luke (7.19): "And John calling unto him two of his disciples sent them to Jesus, asking, if he is that man that should come? Or should they wait for another?" These doubts impaired not only John's but also Jesus' mission. How could have doubted that who only saw the sign? It happened so only under influence of dark inspirations which were constantly convincing him that his vision was only a phantom and that the true one would come later. Even he did not know well how sinisterly Darkness worked.

It planned also his death. John the Baptist pilloried publicly the king's moral lapse that he "had stolen" the wife of his own brother. Thereby, he induced hatred of the king's wife who, in this way, formed a homogeneous negative path for receiving the inspiration of committing a crime.

The queen required the head of John the Baptist through her daughter who could express any wish before the king. For Herodes, the wish seemed to be a crime because he appreciated John; however, when wavering the darkness acted on him as well. He was inspired that he could not refuse what he had promised once because he would have dishonoured himself before others. Out of this vain and selfish reason only he had John the Baptist beheaded. This act weakened Jesus' power and self-confidence because he sensed also his near end. The firm thread of their mutual support severed.

Why is Lucifer called Antichrist? Jesus got the surname Christ, that means Messiah or chrismed. He was the Saviour, for whom the chosen nation had waited. Because Lucifer destroyed the Christ and still tries to destroy his work and his next followers, he is called Antichrist, so that one, who is against the Christ.


Chapter 16 : The Son of Man


 It has already been mentioned that the Jesus' Apostles were common and uneducated men. Without intellectual comprehension, they recognised intuitively that Jesus is the expected Messiah and therefore, they became his substitute helpers without hesitation. The spiritual purity and goodness formed the only homogeneous thread which bound them to their teacher. Their inferior intellectual maturity was surely an obstacle, which prevented the understanding of some connections sometimes. Many a time, Jesus complained with sighing among them: "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now" (Jn 16.12). The inauspicious consequence of this gap was that after his death, the Apostles spread the contradictory and confusing facts and concepts unwillingly. They could be explained in a similar manner as the present-day laws - be it in one way or another way. Fortunately, only a few errors passed to the Bible; therefore, they can be explained.

Those who read The New Testament encountered a person - the Son of Man whose ambiguous identity must have stared in the face of an attentive reader there. One time, Jesus is speaking about him in the first person as if Jesus himself were him and another time, strangely, that even in the same sentence - Jesus describes him in the third person as somebody else. If we acknowledge Jesus' wisdom and his Divine origin then, how is it possible to associate this contradiction with his own ignorance and thus, with the divergent opinions about this person? Would Jesus who knew the Eternal Laws and explained them in a clear form to be understood easily have spread errors unconsciously or intentionally in particular?

According to the Gospels it seems that Jesus does not know for sure whether he will come again or it will be somebody else in the person of the Son of Man. It is sad that the greatest teacher of the Truth has been so degraded as if he did not know what he was speaking about sometimes. The second possibility that the Apostles would not have understood what Jesus told them is out of question despite his statement of their incomprehension written down in the Bible.

Namely, the New Testament was not written by Jesus himself but by his followers who draw only on the interpretation of the original Apostles spread by word of mouth. It should be recalled what distorted the pieces of information about an accident which took place only a week ago one gets. Is it to wonder if the truths which were not completely clear even during the Jesus' life were distorted after many years of spreading by word of mouth? And thus, Darkness managed a new explanation to appear because of this vagueness: Jesus is the Son of Man and he would come to the Earth again. This opinion was also spread by other Apostles after Jesus' death.

The Darkness succeeded in its intention. When the true Son of Man came no one recognised him because everyone expected the repeated return of Jesus.

In the Bible in the Gospel according to John 14.28, there is put down how Jesus told his Apostles before death not to cry for him because he would return to the Father: "If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I". In Jn 16.10 he says: "I go to my Father, and ye see me no more". Thus, it is clear that he left forever.

However, his repeated return can be also explained but in another connection. Jesus mentioned his Apostles that he would appear to them after death. Therefore, he said before death that after he left he would come. We read it in Jn 14.28: "Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe." If the Apostles should have seen his coming only in the times of the Judgment when the coming of the Son of Man is foretold to happen he would not already have reminded them of that during his life. Indeed, during the Judgment he would not have been living for a long time yet.

Closely before death he says in the Gospel according to John 16.16: "A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me." Thereby, he clearly indicates that his second coming will not take place in the times of the Judgment in two thousand years but it will happen in a moment - shortly after death which really happened then. After three days had left, he really appeared as a spirit - thus, he came as he had promised.

The only Apostle Matthew understood aright that the Son of Man is not Jesus since he mentioned him in the third person at most. Every time he spoke of him as of somebody else. Jesus claimed that he was the Son of God. Why would he have called himself the Son of Man as well when he only knew that the Son of Man is the Holy Spirit - Imanuel?




Let us look at the person of the Son of Man; what role Jesus ascribed to it and what the Gospels tell about it. First of all, he said that the Son of Man would come in the times of the Judgment because his first task would be to judge the world. He would perform this by means of the Word by which he would prepare mankind for the Judgment.

This is his first task. In the Gospel according to John 12.47, Jesus claims that he only came to redeem the world not to judge it. Thereby, he separated from the task of the Son of Man: "And if any man hears my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world." Unfortunately, this is being refuted in many passages in the Gospels when the Apostles replace the Son of Man by Jesus. Therefore, everyone must understand by his own examination when Jesus and when the Son of Man is being described and which version is right. And this can be only found out on the basis of connections and the general meaning and not only by words. The only error lies in the substitution of persons resulting also in the substitution of their tasks.

According to both prophets and all Gospels the second task of the Son of Man is the next coming "in the clouds" in the times of the Judgment. This sign will remind of the beginning of the Judgment Day - a world-wide natural catastrophe.

The third task of the Son of Man written down by the prophets and the Gospels resides in his eternal rule on earth as the only ruler and God over all nations.

Since only injustice and evil rules in this world so far, it is obvious that the rule of God did not begin by Jesus' death yet. Therefore, Jesus cannot be identified with the Son of Man who is to come as the king to the Earth later. Nor appeared the signs in the sky thanks to which people would believe in the Highest Power yet. A few disasters already happened but not in connection with the sign in the sky. Thus, the second task of the Son of Man is not fulfilled yet. One task of the three mentioned was already fulfilled - that the Son of Man came to the Earth closely before the Judgment.




Before death Jesus announced his Apostles the message which was only written down by John in his Gospel from 14th to 16th chapters (abridged text from 16th verse of the Chapter 14):

"And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him."

(Jn 14.26) "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."

(Jn 16.7) "... for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth."

Who carefully reads these words must have understood that another person whom nobody had known on earth two thousand years ago and not Jesus would come. According to the Bible, it should have been the Holy Spirit whom the Creator Himself and Jesus after his return to the Father would send. We already know from the knowledge about the Creation that the Holy Spirit is Imanuel - the Son of Man whom Jesus mentioned Apostles many a time. At that time, Christians did not know yet that the Holy Spirit is also the person of the Godhead even though they acknowledged his existence. They should have recognised him as a person only in the role of the Son of Man - the Spirit of Truth when he would come as the Judge of mankind at first, closely before the Judgment.

Less than two thousand years after Christ's death, he really came inconspicuously to the earth as it is mentioned in the Bible in many passages. His coming should only have been noted by those who were on their guard - the spiritually awakened. Unfortunately, there were not many believers within because they did not notice him. They still expect the coming of Jesus assuming that the Holy Spirit is not a person but a figurative notion.




The Son of Man came to the Earth in a similar way that Jesus did once - in a human body, thus as a man and not as an invisible spirit or an apparition. Unlike Jesus, he did not only speak about his Truth but he also wrote a book. Thereby, it should have been prevented from the distortion of his words by the Darkness. He wrote about sin, justice and the Judgment thus about things which the Son of Man should have brought. Unfortunately, his work was only appreciated by a few men and even there was a lesser number of those who also understood it. Therefore, the author implies an enigma for the most readers even though he clearly explains his origin in the book - that he is the Son of Man, the Holy Spirit sent out directly of His Father - the Creator. If someone had not believed in his origin he could have confirmed himself in this opinion by the work... Indeed, he writes exactly about that which Jesus announced about the task of the Son of Man:

{C}-       {C}he explains what the Judgment is,

{C}-       {C}he clarifies what the sins and the justice is,

{C}-       {C}he continues in the mission of Jesus because he fills in it but in a new form; he points out the distortion which the Darkness brought about in the sayings and deeds of Jesus.

Moreover, the Son of Man as the Spirit of Truth explained people which are the true nature and role of the Grail we already spoke about. Thereby, false opinions prevailing about this notion till then were brought to light. His work is called "The Grail Message" since the vessel of the Grail keeps up the Primordial Power - the Source of Life in the entire Creation. Not knowing its nature and tasks, man cannot understand the creation of the world, the Eternal Laws and his life as well.

Loyal and faithful servants of God and Jesus, as many deep believers like to call themselves, had the opportunity to recognise the true Son of Man either by means of his writings or by means of his statements about his identity. His book can still be bought in common bookshops - thus, it is not inaccessible nor is it being hidden. Unfortunately, they did not recognise it even though they say they know the Bible and direct themselves by it.




Let us inspect more closely the Son of Man who, according to the Bible, came as the Spirit of Truth to the Earth. He was born in Germany, in the city Bischofswerda, Saxony in 1875. His civil name was Oskar Ernst Bernhardt. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species he incarnated into the most spiritual nation which was the German one and not the Jewish at that time. While he did not know his spiritual origin and his task, he became acquainted with the world as a writer. He was writing travel books and short stories and he visited many countries and continents.

When he was 46 years old, his task for which he incarnated to the Earth was reminded to him through a medium. According to the Bible, media, fortune telling, spiritism and all the means of connecting to the beyond as well are not allowed. It is so just for one reason - in this way, people contact dark spirits who are more abundant on earth and in the astral world than the light quite easily. However, in this case, the medium was acting under influence of "a higher messenger" who should have pointed out that the direct transmission of the message - the contact with the Creator would occur.

This reminder from another world was necessary because his originally designated messenger was lured away by the Darkness - he simply "forgot" about his task. Although, the Divine Envoy - The Spirit of Truth sensed his task inwardly he was not self-assured enough because he was not aware of his origin. Therefore, the first impulse for his awakening had to come unexpectedly from another world in order not to be destroyed by a dark influence. Later, he warned by himself against practices like that in his work for a similar reason as the Bible does. After this reminder through a medium, the direct contact with the Father - the Creator occurred. He was announced his Divine origin and his task on earth - the mission was explained him.

Like in case of Jesus and prophets, "his spiritual ear has opened" and thus, he was receiving ideas and topics from the Creator he should have written of. Then, he sorted them and put them into contemporary forms. Isaiah writes about Jesus (50.4 - 5) that it really went like this (abridged): "... in the morning he (The Lord) wakeneth my ear, that I may hear him as a master. The Lord God hath opened my ear, and I do not resist: I have not gone back." Jesus confirms this in the Gospel according to John (14.10): "... the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works."

The fact that the Spirit of Truth would be connected with the Father in the same way is mentioned by Jesus in the Gospel according to John (16.13): " Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come."

After that the Son of Man - the Spirit of Truth had accepted his mission he started to give lectures and write about the sins of mankind, justice, truth and the Judgment. The spiritual channel which was closed on purpose before opened so that he could directly draw out of the Father’s Source. He had to be disconnected until he became mature for his task and recognised people and the Darkness acting on him. Many listeners of his lectures disliked his words. He condemned the human spiritual indolence and superficiality too straight and resolutely and even outrageously sometimes because they would not abandon their distortions and errors and did not seek to understand the new and clearer explanations.

He has also brought the new knowledge which was present only in fragments in some religions and teachings till then. Only he who came directly from the Creator could describe the Divine Realm, other spiritual worlds and their creation as well. The only one who opened the gates to these heights but he did not managed to leave them more ajar was his predecessor - Jesus. After him, the Son of Man could only give a complete and a clear explanation of the purpose of human life and of the origin of man like that. So far, he gave men as much information as they should have understood and absorb till the times of winnowing before the Judgement. More pieces of information would have confused them and their true nature would be left unnoticed.

The messenger who should already have prepared mankind for the coming of the Son of Man 14 years earlier was lured away from his task like his helpers were. Even though he was active in the spiritual field and wrote books he has not written about the most important fact: who the Son of Man is and when and why he will come. Based on his teaching, his followers even founded a new spiritual movement - anthroposophy. It was like being fairy tale - a servant put on clothes of his master to outdo him and so that the master could not be recognised then. He has not done this out of his own impulse because a higher spirit is not capable of the wickedness like that. He did not suspect that he became a figurehead of the Darkness. Lucifer directly interfered in the channel through which he gave deep insights into the Creation. He offered people more than they could absorb and accept. The purpose of this excessive dosage was for him to tell more than his "master" and to be the first one in the unveiling of new pieces of knowledge. Finally, the Darkness by itself blocked the edition of many books of him. Indeed, the Darkness would not really people to educate spiritually it only wanted the servant to be raised over his master for people not to recognise the true Son of Man. It almost succeeded in this.

Even though the Spirit of Truth wrote fewer pages than his messenger he gave more complete explanation about the Creation because he only provided with information which man should know till the times of the Judgement. His "servant" was not able to convey his insight in a clear, simple and meaningful framework like his master because it did not originate in his own experience; everything was mediated to him. However, the Spirit of Truth knew all his worlds and the Realm of his Father personally. He possessed the ability to remind of any world plane in the Creation and to remind of the past, the presence and the future as well. He was capable of choosing the crucial things of the multitude of phenomena.

As a result of the failure of his messenger the coming of the Son of Man really became inconspicuous as it has been foretold in the Bible. Not one Christian Church recognised him even though he is directly announced in the Bible as the Spirit of Truth. It is sad that the Church did not learn from the faults of the Jewish nation who had expected its Messiah - Jesus longingly but when he came and introduced himself it did not recognised him. The same repeated in the case of the Son of Man. Since he differed from other people and spoke differently as Jesus did they did not accept him because they envisaged him in some other way.

Which principal would maintain such employees in his firm that they would not accept his son even though he had announced his visit beforehand? And Church would keep on claiming that it serves God when it did not recognise and accept the Son of Man whose it has already been expecting for two thousand years.




The Son of Man was born for the first time on earth three thousand years ago as the prince Abd-ru-shin in the region of present-day Middle East. Even at that time, a thousand years before the birth of Christ, Darkness possessed such a power that it destroyed the original God’s intentions. Thanks to his superior abilities Lucifer recognises each Divine Envoy and his task sooner than he awakes to fulfil his mission from which Lucifer dissuades him deliberately. As a former Archangel he remained clairvoyant to much greater extent than a clairvoyant man. He makes use of this ability to lure away an unconscious Envoy from his helpers and thus, from the aim of his life - the mission. At first, Lucifer tries doing this inconspicuously but if the Envoy does not want to set off on a distorted path or if he discloses traps that Lucifer set he will experience Lucifer ' s supernatural abilities, power, hatred and evil through which he will act upon him.

Lucifer knew that the Creator came on earth to recognise people and to found an ideal Millennium so that he might acquire experience when he comes as the Messiah of the Millennium on earth. The Lord of Darkness wanted to thwart his apprenticeship. Therefore, he attacked him since the very childhood so there was no other possibility of saving the child as to kidnap it from the parents' house and to bring it up in seclusion. This task was well performed by the primordial spirit Ishmael (Elijah, John the Baptist) incarnated on earth at that time.

By the time of being adult, Abd-ru-shin went to an unknown country in the region of Nile where he founded an empire which he directed according to the Eternal Laws. He gained the reputation of a powerful, rich and just ruler which spread far away beyond the borders of his kingdom. Thereby, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species he induced either envy and hatred or respect and affection of neighbouring rulers unintentionally.

The name Abd-ru-shin indicates his origin. It means the Son of Light, thus, the Son of God. The ignorance about the meaning of this name dissuades some potential readers from his books today because they assume that he is a propagator of some Arabic spiritual movement. Sooner than prince Abd-ru-shin died treacherously murdered by the Darkness, he managed to accomplish but the most important thing: to prepare Moses spiritually for his leadership - to lead out the chosen nation out of the yoke of the Egyptians. In his instigation, Moses left the pharaoh’s court and went to the desert to find himself and to find the connection with God.

During this first incarnation on earth the Son of Man had to acquaint people and the Darkness. Except for other tasks, he had to know perfectly all planes and worlds in which he rules. Therefore, a part of himself wandered about the Creation and a bigger part of his being remained in the Grail Castle acting as the King of the Creation.

All Divine and Primordial Beings who incarnate into the Material World with a mission follow the same scheme of incarnation. Only a smaller part of their spiritual cores severs itself and clothes itself in required soul-cloaks to be able to act as an ordinary man in the World of Matter.

During his second incarnation on earth in this century, the Son of Man, as the Spirit of Truth, took the first earthly name Abd-ru-shin and also, he published his work the Grail Message under this name.

Jesus has mentioned that the Spirit of Truth "shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine (teaching)" (Jn 16.14). Thereby, Jesus indicated that his successor would correct wrong interpretations of his sayings and deeds which had been caused by the Darkness for two thousand years.

By dint of the Eternal Laws Abd-ru-shin really clarified the errors to which the Church and various spiritual movements have been clinging so far. Thus, he became "the enemy" of the Christian Church like Jesus who, too, was not accepted by the educated Jews of that time. They have almost had two thousand years to redeem their faults in their next lives so that they could be forgiven.

However, the denying and blaming the Son of Man - Abd-ru-shin cannot be forgiven for there will be no time for that. The culprits will have no further lives for the remedy of their faults till the Judgment. Therefore, Jesus told that the sins committed against him may be forgiven but those committed against the Holy Spirit may not. This is written in the Gospel according to Matthew 12.31: "All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come."




Why, indeed, the majority of men did not take to heart the work of Abd-ru-shin "The Grail Message"? The only one recurring cause - the interference and the influence of dark forces yet magnified in the period of the Judgment prevented from doing this. The Creator being aware of the power and the destructiveness of dark forces having acted upon the prophets and His Sons sent a great many helpers who should have helped Abd-ru-shin in his mission to be successfully completed.

One may never forget that by the descent of the Earth from the plane of planets directed by the Creator the Earth got to the zone which is hostile towards God - to the zone of dark planets. Therefore, it is not possible to help there from above otherwise as through the earthmen in the present time. Those can only fight the Darkness by a homogeneous manner - a material one. However, the treacherous Darkness had been removing one Abd-ru-shin’s helper after another because it knew human weaknesses and faults well. Lucifer succeeded in doing a marvellous masterpiece. Not only he dissuaded almost all Abd-ru-shin’s helpers from their tasks by negative suggestions but also he "turned" many of them into his enemies who were doing harm to him actively and hindered him in the mission.

What should have consisted their help in? It was not a difficult task. They had to surround him to create together a mutual psychic and physical wall - the protection against the attacks of the Darkness so that they could be stronger. Thus, their leader could contact God without any interference of this connection through the Darkness. Since the power of fallen angels was more cohesive it overwhelmed the split among Abd-ru-shin’s helpers who were falling one by one like skittles at direct hit. They excused their weakness towards the Darkness so that God should have protected them, though if he had chosen them for this task. They could not understand that by the united effort they could only form a strong and impregnable wall which should have parried treacherous blows of Lucifer. The Envoy needed a homogeneous, thus material help on earth. The spiritual acts of help from above cannot oppose the material and earthly tools of the Darkness according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

Thus, Abd-ru-shin was left almost alone in his mission like a tree branches of which were cut-off so that it could not grow. The Darkness deprived him of everything - people, friends, job and money so as not only to fulfil his task. Abd-ru-shin wanted to work so that he could support the family and alongside his job give himself to his mission. Even though it sounds incredibly the Darkness "has stolen" also this opportunity.

Particularly for this reason, many true helpers were well-off to help him in necessity as the three kings should have cared for Jesus once. Clairvoyant Abd-ru-shin knew their previous lives and their guilts and he also knew their tasks and reasons for which they had gained wealth in that life. However, they were using it only for themselves; they were not ready to his hand when necessary. The only prop to him in the hopeless situation were the parts of his Triune - common-law wife Maria - the Rose from the Isle of Roses and daughter Irmingard that is the Lily from the Isle of Lilies who incarnated with him on earth.

In the years 1923 - 1937 Abd-ru-shin worked on his books to fulfil what he had promised his Father. As a result of the failure of his helpers, he knew that his work would not pervade masses but it would remain hidden for a handful of the chosen ones who, also without advertising, would find a way to it by their own search according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

During the writing of the Message, gates to the world which Abd-ru-shin came from started opening to him. In 1929 he made his origin public. He affirmed that he is the Son of God - the Holy Spirit - the Son of Man. This public proclamation should have served such a purpose that the Church might recognise the expected Son of Man and, at the same time, it might have the opportunity to check his identity by his work which had already been known in the form of lectures. The consequence of this confession was the hatred of the Church and the further falling off of helpers even out of the handful of those who considered themselves as friends and followers.




Lucifer supposed aright that by depriving the Divine Envoy of everything he would pose a rightful challenge to his task and origin among the helpers. Finally, Lucifer inspired them with the doubt whether he, after all, could be the Son of God when God allowed the injustice like this. "He must be an ordinary earthman who is being punished by karma“, the sent helpers gave their opinion on him and gradually, the most persevering ones were falling off. When he explained them that this was not karma but the Darkness which had deprived him of everything to block his mission they were even more disappointed by his "naivety".


Abd-ru-shin’s helpers awaited, the Son of God would act in completely different way on the Earth as the current human being. They thought, he would spread a strange enthralment, the gold rays would shine around him, or he would have the gold aura above his head. They felt disappointed, when he was cold or angry. They did not connect that with the idea of a perfect God. Because Jesus’ shiny Unsubstantiate heart „blinded“ materialistic people and caused the tension and hate in their inside, Abd-ru-shin did not incarnate from the Unsubstantiate Imanuel, but from the part of more material being, Parsifal. So his Unsubstantiate divine heart got more packed and became more inconspicuous to be closer and more similar to the people. But the people of the 20th century wanted the unearthly being, who should persuade them about his origin by the miracles and supernatural behaviour.


The Son of Man – Imanuel could exhibit only in his homogenous Divine or Primordial Spiritual Realm, where all had more gentle packages and where the divine heart shined more visibly. Despite of that, his diviness and excellence exhibits in his ability to see the past, the presence and the future all at once. He can concentrate his sight on one detail or human-being and to know its nature. According to hid need he can see either the part or the whole creation.

The spiritual size of the God could be understood only partly, and only thanks to the homogeneity of the spirit. So only those, who live in his level, can appreciate and understand him. The other lower worlds and parts appreciate him only because they know who he is. Wherever he appears, he has to receive the homogenous packages to make himself visible and active. So he has to become outwardly the same as the inhabitants of particular levels.

Abd-ru-shin’s earthly helpers were looking for an outer difference within him which was precisely not possible. If they had immersed themselves in his work they would have understood his spiritual greatness but their superficiality prevented them from doing this. They wanted to acknowledge him in their own way. They demanded of him the healing and proving of supernatural abilities. As it was not the part of his mission at that time, these abilities were blocked, veiled within him.

Despite the fact that it was already his second incarnation Abd-ru-shin felt like a foreigner on earth. He did not know many human features and their weaknesses were alien to him. His distinction and spiritual purity which often manifested itself as naivety or, another time, as rightful severity lowered him in the eyes of his friends and acquaintances. They did not know that regarding its origin, a human spirit cannot grasp a higher spirit because it is prevented by the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Therefore, among people, he aroused both admiration and natural respect or, on the contrary, misunderstanding, underestimation and hatred.

Abd-ru-shin successfully finished his work and the book should only have been spread among people. However, the helpers did not particularly recover at that time. The long time self-sacrificing work accomplished under big personal conflicts and sufferings which an ordinary man cannot envisage in particular did not bear as much fruit as the tree could yield. Because of the loss of his helpers the German public did not learn what a man was being hidden from it by the Darkness. However, this was the most important task of the helpers - to bring to light the spiritual leader of the nation. This did not require the superhuman effort at all. They should have acquainted people with the importance of his work and to point out his value by the press and in the lectures. Many of them were educated and occupied influential posts. Since no one knew about him the public could not accept his warning voice seriously when he draw its attention toward Hitler’s dishonest intentions. He was the only one who recognised this Envoy of the Darkness.

People succumbed to suggestive catchwords and false promises of Hitler and thus, the dark leader dragged masses to his side whereas the light leader stood in shadow without any attention. Hitler distorted the original spiritual depth of German people connected with humbleness into the very opposite - he induced the vain feeling of superiority to others among them. Under his influence, they carried out things which they would not have done in other circumstances. However, particularly those who did not show the true leader to the nation were bearing the responsibility for the faults of people and many innocent victims of the war!

The chosen nation which should first of all have understood the work of the Divine Envoy and spread it throughout the world thanks to its spiritual maturity did not hear about it at all. In fact, by failing of the helpers the entire nation let down because the true leader who should have lead it spiritually remained unknown and the false leader took the power. Instead of threading the way through the new spiritual knowledge and the transformation of the personality the German nation became the world-wide terror because it gave rise to a dreadful war.

The first act of Hitler when leading the country was to prevent Abd-ru-shin from the publishing and giving the lectures. He kept him under constant supervision of Nazis. Finally, when he would send him to a concentration camp taking great pains, the Creator overwhelmed the negative influence among authorities who decided then so as not to happen this.

What else could the Divine Envoy experience on earth where dark forces rule? That which the others have also experienced - the constant struggle with the Darkness and the mistrust of people. Despite being disappointed many times, Abd-ru-shin gained enough listeners who were attracted by his lectures and the book as well. He had not been managing to answer a good many questions in the form of letters from the whole world; therefore, he wrote another book "Questions and Answers". At the age of 66, Abd-ru-shin prematurely departed this life.

The Son of Man, the co-maker and the keeper of the life in the whole Creation, emitting yearly the Primordial Power which is necessary for the human existence remained refused and misunderstood as his brother Jesus sometime did. In spite of this fact, people will keep on crying unceasingly that God is responsible for all the evil which they encounter; although, they refuse His help by themselves. Thereby, the Creator, sending out His two Sons, sent Himself to release people from the power of Darkness to which they fell by themselves.

Like Jesus, Abd-ru-shin, sensing his near death, passed the baton of the last help before the Judgment in his work "The Grail Message" to the Primordial Being Swanhild - the Swan Maiden who incarnated for this aim on earth nine years after he had passed away. At the end of the lecture "The Primordial Spiritual Planes VI" Abd-ru-shin writes:

"Now many of you will probably understand why, at the time of the most sacred fulfilments on earth, when the Rose and the Lily work on earth, there is also the Swan Maiden from the Isle of Swans needed as a connection, in a physical body prepared for this purpose, in order not to leave a gap in the swinging."


Chapter 17 : The Book Sealed on the Back


The Grail Message has already been published all over the world under name "In the Light of Truth". Both titles clearly indicate what the book contains. It brings to light all errors luring people away from the course to the Truth and causing them sufferings and downfalls. The illumination, the disclosure, of Darkness is for many people difficult to accept because they already got used to their distortions.

The Grail Message announces the forthcoming Judgment in which only that being new, that is, true and useful will survive.

In the Bible, Jesus announced that the Spirit of Truth will lead people into all the Truth, into the cognition of sin and justice. The entire Truth means the knowledge about the structure of the whole Creation according to the Eternal Laws. A man can recognise a sin only then if he recognises his own faults and shortcomings. If he is not aware of making mistakes he cannot surely improve himself. The justice according to the Spirit of Truth means that those living in compliance with the Eternal Laws will stay alive after the Judgment. The Judgment is only a punishment for the dark, for the rest it means a release from the injustice and oppression.


He who understands Abd-ru-shin's work is only able to realise the greatness of his spirit. His work only bears witness to his eminence. However, there is a big difference between reading and understanding of his work. Many have read it but a few of them also understood it even though they assume that everything is evident for them. A reliable key for the recognition of this distinction is the attitude towards the author's origin. He who fully understands the work accepts the author's Divine origin but he who does not understand it doubts the origin of its author. The work is on purpose written in such a way for those who do not understand not to believe either because Abd-ru-shin does not admit the blind faith but one's own conviction only which must be based on the understanding of his work.


If the Message had been written in a plain and simple speech terms dark people would have understood it immediately and would have tried distorting it as they had done with Jesus' sayings and deeds. Indeed, under effect of Darkness, the errors in the religions which became unacceptable for the majority of mankind arose. To prevent the abuse of the Message it is arranged so that it may only be read and understood by those having pure hearts and slightly distorted opinions which can still be bent towards the right direction. One shall say that by its language, the book is sealed against the Darkness. He who reads it by his intellect, without the participation of the spirit, cannot pass more than a few pages or, at best, he thumbs it and puts it aside. Mostly, these people maintain that the author has not brought anything new; that he is a religious bigot and dogmatist who only criticises everything whatever and moreover, he also "curses" people.

Another group of men would be able to absorb the knowledge of the Message but the dark spirits dissuades them from doing that and suggest them doubts on his Truth and the author which they accept as if being their own.

Those only who have maintained the sense for the Truth in their lives will discover page by page the spiritual wealth which will awaken and strengthen their spirits and will contribute to their straightening up.

How is it possible that the same book acts so differently? The only explanation occurs to oneself it is the Living Word. It changes, unveils or hides things according to the person who reaches for it. He who is not to understand will never comprehend even when he reads it thrice. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species opens the book for those who are able to come into homogeneous contact with its word and closes it for those inhomogeneous ones. The Envoy directly coming from God the Son of God can only write the Living Word. Similarly, Christ's sayings are alive and clear until now for those capable of perceiving by the spirit. For others, they appear to be unintelligible, meaningless and even empty.

Does this mean that The Grail Message can only be read by spiritually mature people? This is not how it should be understood. Abd-ru-shin has brought the knowledge for little developed spirits, too. However, they must dispose of homogeneous prerequisites for that pure and open hearts, that is, the apt spirits for the drawing on the clear source of the Truth. A materialist, too, receptive to the spiritual knowledge can develop his spirit by the gradual education.

Even though individual chapters of The Message are named as for the content, they are not compact. The details which complement the chapters are "scattered" throughout the book for the reader to fill in and assemble the mosaic of the new knowledge by himself. Thus, he is forced to strive spiritually whereby his spirit is developing and growing. Therefore, it is natural that man is not able to absorb all the knowledge when reading it for the first time and initially, he refuses some information thereof. After further reading, he understands more things, also those which he would not accept before because their meaning will gradually become clearer. At the same time, he will find out completely new details which he did not notice before at all.

He who only reads some chapters will not be able to profit from this because he will miss some connections. The book is arranged in such a way that the reader may gradually progress from the most simple knowledge to the superhuman one. Only he who has read it at least three times knows that it cannot be grasped completely. With each new reading, fresh images will come to life before his spiritual sight like open windows into the secrets of Creation. By gradual progression of the spirit, the seals break open one after another.

To those who feel hurt and offended by The Message the author talks by himself: "Severity is a part of the purity, love and justice. There where one of these qualities is missing the severity must be hurting as there must be something out of order."

Finally, the Son of Man came to the Earth in the role of a judge, counsellor and rejoicer as well. As the Judge, he points out the faults people commit in their ignorance. As the Counsellor, he advises how to get rid of them. As the Rejoicer, he gives hope for the destruction and the removal of the Darkness, and of founding of a new kingdom. And because he is the Spirit of Truth he illuminates and attacks all that which is untrue.

Imanuel and His activity in Creation:

{C}·         Imanuel in the Unsubstantiate Realm is the Unsubstantiate Son of God, the Holy Spirit, the Creative Will and the person of the Unsubstantiate Godhead.

{C}·         Imanuel in the Divine Realm is the King of the Divine Grail Castle.

{C}·         Imanuel in the Primordial Spiritual Realm is the Son of Man Parsifal, the King of the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle

{C}·         Imanuel in the World of Matter is Abd-ru-shin the Spirit of Truth, the author of The Grail Message.




Almost each sentence in the book The Grail Message is the statement which awakens, stimulates and enhances a spirit eager for the knowledge. I will present but some of them:

1. I am serving God and not people. Therefore, I give what do people good and not only that which they like.

2. Most people assume that there is no other meaning of their lives on earth as to gain the property and to found a family.

3. A wish is of no use for an action to be accomplished; the real volition is only the beginning of a deed.

4. The biggest enemies of man are: the expedient intellect and the spiritual indolence.

5. People can serve God by that which has not come to life during the ministry of the Church by their own reasoning and searching.

6. The nation which allows its women to become like men is destined for the sequential doom.

7. The real love does not care for that which the other likes and which is pleasant for him but it will follow that which does him good.

8. He who wishes only good and his thoughts are pure has already found a path to the Supreme Being.

9. Since the Laws in Creation take effect automatically by the power against which people are completely powerless it is obvious that man should know them.

10. By the improper indulgence you foster the faults of close relatives and friends and enemies as well thus allowing their further downfall.

11. You have made a religion out of every God's Message which was a fault. You have put the religion on a higher grade than the everyday life. Thereby, you have separated the God's Will from the life instead of uniting them.

12. You shall not worship the God's Message but to apply it.

13. Let not people who attained an adequate grade of the spiritual knowledge presume that they are doing a God pleasing deed when they offer this knowledge to everyone around to augment the ranks of God's followers in this way. The seekers only deserve help!

14. Each spiritually free man evaluates new pieces of knowledge according to what they bring and not according to who it brings. Gold remains gold forever be it in hands of a prince or a beggar.

15. Justice is love and love only resides in justice.

16. The intellect and the intuitive perception vanish there where already nothing natural appears, the truth either.

17. The sense of beauty manifests hitherto hidden knowledge of perfection.

18. In the advancement of its own culture alone lies true progress for each of the peoples! This ascent must be based upon its own soil, not through adopting foreign things.

19. The right harmony comes into existence through the difference of nations, not through the effort for their uniformity.

20. The spirit should be connected with the intellect in a right measure, thus, in such a way that the spirit might rule. The intellect should search for opportunities which the spirit wants to accomplish in matter.

21. Learning is not good for the soul, because the man leaves everything learned on the Earth after death, together with the body, because the brain and the thoughts are material. To the other word the soul takes only the experiences and the sentiments.

22. Only the impossibilities call for the blind faith. Because if something is possible, it encourages to the own thinking.

23. Where is the Truth, there the thinking and the feelings come to word together, simultaneously.

24. Every spiritually free man values the new knowledge according to what it brings and not according to who it brings. The gold is all the time the gold, even if it is held in the hands of the prince or the beggar.

25. Justice is the love and the love lies only in the justice.

26. The right way could be found only through the questions. The apathy or violent repression is similar to the slavery. But God does not want to have the slaves.

27. The teachings and religions, which call for the blind faith, are dead and harmful at the same time.

28. The thinking and feeling tail off only at that time, when nothing is natural, when there is no truth.

29. The sense for beauty is the exhibition of hidden knowledge about the excellence.

30. Only the elevation of the own culture is the real progress for every nation. The progress has to be built on the own basis, and not by the receiving of the outside.

31. The real harmony in the world is created by the variety of the nations and not by the effort to make all nations to be similar.

32. The spirit has to be connected with the reason in the right way, so the spirit should rule. The reason should create the possibilities, which the spirit values to make real in the mass.




Jesus saw before the death, his enemy – Antichrist, would continue in his devastating work, in perversion of Jesus’ statements and acts. Therefore he asked his Father for the next help, for sending of the Spirit of Truth, so the mankind would not be left without the spiritual support. Except the Son of God, no other spirit would be strong enough to give away the opposition of the darkness on the Earth. Therefore only the next son of the Creator – Imanuel, could be the Spirit of Truth.

Besides the task of the Judge, his another duty was to purify Jesus' teaching from erroneous explanations which the Church under influence of the Darkness had accepted and spread. The Spirit of Truth Abd-ru-shin as the Son of the Creator disposed of the right to criticise errors of the churches and to liberate the God's Truths from distortions. Thus, a part of The Grail Message is formed with the explanation of different kinds of vagueness, supernatural aspects and gaps which are considered to be taboo by the Church - the God's secrets. Let us analyse at least some of them; the reader can learn about the other in the very Grail Message.

1. By Jesus' coming to the Earth, the Isaiah's prophecy has been "applied" to Jesus' body. Isaiah, as the only one of all the prophets, mentions the Messiah and His Eternal Kingdom on earth with the name Imanuel, namely in the Chapter 7, verse 14: "Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel". This name is emphasised in further lines, too, in the Chapter 8, verse 8: "...O Emmanuel ". In spite of a completely different name, the Church interprets this prophecy as having been fulfilled by Jesus' birth.

Imanuel cannot be identical with Jesus, because Isaiah writes in the chapter 7, verse 16: Before the boy knows how to despise the wrong and choose the good (so during his childhood), his countryIsraelwill be destroyed. The Lord will make to happen the days, which had happen never before.“ This prediction of the catastrophe did not fulfil during the Jesus’ childhood, because these terrible days should happen during the childhood of Imanuel, who will come to the Earth again as the next ruler of the new empire. 

Despite the fact that Isaiah in his book evidently makes distinction between Imanuel as the ruler of the Earth and Jesus as the servant of the Lord, interpreters of the Bible fused both persons into one. It is obvious that this erroneous association has only occurred because the tasks of the Son of Man are ascribed to Jesus as well. Thus, Jesus not only became the Son of Man, but also Imanuel.

Because through Imanuel’s rule the justice shall be introduced on earth, that is, "the Kingdom of God", the scriptural scholars claim that since the death of Jesus whom they identify with Imanuel the Kingdom of God has already been subsisting on earth. Fusing of both persons the church public had to accept a self-delusion that we are already living on earth as in the Paradise.

Isaiah mentions Jesus with the name the Lord's servant. His mission was to bring people the Light the knowledge, and not to rule on earth as a king. Isaiah wrote on his task in the Chapter 42, verse 6: "I the Lord have called thee in justice, I have given thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles: That thou mightest open the eyes of the blind... "

Jesus, like the Spirit of Truth, Abd-ru-shin, have only brought a spiritual knowledge which should be followed by those wishing to live to see Imanuel's rule. And it will only be in the forthcoming Millennium.

2. The immaculate conception of the Son of God Jesus is a taboo which is being avoided with sacrosanct awe as a sign of the Omnipotence of God. According to the church interpretation, Mary conceived without a man, this is, without the earthly act of procreation. According to the Eternal Laws, it has already been clarified which phases precede the birth of a man. Moreover, we know that the Creator, like the author of a computer program, cannot ignore certain principles, the Eternal Laws either, even though being their Creator. Therefore, Mary had to conceive with an earthly man. And this is how it happened.

Her life had been planned in a completely different way but the Darkness changed it. The conception was accomplished according to the God's intention. Mary fell in love with a young Roman officer who, "by chance", passed through her birthplace. In spite of the open animosity between the Jews and the Romans, both of them sensed a pure and sincere love which sought its fulfilment. They had met secretly, hidden for the human sight in the forests, and, in the purest flash of feelings, they displayed mutual love out of which Jesus arose later on. The Roman promised Mary that after the accomplishment of his military duty, he would come back and would take her to his place, to Rome. Mary agreed to be waiting for him.

However, dark influences were stronger than the action of light spirits because, in spite of the mutual desire, they never met again. Every time, when the Roman came to her birthplace Mary was away as if it were "a chance". Both of them were disappointed and unhappy with this. They did not know that they were the victims of inferior forces which sought to destroy their love and its fruit - Jesus as well. When mother noticed the pregnancy of her daughter Mary confessed that she loved a Roman and that she would remain an unmarried mother until her beloved would appear. Mother was afraid of the disappointment and thus, she had been convincing her not to wait and to get married as soon as possible. At that period, being an unmarried mother was a shame and disgrace; she could even be stoned to death. This was the goal of Lucifer to thwart the pregnancy.

Ultimately, Mary submitted to mother's choice from despair and married Joseph. When, after the search for her, the distressed Roman found out that she had married he appeared no more. For the rest of their lives, both of them were living with broken hearts because they could not forget about their pure love despite the disappointment. Thus, Jesus was of Roman blood after his father and of Jewish blood after his mother. That is why he substantially differed by its appearance from his fellow countrymen, the Jews. The tempter knew very well that Jesus' mission would have taken another course and effect if he had awaken into his mission as a free Roman citizen with a good repute of his father.


According to the God's intention, Jesus' mother should really have got pregnant without a husband as an unmarried woman, for her pregnancy to be as pure as possible, that is, not to contact men at that time. She would not have been dishonoured if she had met his chosen one occupying a highly respected post. If the tempter would not have thwarted their dates which should have resulted in the departure to Rome and the wedding the predictions of prophets that the Redeemer would be born in Bethlehem had come true either way. In the same way as they got together under God's influence there would have been found the reason for which the husbands would have left to Bethlehem for Jesus to be born there.

No prophecy mentions that Jesus would have a stepfather. Joseph should only have maintained her repute when the tempter had thwarted the dates of the couple in love. When the Darkness could not be overcome by a pure love the God's love won at least there was found a stepfather who believed an angel and his mission towards Jesus. The birth of Jesus out of the earthly parents does not contradict his Divine origin. Surely, the parents only supply with the body. The Holy Spirit with whom, according to the Bible, Mary is said to have conceived entered into her fleshly embryo in the middle of the pregnancy. In place of a human spirit the God's Spirit incarnated because Holy means God's.

3. The cult of Jesus and Mary. In the Christianity, emphasis is put more on the person of Jesus than on his work. Many Christians know the legends, miracles and stories of Jesus' life better than his sayings apart from their practice in ordinary life.

Despite the respect towards his mother, Jesus never said that people should pray to God through her. The cult of Mary arose in consequence of the distortion, distraction of the attention from the Creator, ignoring His First Commandment. The worship of Mary is the idolatry which has widely been got established among people since a long time ago. It has been caused by the inability of men to connect with the Supreme Being lacking a clear conception. Jesus knew of this weakness of their and therefore, he offered them a possibility of praying to God through him, too, because he is His Son, that is, God Himself. Many passages of the Bible involve statements claiming that he who believes in him believes in God. However, Mary was never mentioned in this context. Therefore, Mary should be held in adequate respect which only relates to her as an earthly mother of the Son of God.

Many may object that Mary helped them out of trouble. It is possible. Mary, as an eternal and perfect human spirit, feels and perceives all supplications and renders them to the Creator and his helpers so that they can be fulfilled. However, this is not her task but that of Jesus and Imanuel only because they form an inseparable part of God. The Unsubstantiate Part of their Divine Core, as it has been mentioned before, never severs from the Father; it always remains connected with Him even if they are acting as independent creatures or human beings. The only thread of the Son of God with the Father is the Unsubstantiate Part which cannot be separated; therefore, he is constantly submitted to the Will of the Father. Thus, the Son of God is really God. In spite of being God, he esteems his Father and acknowledges Him as the Supreme Being.

How the Son of God does differ from the human one? The human son is not connected with the father spiritually, he has got only the body from him. Therefore he has not to be subject to the father’s will. The son of God does not have the other connection with the Father, only the Unsubstantiate part, which could not be separated, therefore he is still subject to the Father’s will. So the Son of God is the God. In spite of the fact, he is the God, he appreciates his Father and values him as the Greatest One.

4. Besides miraculous healing, there are other miracles based on the transformation of matter connected with him, for example, the multiplication of bread and fish and the change of water into wine. Abd-ru-shin explains the event, recorded in the Bible, when Jesus managed to feed thousands of listeners with seven loaves of bread and a few pieces of fish in such a way that Jesus engaged their attention with his words so much that they did not feel either hungry or thirsty. This is only a figurative rendering of feeding of a hungry crowd. Almost everyone must be familiar with the feeling of full concentration when he feels neither hunger nor thirst.

These miracles mentioned in the Biblical text are a work of the dark principle with the goal to divert rational men from the true Jesus' mission because "common" sense could not accept them. Therefore, they only remain myths by means of which people wanted to stress Jesus' Divine origin. Indeed, if Jesus would really have been capable of the transformation of matter he could have come down from the cross or change hard nails to soft ones not to feel the pain.

5. The Resurrection of Jesus after three days has already been foretold a long time ago. Jesus himself, too, had promised it his Apostles before the death with words that he would leave but a little while later, he would come again. After three days, he appeared indeed. However, he did not appear in his material body as some believers would like to explain it because this is not possible according the Eternal Laws. At that time, another Jesus would have had to live on earth to perform such things with his body as Jesus had managed to carry out with Lazarus before to make his body rise from death. As nobody like this lived on earth Jesus had only to appear as a soul. More proofs in the Bible bear witness to this alternative:

- After death, Jesus came to his Apostles through a closed door. If he had come in a material body he could not have passed the material barrier the door. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species allows of nothing like that and finally, Jesus did not perform this during his life either.

- Those who have seen him directly after death have not recognised him immediately. That is to say, they have only seen a spirit; therefore, they doubted initially whether he or some other spirit or angel came. Only when he spoke to them they believed that he is Jesus.

From given facts it follows that Jesus appeared as a soul in the astral body which has been seen more or less clearly according to the development of one's ethereal sight. The astral body being finer and more permeable than the physical one cannot take firm and distinct form. Therefore, Jesus' features could not be recognised immediately.

As the Apostles saw Jesus with ethereal sight so talked they with him through ethereal voice and ears. Mostly, the awakening of ethereal senses occurs in a state of deep emotions, for example after the death of beloved persons.

Thomas touched the wound in Jesus’ astral body by the astral hand, not with the material one. According to the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species, he could not feel physically the astral wound. Similarly, the people do not feel when the souls of their dead relatives touch them to console them, because the touch of the soul is not homogenous with the mass – with their bodies.

- As it is written in the Gospel according to Luke, the Chapter 24, verse 44 Jesus told his Apostles after his apparition: "And he said unto them, These are the words which I spoke unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me... and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day:" and then: "And he led them out ... and blessed them. And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven."

Thanks to its lightness, his ethereal body could lift up and disappear in the higher spheres of the Earth. To the Creator has only been lifted Jesus' spirit invisible to the Apostles because men cannot see the spirit, only the soul.

6. The Crucifixion of Jesus. In the second part of Isaiah's prophecy in four songs there is Jesus mentioned as the Lord's servant. The prophet states that people will reject, disgrace, thresh and pierce him and that it will come to pass for sins of people. Under effect of the Darkness, this last part of the sentence has been interpreted so oddly as to lure people away from the truth. In this case, the cause has been replaced by the consequence. There was adopted such an explanation that Jesus came to the Earth to be crucified because through his death, he could only redeem the sins of people.

However, according to Abd-ru-shin, Isaiah had only to warn that Jesus would die for the sins of people. He should not have announced that Jesus would deliver them from their sins through his death or, even that he would redeem them in this way. Jesus could only release them from sins by the knowledge which he had brought so that thanks to this, people would understand the causes and consequences of their guilts. It should be realised that, according to the Law of Free Will, everyone bears the consequences of his actions by himself, no one else can carry them. Nor could the Son of God redeem them otherwise as through the offering of their understanding.

Jesus really came for the sins of mankind to the Earth, that is to say, in consequence of human sins. If people would not have invited dark spirits he had not had to come. Therefore, he also died as a result of the sins of mankind but without intention to cancel them by his death. If it had been true that through his death, he erased these sins peace, love and justice would already have ruled on earth for two thousand years. Since people suffer in the same way as they did before it means that he did not cancel human sins.

Along with Jesus, the Creator sent many helpers to prevent from his foretold cruel death. Jesus accepted his task from his Father being aware of that if his helpers failed he would have to suffer a dreadful death. Closely before, he hoped that it would not happen; therefore he pleaded his Father for taking that cup of suffering from him as it is written in the Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 26, verse 39. If Jesus had believed that through his death, he would have redeemed the sins of mankind he would have accepted the death resignedly. Surely, he would not have prayed to his Father on the cross so that he might forgive people their crime: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" (the Gospel according to Luke 23.34) or he would not have "reproached" his Father: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (the Gospel according to Mark, 15.34). Thus, if his death should have helped people he would not have pleaded for the forgiveness of their wrong action nor would he have felt disappointed because of that his Father had "abandoned" him.

Isaiah’s prophecy about the refusal and the stab of the Lord’s servant, what the lawyers knew about, should warn them to not let it happen. It was not an excuse of their crime. Jesus said about the Spirit of Truth, he would be refused. But the people received him all over the world, even if not the massively. The refusal means, he is not received by the majority. So the Jesus’ death could be predicted, because the Lucifer’s power was strong, but the prophecy should warn the Jews about it. The helpers, incarnated for that aim, should inhibit his power.

7. The expectation of the repeated coming of Christ. By replacing or fusing, respectively, of Jesus' person with the Son of Man, the Darkness succeeded in maintaining of this error, not only in the Gospels but also in the Bible, which has brought and will bring fatal consequences for mankind. With Jesus' turn into the Son of Man done by the Church, the identity of the true Son of Man has been lost and the Church will again and again wait for Jesus as for an expected guest who will never come.

Those who contributed to this mistake will come in his name and they will mislead people with his sayings, miracles and promises only to gain the power and their trust.

Regarding the Judgment, Jesus warns in the Gospel according to Luke 21.8: "Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name ..."

The seduced ones do not realise that with denying the true Son of Man they rid of the existence in his future Kingdom. Thereby, they sell their souls to the Envoy of the Darkness who will introduce himself in the name of Christ or as his admirer or representative.

In spite of the fact that the Gospel according to John 14.17 26 contains a long text about the true Son of Man in which he is mentioned as the Spirit of Truth, there are many spiritual movements which do not accept the Trinity. They deny the Holy Spirit being the person, too, who came on earth as the Spirit of Truth, the Judge, the Counsellor and the Rejoicer. Thus, they only show their narrow-mindedness and also manifest the fact that the Darkness lurks among them. Denying the Holy Spirit as a person and interpreting of the given text in the Bible in such a way that it is only a figurative notion there is to be denied the real delegate of the Son of Man Abd-ru-shin. The Darkness maintains this error further on for people not to recognise and accept the true Son of Man in the future, yet expected events.

Why does the Darkness care about that so much? In reality, it is more than evident:

The ruler of the new kingdom - the Son of Man - Imanuel will destroy everything what is dark so that peace and justice may definitively rule on earth.

Why should the Darkness give up beforehand? Until the very last moment it will be hiding the true Son of Man who shall become its conqueror. Since Jesus will not come any more he cannot be the direct enemy of the Darkness and that is why his person is stressed and emphasised.

If the majority of believers finally accepts that Jesus is not the Son of Man Darkness will immediately be able to reorient and will proclaim his servants to be Imanuel's envoys. Some dark leaders have already started using certain expressions and notions from the Message; they mix them with Christ's sayings and also, they perform miracles and heal.

In the same way as the experts of the Old Testament did not recognise the expected Messiah Jesus even though they met him and his teaching as well so did the experts of the Bible not recognise the Son of Man the Spirit of Truth at this time although, he manifested himself in a similar manner as Jesus did before. He was not criticising the faults of the Church because of the dishonour of the Church but he did so for the awakening of its representatives from the spiritual superficiality.

If the Church admitted his faults and errors which Abd-ru-shin had carefully pointed out initially it would manifest that it cares for the real recognition of God, not only for the worldly influence. With the silence and the refusal of the Son of Man the representatives of the Church proved that their position in society is more important for them than the God's Truth, that is to say, they are only the servants of people, not of the Supreme Being.


Chapter 18 : The Eternity



Every man is lead from the childhood by his relatives to improve in everything. And everyone tries more or less. He beautifies his body by the hygiene, making exercises, food and clothes. He furnishes his house and looks for the nice things. He brings the excellence and beauty to the spheres of soul, too. He tries to improve his characteristics and abilities, he fights with the negative tendencies, he adapts to the ethic rules and educates. When he reaches his desires – the status, property, family – he becomes a favourite and successful man in his surrounding.


Close before the death, but usually even sooner, during the life, this satisfied man finds out his satisfaction is only apparent. In his inside he is pressed by the unconscious fear and tension, sometimes also by the regard that once, everything what he strives for the whole life, will disappear. His apprehensions are rightful. Through the improvement of the body and soul, the packages of the spirit were developed, which are really subject to the extinction. This successful man usually did not have the time to gather he can influence the extinction by himself, therefore he thinks he has to make up with the end – the extinction and do not think about it.


So he avoids loneliness and a silence in whole life, because at that time these repressed ideas are coming to the surface and want to answer the question: what is the sense of the improvement when everything will disappear once? Because the man does not find the satisfactory answer, he represses the unpleasant feelings. To make them not become visible, he is working hard, having fun, watching TV, doing sport, - to not stay alone with these feelings and forget them.


In the calm moments, a desire is rising from the subconscious- to live as long as possible, even eternally, but a man represses this idea by the reasonable arguments immediately – this is not possible. This discrepancy harries him. His inside hankers for the eternity, but his educated reason claims different: eternity does not exist, only the extinction does. Therefore use the time until it is possible. So he looses the time by having fun instead of looking for the answer, where does the desire for eternity come from. He does not know it comes from his spirit, who cannot come to life, because the man does not believe the spirit does exist.


When you ask this man why did he born, he says to be satisfied or because his parents wanted him to born. He does not know he wanted to born by himself and his parents only helped him to make his desire to happen.


Almost everyone from us is influenced by some opinion about the life after death, even if he often does not realize that. Even he thinks there does not exist anything after death, or his soul comes to the heaven or to hell. Someone believes he lives for more times, but he does not know when his repeated lives come to the end.






 What is the eternity, the eternal life, actually? Present-day man would like to know all causes and consequences so that he could believe or make sure. For him, the heaven, hell and purgatory are the conceptions conveying nothing particular although, they picture the eternity figuratively. However, they lack clear explanations so that rightful doubts and mistrust arises. How, then, is it possible to illustrate the eternity? In the same way as one gives an explanation of all spiritual processes and notions through the Eternal Laws. The greatest obstacle for the understanding of the eternity is ignorance of repeated lives on earth.

Surely, the belief in one life is a clear evidence of injustice not matching the God's perfection

Let us take the following case as an example: How can a mentally retarded man attain to the perfection having only one life in which he is able neither to understand nor to do anything? Why, then, was he born? If anyone had had to choose only one life to become perfect he would not have decided for a life like that. However, if it had been God who had determined this, a man would have felt disappointed and hurt that he particularly had got the life like that. He would have worried about a tormenting question: Why is it me who shall be like that? However, each circumstance has its roots being a key to the knowledge. Even though one does not know the cause one divines its presence. Therefore, one asks about it. In this case, it resides in a "muddled" previous life of a given person. Surely, we already know that everyone was given the same at the beginning.

Let us come back to the period, when a man started to live his first life. We know he did not inherit the spirit from his parents, but that the spirit comes from the Creator’s radiation. In the form of clot, this radiation came from above downwards and various worlds and germs were created from it.

A spirit-germ being small initially grows into the human appearance and gradually, it fills the entire soul and body.




The spiritual germ comes from the Divine Realm to the Spiritual Realm as the unconscious one. From that place, according to the Law of Motion, it sinks through the Realm of Animistic Substantiality and it does not realize itself. Here it gets two packages, which help it to wake up to the conscious life. There develops a flower from the first package, which protects it against the outside influences. And from the second package, a child – the soul is developed. The infant soul matures in the higher ethereal worlds thanks to the loving care of female beings. In the lower parts of ethereal substance, it contacts with the male sitters and teachers, too. In every level, the spiritual germ gets the homogenous package. Therefore the human soul has more packages as we said at the beginning. All of them have to develop to the human image. So in the first phase of the development of spiritual germ, the soul of the human image is forming.

Till manhood, the soul matures when coming through the gross material worlds, where it gets thicker and heavier packages. When it comes to the lowest planet of the mass - to the Earth, which is the heaviest and the most massive one, a very important turnover happens in the development of the spirit. He receives the thickest package – the material body and becomes a human being. He gets a lot of lives as the present, to have enough rime and possibilities to improve his spirit.

Till then les developed spiritual germ starts to wake up and grow in the material body thanks to the hard impacts. A man has to fight for life with the climate conditions, with the nature and its animals, with the diseases and other dangers. The development of his spirit is influenced also by the psychical impulse – the development of speech, the misunderstandings with people, fatal bangs, the fight with darkness and so on.

At the beginning the spiritual germ is very small, but as it comes through more lives, it grows to the human image and gradually fills the whole soul and the body.

After each earthly death the spirit in the form of the soul is waiting for the next incarnation in the astral world in which, according to the Law of Motion, he proceeds with his development.

The soul regularly returns to the Earth into the material body until it develops its spirit-germ which, thus, becomes an independent spiritual personality directing both the soul and the body. This can be achieved only when one becomes conscious of having the spirit. While one does not know about this living a material and psychical lives, that is, for physical needs and worries in particular one cannot or one does not manage to develop his spirit adequately. The time ordained for his development is limited specifically; it is not infinite. The Earth is the most important place in the Universe because it is here that the further existence or the destruction is being decided. A spirit faces two possibilities:

{C}·         either he returns to the Spiritual Realm after the accomplishment of the spiritual development as an eternal personality,

{C}·         or, on earth, he is annihilated during the Judgment as being incapable of the further spiritual development.

Thus, the material body is the most strenuous examination for the spirit. The spirit either develops to such an extent that it gets the soul under control or it lets itself to be in control of the body and the soul. Today we are standing at the edge of this period.

Like a man, the Earth has also its spirit who must mature until a certain time. During its development the Earth gradually rids of its material cloaks in the course of the disintegration. There is no other place for completion of the development of the man who does not manage to develop his spirit on earth until that time. With the disintegration of coarse matter the ethereal substance also decays.




The man who accomplished the development of his spirit out of a small spirit-germ into a conscious spiritual being which has occupied his entire soul and body has achieved the goal and the purpose of his lives - his spirit-germ became the eternal personality capable of living also without the body and the soul.

He goes to the homogeneous milieu to the Spiritual Realm. Crossing the higher material worlds he gradually gets rid of soul-cloaks which he developed having descended downwards. At this process, he refines his further abilities because he had no opportunity on earth of manifesting and activating them. With the development, the spirit becomes more radiant and brighter. Thereby, his finer and finer soul-cloaks get burned automatically. After he crosses all gross material worlds he traverses all ethereal worlds alike as the conscious being who returns from a long journey enriched by many pieces of knowledge and experience which marked him and imprinted him the seal of uniqueness.

In the Judgment, in which we live right now, the Ethereal World is being destroyed and therefore, a spirit-germ must be developed enough so that he can ascend, "fly", to the Spiritual Realm after death.

Upon entering behind the threshold of the Spiritual Realm he also passes several levels as far as he stops at a certain place where he, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, "settles down" as if being home. He becomes a welcome member of the new world in which only perfection prevails. Here, the spirit also loves but much more deeply and sensitively than on earth and without the need for physical contact because his love erupts directly out of the completely developed spirit. An earth-man cannot even picture to himself the bliss of the spiritual love because he is hindered by the body, soul and yet little developed spirit.

If all processes of the spirit-development would not occur automatically according to the Eternal Laws in which there is anchored no possibility either of violating or of favouring a not completely pure spirit could slip into the spiritual worlds and provoke chaos and imperfection as is the case of the material worlds. Therefore, the Eternal Laws operate accurately with inexorable justice. It is the safeguard of the security in the spiritual worlds.




After departing each earthly life, the spirit of man experiences a would-be judgment. In the presence of his guardian spirit whom he perceives as a light or a radiant figure "the film" of his life is projected to him. He lives through all happenings and events which were important from the standpoint of his spiritual development. In addition, he also recognises consequences which other people have been caused joy, help, but also suffering, illness or death. He faces particularly these things which he was not able to or would not realise and accept objectively. Through the judgment, the spirit of man gains the complete lesson from his previous life because he perceives the purpose and consequences of his incentives and actions. Within everyone, this view awakens the sorrow with his faults and, with the feeling of deserved "reward" or "punishment", he goes either to the astral world or higher to the Ethereal World guided by the threads of substantiate beings. There, he continues in his development by reactions of karma either through the atonement or through further development and education.

A more developed spirit comes to the decision on his next incarnation (embodiment) by himself but with the help of higher spirits who coordinate his life with the destiny of his future parents. A less developed spirit is submitted only to the decision of higher spirits. At each incarnation, the soul veils itself with a material body bringing about the oblivion of one's tasks, faults and guilts. If man on earth evolves only on the outside, at the level of the body and the soul under exclusive rule of the intellect he will forget about all intentions and tasks he resolved in the beyond. The spirit being neglected cannot recall them according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

In spite of this fact man realises many resolutions but only thanks to being reminded by higher spirits through inspiration, dreams, chance events or unexpected situations. If he does not respond to that stronger stimuli in the form of fatal blows and events will remind him of that. Even though it is difficult and full of stress after all, it is useful for him because he awakens spiritually and at least, proceeds partially. Some will already understand this contribution during their lives others after death only.




The parents could help a lot during the development of the spirit, if they gave a lot of love and attention to the child from its childhood. Its spirit would recall his tasks easily and at the right time and would not do the useless mistakes during the life. However the majority of parents develop only the material packages- the body and soul. So how can they develop the spirits of their children? Only the homogeneity can connect and help each other. But we know the wrong sometimes serves also for good, when the man uses it correctly. Therefore who fells a strong desire for spiritual improvement, that one will reach it, even if the helps that he got for that aim, fail. The ignorance of the parents will cause the psychical problems and shocks, but just these ones can wake him up spiritually and support his growth.

The negative feelings as hate or revenge burden him psychically and slow down his development. But forgiving and positive mood make him to rise spiritually to meet the helps from above. This lonely fighter, who never gives up, will break his own weakness. Because he had to make more effort as he should, he does not have to suffer for the other guilts. The higher spirits know about everything. When a man fulfils his aims without the helpers – the parents, it does not mean they are bereft of the consequences of their failure. The eternal laws work righteously and consistently.

A long life is the present, because a man has more possibilities and time for realizing of his tasks and suffering for his guilts. But it does not mean, a soon death is the punishment. For someone it can be the end of suffering and the entrance into the better world. For other one it can be the karmic revenge. For other man, an early death can mean the grace, if he does not live in the right way and sinks instead of rising. To not make him burden by new karmic guilts, he dies, so he cannot make other mistakes.

Only that man is stable in his life, who fills his own tasks. It gives him the feeling of life sense. Even if he sometimes suffers more than the others. Those who spend all the time on Earth by working and having fun, improving the body and soul, those will not think of their spiritual tasks. And therefore they become an easy capture for the dark spirits, who take their attention of from the possibility of eternal life.

Not every spirit will become eternal. The most important role thereby plays the free will of man which decides whether he wishes to ascend, to be light or to go down, to be a dark spirit and to live only a few lives on earth.




When a planet gets into the course of the disintegration it will be manifested at many places as the decay of matter through earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, flood and similar happenings. Then, man should pay more attention to the spiritual growth because there is not much time left. In the period of the Judgment, weak and little developed spirits of those who have neglected it will not be able to lift up to the higher spheres after death. They will get stuck in the disintegration of matter because the entire astral and ethereal worlds, not only the one of the Earth, will decay. He will have to painfully experience the loss of matter- and soul-cloaks because his spirit will remain bound to his body he has no place to leave. The decay of the body and the soul is connected with the projection of his own "films" from all his lives and takes approximately one thousand of earthly years. A partially developed spirit loses its consciousness through horrible pains and tortures; he fades away and he ceases to exist as a living spiritual being. Finally, he shrinks into the original shape of an unconscious germ which, according to the Law of Gravity and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, will ascend to the place of his origin to the Spiritual Realm where he fuses the unconscious spiritual precipitation. The directing spirits will erase his name out of the Book of Life because his person has not accomplished the development on earth with a promising start and ceased to exist.

However, the real annihilation does not exist; only the winnowing occurs. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, the living spirit is being separated from inanimate matter. If the spirit has not completed its development it disintegrates along with matter into original elements. However, a living, well developed spirit, as a compact personality, gets quickly rid of material cloaks and ascends to the higher planes, to the Spiritual Realm.

Thus, on earth, the Last Judgment for the spirit takes place because the Earth is the lowest and the coarsest planet of the living planets. Below, there are only planets in the disintegration which are denser and almost dead. Those spirits who are not capable of rising up to the Spiritual Realm in the times of the Judgment when the Ethereal World will be destroyed can complete their development on these lower planets but it will be much more arduous for them there. People and spirits bearing heavy karmic guilts towards fellow-men, and the fallen angels as well will be hindered in the entry to the low planets. Since the astral and ethereal worlds will vanish they will remain in the area of the Earth and will get into the thousand-year disintegration. Actually, this is the aim of the Judgment - to destroy incorrigible dark men so that they cannot do harm to mankind any longer because they had enough lives to change.

He who passes this hardest trial in the World of Matter is not threatened by another fall because his path back to the Spiritual Realm is easier and the obstacles are more delicate than on earth. It is a happy return home.




During the natural decomposition of the planet, which happens gradually, the spirits after ending their development are leaving the planet at first, then the nature extinct and at least the mass decomposes as well. However thanks to the unnatural sinking, our planet has got into the decomposition prematurely. A lot of living beings who did not finish their own development are still on the Earth. Therefore during the decomposition, a lot of suffering and lots of the innocent beings – the people, animals and plants – is happening. The Earth is in the similar situation as the man of adult age, full of creative power, who was attacked by the dangerous micro organism, and therefore a fatal disease menaces him. The dark spirits as the parasites have attacked the Earth and tried to damage it.

The decomposition of the planet can be seen on the people as well. Their body is less resistible and their soul is full of distorted values.

In the economy it is represented by various crises: I one part of the world there is an excess of goods and money, in the other part there is a lack of it. Despite of the effort to balance it, it is not possible because of the acting of the dark spirits. Those, who are cheating, are getting rich and those who are working honestly, are poor. The most successful are the branches, which are not useful for the spiritual growth of the people at all. They are just earning the money. They support this disintegration, although it is generally claimed, the current life can not work without them.

Let us think about this: what is the next development of the man, who stopped to count psychically or manually and to do the simplest activities without using the calculator or computer? How can his memory abilities develop, when he does not use them at all? He is not able to work, to plan, to think without these artificial aids. And that is the point. Why should the people think on their own? To find out, they are coming close to the disintegration, that they have become the victim of the black magic?

Medias dictate, what a man should do, what is the best, healthy and useful for him. Because they are not dependent on the finances, they are not controlled by the relative people, but by those, who pay for them. And these people have only the earthly aims – the comeback and multiplication of their investments. 

They determine, what should be offered to the people, how to educate and have fun. Medias are becoming the advert-agencies. They are not the organization for spreading the objective information. If someone puts something spiritual into the program, they process is in such form, that that the rest will bring more misunderstood than the benefit.

Who is spiritually independent, knows, that the electronics in our life has produced more stress, chaos and problems than it was before. But its creators promised the simplification of the work and the whole life. Thanks to its implementation, the simple things have become simpler, but the complicated and important ones have become more complicated and not understandable. Therefore the lacks of time, chaos and bureaucracy have become the symbol of the computer era. The whole hours spent daily at the TV or computer do the man out of the time for other development – the spiritual one.

A modern man complains more and more on the lack of the time, but he does not know he has more of it than before, but he does not know how to divide and use it correctly.




Let us have a look how does the disintegration exhibit in the social relationships. Everyone of us has experienced so many disappointments, misunderstood and cheats, he does not trust anybody. Either the person who could really help him.

The disbelief and misunderstood, that have resulted from it, have became our partners in every area of the relationships. We have lost the ability of natural feeling, because when we used it, later we found out, it was not the sentiment that seduced us, but the reason. Once we are led by the light spirit, other time by the dark one, but both of them exhibit almost in the same way. How can the man recognize what is the truth and what is the lie? Unfortunately the majority of the people think they are able to.

In the politics, the comedown is represented by the fact, the people are not satisfied with any political leader. This phenomenon has spread all over the world. The dark spirits cause the hassles, chaos and mistakes in the political parties. Their aim is to overthrow the able ones and promote the dark ones, who will lead the people into the crisis, wars and death by using the false promises.

At the time of judgement, the people behave as the bad watch, which works, but does not show the right time. A man thinks, if he does something all the time, he is useful. He does not have the time for consideration and differentiation. Most of the people do not realize their own distortion. They are living only to survive. The indicator of the normal life is the majority of people, who live in similar way – only for today’s day.

When the Earth disintegrates that which resides there must also pass the transformation, the disintegration according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Only elements inhomogeneous with matter can avoid this process that is, the spirit. The spirit cannot be influenced by the disintegration of matter as far as being developed enough and lively. Only when he sleeps he does not realise his self; he becomes the victim of matter because it predominates over him then.

He who is still able to perceive the chaos and causes of the disintegration around him is not involved within; he is beyond it. He has the possibility of escaping, falling back away from the disintegrating mass of the majority which does not perceive this process because it already became its integral part. The spirit which expanded within the whole body and the soul by its size made man more spiritual to such an extent that he became resistant to the initial disintegrating processes. Therefore, such individuals are still relatively healthy, both psychically and physically, and spiritually perceptive. They see and feel that which others have not faintest idea about.

The culmination of the opposites of good and evil in the period of the Judgment is a natural manifestation of the winnowing of spirits to the spiritual and the material ones. The injustice, want, suffering and evil will either direct them to the side of the Light or drag them down to the Darkness, to the disintegration.

For those who try to develop their spirits and have not succumbed to Lucifer's enticements the tempter has set another snares spiritual teachers, clairvoyants, healers and educated magicians. Their supernatural abilities shall present the most persuasive proof what a spiritual "progress" mankind made. No one feels that the public performances and superficial patchwork of fragments of truth forms only a mask which shall confuse those who have not yet let themselves entice. However, the light ones mostly being an exception have the same traits and therefore, only the inner purity offers the key for their recognition.




How could the Darkness also get into religions and spiritual movements when their adherents strive for the good and want only to know the pure truth? It was only possible through a homogeneous manner through superficiality and deception since many of those who call themselves serious believers, highly spiritual ones, or seekers of the Truth solely behave in this way only in churches or at the reading of spiritual books. They really let their ideals being ideals; they did not apply them to the ordinary life. They appreciate them with others only because they are not able to realise them within themselves. Actually, they are the schizophrenics considering the book being one side, and the life the other side. This superficiality, deceit and pretence of theirs return to them, according to the Law of Reciprocal Action, so that they will also be deceived. Either they will let themselves lead astray or they will constantly be influenced by the dark ones which control them and deceive them in a similar way as they mislead others.

What religion or spiritual movement is the right one? How can one recognise what the truth and the lie is when they are intermingled everywhere to a different degree? Unfortunately, in the period of the Judgment the standard has been broken, that is, the man by means of whom the Truth has always been measured. There is almost nobody who can sense and judge things aright. Even if one reveals the purest Truth issuing directly from God and explains it in a clear and consistent manner the majority of men will not grasp it and will doubt it. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species prevents it from being generally accepted because for the recognition, understanding and realisation of the pure truth man should be pure and truthful enough within himself. However, modern man is distorted by all kinds of dogmas and intellectual speculations. He will hardly accept something which is beyond his opinions up to now because he compares everything only with them.

An unfair and dishonest man never becomes a friend of a honest and true man either if both want to. The Law of the Attraction of Homogenous Species excludes that. Only if one of them becomes the same as the other one – only at that time they can be tantamount friends. The same rule holds when distinguishing the truth. A distorted and dishonest man will never understand what is straight and truthful, because it is inhomogeneous and strange for him.

Each man will only accept such particular truth and will bear it to such an extent to which he is straight and truthful by himself.

However, there are exceptions to be found. Therefore, this key is not universal either. Also a corrupt man, whose deeds bear witness to everything else but the good and truth is able to understand the genuine and pure truth. However, his "punishment" lies in that he is incapable of its realisation even with the best will in the world because the Darkness has control over him more than he has over himself. He clung to it through his impure actions, incentives and, possibly, propensities. Therefore, the comprehension of the truth is of no use for him; it will not save him.

For man to recognise truthful teachings from the untrue ones initially, he must judge himself. He should admit that he also cheats and deceives that he is not mislead by others only. If he realises that he also lies, not only one time but hundred times at least, only then, he may get rid of his distortion and impurity and may become a truthful man. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, he will be able to accept and to realise as well a purer truth because he, personally, will be cleaner.

The Truth is the only one; therefore it appears everywhere, in all religions and movements except for some distortions added by deviated and dark men.

If the people did not turn away from the right way, they would not need so any religions. Most of the spiritual branches are the indicator of the spiritual degeneration. Everyone, according to the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species, joins to such religion, which is the closest to him – the most homogenous one.

The clear truth is for the comfortable, deformed and untrue people unbelievable, inadmissible and impossible. We can see that on the example of the people, who came into the contact with the Sons of God. They were not able to receive their clearness and truthfulness. Only the clearest ones, who were not ruled by the reason but by sentiment – so by the spirit – could receive their personality and truth. The materialists, rational and hypocritical people felt their presence as incompatible.

Everyone can receive only that he deserves and is able to. That is correct and fair. The Law of Reciprocal Action rewards him for how he is like. A good and fair man remains the same, even if the others cheat him. Therefore he is able to know, to receive and to realize the truth because he is the truth on his own. Such man does not learn a lot, he only confirms what he has felt. He receives the new knowledge without problems, because the degree of his distortion can be straightened.

Who goes through the unclearness and gaps with the stopped ears to not cause the restlessness, is the superficial seeker of the truth. Only the partly truth will be the reward for him. Not all of the people are able to receive the universal truth. They have to be true and clear. Because they are not, they need such truths which they are able to receive – so the homogenous, more or les distorted ones. Therefore the violent persuasion is useless. Everyone has to look for the truth on his own. Who does not look for it, will not receive it, even if you offer it to him, on the purpose to rescue him.

The truth is not to be replaced by the uncovering of one's own innermost being. On the contrary, one shall protect it with the feeling of shame as something inviolable which belongs only to him.


Chapter 19 : The Star of the Son of Man and Prophecies


Out of the Sun and the elements of the Earth grow the fruits serving as food. After its consumption man gains energy for his action and components for the building up of the body. The rest of undigested food returns in the form of excretions back to the soil of the Earth to become the building blocks of new plants and fruits.

Similar cycle applies to the spiritual "food" in the form of the Primordial Power. It penetrates every world through the Grail Castles to nourish their inhabitants. These consume a part of this energy for their own activities and another part for the nourishment of spiritual bodies. "Undigested" rests of the energy return in the form of a more finely processed radiation back upwards, not downwards because they are lighter.

The Primordial Power is distributed by the Son of Man in the Primordial Spiritual Castle through the Guardians of the Grail into the entire Creation, into all worlds.

Because this energy is a part of both Imanuel and the Creator, their own radiation, it is necessary for it to return back into the cycle because its amount is neither unlimited nor infinite.

How is the Primordial Power processed by people? As man needs for the digestion of food a sufficient amount of oxygen so is required a certain element "oxygen" for "the digestion" of the Primordial Power. The substantiate beings offer it people in the form of radiation, that is, invisible threads which hang over their heads as a multicoloured cobweb. The substantiate beings transfer this processed radiation from the Spiritual Realm lower into the astral world because people would not be able to absorb it from the original height. However, people must carry out spiritual movement display volition so that they can receive it. Therewith, the ability of attraction is connected. Thus, if someone wishes anything he attracts it at the same time. The volition can come from the body, soul and spirit and it binds with homogeneous threads accordingly.

The processed radiation - "the cobweb" contains all virtues, abilities and archetypes of the spirits in the Spiritual Realm. Man receives it from the substantiate beings with his astral body because this archetypes are located in the astral world. At receiving of these gifts the fusion of the human and the substantiate radiation occurs whereby a new radiation arises. His denser part is transferred by man downwards; it is just that which he needs or wishes.

The lighter part of the radiation rises higher above the Realm of Animistic Substantiality. This is the "indigestible" and unnecessary component because it is too delicate and light. However, it does not endure in the Spiritual Realm because it must return back to the Creator according to the Law of Motion. This action is accomplished by the primordially created spirits who possess the strongest developed ability of attracting not only from above but also from below. Their bodies drain automatically off the processed radiation out of all levels below them and give it back to the Divine Realm.

The primordial power is processed in the spiritual realm in the similar way as on the Earth. The developed (the man belongs to them as well) and created spirits get “the oxygen” from the Primordial Spiritual Realm as the gifts through the beautiful male and female beings (we have already heart about the swan virgins). The spirits pull these gifts and their mutual radiations fuse together. The original radiation is processed and changed in this way. The spirits leave the heavier part for themselves and the more gentle part rises above.

Thus, people and spirits take and attract that which they need and wish. It is inevitable, helpful and inspiring for their development. The beings do not keep anything for themselves they only give. However, their giving takes place passively; therefore, spirits or people must exert the activity so that they can take these gifts. One may see how the Law of Complementation works here. The spirits must be active so that they can attract everything they wish. On the other hand, the beings give only when the spirits receive. By connecting of both radiations arises a new radiation which has been already mentioned the processed radiation.

In the earthly sphere, we could imagine this activity as the comparison of the beings to the workers of the food centre. Here, we can buy everything we need and want to, and do not have to visit the factories. So the beings are the mediators of the gifts from above. Because the substantiate beings and the beings live in a higher world than people or the spirits they are spiritually richer and finer; with fusing of mutual radiations, they supply the new final radiation with the higher spiritual quality in the form of heat, which sets it aglow, processes it and raises it higher. People and spirits enrich the new radiation with more material, masculine components such as the activity, will and creativity.

A man gets the spiritual food in the form of primordial power through the Sun and he digests it with the processed radiation of the spirits, who live in the spiritual realm. The spirits take it to the astral, from where the people “buy” it thanks to their wanting. When we gain it, the wanting of spirits fuses with the giving of beings and the unused part of the radiation rises back to the spiritual realm. So the primordial power comes back to the above, but it is processed.

There is only one place in Creation where the inhabitants stopped connecting with the substantiate beings because they lack spiritual aims, demands and thereby, spiritual volition as well. It is not a big problem to guess that this place is the Earth. By directing people towards physical and psychical lives, that is to say purely material ones, the Primordial Power is cultivated only at the gross material and ethereal levels. Through the exclusion of cooperation with the substantiate beings it remains weighty without returning back upwards and thus, this cycle stagnates. Since the Material Universe forms an inseparable part of the entire Creation and thus, also of the cycle of the Primordial Power, this defect threatens also other worlds.

By its lowest position and the highest density, the Earth as the lowest and the heaviest planet attracts radiations out of the entire Creation, out of all worlds except the Divine one. This ability has no other planet but the Earth; therefore, the Earth is of such importance.

When one compares Creation to the human body the Earth plays there a similar role as the liver which processes and transforms all nutrients in the body. However, if it does not fulfil its function well it will cause the illness of the whole body, thus Creation. Carrying out this work only at two levels, the physical and the psychical ones, the activity of the Earth is blocked, incomplete, at the spiritual level. This disorder has been caused by people through the distortion of emancipation in particular. Women directed themselves also towards male activities and thus, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species they yearn for material things particularly. Thereby, they have lost or limited, respectively, their abilities of connecting with the heights, with the spiritual beings. Nor are distorted men able to connect with the homogeneous male substantiate threads of help sufficiently.

People on earth do not need and do not want yet acts of spiritual inspiration from above because they do not understand their purpose. They do with impulses from other sources, from below. These incentives only improve their intellectual and physical abilities and aptitudes, thus solely at the material level.




Lucifer as the archangel – the administrator of the reason, began to manipulate with the property in the wrong way. Instead of the development of the reason parallel with the spirit, he promoted the reason thanks to the perverted opinions, he made it superior to the spirit and caused the catastrophe in the development of the mankind and the whole creation. He ties to allow the people as many rational inspirations as possible, to make them completely interested in them, so they would not have the need and time for improving of the spirit.

When the spiritual developed people of the modern age found the ability to fly, to levitate and to break the earthly gravitation themselves, the dark spirits offered them the material compensation – the cars, planes, spaceships. Similarly, when the ability of telepathy started to make up in the people, the darkness offered the next compensation – the phones, radio, TV.

The people do not want to realize they have become limited by using of these material compensations. They have to work and earn more and more to pay the rising expenses for their service. They have become the slaves of their conveniences. The aim of this generous help of the dark spirits was not the real love to the people, but on the contrary their fate. When the man develops only the reason by thinking up of the new compensate mediums, he still remains tied to the matter. The spirit, who started to get the higher abilities , has to retire as the useless one, because the material things compensate his abilities.

The man thinks he is making progress, when he thinks up the new aids. He does not know he would do more, with the help of the spirit, even without the losses of the lives by the accidents. The mankind knows, the technique spares its time, but destroys its health because of the lack of the motion and pollution of the environment at the same time. But the reason thinks only for the short time. Who thinks he lives only once, does not care what will happen later. He does not know, according to the Law of Reciprocal Action, he will be born again to the Earth and with the cancer he will undergo (for example as the girl) the consequences of the pollution of the environment, which he caused on his own during the previous life. The dark influences exhibits in the good way outwardly, only its consequences are bad. The materialists are not able to connect them, because his reason is moving only in the dimensions of one life.

Who processes the primordial energy only by using of the physical and psychical desires and needs, becomes only the material man, who is passable. He had lost the possibilities for the eternal life when he excluded the spirit from his life. His spirit stopped to connect with the beings, so with the spiritual helps.    

The primordial power processed only in the matter started to sink downwards according to the Law of Gravity – below the Earth, into the space of planets which start to disintegrate thanks to the lack of the primordial power. However the people, even if unconsciously, have become their savers, their “feeders”. Because they concentrated only on the material life, they feed their enemies and as “a reward” they will loose the eternal life. We can see, the darkness acts in a very intelligent and anticipated way: it destroys the man spiritually, but what is more, it will get energy from him, which will its life.

The electronics is the next absorber – the vampire of the processed primordial power, which feeds the dark planets. By watching TV and computer, the man gives all of his energy to the dark spirits and becomes their instrument, the conductor of their inspirations. Therefore the electronics will be damaged after the judgement, because the Earth will rise from the influence of the darkness, which is the originator and supporter of this technique.

The other way, how the man gives “the food” to the dead planets, also comes from the darkness – it causes the hassles, disappointments and wrong quietly and unobtrusively. So the negative feelings and exhibitions are created in the people. At the state of anger, depression and other negative emotions, the primordial power becomes material and heavy and sinks downwards instead of rising.

The darkness prohibits the right spiritual knowledge because of that the man would never gather about these processes, causes and their origin. It supports the spreading of the wrong spiritual literature and spiritual sources. These ones contain only the drop of the right knowledge and the other content of it deforms the opinions of the man and confuses him. Such a spiritually “educated” believer of some religion is not able to receive anything truthful and clear, because he has broken his instrument – the spirit, by wrong using.




When we have understood, the man causes the stagnation and the escape of the primordial power by choosing of the wrong values, we can not wonder, the Creator has to intervene to cause the rectification. At the beginning, He used the gentle instruments in the form of spiritual helps to teach the people, where they are doing the mistakes. For a long time the prophets, envoys and the Sons of God tries to make the people to live in that way, it would bring the benefit for them and the whole creation. Nowadays, the result of the spiritual help is minimal, because there is almost the quarter of the people on the Earth, who develop in the right way. So the Creator does not have other possibility, only to “teach” the rest in violent way.   

The purification of the Earth will be the judgement in which the most incorrigible and the worst will perish in the spiritual disintegration forever. Others who will be capable of the transformation in the future will develop in much more difficult conditions on lower planets after death because in the good they were only falling down. The purification will bring the recovery and release from the Darkness for all those who develop aright and, at the same time, it will eliminate stagnation and leak of the Primordial Power on earth.

We should clarify ourselves the difference between the purification and disintegration. We have only mentioned the symptoms of the disintegration which have already been manifesting for centuries. They arose as a result of the distortion of values, descend of the Earth and the loss of their material cloaks as well. Since the complete disintegration of the earthly matter will only be consummated after a long period the effects of the disintegration are slow so far. Events manifesting themselves markedly, that are the expansion of natural catastrophes, present the first indications of the purification. People cannot prevent it yet because it has already begun but they can at least prepare for it. The purification will bear the marks of the Judgment because it will sort everything untrue what has hindered the spiritual development and will liberate the Earth thereof.

In the purification, the karma of each individual and each nation and the whole Earth as well will be disentangled. This will call forth the spiritual transformation with many people. The purification will take place a few more years in several phases. Their manifestations will be either mild or drastic. For the time being, global, world-wide, effects of the negative karma are being delayed so that mankind may have enough time for the understanding of the true sense of the life, for the spiritual maturation until the very last moment represented by the climax of the purification. He, who will waste this time, being not ready, will be surprised by reactions of karma. He will not understand the purpose of the entire happening and therefore, he will not be able to learn his lessons.

Bad karma of previous faults and guilt hangs over mankind as a dark veil. In the storm of wars and catastrophes it will be discharged and decayed. Before the climax of the purification, all wrong opinions will collapse so that people may have the opportunity to join the side of the further spiritual development or the side of the decadence and destruction.

How is the decadence and debauchery of human values displayed before the Judgment the purification?

{C}·         Everything is turned upside down. The evil wins over the good, injustice over justice, lie over truth, laziness over diligence; the stupid direct the wise.

{C}·         It is not possible to distinguish between the truth and the lie. Everybody is surrounded by the Darkness which leads him away from the truth and which doubts it. The rule of perverse values and distorted opinions bends also the very man.

{C}·         The political instability. Almost each man who is interested in politics is aimed at it in the negative sense in particular, instead of the positive interference or the support of a change. He does not understand that with his negative attitudes and opinions he contributes to the further and bigger chaos.

{C}·         High prices escalate. With the distortion of values and the excess of goods money are spent for useless items and thus, there is little left for elementary needs rent, food and spiritual values.

{C}·         The lack of love and understanding. Spiritually more advanced individuals get often into conflict with the majority of people since, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, they cannot understand each other because of distinct life values they accept.

{C}·         The playing, joking and fun. Never before, people had so much fun and played so as in the present-day period when there is very little time left. They do not know that they are enticed by the Darkness to spend their leisure otherwise as by the spiritual education. People behave like dull university students who waste the week before the examination through entertaining instead of making up for missed lessons.

{C}·         The suppressed belief. The prevailing materialism suppresses all which is spiritual and true and, on the other hand, it supports the spreading of the untrue knowledge, magic and escapist spiritual movements.

{C}·         Economic crises and breakdown. On the one hand, the cheating of the state through tax evasions and on the other hand, toughened requirements of taxes along with the increasing prices will bring about an unbearable situation, thus the general bankruptcy, the breakdown of all the wrong which prevented from the positive development.

{C}·         The violating of agreements and promises. Everyone is being hindered at everything; nothing can be done without difficulties and problems. Darkness gained the rule over all spheres; therefore, inconsistency and chaos are taken for granted as if it could not be in some other way.




After a new star a comet appears in the sky, there will not be much time until the consummation of the purification left because this is the sign of the purification!

Those striving for the spiritual growth will understand errors and fragments of vagueness in all areas of life. Even when the comet will not be visible any longer its effects will be manifested a few years thereafter. The core of the comet is charged by a vast amount of Primordial Spiritual energy which helps everyone who wants to make progress to understand the spiritual knowledge and happenings better. Everything what is hidden will reveal its face; it will come to light. By the effect of the comet all wrong opinions and values will be disentangled whereby the path to the Truth will be released. All false ideas and spiritual movements will fall.

Its outwardly invisible rays will induce the culmination, strengthening, of both good and evil. Both extremes will be maximised under its influence. The evil will be revealed by itself whereas the good will be strengthened. By its spiritual influence, the comet will accelerate the karmic purification and will overwhelm the effects of dark forces with those who will seriously strive for the spiritual growth.

Through the action of the comet the true will separate from the untrue, the straight from the curved. The curved will either straighten or break and destroy itself. The Truth will start winning. But before, the sufferings of all kinds will be escalated. According to the radiations of individual men, the star will cause either the disintegration or, on the other hand, its hindrance. Since it is directed by intelligent Primordial Spiritual Beings its rays do not irradiate with the same intensity from mild, healing and spiritually supporting effects up to unbearably burning and destroying ones.

Along with the spiritual help, the comet also fulfils the purifying function. It will quicken the disintegrating process of the planet which has already begun through natural catastrophes it will cause the rise of sea levels but also the opposite phenomena as heats, burning droughts and the draining of water, and winds, storms, gales and earthquakes as well. Their goal is to make people understand the futility of their lives aimed only at matter and make them direct at spiritual values. After transforming spiritually, they will be rewarded for their losses. The confusion is the beginning of the purification. Those who will not turn to the Light to the spiritual knowledge will not bear its strong spiritual radiation.

Besides the announcement of the purification, the fulfilment of the God's promise - the early coming of the Son of Man on earth - his birth is revealed by the star at the same time.

Scientists have confirmed that this comet also appeared in this solar system three thousand years ago in the times when the Son of Man was born on earth for the first time as the prince Abd-ru-shin. With its current appearance in the sky his rule on earth begins because he is the executor of the purification. The Son of Man sent the comet out of the Primordial Spirituality into the World of Matter after he had returned from the Earth where he had lived as the Spirit of Truth.

Even before the whole change of the earthly surface connected with the smaller and greater catastrophes begins, the classification of the people happens. Till now, every man had the possibility, thanks to the acting of two opposite influences, to categorize in that class, where he belongs according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogenous Species – so on the side of good or wrong, on the side of the spirit or the matter, so the reason. Everyone will express himself in the right light before the purification. By its strong spiritual radiation, the comet will "force" everybody to manifest himself and reveal his true nature.

The true nature of each man will be revealed by his radiation to the Beings in the comet. This will be his ticket:

{C}-        either to pass the gates "of the hell" having two possibilities the total disintegration or the departure to the lower planets,

{C}-        or to enter the gates "of the Paradise" which means going to the Spiritual Realm through natural death or surviving in the chosen nation.

He who avoids the sorting, be it for the self-indulgence, fear, lack of time or some other reason will be included among the expelled because he did not make use of the Law of Free Will and he did not decide by himself.

Because in the period of the purification there are incarnated more dark than light spirits on earth it is no wonder that the majority of them will not want to "straighten" themselves either. Even, they will dissuade and ridicule others who will do so. This is to be accepted as something natural. The majority of the dark ones will not change and they are not even able to accomplish it because they lack developed spirits. One third of men, indeed, are the true inhabitants of the earth and even, a great portion out of this number is subject to the dark bondage. Realising this fact they have a chance for the spiritual awakening and the return to the Light but they will have to exert strong volition and resistance towards the Darkness which will dissuade them from this by all possible means.

Not every dark spirit is, however, a bad one. Many of them went to lower planets only under influence of the Law of Gravity because they had heavy souls in consequence of living through the majority of their lives at the material level only without the participation of the spirit which they did not accept. Their soul-cloaks, thereby, remained heavy and coarse; therefore, the spirit is covered with them. Even though it is shining and light on its own it cannot set aglow the coarse soul-cloaks and the man appears as a dark one.

The man who did not cling only to the soul during his lives but who also developed spiritually is the light one because he has only fine soul-cloaks. The spirit sets them aglow and thus, this man emits the light irradiation.

A trait of the harmless the dark ones not very burdened by karma is that they are not able to admit the existence of the spirit. Since it is not very developed with them they do not sense it and thus, they cannot believe in it either. They feel very well and satisfied on earth because there is the Paradise here when compared with the dark planets. Therefore, they do not see any reason to change, straighten themselves and to be afraid of the turn. The rigid attitude towards the Truth will lead them back to dark planets after death if they did not get burdened by guilt on earth in the meantime or they have not awaken spiritually. They will be given the possibility of cultivating their spirits on worse planets so that the spirit may awake and develop under harsher strokes. After some time, before the Last Judgment of the planet, they will again incarnate on earth if they develop the spirit until that time to manifest their hitherto advanced spiritual abilities.

As a man will accept suffering, misfortune or death so he will arrange himself to particular location after death. Wrath, wrong and hatred will burden and drag him down to low levels whereas understanding, reconciliation and trust in justice will push him higher.

The proofs that the Judgment and authorities who announce it and help it to temper are not chance but announced thousands of years beforehand one may learn from the prophecies of the Bible. The majority of them has already been fulfilled the coming of Moses, Jesus, the Spirit of Truth and many small prophecies as well the unpleasant ones in particular wars and the destruction. The Creator has been sending prophets to make people know what to do if they do not want to bear the reactions of their past guilt which were formed into accidents, wars and catastrophes. When, out of their radiations, there was possible to see that they changed under influence of the prophecies the Creator was able to avert them.

Thus, the prophecies served the purpose to warn of events which could be averted or tempered if people had changed.

Unfortunately, the majority of men did not believe them. Thus, they had to make sure of the truth on their own. They did not accept the warnings that the Darkness is not only a figurative notion but the real, intelligently directed evil which inspires them with mistrust towards the warnings in a concealed way. Not believing this people succumbs to it constantly. Though, microbes are invisible for man yet he believes that they can give rise to an illness or the death. Why, then, modern man does not learn from the history and does not want to accept the existence of Darkness as something which is real.




Let us have a look into the Bible how Jesus describes the course of the Judgment which shall occur after the departure of the Spirit of Truth from the Earth. Since the Spirit of Truth has already left the Earth it follows that we already live in the Judgment. The next passages are picked and abridged from the Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 24.

When Jesus left the temple he said: "There will not be left here one stone upon another, that will not be thrown down. The disciples came to him asking: Tell us, when will this be, and what will be the sign of the close of the age? And Jesus answered them: Take heed that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and they will lead many astray."

Jesus saw with his clairvoyant sight that the Apostles would again incarnate in the Judgment on earth; therefore, he pointed out that.

"And you will hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that you are not alarmed; for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places: all this is but the beginning of the birth-pangs. Then they will deliver you, the Christians, up to tribulation, and put you to death; and you will be hated by all nations for my name's sake. And then many will fall away, and betray one another, and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because wickedness is multiplied, most men's love will grow cold.

But he who persists to the end will be saved. And this gospel, the Christian teaching in a modern version, will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations; and then the end will come."

"So when you see the desolating sacrilege , the war, standing in the holy place, Jerusalem, then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been shortened, by the "Judgment day" - the intervention of the Creator, no human being would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. False Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray even the elect. I have told you beforehand."

"As the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man." Even though the dark will produce various signs in the sky as golden crosses and other supernatural phenomena they will not succeed in imitating the sign of the Son of Man to such a global extent.

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days ( a war ) the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. All the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. He will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from one end of the world to the other. In the sky flying objects will appear which will save, take away, the chosen people outside of the Earth; otherwise, they would not survive the catastrophe. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only. Then two men will be in the field; one is taken and one is left. The chosen people will be marked beforehand to be recognised quickly and taken away by the spiritual beings in time. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left. Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. Until the very last moment people will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage and will not believe that the "Judgment Day" will come as they did not believe that the flood would come in the times of Noah."

Some sects explain the whole text in that way, its content has already became the reality: that Jerusalem has been already destroyed, and the persecution of Christians has also happened. But both phenomena will repeat again before the revelation of the Son of Man in the clouds.




From the words of the prophet Joel we can deduce, “the judgement day” or “the day of the Lord” and the appearance of the Son of Man in the clouds will be at that time, when Jerusalem is attacked by the army from the East. Joel is talking about it: capter 1, verse 16: “The powerful and big nation will come to my country, it will turn my vineyard to the desert and destroy the fields”. Chapter 2: “The extensive and powerful nation runs in the hills and there is no escape, even through the roots it is still running. They will crash into the town, climb on the houses, come as the thieves through the windows”.

The Sun and the Moon becomes dark and the stars loose their light. The day of the Lord is big and very awful, who can hold it? The Lord says: turn to me with your whole heart and I can turn away the catastrophe. The Lord felt very sorry about his country and saved his people. Do not be afraid Earth, be happy, because the Lord acted generously. The Sun will change on the dark and the moon on the blood, sooner before the big and awful day of Lord will come. Everyone, who calls his name, will be saved”.

It looks like that, after the attack of Jerusalem by the soldiers, when the people turn honestly to the Lord and pray for forgiving and help, the Son of Man will appear in the clouds. He will stop the war, however by the great earthquake and disasters, to destroy the enemies.  




The prophet Isaiah who lived approximately 800 years before Christ has described the future spiritual history in the best manner of all the ancient prophets. It should be realised who the prophets really are. They are higher beings, angels, incarnated on earth with the mission to announce people God's Will in the right time. Accordingly, their prophecies are conveyed in the form of announcements, admonitions, promises and also warnings. A prophet says what he "hears" with the spiritual hearing or "sees" with the spiritual sight. This is not his intuition; the prophecies come directly from the Creator or the Son of Man.

In the period of the Judgement, there are incarnated former ancient prophets throughout the world to announce people God's Will, especially in the time of the appearance of the comet and in the Judgment. Darkness, however, has silenced many of them also in this way that the authorities have not rendered them possible for the public announcement of what they know. One of them, Jonas, has the same name as in the antiquity and he lives in Slovakia.

At the beginning of Isaiah's book the Creator reproaches the Israelites that he has brought them up as the chosen nation but they forgot about him. He does not want to take their sacrifices and prayers because he does not like their deeds. He promises them that if they live aright He will protect them against all evil and they will indulge in the affluence. However, if they do not change he will allow them to be destroyed by the enemy and by disasters (reactions of karma). Abridged:

Chapter 1: "The Lord has spoken: Sons have I reared and brought up, but they have rebelled against me. What to me is the multitude of your sacrifices when your hands are full of blood? Make yourselves clean, cease to do evil, help those who are oppressed. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land. But if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword."

Chapter 2: "It shall come to pass in the latter days, after the Judgment, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be raised above the hills; and all the nations shall flow to it for out of Zion shall go forth the law. The pride of men shall be humbled in that day when he rises to terrify the earth."

In spite of the fact that the Mount Zion does not exist any more in Jerusalem the substantiate beings will erect it in "the Day of the Lord" for the prophecy to come true, and so that it may become the seat of the new world rule and the Christian teaching.

Chapter 4: "In that day, he who is left in Zion and remains in Jerusalem will be called holy. The Lord will create over the whole site of Mount Zion a cloud by day, and smoke and the shining of a flaming fire by night."

This will be the God's protection of the chosen people living in Jerusalem against negative influence which will still destroy the remaining part of mankind on earth. Through a similar phenomenon, an angel, the Jews in the desert were protected after leaving Egypt.

Chapter 8: The indication of disasters and the atomic war in the region of the river Tigris: "The Lord is bringing up against them the waters of the River; and it will rise over all its channels and go over all its banks; and it will fill the breadth of your land. The Lord is bringing up against them the king of Assyria and all his glory" the neighbouring countries.

The Lord says: "Be broken, you peoples, and be dismayed; gird yourselves and be dismayed" by the atomic war.

Chapter 9: "Every garment rolled in blood will be burned as fuel for the fire for rays of the comet - for to us a child the Son of Man Imanuel - is born. The government will be upon his shoulder, and his name will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end."

Chapter 11: "He shall not judge by what his eyes see, or decide by what his ears hear; but with righteousness he shall judge the poor. Righteousness shall be the girdle of his waist." He will not rule as the earthly rulers do but according to the Eternal Laws.

Chapter 13: Again the description of "the Lord's Day" the Judgment: "Wail, for the day of the Lord is near; as destruction from the Almighty it will come! Therefore all hands will be feeble, and every man's heart will melt, and they will be dismayed. Behold, the day of the Lord comes, cruel, with wrath and fierce anger, to make the earth a desolation and to destroy its sinners from it. The sun will be dark at its rising and the moon will not shed its light."

"I will punish the world for its evil, I will put an end to the pride of the arrogant. I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will be shaken out of its place, in the day of his (Lord's) fierce anger."

Chapter 24: "The earth mourns and withers; the earth lies polluted under its inhabitants; for they have transgressed the laws, violated the statutes. Therefore a curse devours the earth, and its inhabitants suffer for their guilt; therefore the inhabitants of the earth are scorched, and few men are left."

Chapter 25: The end of the suffering and the redemption: "On this mountain the Lord will make for all peoples a feast and He will swallow up death for ever, and wipe away tears from all faces, and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth. It will be said on that day, "Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him."

Chapter 27: "In that day the Lord will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent Lucifer. And in that day those who were scattered throughout the Earth will come and worship the Lord Imanuel - on the holy mountain at Jerusalem."

Isaiah describes that after the disaster, when there will be the lack of food and water the Creator will hear the prayers of the truthful and He will perform "miracles" He will speed up the process of irrigation and fertilisation of the Earth through the substantiate beings.

Chapter 41: "When the poor seek water, and there is none, their tongue is parched with thirst. I the Lord will answer them, I will open rivers on the bare heights, and I will make the dry land springs of water; I will put in the wilderness the trees together; that men understand together, that the hand of the Lord has done this."

Let us have a look how the prophet Isaiah foretold the hard life of Jesus on earth hundreds of years before his birth. He calls him the Lord's servant:

Chapter 42 (abridged): "Behold my servant, my chosen, in whom my soul delights. I have put my Spirit upon him, he will bring forth justice to the nations. He will not cry or lift up his voice. He will not fail or be discouraged till he has established justice in the earth. I have called you in righteousness to open the eyes that are blind."

Further, the prophet says in the name of Jesus that he considers his mission to be wasted. The Creator already knew at that time that the Jewish nation will probably fail and therefore, he consoled Jesus that his teaching would spread among the Gentiles after his death.

Chapter 49: "Listen to me, you peoples from afar, Jesus says: The Lord called me from the womb, He made my mouth like a sharp sword and He said to me: You are my servant in whom I will be glorified. But I said: I have laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nothing. And now the Lord says: It is too light a thing that you should be my servant to restore the preserved of Israel? I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth."

According to this prophecy, Jesus knew before his birth that on earth he might expect misunderstanding and possibly, the death. He accepted it because he knew that the Father requires this from him and that through his death, he would become famous later. Jesus says:

Chapter 50: "I gave my back to the smiters; I hid not my face from shame and spitting. For the Lord God helps me; therefore I shall not be put to shame."

The prophet Isaiah foretells Jesus a fame in the future even though he will be humbled and tortured by death because it is the moment for which people will worship him later. To avoid his horrible death the Creator sent out with Jesus many helpers who should have prevented it. God did sent His Son not to die but to announce the new knowledge which should have helped people to recognise their faults and to get rid of their guilt thereby. Unfortunately, as it turned out later, the helpers have not fulfilled their tasks and promises because they were too weak in the fight with the Darkness.

Chapter 52: "Behold, my servant shall prosper, he shall be exalted and lifted up, and shall be very high. As many were astonished at him - his appearance was so marred, beyond human semblance, and his form beyond that of the sons of men - so shall he startle many nations; kings shall shut their mouths because of him; for that which has not been told them they shall see, and that which they have not heard they shall understand.

"He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and we esteemed him not. We esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities. He was oppressed, yet he opened not his mouth; like a lamb that is led to the slaughter."

The Creator has announced people through this prophecy that He knows their anger and that they will want to kill His Son. Despite this, He sends him them so that he may save them against the Darkness by the spiritual knowledge. The prophecy should have warned and pointed out that Jesus would not be understood aright because of their debauchery, superficiality and injustice and that he would also suffer the disgrace and possibly, the death as well. The prophecy should have warned people not to do the same to God as to other prophets and envoys. However, they were those having known this prophecy the experts of the Old Testament, the educated Jews, who did not accept it as a lesson and thus, they have failed.




The prophecies do not serve the purpose of frightening people by forecasts which cannot be changed. They only have to announce what they may expect if they do not change. When the mother forbids the child to play with the matches, because it could fire the house, she does not say it to make the child to fire the house. It should be the warning to be careful and to not play with the matches. If she did not warn it, it would not know what it could cause with the matches.

Therefore the Creator sent the prophets to tell the people, what waits for them, if they do not become better and get rid of their mistakes.

The prophecies should have given hope, encouragement and inspiration to change the life attitudes. They should not have been absorbed passively and with fear either as superficial and indolent people explain it.

When the doctor tells the patient to keep the diet, he wants to restore him and do not undergo the operation. Therefore he warns him, when he does not keep the diet, he will have to go through it. He does not want to scare him, but he has to tell him the truth to change his wrong way of life and restore himself. Who obeys the doctor, does not have to go through the dangerous hit into the body. Who does not, has to be operated and undergo the risk of the death.


If the purpose of the prophecies was not to achieve change they would be useless. Man disposes of his free will to influence his destiny, his wrong habits and opinions and thus, to purify himself from guilt without reciprocal actions. Similarly, the role of the warning dreams is only to point out the danger and not to induce fear and helplessness.


Chapter 20 : The Book Sealed Within


The period of the Judgment is not limited to one day only. Even though it is called the Judgment Day in the Bible it is only consummated at this day. The Judgment on earth will proceed much longer approximately 1500 years and will consist of several culminating stages. It has already begun with the leaving of the Son of Man away from the Earth when he lived there in this century as the Spirit of Truth Abd-ru-shin.

The purification as the first stage of the Judgment occurs at many places: on the one hand, in the whole Material Universe and, on the other hand, on individual planets and with men as well. By its decline, the Earth became veiled in denser and denser cloaks which, during the Judgment, would be gradually discarded. After their loss and transformation it will be lifted higher. The transformation of matter into finer substance is also connected with the spiritual conversion of man. It should not be forgotten that man is linked with his planet in a similar way as the flower or fruit with its tree. As the perfect spirit of man becomes eternal after death when going to the Spiritual Realm so will the Earth become the eternal spiritual planet after the Judgment when it will get rid of the material cloaks. After the purification it will be lifted slightly higher but not to the Spirituality; it will only release itself from the influence of dark planets. Natural catastrophes will restore, mellow and rid the Earth of "evildoers", that is, the untrue inhabitants. Mankind faces only two possibilities in the Judgment:

{C}-        either to set out on a new course of the development

{C}-        or to live as before and to undergo "a surgery", which can deprive it of the life.

On the other planets that are above the Earth, there the spirits do not mature at such cruel conditions as they do on the Earth. The development of the spirit was not planned for the man in such way, as we know it for millenniums. Its cruel course is only the consequence of the human mistakes.

The spirit of those people who do not develop in a complex manner -spiritually, psychically and physically takes the form of a snake. The spirit lacks arms and legs, it has no human appearance. In the Bible, too, the dark are mentioned as "the snake's breed". Their spiritual bodies resemble a grey or a brown snake. The spirit of fallen angels also bears the appearance of a snake but he is bigger as man. Since these snakes move only vertically with heads turned upwards they remind of dragons. The seven-headed dragon described in the Bible is, indeed, Lucifer seen with the spiritual sight. He disposes of seven times greater power than a fallen angel and this one is more powerful than man. Through the intervention of the Creator, tails of the spirits of fallen angels have been cut off so that their power may be impaired and they cannot ascend above the World of Matter and be detrimental to spiritual worlds.

The purification has become the necessary “operation” for the Earth, even if the trivial man does not feel the negative influence of the darkness. The Creator sees it in that way as the doctor sees the body attacked by the illness. Who knows why the operation has to happen and how to protect against it, can survive.

No one of "light" men which will die in the Judgment need not to be afraid of the spiritual disintegration after death. Some of them will die because of the karmic reactions, others because of their faster development caused by the suffering. Yet other people will perish because they lack enough belief and conviction in their spiritual knowledge but the personal living through of the catastrophes will strengthen their attitudes.

It is doubtful, however, who is dark and who is light. That is to say, man does not decide on this by himself; he does not even suspect it because he does not know his former lives. In the majority of cases, a light one underestimates his own abilities whereas a dark one overestimates himself supposing he is the light man. Therefore, not people but higher spirits decide on this.

The representative of the darkness became the ruler of the Earth in front of the judgement with the help of a big amount of the dark people and dark spirits. The evidence of their power and predominance is, they have taken a lot of chosen people from the spiritual development, who have been already cleaned from karma. The despair from the unfair suffering and wrong often led the people to the incorrect religion thanks to which they stagnate or deform spiritually. The others became atheists or apathetic under the influence of the darkness.

The Darkness succeeded in enticing of many chosen people already purified from karma and even higher spirits and beings who incarnated on earth with the mission. Currently, there are many of them in each nation and they should have brought "the New Gospel", that is, the spiritual message from the Son of Man in the modern version. Many of those spirits should have prophesied and announced his recurrent coming. The Darkness has recognised them right after their births and it had been luring them away from the recognition of their origins and tasks since the very childhood. Through the acting upon parents and neighbourhood they were deprived of self-confidence and instead, they were underestimated which prevented them from the right spiritual growth. By the weakening of self-confidence and luring the helpers away they were bound and thus, the accomplishment of the true task has been made impossible.

One may be shocked how such high spirits and beings can succumb to the Darkness. The explanation is but simple. When they live on earth for the first or the tenth time they have much bigger problems with the adaptation to the unknown environment than human spirits which had from 200 to 500 lives in average. Despite this fact, man incarnates to the Earth from the astral or ethereal worlds only but a higher spirit must cross several worlds which differ from his own world markedly. Their matter- and soul-cloaks to which they are not accustomed themselves veil their sight and memory literally. Through the undermining of the normal course of their childhood and through impeding of their life conditions by the dark they are in a similar situation as if playing blind man's buff their eyes are covered with a bandage and they are turned around several times in order to feel dizzy and in order not to find their goals.

Unlike higher spirits, the fallen angels awake quickly to fulfil their missions on earth. The Earth is a homogeneous place for their incarnation because they are living in the Ethereal or Material Worlds. They are not limited since the very childhood so they mature very quickly without obstacles.

The idea may strike someone why the Creator and higher spirits admit the incarnation of fallen angels and dark spirits to the Earth. The answer is simple spirits are incarnated and attracted automatically according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Near each future mother in the middle of the pregnancy there are moving around several spirits, the dark in particular, who are seeking to "outdo" the right light one. It is sufficient for the pregnant woman to come among the "lower" men and these create the homogeneous bridge the radiation which the light one cannot bear. Of course, the incarnation of a fallen angel is not a chance event but a highly organised one because he has a mission. It is directed in such a way that his future mother goes among the dark thus forming a bridge for his attraction.

Let us return to the higher spirits who were born with missions on earth. Because there does not exist the wrong in the spiritual worlds, at first they have to learn, uncover and understand it here. Then they have to fight with it, because the wrong does not give up after uncovering. This process needs a lot of time and energy. The dark ones tries to break their psychical and physical balance all the time to make them drowned in the problems and troubles and not to deal with themselves and fight the darkness. When they take them their helpers, the fulfilment of their task is almost impossible.

Before the birth, the higher spirits were linked together with the helpers energetically to strengthen and support each other. The help from above should have streamed downwards through them as the protection against the dark. The Creator may help on the Earth only through the people, who do not know anything about the mission of the envoy. Therefore the common man cannot understand the inspirations from the light spirits to help the envoy in the right way, if he does not know him.

The mission of a Divine Envoy is only spiritual, in fact. The helpers should create the earthly conditions for he might accomplish it and at the same time, they should protect him from dark influences by their more material vibrations. Losing his helpers the envoy will be rid of the overall support. He is not as strong as human spirits materially; therefore, he must exert much effort for the struggle of survival. And thus, instead of connecting with the Creator he clings to matter to survive. Continuous earthly difficulties impair his high connections. Thus, Jesus gave advice to his Apostles before his death for them not to care for food and clothes at their ministry. Otherwise, they could not draw the spiritual knowledge from above.

A similar phenomenon occurs with women when they lose the ability to connect themselves with the heights by performing male activities.




In a small Slavic nation there is incarnated the majority of spiritually advanced men currently because he shall become the chosen nation. His members have already passed through almost all nationalities and religions during their living on earth to develop their spirits universally. As each man passes through all signs of the Zodiac to master their qualities so shall he acquire positive features of each nation. There are no good and bad signs as there are no good and bad nations. Only people manifest their features differently either positively or negatively by their psychic and spiritual maturity. Therefore, nations should not follow alien patterns but they should maintain their own culture and customs to preserve the purity of their characteristic features.

Swanhild from the Swan Planet incarnated in this small nation to bring him "the Gospel" from the Son of Man. As the spiritually most advanced nation it should have got the major spiritual help in the Judgment. In spite of the fact that the Darkness had lured away many true helpers she had constantly been given substitute helpers to be capable of accomplishing her mission. Her book is not her own work but it has been received from above, from Imanuel.

Until the times of the New Kingdom comes the Darkness will entice this nation more than other nations. The dark will seek to make it fail politically, morally and spiritually. So they did with chosen nations always. Therefore the conflicts, crimes and chaos exhibit in it in grater way than in other ones. In these difficult conditions the chosen people will have to prove their clearness and spiritual maturity.

The chosen nation has got a strong political personality a primordially created spirit who should have led it in this difficult period. The people of his, however, hindered him in the fulfilment of the true mission because they believe that he embodies the opposite principle. They did not know that the dark spread his decisions in a distorted form and thereby, they thwarted his reputation.

If only the small part of the nation changed and woke up spiritually, the purification would happen in more gentle way. Many of the dark ones would adapt to the new conditions and the nation would be purified by their natural death. The disasters and wars would not happen in such strength, which had bunched under the influence of negative karma. Unfortunately, many light men have not found and accept the help offered them by means of the Grail Message. Now, when the time is high they are given the last chance to awake and understand the situation around with the abridged Message by the Son of Man. This model of the New Gospel will be spread with the cosmic velocity throughout the world to be a life-saver for all those striving for the Truth and the Eternity.

If the world does not recover as soon as possible a catastrophic scenario will start taking place which is prepared for the entire mankind as the punishment for its spiritual indolence and ignorance. Only strong blows may awake and convince it that it also has the spirit.

This scenario one may find in the last Biblical prophecy in the Revelation to the Apostle John. In Greek, it is called the Apocalypse, that is, the revelation because it reveals the happenings which should occur in the period of the Judgment. The Revelation was written down approximately one hundred years after Jesus' death on earth. From the time standpoint, it involves the most recent announcement and in comparison with the ancient prophets, the most precise message of the future events in the period of the Judgment. It is conveyed mostly in the pictures and symbols for their meaning to be illuminated closely before their realisation. Mankind has been given John's Revelation as a gift to know what to expect with trust. Since it is connected with this topic the Judgment and the Son of Man, let us analyse it at least partially.




Like in all parts of the Bible, there are also scattered minor errors and insertions which should have confuse the text and make it possible its different explanations to come into existence. Their goal has been to prove the same which the Darkness seeks to do in the entire Bible that the Son of Man is identical with Jesus for some time events to be understood in a completely different manner and in other time relations as they are bound to happen in reality. In spite of the fact that the very first verse of the Revelation clearly points out that its aim is to show what shall happen soon many solvers elucidate some passages as the past which already passed and it is the substitution of the Son of Man by Jesus that caused it. Thus, the Darkness has achieved its goal that mankind does not expect future happenings which are mentioned here. Thereby, it gets rid of spiritual help offered by the Son of Man in the name of the Father the Creator.

Let us look at the text with the Bible in hand so that one can prove explanations conveyed in this book in black and white. Apostle John received the Revelation in the form of pictures along with the words he heard. After he had received it he sought to write down that which he had seen and heard. Since there were many things there it is quite natural that he could not remember all details, those in particular dealing with the words of songs. Everyone must have experienced this when one would describe one's dream. Obscurities are completed by oneself in connection with the content of the dream.

Throughout the very mediation of the Revelation the influence of the Darkness was excluded thanks to the strong radiation of the Son of Man who dictated it through "an angel" as it is mentioned in the first sentence of the Revelation But during its writing, further transcriptions and translations the Darkness has had more possibilities to add small insertions, for example, instead of "the Son of Man" there has been inserted "Jesus Christ" there which has substantially changed its interpretation.

In the prologue in the Chapter 1, verses 1 and 2, an attentive reader senses that there is in an ungrounded and forcible ways inserted the name Jesus in place of the originally intended Son of Man there. John does write in the Chapter 1, verse 13 that he has received the Revelation from the Son of Man, and not from Jesus. If the original name the Son of Man had been preserved in the prologue the text would have been much clearer and more authentic. The dark influence wanted to deceive the reader from the very beginning that Jesus is the Son of Man.

Sooner than the errors in the greeting, Chapter 1, verse 4, will be explained it should be realised that which has already been explained in detail before the Sons are the integral part of God the Father; therefore, they are sometimes called just God. In the ancient prophecies, the persons of Jesus and Imanuel are sometimes mentioned in this abbreviated version; thus it has not been made more precise each time that this conception indicates the Son of God. No prophecy reveals that God the Father should have come on earth or, that He would have lived there. All Bible experts must have known this. And yet, they ignore this exactness at many sections of the Revelation with their eyes shut.

In the Chapter 1, verse 4 of the Revelation, John passes the greeting to all churches from the One who is and who was and who is to come, and from the seven spirits who are before his throne. The majority of the interpreters envisages God the Father within this characteristic. However, why should it be Him when we do not know by any prophecy that He would have been on earth once and even, we do not expect His coming? Besides this, we are already familiar with the Divine Realm and thus we know that in front of the God's Throne there are four creatures with the animal countenance. Moreover, we know that in the Divine Realm, there are no spirits at all, only Divine Beings. Spirits begin to occur in the Primordial Spiritual Realm, in the vicinity of the Throne of the Son of Man for the first time. Thus, this proves that he who is and who was and who is to come cannot be God the Father.

On the other hand, some scriptural scholars explain that Jesus should be understood under the person who is and who was and who is to come. However, this opinion is refuted in the continuation of the very mentioned sentence in the 5th verse in which Jesus also joins the greeting. If Jesus had been him who is and who was and who is to come, John would not have attached the greeting from Jesus thereto. Indeed, it would have been illogical. Thus, the insertion of “and” in the Chapter 1, verse 5 clearly indicates that Jesus joins the greeting of him who is, who was and who is to come and therefore, Jesus cannot be him. Since he is not God the Father nor Jesus only the Son of Man remains Imanuel. He always is because he is eternal; he has already lived as the prince Abd-ru-shin on earth thousand years before the Revelation was written and he will come two more times in the person of the Son of Man firstly, as the Spirit of Truth closely before the Judgment and secondly, as the King of the Millennium after the Judgment. Because the Revelation has been written approximately two thousand years before; meanwhile, he came for the first time in this century as Abd-ru-shin the Spirit of Truth.

In the 7th verse in which John claims Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, every one who pierced him... one may again sense that the words "every one who pierced him" were put on purpose there. Indeed, in the period when the Son of Man shall come on earth those who pierced Jesus will surely not be able to see him because they will not live any longer. The Bible does not accept the reincarnation! One may see thereof that this part is inserted inconsistently there only to emphasise by all means that Jesus is the Son of Man.

In the 8th verse the identity of the Son of Man as the author of the Revelation is further clarified. John says there that the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty introduces himself also in this way: I am the Alpha and the Omega. We know that the whole Creation outside the Divine Realm arose out of the Son of Man who is the Holy Spirit and the God's Will at the same time. Thus, he is the Alpha the beginning from which everything issues. Concurrently, he is also the Omega the end because it depends on him as well. If he got angry with men or if he opposed the Will of his Father and stopped giving himself as the light out of which other worlds arose they would cease. Therefore, he who is the Alpha and the Omega can only be the Son of Man and not Jesus nor God the Father because this designation is the continuation of the name of him who is and who was and who is to come.

From the 9th verse on, John describes that he saw one like a Son of Man, thus not the true Son of Man. Indeed, in the Chapter 1, verse 1 he writes that he was given the Revelation from God through an angel. Since, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, man cannot directly communicate either with God, Jesus or Imanuel because all of them are, in truth, God a mediator must have acted there. This "angel" was the spirit Ishmael eternally living in the spiritual plane Patmos from where the messages of the Son of Man has been transmitted to the Earth. Ishmael as an eternal spirit is their mediator in the Primordial Spirituality. The identity of this person will be confirmed at the end of the Revelation.

Besides the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species another fact excludes that John would have seen directly Jesus or Imanuel in the figure of the angel because his hair were white which is known about neither Son of the Creator from no revelation and no records.

In the Chapter 1, verses 17, 18 the Son of Man in the person of Imanuel is confirmed again saying: I am the first and the last, which is the same as the notion the Alpha and the Omega, and the living one. I died, and behold, I am alive for evermore… If it were God the Father he would not be dead because he had not lived on earth. Nor can it be Jesus as we will make sure of in the 2nd and 3rd chapters including the letters addressed to the seven churches.

All letters are written by the author of the Revelation. At the end of each letter, in the last verse he says goodbye through this greeting He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Neither Jesus nor the Creator are mentioned as Spirits anywhere. Imanuel the Holy Spirit is him as the third person of the Godhead. This last proof of the author of the Revelation must have convinced everyone that the Son of Man is not Jesus but Imanuel.




In the Chapter 4 one finds out how the Apostle John was allowed to look into the Divine Realm through an angel. Specifically, he saw the Creator and His Guardians of the Throne the animal creatures around Him. He did not see God distinctly; he saw him only as a figure sitting there who appeared like jasper and carnelian. He did not recognise either His garment or His Countenance. Besides, he saw further inhabitants of the Divine Realm. At first, there were the Elders, the Eternal Ones – twenty-four guardians of the Divine Grail Castle. He could distinguish them well because they were most distant from God. He perceived the seven Archangels as torches of fire, not as beings. This look into the Divine Realm and to the Creator should have enhanced the importance of the following description and should have manifested that the very God engaged in this revelation, however, not as his author.

In the next Chapter 5 one becomes familiar with the fact that John saw in the right hand of him (the Creator) who was seated on the throne a scroll written within and on the back, sealed with seven seals. In the 3rd verse he writes: No one in heaven or on earth was able to open the scroll. Till then, nobody has "opened" the book; nor did it Jesus who, at that time, one hundred years ago, had lived on earth. From the 6th verse on one discovers that finally, it was taken by a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain.

Why, indeed, is Jesus associated with the symbol of the Lamb? There are two reasons for that. The first one tells that he was killed as a Lamb because he had accepted his death as the necessity, as the sacrifice. On the other hand, the Ram represents the appearance of man because he is the only creature out of four in front of the God's Throne having the human head. It has also been mentioned that these four Divine creatures standing in the Square as the Guardians of the God's Throne are the pillars of the entire Creation. The human spirit comes from the Ram with the human head.

When Jesus incarnated on earth he had to absorb a part of his radiation. The vision of the Lamb in the Revelation indicates that he who took the sealed book from the Creator would become man soon when he would come to the Earth.

The proof that this Lamb was not Jesus was given by himself when he announced before his death that after him would come the Son of Man, the Holy Spirit on earth as the Spirit of Truth who would tell people many things including those he did not tell yet. It follows thereof that not Jesus will bring the book on earth but the second Son of the Creator who must also acquire the appearance from the Lamb so that he may become man. When the Lamb only appeared to have been killed; the prediction means that he would not be killed. This is how it happened Abd-ru-shin was not killed even though he was threatened with it.

What a book is it that the Creator holds in His hand? This cannot be an ordinary book if no one in heaven or on earth is worthy to open it. The book written and sealed on the back embraces the summary on the knowledge about Creation coming from the Creator directly. Therefore, He is holding the book and does not let anybody to open it, only them who are worthy of it - His Sons. Jesus has already opened it in part but he did not manage to nor could he say everything because people at that time were not mature enough for that. Imanuel should have brought its complex rendition later when people would become mature for that. So did he when he came as the Spirit of Truth Abd-ru-shin on earth before the Judgment. Till then, no religion and any spiritual movement neither recognised nor possessed this complete knowledge.

However, Abd-ru-shin has written in his work The Grail Message only that which was written on the back of the sealed book. Its inside, that is the Revelation, had to remain sealed until his coming to the Earth until the period of the Judgment.

Thus, the book, on the back in the form of The Grail Message and within in the form of the dictated Revelation has been brought by the Son of Man Imanuel which we made sure of at the beginning of the Revelation.

In the 8th verse there is depicted how everyone in the Divine Realm was delighted that he accepted this task because for him it was a great sacrifice. Indeed, Jesus had returned from the Earth having fulfilled a difficult mission shortly before. In the 9th verse they sang a new song: Worthy art thou to take the scroll and to open its seals. The following text, however, issues from the dark influence. A reflective reader will discover that there is again mixed Jesus without any reason there. The next verse is unnaturally completed by an insertion for thou was slain as well. He who is of the opinion that the name of Jesus really belongs there and that it only confirms his repeated coming should realise that so far, two thousand years having already passed, Jesus did not return and did not bring the given book on earth. However, this task has been fulfilled by the Spirit of Truth, the Son of Man, Abd-ru-shin in this century (20th).

The importance and prominence of this book issuing directly from the hands of the Creator is also confirmed by Abd-ru-shin's remark that The Grail Message will become the Bible of the new mankind and the guide by means of which a new type of man will be created and "straightened". The original Bible will form its historical section because they complement each other and they are not contradictory one another except for the insertions of the Darkness which have been explained by Abd-ru-shin. Thus, The Grail Message presents another New Testament because it comes directly from the Creator.




In the 6th Chapter of the Revelation there is described the opening of the first six seals. The riders on the horses indicate the forthcoming time-connected events.

The first seal was opened with the arrival of the conqueror on a white horse which came to the Earth closely before the Judgment. He was the Spirit of Truth the Son of Man, Abd-ru-shin announced by Jesus. The future happening will show that he will be the conqueror when he, by means of his book The Grail Message, will form new mankind in the Millennium where he will be the king.

The second rider who will come after the conqueror will take peace from the Earth. The killing which is related to the First and the Second World Wars confirmed the realisation of this event.

The opening of the third seal is represented by a rider on a horse with the scales in his hand. After the Second World War the imbalance in the distribution of food has occurred as a result of the general moral downfall in one part of the Earth there is a famine, in another one the surplus of food prevails. Under the influence of the dark, the massive cheating in the business, high prices and crises has been predominating in the whole world which particularly affects the food basis at most.

The 8th verse describes the opening of the fourth seal whereby Hades, dark spirits, was given power to kill with sword, wars, with famine, economic crises, with pestilence, crimes and murders, and by wild beasts. The aggressive behaviour of animals and their attacks on people are sometimes caused by the dark influences because dark spirits can act upon animals much easier than upon men. They misuse it, too because their aim is to destroy by all means. The influence of the Darkness is continually repeated by the same events and, in the times of the Judgment, it will be reinforced.

The ninth verse describes the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God. There is indicated the persecution of believers or wars provoked by the religious persuasion. This text does not illustrate the first persecution of Christians after Jesus' death because the Revelation was written after this. The last war in Yugoslavia could be its climax if mankind would have learned from it but it seems that only a part of this prophecy has been fulfilled. The number of victims killed for religious reasons may augment considerably by the next world war or a local war only.

In the 10th verse the dead believers complain: how long before thou (the Creator) will avenge our blood on those who dwell upon the earth? He replies that the number of those who were to be killed for the word of God should be complete. Out of this follows that many more believers shall die for their God in wars and natural disasters.


In the Chapter 7, verse 9 there is mentioned a great multitude which no man could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and tongues. These are they, 14th verse, who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. The washing of the robe and its bleaching in the blood means that through a hard death and believe in God they got rid of their karmic guilt from previous lives. Some explain this passage in a wrong way that this crowd will survive and will become new mankind. These believers will die in a great number and rest in the Spiritual World after death because the Ethereal World will not exist at that time any longer. Thus, all those, though believing in the wrong God, whose belief will also be living at the very moment of the death will be "transferred" into the Spiritual Realm because their yet undeveloped spirits would get into the disintegration. They will become new mankind only then when they will be born on earth to the first generation which has survived the Judgment. A great crowd implies the multitude of victims of the atomic war and the natural disaster as it will be presented further:

In the Chapter 6 with the 12th verse the sixth seal is broke open - there was a great earthquake; and every mountain and island was removed from its place. In the 17th verse there is asserted that the great day of wrath has come. It is "the Judgment Day" announced by the prophecies. Then, in the whole world there will appear the visible sign of the Son of Man in the sky as it has already been mentioned in the Jesus' prophecy about the Judgment. It will announce the salvation the liberation for the victims of the war.

According to the Chapter 7, verses 1 to 7, those who are to survive all further terrors waiting for mankind will be marked with a seal on their foreheads before this disaster impact of which can be only little but also colossal and catastrophic for the whole world. This mark, invisible to men, will protect them from the death. People will not know when they were marked nor will they be aware who of them is the chosen one. Spiritual beings will only see the luminous sign to recognise God's protégés when taking them away inconspicuously, probably in the night, to the safe place outside the Earth. This take-away of the chosen in the Judgment Day is also mentioned by Jesus in the Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 24, verse 40.

Whereas in the times of Noah only one family has survived the world-wide catastrophe in the second one many people will survive one third of them approximately. Even though the Bible states that the marked will be the members of the Jewish nation, in fact, there will be involved chosen people from the whole world, particularly from the chosen nation which is now grouped in Slovakia. Hitherto, all their lives they went aright. During many lives, in the suffering, too, they showed the frank effort for the transferring of the spiritual truths into the ordinary life. Their spirits are not strong enough yet; therefore, they need to complete their development on Earth in the period of the Judgment or during the Millennium.




After the consummation of the first stage of the purification many people will still stay on earth. If they, on the basis of the former happenings, will adopt the spiritual knowledge and will try to change they can temper or dissolve the reactions of karma, that is, the further terror. The Chapter 8 depicts that after the sevenths seal has been broke open there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. It means that the beings angels who are the executors of the Judgment under guidance of the Son of Man will delay the reactions of karma and will allow people to undergo the spiritual transformation. If, however, their efforts for the change does not manifest itself in the radiation of their bodies as soon as possible the further reactions of the world karma will be released.

The chapters 8 to 16 describe the terror which may occur before "the Judgment Day" or afterwards. At their attentive study the reader will understand that it is about consequences and manifestations of atomic wars. These can caused diseases, sufferings and deaths of various kinds and subsequently, floods and earthquakes as well. The truth of statement that in the period of the Judgment the living will envy the dead indicates the description of these horrible disasters. Those who will have to experience it will need to draw their lessons that the material death is not the definitive end but only a transition to the better or a worse spiritual world or, alternatively, to the disintegration.

In the 9th Chapter the fifth trumpet announces that the star fallen from heaven to earth, Lucifer, was told to harm, by means of his dark spirits, those of mankind who have not the seal of God upon their foreheads. These sufferings, which will be much stronger than any previous tempting by the dark, shall awake the affected from the spiritual indolence to recuperate from their mistakes and to set themselves free from the influence of Darkness which they have not accepted till then and which they have underestimated. He who will grasp this suffering caused by the evil spirits which will only be temporary as a lesson and will change will get rid of the influence of the Darkness. However, some may even go mad or die. Many will be sorry that they have neglected their spiritual developments when they gave preference to the evanescent feeling of happiness instead of the eternity.

The sixths trumpet announces the release of "the angels" who shall provoke the war in the East at the river Euphrates. This war, the atomic one, should destroy approximately one third of mankind. This is the war before "the Judgment Day" mentioned by Joel and Isaiah but it can also be another, later war.




In the 10th Chapter one finds out that the Apostle John saw another mighty "angel". He had a rainbow over his head which symbolises his Divine origin because rainbow is the sign of a covenant with God. John has not seen his face because it shone like the sun. He had a little scroll open in his hand the Revelation which he dictated through the mediator Ishmael. The Apostle John really got a sight of the actual Son of Man through his mediator "the angel" then. He announced to John that at that time, in the most difficult period on Earth the mystery of God, as he announced to his servants the prophets, should be fulfilled-

the birth of the Son of Man on earth.

The voice revealed to John so that he may take the book and eat, that is to say, he may remember the content of the book and announce it to the public: Take it and eat; it will be bitter to your stomach, but sweet as honey in your mouth. The ninth verse depicts the fact that people do not know the true taste of the Revelation its meaning until it is sealed. When they digest it in stomach, that is, they experience its events on their own many of them will feel sick.

In the Chapter 11, verse 15 there is described the joy in the Divine Realm because a part of Imanuel leaves to the World of Matter so that the God's promise may be fulfilled the birth of the Son of Man on earth. The eleventh chapter, 19th verse gives that afterwards there were flashes of lightning, an earthquake...




In the next chapter there is allegorically conveyed the description of the birth of the Creator's Son - Imanuel. Those who are convinced that Jesus is the Son of Man explain the twelfth chapter as the event which already happened, thus as the Jesus' birth. Indeed, this has been the goal of the dark so that people may not consider this prophecy which is clearly connected with the former events as being serious. Thus, it is the description of the future birth of the true Son of Man which should happen in the period of the Judgment to make him matured as soon as possible and could rule the Millennium Realm. The consistent reader, who partly knows the Christian history, finds out, that this prophecy cannot be compared to the birth of Jesus.

According to the picture of a woman in the 12th Chapter it is clear that the mother of Imanuel will be a ruling being from a higher spiritual world and not an ordinary human spirit: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. Her origin is emphasised for the reason that an ordinary woman would not be able to carry the Son of God for the full period of the pregnancy. She would not bear the temptations of Lucifer and psychic and physical sufferings caused by the dark because they will seek to destroy her and her child already during the pregnancy as it follows.

According to the 2nd verse she was with child and she cried out in her pangs of birth. If her suffering was connected only with the labour pains it would not be necessary to write about it because they occur naturally. The mentioned illustration should have pointed to the terrible suffering which she would bear directly from Lucifer at fulfilling of her mission. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species his influence may be borne only by a woman of the same origin who is conscious of her task and who will voluntarily take sacrifice which is necessary for the impairing of his power and the power of the fallen angels. People shall not be familiar with the goal and consequences of her sacrifice they will learn about it later in the Millennium Realm.

The next description illustrates Lucifer's spirit and his immense power - another portent appeared in heaven, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems upon his heads. The symbol his tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven means that he enticed a third of angels on his side and cast them to the earth.

And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child when she brought it forth. When Lucifer does not succeed in destroying the mother with her child in the pregnancy he will try to do this right after the birth. She brought forth a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron. According to the text, mother will manage to consummate her task successfully. Her child was caught up to God and to his throne. After the birth the child will leave the Ethereal World in a concealed way in order not to be destroyed by Lucifer's servants.

After his escape to the higher spheres natural catastrophes the fight of Lucifer and his angels with the angels of God will occur. The portent about this is brought in the 7th verse:  The fight began in heaven. The dragon and his angels fought, but they were not successful... and the devil who had seduced the whole world was subverted to the Earth together with his angels. The catastrophic consequences of this fight for the child, proves the verse 15 in the previous chapter.

Till now the majority of fallen angels and Lucifer lived on various ethereal matter planets. But thanks to this fight they will get to the Earth and to its ethereal substance. The star of the Son of Man will package the planet by its rays and inhibit their escape. This will be the main reason for the temporary damage of ethereal substance. They will want to save themselves by the stay on the Earth as the spirits or incarnated spirits – the people. Therefore their influence on the Earth will become more visible and multiply after the birth of Imanuel.  

In the 13th verse it is written: ...And when the dragon saw that he had been thrown down to the earth, he pursued the woman who had borne the male child. But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness. For a time, the mother will be taken away by a primordial spiritual flying object. This abduction will be seen and impatiently expected as her salvation by a part of the chosen people who will live in separation or, possibly under persecution at that time.

The seventeenth verse describes: Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God. Out of the text it follows that the woman, Imanuel's mother will have her own spiritual offspring. Thus, she will not only become the physical mother of Imanuel but in the spiritual sense the mother of his mankind as well. She will "form" the world the seed of which has been sown by Abd-ru-shin and before, by Jesus.

Some people may be confused by a contradictory indication of Imanuel's mother. Isaiah's prophecy claims that a virgin will give birth to Imanuel whereas here it is a woman. This illusory contradiction can be explained. At the writing of the prophecy Isaiah heard that a Swan Virgin will give birth to Imanuel. Since mankind of that time was not familiar with the structure of the Creation; nor was it with the Swan Planet; the name Swan Virgin seemed incomprehensible for him. Thus, he dropped the word "Swan" and wrote only "a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Imanuel" as the Chapter 7, verse 14 asserts. In the Revelation her identity is complemented in a clearer way because it was sent out later. At the time of Imanuel's birth the Swan Virgin will be middle-aged; therefore, she is called a woman.

The identity of both women in one person and her double role as well confirms The Grail Message together with the Bible. Abd-ru-shin announces there that at the time of the most sacred fulfilments on earth which began by the coming of his Trigon in the previous century there is also the Swan Virgin needed as a follower of their mission and, at the same time, as the mediator of the most sacred fulfilment the birth of Imanuel.

After pursuit of the woman and her descendants one may read in the 18th verse that the dragon stood on the sand of the sea. It means that he will be stopped in pursuit because Imanuel will protect his nation against the destruction by an abduction. After return it will be transferred to Jerusalem under God's protection. Isaiah's prophecy says that on the Mount Zion there will shine a glow the God's protection day and night.




Lucifer will give vent to his anger because of the unsuccessful chase so that he will render the leader of a big country surrounded by the sea disposing of the supernatural abilities. People the materialists will admire him because he will dispose of such a great power that no ruler before had. "The sea beast" will rule only for a short time but in the 13th Chapter it is stated that the beast was allowed to make war on the saints (the believers) and to conquer them. This will be another period of the persecution of the believers. It is claimed in the 10th verse: If any one is to be taken captive, to captivity he goes; if any one slays with the sword, with the sword must he be slain. Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.

God will allow this persecution only for the affected people to bear the reactions of their past karmic guilt when they persecuted others or hindered them in the spiritual development. Among these will also be people who are only awakening into the spiritual life and their spiritual development will be accelerated by the sufferings or violent deaths. Therefore, the evil will serve their good at the same time. Accepting this fate in the pure belief in God they will make themselves clean and become more perfect and thus, they will be given the opportunity to be born in the New Kingdom. Those who will be taken captive will live to see it.

The eleventh verse reveals that on the other side, that is, in the other world power "the earthly beast" will appear. This ruler will dispose of even greater supernatural abilities than the sea beast thanks to his prophet who is a high fallen angel. He is supported directly by Lucifer so that he can perform miracles and entice as many people as possible to the wrong path. At this time he already visits the chosen nation and heals actively, gives lectures and uses the terms borrowed from the light leaders and the terms from the Message as well. He refers to Jesus, Virgin Mary and claims that he performs "the white" magic. He produces supernatural phenomena and changes the weather. He boasts of untrue academic grades which makes an impression on materialists who want to grow spiritually and who do not recognise the nonsense and the gaps in his lectures. By means of his magic exercises and techniques people unintentionally give their positive energies to the Darkness.

The most developed ones of the chosen nation will live on the Mount Zion and in Jerusalem after the purification. Other saved ones will be brought down to the Earth to different places. In the Chapter 14, verse 4 it is stated that the chosen are these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are chaste. This is not meant literally. The spotlessness and the virginity are connected with the spiritual purity. Thus, the virgins are those who did not let themselves entice by any passions, dark leaders and religions. In their mouth no lie was found, for they are spotless asserts the 5th verse. Their crucial feature is that they are truthful in their deeds particularly and purified from negative karma. They will live on a new soil loosened by an earthquake in Jerusalem because at that time, everything will be destroyed there. Their natural and simple life will gradually advance but another way as before spiritually. This will be the period of the preparation phase for the Millennium kingdom during Imanuel's adolescence.

According to the Chapters 17 and 18 when "Babylon" - the Sea Great Power sinks, the last difficult period of mankind will come to the end. At its destruction or the decrease of its territory, respectively many other continents will sink and Atlantis will raise again thus bearing witness to itself.

In the 19th Chapter there is described the enthusiasm in heaven that on earth Imanuel's reign begins by the time of his adulthood through the invitation to the marriage supper of the Lamb. In the 19th Chapter, 6th verse The Lord our God the Almighty reigns. His Bride has made herself ready. The bride is the city Jerusalem as it is called by the ancient prophets. It was granted her to be clothed with fine linen, which is the symbol of perfect inhabitants of Jerusalem, the fine linen represents the righteous deeds of the saints says the 8th verse. These are the best people on earth.

The Mount Zion in Jerusalem will become the niche of the leading spiritual personalities who will direct and lead the chosen nation during the preliminary phase of the Millennium. Later, under guidance of adult Imanuel it will be the centre of the world-wide rule. The rest of the chosen people will live in Jerusalem. It has already been mentioned that the area of Israel is situated in the spiritually most suitable region. It can form the best connection with the Grail Castles, thus with Imanuel; therefore, it is the place of the chosen.

In the Chapter 19, verse 11 Imanuel takes over the rule on earth: A white horse! He who sat upon it mentioned as the winner in the 6th Chapter, 2nd verse is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. He who judges righteously and came on earth as the Judge cannot be anybody else than the Spirit of Truth Imanuel. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called: The Word of God. He will start ruling only after the accomplishment of the Judgment. Therefore, his clothes are dipped in blood. He is called the Word of God because by his Message people has been judged and sorted in the course of the Judgment. From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations. His word in The Message acts upon many people as the sword because it is sharp; it requires the humility and straightening. He will rule them with a rod of iron with the eternal laws forever.

He has been delegated by the Father the Creator to accomplish the Judgment in His name as the Bible depicts later. He will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. ... He has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords. Thus, this name belongs to the Son of Man because he will be the real, on earth incarnated ruler in the Millennium and not only a spiritual leader as his forerunner Jesus was.

In the 19th Chapter, 19th verse there is conveyed the last battle of the Darkness on earth before the New Kingdom. "The earth beast" with the false prophet will attack grown-up Imanuel and his nation along with the troops of the dark from the whole world. Thanks to the God's intervention through the Star of the Son of Man which will burn the enemies Imanuel will win over them. Thereby, the rests of the dark will be destroyed on earth and the world-wide rule of the Light will begin.

In the 20th verse: And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet ... were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulphur. It is depicted there that by their deaths both incarnated fallen angels got into the disintegration into the loss of the self forever, because they have on their conscience the enormous suffering and enticement of a huge mass of people.

Thus, Imanuel will not gain the power on earth through the fight and occupation of foreign territories. As it has already been mentioned his nation will live separately and modestly till then. It will gain the world rule by a supernatural means after the Judgment, according to the prophecies by the intervention of God, through the destruction of the dark rests on earth.

Only for the reason that the Earth plays such an important role in the Creation the Sons of the Creator underwent the sacrifice to be born there. It is an extraordinary present for the earth-men. If they had not been given the necessary spiritual knowledge about the eternal substance of the spirit the planet would have disintegrated prematurely and the chosen ones, not completely developed spiritually, would have been dragged down with the dark into disintegration during the Judgment.




In the 20th Chapter the Millennium kingdom is described. Lucifer, as the spirit, must be fettered not materially but spiritually so that the Kingdom can be just. His power must be restrained so that he cannot act upon people and hinder them from the accomplishment of their spiritual development. In the New Kingdom will at first be incarnated the souls of those who died under persecution for their creed. The most pure ones will incarnate into the first generation to experience the rule of God on earth. Afterwards, higher spirits and finally, people by themselves will rule on earth.

The goal of the Millennium Realm is to teach people to live naturally according to the Eternal Laws. No one except for Imanuel could render this model of a just rule which has been distorted during thousands of years of the Darkness. The Son of Man is to lead people out of the dark errors and by his presence, to introduce peace and justice on earth. During the era of the New Kingdom all laws will operate as they are supposed to do because they will not be restrained and impaired by the Darkness or by the descent of the Earth because after the purification it will be lifted higher. The very presence of Imanuel, his Unsubstantiate Core, will stimulate the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. Thereby, people will be educated when the reactions of karma will immediately punish or reward them.

Castes will be introduced again, however, according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, they will operate next to each other and not one above another. Thereby, their co-operation but also the necessary distance will be warranted. At the same time, Imanuel will also be the spiritual teacher. Similarly, as Jesus awakened by his teaching many undeveloped people Imanuel will help them to complete the development and will lead them through his knowledge into the Eternity into the Paradise.

Under his spiritual guidance and personal influence people will gain telepathic abilities, they will get control over the earthly gravitation and they will be able to fly and live on earth in a similar way as the eternal spirits do in the Paradise. Many of those things waiting for them may seem incredible now; therefore, it is useless to write about it. Happy will be those who will live in the Millennium because they will complete their spiritual development on earth in a joyful way. Both Jesus and Imanuel came right in the times when a great part of people was culminating spiritually and when they needed the protection against the Darkness and a superior guidance for the termination of the development on earth as well.

According to the Chapter 20, verse 5, The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. Only at the end of the Millennium the spirits of inferior quality from the lower planets will start incarnating so that they may finish their development on earth in better conditions.

In the 20th Chapter, 7th verse the end of the Millennium kingdom is outlined. Satan will be loosed from his prison and will come out to deceive the nations to gather them for battle against the Saint City. Men from the lower planets will have to develop under repeated effect of the dark influence which will be rather strenuous like the situation of a swimmer who shall swim to the shore being surrounded all but by sharks. Those who will overcome this negative influence will accomplish their spiritual development and will live forever. Those not confirming their spiritual transformation on earth and succumbing to the dark influence will join those, fighting with the believers, who will always live separately in Israel.

Again, however, by the intervention from above through the Star of the Son of Man God's people will win over the dark like it happened before the Millennium. In the 9th verse this situation is described in such a way that fire came down from heaven and consumed them. Lucifer will be thrown into the spiritual disintegration because he will not change during his fettering his last test. The 20th Chapter 10th verse: and the devil was thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur... 

With this last fight the final last Judgment of the Earth will occur. According to the 11th verse the Earth got rid of the ethereal and gross material cloaks forever during the spiritual maturation of light men: from his Imanuel's presence earth and sky fled away. Those who have completed their development became the eternal spirits and those who did not manage to perished in the spiritual disintegration.

The sentence I saw a new heaven and a new earth in the 21st Chapter means that the Earth getting rid of the material cloaks and completing the Judgment ascended to a higher level, to the Spiritual Realm. It will be the eternal spiritual planet there because it has also consummated certain stage of its development. It will get into direct influence of Imanuel as it is asserted in the 5th verse: And he who sat upon the throne said... I am the Alpha and the Omega... (Imanuel).

In the 23rd verse there is affirmed that the city has no need of sun or moon and in the 25th verse that ... and there shall be no night there. In the 22nd Chapter, 5th verse one reads that ... they need no light of lamp for the Lord God will be their light...  This is evident. When the Earth gets into the direct influence of the Primordial Power, into luminous radiation of Imanuel, it will not need its transformers the Sun and the Moon because these were necessary only in the World of Matter.

In the 22nd Chapter, 6th verse one may learn that Imanuel is the God of the spirits of the prophets. This means that he, in the name of his Father, sent out prophets to the Earth and dictated them the prophecies. Therefore, he knows in the best way how to decipher them. In the 7th verse he says: I am coming soon since at that time, he was about to come to the Earth as the Spirit of Truth. With this promise it is also confirmed that Imanuel is the author of the Revelation, the Spirit of Truth and the Son of Man as well.

At the end of the Revelation in the 22nd Chapter, verse 6 there is specified the angel through whom the Son of Man spoke during the Revelation: And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets (Imanuel), has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place. The eighth verse of the 22nd Chapter: I John (the Apostle) I fell down to worship at the feet the angel the mediator but he said to me, You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brethren the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God. Thus, this "angel" with white hair was neither the Son of Man nor Jesus. Indeed, they would have called themselves nor the servants of the Apostle John neither the brothers of the prophets.

In the 12th verse the Son of Man says: Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense, to repay every one for what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega ... The Son of Man again puts emphasis on the fact that he will come to the Earth as the Spirit of Truth soon because he will be the Judge in the period of the Judgment. The reward for the deeds means that he will be the executor of the Judgment the purification in which everyone will gets what he deserves. The last words I am the Alpha and the Omega confirm that the Son of Man - Imanuel is speaking.




Maybe someone has the question, why the Creator depends on that the people improve spiritually and come back to the spiritual realm as the eternal spirits. Perhaps some have already understood, it is the influence of the Law of Reciprocal Action. The Creator gave the people the conscious life by his radiation and fed them by the primordial power for many lives, similarly as the parents feed and bring up their children. The premature death of the child or its inability to live the normal life is the broken investment, the lost hope for them. The parents desire to see the successful result of their work, even if they will not benefit from it.

Similarly the Creator does not need the human spirits, the divine real is enough for him, but he wants to see the successful result of his investment. The joy is double- the spirit has the benefit from it, because ha can live forever in the fair and loving world, in the paradise.


Chapter 21 : New Mankind


Who will belong to new mankind and how will its representatives be distinguished? It is necessary to know that new mankind will particularly be formed by the present-day generation of all age-groups including the oldest ones. Some may expect that new mankind will practice a new religion completely different from the existing ones. He who has read this book carefully will conclude that Imanuel has not brought any new religion. He is the Son of the same God as Jesus; therefore, he cannot state or teach something distinct. The fact that he purified Christ's mission from errors and mistakes does not imply at all that he denies it; on the contrary, it is confirmed thereby. As Jesus once came to fill in Moses' mission so came the Spirit of Truth Abd-ru-shin to modernise Jesus' teaching and Imanuel will complete it.

Let us repeat why Jesus is called the Son of God and Imanuel the Son of Man when both are of the same origin.

Jesus only acts and lives in the Unsubstantiate and Divine Realms. Like God the Father he never crosses the Divine Realm in which he acts as the King in the name of his Father. As a result of his continuous motion only in the vicinity of God and God's closest radiation he is called the Son of God.

The Son of Man Imanuel issues from the Unsubstantiate Trinity like Jesus because he is the God's Will and the Holy Spirit of God the Father. A part of him is constantly outside, beyond the Divine Realm in the Primordial Spiritual Castle. To be able to stay in a distance like that his Unsubstantiate part must be veiled - materialised adequately. Another part of Imanuel is also situated in the Divine Realm, in the Divine Grail Castle. Although both Sons of God possess the same cloaks in the Divine Realm yet they look differently because they embody completely distinct qualities. They appear in very beautiful human forms. They are the most handsome beings in the Divine Realm even though everything is beautiful there. Their higher Unsubstantiate nature renders them exceptional and dominant.

Since all planes outside the Divine Realm arose under influence of Imanuel's - Parsifal's radiation they can be considered as if being his worlds. Therefore, he is the King of these worlds. Because they are spiritual mostly and human spirit man issues therein he is called the Son of Man. He cares about his worlds and rings up their inhabitants to make the harmonic development and excellence to rule there. He sends the prophets and the higher spirits to the Earth in the name of his Father – the God, and dictates them the prophecies.

Even though a great part of himself is active in a more material world the Primordial Spiritual Realm mostly his Substantiate part can return to the Divine Realm to the Father and communicate with him at any time. He is as the director of a branch, which belongs to his Father. Even if they are in permanent spiritual contact, they also meet personally. It is necessary, because he is the main mediator between the Creator and the creation.

The Son of Man went through the whole creation to know all of his worlds and their levels and could purify the gross material substance from its pests – Lucifer and fallen angels. He wanted to experience the influence of the darkness on his own body in all parts of gross material substance and ethereal substance. Therefore He has become the executor of the judgement in the name of the Father – the Creator. He represents the Justice in the name of God in the Primordial Spiritual Grail Castle.

Both Jesus and Imanuel are equivalent Sons of the Creator they only fulfil different tasks and act in different places. Therefore, acknowledging the existence of the Son of Man does not imply the denial either of the existence or the task of Jesus. The same holds true vice versa as well.


Who wants to live in his previous mistakes in spite of the new knowledge, he will determinate his fate on his own. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogenous Species he will get the reward according to his behaviour in the judgement. Then he cannot feel cheated by the God or Jesus, when he does not belong to the chosen ones. Only those can become the chosen ones, who have “straightened” and got rid of the religious or other distortions.




Why does the Christianity come from the Jewish nation and how did its members get the privilege of the nation chosen by God? Let us return to its prehistory. When people on earth did not accept the prophets seriously enough in the fight against the Darkness the Creator intended to send out Jesus for the help. For his ministry to be effective and long lasting "the suitable soil" had to be prepared beforehand.

The Creator wanted to bring up the nation, which will receive the learning of Jesus as the first one and then it will spread it to the whole world. Sooner than the Jewish nation was formed he had been looking for the spiritually purest man on earth whose spirit was the most developed thanks to his life experience, qualities and character. This exceptional individual was found in the person of Abraham who was descended from the breed of Noah's son Shem. He lived in the area of the ancient Mesopotamia; nowadays, this territory belongs to Iraq. On God's instruction Abraham moved to Canaan the present-day Israel later. In the times of the famine his descendants emigrated from this land to Egypt. There, they had lived for 400 hundred years as a separate nation which would not adapt to the Egyptian religious customs and worshipping many gods. They preserved the spiritual purity and devotion to its only God.

The Israeli nation bore the name of Israel, a descendant of Abraham. However, the whole nation was not equally developed. Since its members would not voluntarily and adequately improve themselves according to the prophets' instructions the Creator also permitted their sufferings in the form of the captivity, war or disaster, which were caused by their karmic guilt. It has helped their development and purification from wrong opinions and deeds. Despite the fact that Jews knew that they were the chosen nation they had often been failing during all stages of the development because as it has already been mentioned the greatest good is deliberately accompanied by the greatest evil. Since they did not accept this fact seriously enough they became its victims easily.

In this nation there has been incarnating the majority of dark spirits along with the chosen up to now to damage the reputation and purity of the nation with their negative qualities and character. At the same time, they dissuaded this nation from the spiritual development by all means and when it did not let itself entice they have also been destroying it. Remind the last world war, when the dark promoter manipulated the German nation, in which many from the original, ancient Jews were incarnated.

Hitler pointed the Jews had the political and economic power in their hands, therefore it was necessary to take it from them. The pointed Jewish rich and prominent men and also he came from the dark circles. This fact is supported by the reality, that they did not went to the working camps, because they had emigrated sooner. The most spiritual Jews became the victims. And that was the aim of the darkness. It caused the hate against the rich Jews consciously, but the consequences were carried by those, who spread it, so the innocent ones. The main promoter of the darkness acted in such clever way. The German nation let cheat itself to make the Jewish hoarders and cheaters to be punished. At last the innocent people felt into the prepared trap.

Because the Jewish nation was the chosen one he was directly educated by the Creator, his Sons and prophets. In ancient times, God also sent out His Envoys to other nations so that they might bring the God's Truth there. However, it has been preserved in a much more distorted forms or it has strictly been concealed in comparison with the Christianity so that it has not pervaded the people.

The original Jewish nation travelled through all nations of the entire Earth during many lives as the spirit of each man passes all levels of the Material World. In each nation it gained something else necessary for its development.

Nowadays, its greatest part is incarnated in the Slovak nation because there, it will get the higher spiritual guidance and knowledge as the first nation in the world. Races, religions and nationalities are not crucial for the spiritual development of man; they influence it only partially.

The chosen men need not to be the present-day real Jews and in fact, all of them are not incarnated within this nation. Their true inward nature is not connected with the earthly Jewry but with the original Jewish nation - the spiritually most developed one.




The spiritual development of a man could be compared to the school. How the education runs in it? The basic school is attended by the spiritual germ in the ethereal substance. The spiritual packages of the child till the young age are developed here. By sinking through the higher parts of gross material substance, his soul matures till adulthood. Till it comes to the Earth, to the lowest and the most material planet, it attends the secondary school, but only three quarters of it. The most difficult part, the last year and final exams - graduation, it has to do by living of many lives on the Earth. Then the spiritual germ becomes the adult one, because it broke the biggest troubles and the most difficult tasks.

After every life on Earth he got “the report” after death, how he had lived his life and what he had reached during it. He gathered, if he might continue in higher year, or he would repeat it. Who learns good and honestly during this secondary school, did the final exams, and went to the spiritual realm as the matured spirit.

Those, who were not able to finish the secondary school so fast and had to repeat some years, would go through “the purification”. During it, the pupils will be forced to strain psychically, physically and spiritually, to suffer, and thanks to it they will mature faster. 

The spirit develops in two different ways according to the Law of Motion and the Law of Free Will:

{C}-        either by a gentle motion - by the regular spiritual education

{C}-        or by a violent motion - by the suffering and problems which are the reactions of the superficiality and the lack of time for the spiritual development.

However the suffering and violent death has the positive influence on the spirit of a man only at that time, when he learns from them and does not find it as a injustice. If a man is dieing in the state of anger, hate, despair or wrong, his packages become heavier and his soul sinks to the lower parts, for example to the Earth.

The positive feelings at the state of death (for example realizing the own mistakes, the wrong way of life, the apathy and reconciling with the own fate as the fair reward) help to burn the material packages and the spirit becomes lighter. The spiritual beings will come to help the man, who believes in the justice of God, and they will tone down or shorten the suffering and take him to the higher worlds after death. The incorrigible dark ones, who are sentenced to the spiritual disintegration because of the big guilts, are not punished by a great suffering to make their spirit to not develop, to make their spirit to remain small, unable to leave the disintegration of the Earth.




As the physical and psychic hygiene became the inseparable parts of one's life so should the spiritual hygiene do. One knows that the physical hygiene prevents from the infections and diseases, the psychic hygiene, on the other hand, supports the better and faster understanding and solving of problems.

We know that:

Physical hygiene                 prevents from illness and infections

Psychical hygiene                helps to solve and to understand the problems faster and in better way

However, the spiritual hygiene can change the fate of man completely if he turns towards the right direction. Even though it does not save man from the physical death it can rescue him from the departure to the dark planets. This turn of one's destiny will take place within the eternal laws. The accelerated spiritual development, caused by the free will, will make possible to set aglow and refine the ponderous cloaks and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species and the Law of the Gravity will lead the soul to a better place than it was ordained for it originally. Free will is really a gift when man understands and uses it aright. Even in the last moment before death he can gain or lose much.

How should man develop, educate and train his spirit? One knows that the body is trained by the motion and the soul by the intellect but one does not know the ways of training the spirit because no one has taught this. It is also important to know at this point that the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species helps us. Since the spirit, as the basic substance of man, originates in the radiation of God the spirit can be developed only by that which is homogeneous with it by the Word of God.

Where one shall look for it? It dwells there where God is its originator. In the Christianity one can find it in the Bible and in The Grail Message. While up till now the best help in the spiritual development has been given by the Bible in the Judgment the Message is more useful because it prepares people for the Judgment and the Millennium. In the Revelation to John, 19th Chapter, 13th verse the Son of Man Imanuel is being called the Word of God. In the 15th verse it is specified: From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, that is, he will "smite", awaken, people with the word and he will rule them with a rod of iron... which also proves that he is Imanuel.

The Message is on purpose written in that way so the human spirit could mature and grow gradually by reading it in small amounts. It is better to read in the bed. The man is usually unconcentrated after the daily work and stress, his mind is cluttered and he is not able to concentrate. The bed is the ideal place, it provides the heat and relax, which inhibits the escape of the energy caused by a strong concentration. The spiritual education before sleeping leads to its better remembering during the sleeping.  

Who is not able to find 15 minutes daily for spiritual education, he should give the attention to it almost during the weekend. The spiritual literature can be read neither quickly, nor suddenly in big amount. Every sentence should be “digested” slowly and in concentric way to make them penetrate into the spirit and not even into the brain, so into the passable soul.  

The theoretical spiritual knowledge shall be applied to the practice because according to the statements of the Sons of God the Creator appreciates the deeds at most. The Grail Message will inspire an attentive reader with that which he should yearn for, he should get rid of and which he should bend towards the right direction. Even the most impossible situations and changes will be rendered real with good will. The Message and the Bible are the books for the whole life. Unlike other spiritual books they become more interesting and inspiring with recurrent reading since one will discover a new meaning in the same sentences when reading it repeatedly. This is caused by the development of the spirit. Therefore, reading it for the first time will bring only a little effect. The regular perceiving of the Word of God connects man with God automatically even better than repeated prayers because the reader gradually turns into that which he reads into a more advanced and spiritually richer man.

Who does not use the gained knowledge practically and still remains only the theoretic man, that is similar to the man, who reads and knows a lot about the physical hygiene, but he is dirty and untidy. Nobody would believe him, he knows the reason of clearness, when he is not able to prove it practically.

What should such a man do that all his relatives refuse the new spiritual knowledge? This is not a problem at all. This man shall educate and change by himself. The life in his neighbourhood may continue as before and possibly, it will change along with him even without the education of others.




Why is the present-day mankind corrupted and incapable of the true spiritual development? What, in fact, is the corruption? Mostly, everyone will directly think of the moral decadence the sexual perversion and thus, many will automatically exclude themselves out of the category of the depraved. Of course, this notion pertains particularly with this area but it is not the only one. The decadence is being manifested in the distorted and reversed opinions and values in the ordinary life, be it realised by men or not. The overall corruption results in the inability to distinguish the true knowledge from the untrue one, extremes from the naturalness. There is almost impossible to recognise the middle way in any area of life.

Let us take as an example one of the human organs and try to realize, how we have distorted its purpose. We know, what we have the mouth for – for eating and talking. Despite of that we are able to distort this definite theoretically and practically too.

The eating has become the meaning of the life for many people; they have promoted it to the overeating. Preparing of the food takes a lot time, so except the work and minimal relax the people do not have the time and energy for other activities. The opposite extreme is the starving or the diet. The mind of such man deals only with the food, even if he eats a little. In both cases, the food is the main problem, which takes the man other important values.

And what about talking? There exist two extremes here as well. In the first case, we give all of the time and energy to “the good discussion”. We use it there, where it has no meaning, for example during the working time, and then we are tired when we come home, even if we did not work hard. The talking has become for many the only way of education. When there is nothing to talk about, the people usually start to gossip about the relatives or politics.

Only few people choose as the aim of the conversation to tell the friends about a good book or new stimulating ideas and opinions.

On the other hand, there is an opposite extreme. Those, who know about the harmful effects of the talking, started to judge this activity completely. The silence or meditation has compensated the useful conversation.

The man, who did not make the problem from eating, does not see the feeders or askets in others. Similarly, who does judge neither the talking nor the silence, does not come to the contact neither with the babblers nor the dull men, because he does not offer them the possibility for this expression, because he does not judge them in his inside. So that one, who does not eat and talk at all, is not the most perfect one, because he does not use his organ for the activity, for which it was created.

Similarly we judge the backbiting and gossip, even we still do it, too. But sometimes it has also the positive meaning, if it is used correctly, not with the purpose to harm the reputation of the other man. 

If the misunderstood does not lead to the open discussion, in which everyone can tell what he wants to, there remains the feeling of aversion on the both or on one side. These negative consequences can be healed only by their understanding and receiving of the objective view. Either the man realizes why and how the problem was created, or he has to talk about it with someone, who is objective and who he trusts. If the harmed man describes the conflict to the objective person and this description does not lead to the backbiting and gossiping, it has the healing effect. Either the man decides to end the relationship, because he understands his friend harms him on purpose because of the lack of the love and honour, or he forgives him, because he realizes he is as imperfect as his friend.

Even in the good relationships there appear the problems, until in the bad ones there are not visible. The crises in the emotional or working relationships are not dangerous, if they are not repressed by misunderstanding. When there does not appear the equalizing of the opposites in the form of understanding or compromises, the relationship is ill, useless.     




The corruption of people also manifests itself in such a way that people judge others more by the behaviour than by the inward value. Personality traits will never be exquisite because they present the outer manifestations of the soul which is material, temporary and thus, imperfect. The Darkness seduced people to set moral standards for the judging others out of that which is imperfect in particular. There are always reasons to criticise partners, parents, children, friends, bosses and authorities. Only the character of man which issues from the spirit is stable, perfect and often, outwardly imperceptible.

People often confuse the notions personality traits and the character. They often condemn man only because of being directed at his temporary and imperfect cloak the soul. They do not realise that the other man usually reflects their own personality especially if they are not able to accept their personal shortcomings within themselves as something natural and normal. Thus, they willy-nilly transfer their own mistakes to other people. The Law of Balance causes that in the presence of the man who is not satisfied with his character other people manifest themselves mostly in a negative way with the very faults he does not admit by himself.


Each man who suppresses his faults is in fact fettered, insincere and false. Not wanting to admit and accept his imperfection he transfers it to others according to the Law of Balance thus being detrimental to them.


Therefore, sincere and spiritually free men who are aware of their shortcomings and accept them as the natural aspect of their character should avoid those who are not like them. Otherwise, they became their "victims" subconsciously.

The man who admits that he is also domineering sometimes because he just cannot behave in some other way is better than he who seeks to keep it secret as something negative but he hurts other both inwardly and outwardly by condemning of this feature.




How has the bossiness, being condemned too much nowadays, appeared? Mostly, one criticises it with the leaders and official servants only because one is not familiar with its pure origin. Indeed, the masterfulness is only a distorted demonstration of the dominance. Each exceptional man stands out no matter he wants it or not. He will be forced to play this role by his surrounding which believes and acknowledges him consciously or unconsciously. However, the Darkness which hates neither perfection nor good distorted the notion dominance into bossiness. And so instead of respect and seriousness which the dominant men deserve they become the object of slandering and criticising until they turn into men as they are considered to be by the slanderers.

The hatred against dominant authorities is, indeed, a display of their suppressed admiration. So that the subordinates stop respecting their bosses they turn within bosses their positives into their negatives. How else than with the masterfulness can a boss put over his ideas and the fulfilment of the tasks when his subordinates do not take him seriously and attack and condemn him constantly? If he were not dominant, thus able, he would not manage to behave so imperiously after being provoked.

Of course, in connection with these and later-mentioned qualities one means people adequately healthy from the psychic point of view and not people spiteful and destructive.

The exceptionality in some area is expressed as the predominance, which is the natural characteristic of higher spirit. It expresses on its own, even without the conscious of the spirit. We have turned its real meaning by the distortion of this spiritual ability.

The man who knows about his shortcomings and who accepts them as the part of himself does not fight them. As all people cannot be beautiful physically so they are not all endowed with exquisite psychic, that is personality, qualities. Therefore, one's shortcomings are to be accepted as the natural component of one's personality. Who is able to like himself even with his own mistakes, who does not hide anything in his inside, that one does not judge anybody, until someone hurts him on purpose. Because he is true and honest in front of himself, he does not hide anything even in front of the others. He can see the other man in such way, how he really is, because he can see himself in a true way, too. Because he likes himself with his mistakes, he is able to love the other also with their mistakes. He chooses the homogenous partner for the relationship, because he is able to undergo his mistakes for a long time.

That man, who is not able to like himself with his own mistakes, that one does not love the others, because he is bothered by their imperfection. The personality traits can never be perfect because they are manifested at the level of the body and soul which comprise only imperfect matter.




How should one reconcile to one's negatives? It is not as simple as it seems. The accepting of the shortcomings and faults must be preceded by the knowledge which can be attained through honest observation of oneself in the situations of the everyday life. It is not sufficient to think of having some faults or other and of their acceptance. When a man comes into conflict with somebody or suffers by certain qualities of others he should search for the fault within himself first thus, whether he did not provoke the conflict by himself through his inward condemnation (in the mind) or the outward one (aloud). Only then he can exclude himself as the originator.

The sufficient recognition and acceptance of one's own negative qualities is a long-term process, not only a momentary train of thought. The self-recognition requires the constant interest, search, examination and objectivity. The recognition of others and selfrecognition is never a finished process, just on the contrary, it is alive, alternating and adapting; otherwise it would get stuck.

He who is sincerely and humbly able to accept his imperfection which he must recognise along with its manifestations first will tolerate all its negative displays with others. He will avoid the suppression - negation of his shortcomings and different kinds of fear because according to the Law of Balance he would awake them with other people.


We all have the same personality traits which differ only by their intensity and colouring among people. Therefore, the possibility of their mutual transfer may occur on the basis of the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

Man should not get rid of negative traits by their suppression and removal. He shall only recognise and accept them. Even though it seems illogical accepting of his own faults man loses his enemy whom he produced out of himself and whom he also "sets on" others unintentionally.


One can only gain control over that which one can see thus, that which one does not hide and keeps secret. Therefore, accepting the negatives man can get control over them and change them.

Getting rid of bad qualities man deprives himself of their strengths. Everyone shall have within oneself all abilities because they are useful. Therefore, one shall accept, recognise and direct them only, not destroy them. He who seeks to suppress his masterfulness loses his natural dominance and no one will take him seriously. That is to say, man displays the masterfulness mostly in the company of those who either are too weak to express their opinions and requirements or who provoke him doing that by their condemnation and dishonouring.

Let us have a look how the eternal and perfect personality traits involved in each spirit were turned into the negative qualities.

The spiritual characteristics

The psychical characteristics






over mediocrity





































ò The dominance is a natural consequence of superior spiritual abilities which need not to be manifested in all areas of life. Exceptional people are mostly inferior with other abilities and qualities which is a normal display of the Law of Balance; therefore, in the life they are complemented with partners with opposite traits.


However, the same traits also attract each other. For example, the man with leader's qualities at work can be an obedient husband at home because housework is alien to him. He accepts his wife, dominant as well, which masters them better as a leading personality. Thus, it is not true that the like are not on good terms with each other. They harmonise themselves with each other if they tolerate themselves and admit their positives and negatives mutually. In this case the Law of Complementation puts together two dominant ones but in distinct areas according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species.


The intolerance of people within the same qualities occurs only in case that some men suppress them.


Exceptional people mostly provoke the envy of their surroundings; therefore, they are not as popular as average men in the company of whom nobody feels weak or affected with complexes. However, people induce all these negative emotions by themselves because they fear or they feel ashamed of admitting of their own imperfection or impotence in certain area.

ò The modesty is a spiritual quality reflecting the humbleness the recognition of one's own smallness. It is expressed by the natural respect for the better and more able. These great men, who rightfully feel small in certain areas, mostly manifest only modest needs; they never spent money wastefully. Their economy is understood by many "suppressed" men as the greed. The economy often produces the envy with those who cannot economise well and are squandering. Thus, they never own anything and envy others.

The greed is also connected with the instinct of self-preservation which manifests itself at materialists more distinctly. Since they know only the material wealth and no other they cling to it and do not realise that they will lose it by their deaths.

ò The sincerity is the purity of the spirit which one likes to call with a nice but underestimating term naivety. The man who is not ashamed of that which he does not know and asks sincerely is considered by other man as being dull or naive. Those, in particular, regarding him as a dull one would admit by no means publicly that they do not understand anything. Therefore, they always remain dull whereas he who asks may become wiser meanwhile.

Under the dark guidance people fabricated moral and social rules to introduce the intellect into the relations and exclude the emotion thereof - kind-heartedness, spontaneity and sincerity. The display of the disappointment, indignation or anger, rapture and butting in one considers as the lack of self-control. Indeed, the self-control, thus the work of the intellect, is required of people everywhere. There is no sphere in which the intellect would not rule. Why do people apologise for butting in? This is a natural response, which enriches the discussion; it is the display of impulsiveness and spiritual agility. The raising of voice during the discussion is considered negative in advance and one does not realise that the problem arises only with his condemnation. Thus, the misunderstanding is not caused by anyone's indignation but by its dishonouring and condemnation.

The tactful behaviour, the hypocrisy, became the ideal for which everyone strives to be liked and esteemed. Since the social rules are directed only by the intellect by matter their reactions occur only in the level of matter temporarily. The respect acquired in this way is only a facade which will break down at each uncontrolled manifestation. One cannot live in continuous self-control, strain and hypocrisy. The present-day man even does not realise his insincerity: he says something else than he thinks of a matter and then, he acts in a completely different way.

A sincere man faces many problems in his surroundings. Today, the openness is considered to be the naivety and foolishness or, even, the impertinence because many people behave insincerely. He who gets locked out of this etiquette is judged to be the worst one. Even, he thinks of himself the same because he does not understand that in the inhomogeneous milieu he cannot expect anything different. In the best case he is called impolite or intolerant if he does not accept this prevalent hypocrisy. He sticks out by his courage and purity above average and therefore, people "beat him on his head" until this difference neutralises.

In the spiritual worlds the insincerity is not displayed because there does not exist the intellect which consciously promotes it for selfish goals. Many people do not like sincere manifestations only for the reason that they are afraid of emphasising their faults thereby. And again, it is therefore that they do not want to accept these faults because they are coward and superficial.

ò The truthfulness and sincerity are the communicating vessels. Therefore, a truthful man is sincere and this also holds true vice versa. If an honest man offends you he cannot have done this out of discourtesy but unintentionally because he calls the things with right names and he likes the truth. Why get people usually offended? Even though there are many reasons the causes are but two:

{C}·         either other people draw one's attention to the things one does not want to see by oneself, which one hides though unconsciously,

{C}·         or another man perceives one's intentions and manifestations in a completely other way as one intended and he does not want to be convinced of the opposite.

In both cases the pique is grounded and natural. No one has the right to disclose with other people out of spite that which they do not want to be revealed. There is but one exception in the case when one wants to help the given person and he accepts it or, at least, he seeks to find the objectivity and understanding.

However, if someone attaches us his intentions which are alien to us it is a reason for a pondering whether this man is indeed worthy being our friend when he considers us as being other than we do think. With time the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species will exclude such an unequal relation in which partners do not perceive themselves as they really are. According to this law only the sincere or hypocrites can live together. If one of them is different be it outwardly visible or not they will not stay together too long only with great self-denial and suffering.

Inhomogeneous relations are the greatest obstacle of the spiritual growth because they hold man back from the progress and burden him both karmaically and spiritually. In such relations the better one becomes the worse than he really is because he is being provoked either by the misunderstanding or by the transfer of partner's faults on him.

ò The faithfulness also comes from the spirit; therefore, it is exquisite. It is manifested in psychic qualities such as the responsibility and reliability. If, however, the faithfulness is distorted it will transform into the fanaticism or the opposite the superficiality. A fanatic man cannot be faithful because he is limited and bound. He cannot accept any change because he is afraid of losing his faithfulness because he gained it without understanding only by a blind faith. Therefore, he also seeks to maintain it blindly.

A faithful man is not afraid of anything new and inspiring. His faithfulness to an ideal or a man is free, open and capable of further enrichment or of changes, respectively.

A superficial and bound man cannot be faithful because he has neither time nor the desire to find out the true value of some ideal or man. He prefers quantity to quality. He is not aware of the fact that he can gain by the thorough recognition of one man more than by the superficial recognition of many others. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species he attracts the untrue things only because he is untrue and distorted by himself.




How can one recognise a spiritually pure man? One must have understood that he will not be a man without problems and faults. Since the sincerity and truthfulness are friends of his he does no seek to hide anything either his personality shortcomings or his ignorance. He is usually the object of hatred and envy because he is courageous which is lacking with insincere and bound people.

The truthful man does not want to deceive either himself, the customer, the state or the firm. The truthfulness and honesty like this must be unbearable "abnormal", and this is a reason for declaring an honest man to be "nutty". Others do not comprehend that he who is truthful to himself cannot lie and deceive either institutions, laws or people. In his truthfulness, he does not consider and distinguish when he should lie and when he can tell the truth. Namely, this ability is not anchored within the intellect which calculates and considers but within the spirit the intuition which is equally objective to everything and everyone.




A generally accepted view prevails that only he who attends church regularly or at least, prays at home can be spiritually pure. The would-be-believers assume that God appreciates them more than those who do not pray at all.

However, the same prayer repeated daily remains only at the level of the soul; therefore, it gradually becomes a habit or later, an iron cage which is binding and limiting for a man. It protects him only seemingly. Rather, through its firmness it prevents him from the spiritual movement expansion, real connection with God and his helpers because a prayer like this will not pass through the spirit, only through lips.


Regular prayers blunt the spirit and rid it of strong emotions which, solely, can pervade spiritual heights. Indeed, one cannot experience strong feelings everyday. Therefore, an entreaty full of feeling, total despair or, on the contrary, sincere gratefulness connect man with heights better and with the effect that lasts longer than The Lord's Prayer rattled off regularly.


The best prayer is the Word of God because it is different each time and thus, new and inspiring. With its regular reading one continuously enriches, purifies and improves oneself directly within one's spirit.



The Interview

Instead of the conclusion



— I still have some question, which maybe also some of the readers have. At first I am interested in that how can I be sure, you are Swanhild – the swan virgin?


Meanwhile I can not persuade you in other way than with my book. I think who has understood it correctly, that one believes in the authenticity of my mission and my origin.



— At the beginning you did not want to say, how did you gather about your mission and who did you get it from. Although I guess it, I want to hear it from you.


I gathered about it gradually. Now I know it was correct in that way, otherwise I would not believe it. I try to describe it, even if it s difficult, because many of the previous events were connected with it.


When I suddenly used to see the star at night in my window, I asked the medium if it was not connected with myself. Because before she had described me a huge gold cross in the heaven. Medium told me, I will gather about the important task in a year, through the spiritual beings in the star, which I have to fulfil on the Earth.  I was also told, I will be contacted with the Son of Creator, who will give it to me.


Of course, I found it unbelievable. Despite of that I was curious, if it will really happen. Close before the receiving of the mission, I saw the light beings for a short time.



— How were the circumstances, when the connection with the Son of Creator, Imanuel, happened?


Because I was not enough waken up spiritually at that time, the mediators were inevitable – the primordial spiritual beings from the pointed star. They created the bridge, through which I could connect with Imanuel. Even if I did not see him, I felt the light and a small pressure beside me. I communicated with him telepathically, so through the spirit.


He told me to write the book, which will be the shortened and more simple version of his Message of the Grail. I had read it short time before. I was afraid, I would not do it, but he answered me, he will help and direct me, what I have to write about. But I should read the Message of Grail again, to understand it as good as possible. I was surprised by his appeal to study the Bible. I did not know it at all till that time. Although I was baptised, I was brought up in atheistic way.


Then he made me sure to be not afraid, nothing will happen to me. I understood his words later, when I started to prepare for the filling of the mission.    


— Were you endangered by anything?


I do not want to talk about it, because it is very complicated and very difficult to accept for ordinary man. Because my mission was to uncover the darkness and its doer straightly and in detail, we cannot wonder, he wanted me to shut up through his people, at first psychically, later in material way, too. It is understandable, according to the law of attraction of homogenous species, that the transmission of Imanuel’s messages could be inhibited only by the archangel on his own – the ruler of the darkness. Thanks to this transformation I was under hi negative influence. He acted on me through his fallen angel, and therefore he gained the material predominance above me. Therefore I needed also the protection of earthly helpers, except the help from above, who had been chosen by Imanuel on this purpose even before their birth. He reminded them their task at the right time through the medium and through me, too. But they did not care about it under the influence of the darkness, and they endangered the fulfilment of my task and my health, too.


According to the Bible – the Revelation of John, the great pain of Imanuel’s mother are not connected only with Imanuel’s physical birth, but also with the birth of his spiritual mission, brought from above to the Earth. I had unbelievable, unearthly difficulties only to make the book to be not published.



— Could you explain, why did Imanuel choose you – Swanhild - for this mission, and not one of the earthly women?


I have already explained in the Revelation of John, that the earthly women, so the human spirit, could not break the psychical influence of Lucifer. Therefore it had to be the homogenous being with himself. The swan virgin fills these presumptions. Except this, the human spirit could not connect with Imanuel by writing of this book according to the law of attraction of homogenous species. Even if it succeeded, the dark archangel would easily seduce him, because he is stronger than the man. It was more difficult with me, even if he was stronger. It had to be someone, who is in the straight contact with Imanuel in the spiritual world, so this original connection could be liaised from the Earth, too. I had prepared for this mission by five previous lives on the Earth, to know better the people and the dark influences, too.



— Do you know when do you give the birth to Imanuel?


I do not know the exact date. I do not gather the things I would like to know, only those ones which I have to know. Every information comes closely before its realization.



— When you finished the book, you told me some dream. Why?


I have to write it and explain in the conclusion of this book, because it completes its content.   


I had a dream I was at home in Bratislava with my parents, when a young man visited us. He had the clear expression of the face and I felt immediately, it was Imanuel, even if I know it was not his real image. He asked my to go with him to the port. A huge new arch anchored there, which looked like Noah’s arch. It was so tall and huge, I could not see the deck. I went to have a look inside, where the embarked  people looked for the appropriate place for living.


Then I came back to the bank and observed, how Imanuel climbed on the rounded trunk of the arch. He held the white rope, which he did cast off from the bank. Nobody helped him, he did it very cleverly and naturally. He found it self-evident, he takes care about his own people. When the arch left the port, it suddenly lifted  to heaven and changed into beautiful glittered boat of blue colour.


At that moment, suddenly a huge star in the size of the Sun appeared by it, which was bleached and leaky. Its sudden appearance acted in terrible way on me. The boat sank on the water after while. Later it lifted again in the same direction and rose even higher than before. It became smaller and smaller till it lost on the heaven.


At first, I tried to explain the dream on my own. I understood the main idea immediately, how it was later proved to me: Imanuel came to take his people from me. But I did not understand, why he did not look like the king, but like the ordinary man, and what was the role of my dead parents in the dream, why I was frightened by the star, and why the arch lifted twice.



— Did you get the answer?


Yes, I did, but not the complete one, because I do not have to know everything, that was in the dream. Why did I not see Imanuel as the king, but only in the blue jacket? It means, when he saves his people, he still will be not the king on the Earth, so it will happen before the Millennium Realm.


The star, which evoked the fear in my inside, illustrated the negative, unearthly being – Lucifer, and that his power will be not limited at that time, on the contrary, it will cause something terrible – the atomic war and the natural disaster connected with it, which no one on the Earth could survive. The first lifting means the departure of the chosen people in UFO from the Earth into the mean place for longer time, because there were also the beds in the boat. The comeback to the water means the arrival of UFO on the Earth.


The second lifting means the definitive departure of chosen nation to the spiritual home also with the planet. It will happen after the Millennium Realm, because then the actor of the darkness did not appear in my dream.


Bratislava means the place, from where the message will come, which will collect the chosen people in the whole world. It will be said by those, who will understand and receive the new message of Imanuel, said through this book.


My parents presented the protection from above – straight by Imanuel, so I could fulfil all of my tasks on the Earth. I will be protected in such way as the parents protect their child – as the eye in the head. Therefore I do not need to be afraid, even if a lot of suffering and barriers wait for me.


I asked, why it was necessary to accent, Imanuel will take his people from me, when the Revelation of John says, that his mother will have the spiritual posterity. I got this explanation:


The chosen nation have to know in advance, that Imanuel will not take his people from any leader, from any organization or spiritual community, only from his mother, who represented is by this book. That means, through her and through the Grail Message and the Bible, everyone has to improve and prepare on his own. During the judgement ant the preparing age for the Millennium Empire, I will get the spiritual knowledge from Imanuel, so I could educate and prepare the chosen people. The needed information will come through the channel, which was created when this book was written. It will be not broken after the birth of Imanuel on the Earth, because as we know, only some part of his personality will incarnate.


According to the eternal laws, it is the women, who creates the transition to the new light, so to the new mankind. It does not mean the men will not help me. Later the administrators of the Millennium Empire will grow up from the chosen nation, who will be chosen by Imanuel in the adulthood.


Before the writing of this book and also during its writing, I was asked and directed to meet with everyone who was planned to be my helper by Imanuel. Despite of that they found themselves to be the admirers of Abd-ru-shin, they did not react on my challenge and their task to help me. They did out of their advantage by themselves, which Imanuel offered them. They were displaced by others – the materialists, who appeared in the tough moments and helped me to finish my task. During the preparing age for the Millennium Empire, which will begin by the childhood of Imanuel, they will appear beside me again.



— I have got the last question. How should we prepare practically for the new age and when will it be approximately?


When the reader reads the book again, he will find that, what he had overlooked by the first reading – the advices, how and why should he change. Although the term of the change is very close, we do not have to await it with the idea, nothing is needed to be done or begun. On the contrary, it is necessary to live as the new man, with the new opinions and new actions. Who would leave everything and spare the time only by the spiritual development, that one would harm his surrounding and himself, too, because the development of the spirit could be proved only practically – in the trivial material life.


Therefore everyone should live for his duties till the last moment – for the work, the family, the state, that means to keep the laws, to pay the taxes and to work honestly. What the man neglects with the pretext, that everything will finish, that is taken as the  karmic owing, because of which he cannot become the member of the chosen nation, although his spirit will be developed.


The most important is, hence everyone uses his time thoughtfully – for the spiritual education, which will spread his spiritual knowledge and change hid values and the way of life.


We do not have to know the exact years or months of the coming events, because they are not determined exactly. The human will could speed them up and multiply by its spiritual frivolity and apathy, or on the contrary, to tone it down by the honest effort for the change.